tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job Ch. 4

Julie's New Job Ch. 4


I knew Julie had been through more than I could imagine, even with her telling me what she had. I also knew that somehow Joan had, for lack of a better word, processed her into being a slut. Whatever I was going to do to get Julie back to some semblance of what we had before was going to require time and solitude. Just the two of us. I had begun to formulate a plan and needed to start to make it come together. Part of the plan was getting out and away from Joan and company. I called up a friend who lived about two blocks away. I talked him into renting me an SUV, something along the lines of a Blazer or Jeep Cherokee. He asked why I didn't do this myself, so without telling him anything I concocted a story that we had an emergency, and had to go help her sister who was in the mountains. I was too busy to arrange everything and get an SUV in short order. He bought that, and I told him I would make everything right with him soon.

Next, I packed some clothes for the both of us, while I had Julie put together some food and supplies from the kitchen. We hopped into our car and drove over to a local mall that happened to be right behind Joe's place. (Joe was the friend helping me out.) We faked shopping for a while, then slipped out of the rear door of the mall and crossed into Joe's back yard. He was a little surprised as to how we arrived, but didn't ask any questions. As we were leaving, he asked where he could get in touch with me in case Julie's sister should happen to call. Knowing he was trustworthy I told him about a little motel we would be staying at, a ways up toward the mountains.

We got to the motel Julie was upset! She was worried that Joan would find us and be very brutal to me for trying to get her away from them. I reassured Julie that we were perfectly safe, especially since only Joe had a general idea as to where we had gone. I was planning on staying at the motel for two days, no more, then going north farther to a town that had another rental place and renting a different car. My intent was to get up into Canada to a lodge that I had stayed at once with my dad, a long time ago. Even Julie was not aware of where it was. I figured that once there, we could stay for however long it would take to bring Julie back to me! While at the motel the first night I called work, took all of my vacation, and some sick leave. I told them that I was having some medical problems and would be hospitalized for a short while.

Julie was a little withdrawn the first night at the motel. We didn't have any form of sex, and I was watching out the window every so often, checking for trouble. We talked about quite a few things, but Julie would not mention Joan or Joan's "associates". The next morning, while Julie was sleeping I slipped out and got some breakfast for us. When I walked back into the motel room Julie was evidently in the shower, since I could here it running. I set up our meal as best I could and sat down. I heard the door to the bathroom open and was turning to greet Julie when I was tackled! It was those two big black guys! I never had a chance, never saw it coming! Julie was standing in the bathtub, naked. She had been showering! They had gotten in somehow, and now here I was, trapped again!

Joan walked through the front door. "Jon, why didn't you tell me you were going for a drive?"

"I LOVE to go for drives!"

"I feel that you don't want me to share your lovely wife with anyone!"

"That's not true now is it Jon?"

I had been handcuffed, hands behind my back. They stood me up in front of Joan. "Jon, you almost got away you know!"

"Except for Joe being such a dear and giving me a little business proposition, you would have probably gotten clean away!" I was stunned! Why would Joe do something like this? Joan saw my confusion. "Jon, Joe was aware of Julie's new job."

"When Julie was in that bar doing her little dance the first time, he was there also."

"He saw her do her show, and was going to try to have a little of her, but I stopped him and two others since it was getting late!"

"He had an idea of what was going on, not the whole picture, but somewhat of an idea." When you had this scatter-brained idea to run and involved him, he gave me a heads-up!"

"I do so love having good friends and business partners!"

About then Joe walked into the room. "You son-of-a-bitch!" I yelled, "How could you do this to us, your friends?" He looked at me then over at Julie, who had come into the room from the bathroom, still naked! "Jon, Julie is about the most perfect woman I have ever had the pleasure of seeing!"

"I would have sold my own mother for just one hour with Julie!"

"Joan promised me much more than that!"

"I get her for an entire weekend!"


"SO sorry Jon!"

Julie had tears falling down her face, onto her breasts. I had really fucked up now! Just when you think you have a plan, something like this happens. I was concerned now with what was in store for us! Joan gestured to the men and they shoved me into the overstuffed sofa. "Watch how Julie gets you out of a little predicament Jon!"

"Joe, why don't you have Julie get a little taste of what you have to offer her now, with no time taken from your upcoming weekend!" Joe was already getting undressed! Julie sat down at the foot of the bed waiting! When Joe was naked he went over to Julie and stood in front of her. "Show Jon how much cock you can take from me, Julie!" Joe grabbed her head, and pulled her face into his crotch. I was glad that his cock was actually smaller than mine by quite a bit! It still hurt to watch Julie go to work on him though!

She took him all the way on the first dive! She was fondling his balls with one hand, then brought her other hand up to his ass and started to pull on his ass cheeks! Pulling him deeper into her mouth! Joe reached down and felt her breasts, tweaking her nipples! Julie moaned around his cock and began to spread her legs wide apart! I could see that her bare pussy was wet and shiny up and down her slit! God, she was turned on in seconds!

It didn't take Joe long and he started to shoot off. Julie opened her mouth wide open and was catching most of his cum on her tongue! When he stopped cumming, she licked her lips and went back down on him, sucking until he started to get hard again. This took a little while, and while she was doing that Joan had opened up her little "Kit" again.

As Julie kept up on Joe one of the black men stripped off his clothes and got ready to have Julie suck him off. Joe finally had her pull off and they placed her on her knees on the bed. Joe got behind my wife and pushed his cock right into her pussy! The black man shoved his cock into her mouth and they got synchronized. One going in while the other was pulling out!

Joan pulled a syringe out of her kit. She had the other Blackman pull up my sleeve and put a band around my arm. As she shoved the needle into my arm she said," Jon, I am glad that you got time off from work, your going to need it to recover from the operation!" As I went out the last thing I saw was Julie having one huge orgasm, while Joe had switched from her pussy to her ass!

When I came to it was dark. I was in a room on a bed! I remember thinking it looked like a hospital room! I was handcuffed down to the bed, legs and arms! A nurse came into the room, saw that I was awake, reached up and turned on an IV drip. Out I went! Later I woke up to someone caressing me! I thought I had had a real bad dream! I turned over expecting to see Julie in bed with me, but came up short when the chains binding me brought me back into the real world! The caresses were coming from Joan! She was talking to me in a soothing tone! I couldn't understand what she was saying, but it felt nice and I wasn't mad at her or anything! As I nodded back off I thought that I saw Julie over by the window looking at me. I wasn't sure at first because she looked different! I remember thinking that I had never seen her with short hair and her body looked more toned or something! In my drugged-up state it could have been her sister Mary that I was seeing, I was so messed up!

Too soon I was hearing someone call out to me! "Jon, Jon, wake-up Jon!"

"Baby, you need to get up now!" Man I wanted to hit whoever was interrupting my sleep! I didn't want to wake up. I felt so-o-o tired! A woman leaned down over me and kissed my cheek. "Jon, PLEASE wake up!" It was Julie! A Julie I had never seen before! Her hair was cut shorter by a bunch! Her body looked way different too! She had definition in her arms and legs! Her breasts looked bigger, fuller! Her lips seemed to be different too! They were fuller than I remembered! Dawning was some time in coming, and then it hit me all at once! MARY! It was Mary, not Julie!

"What's going on?" I was befuddled by the drugs and not sure why I was in such a drugged state! "What are you doing Mary?" She leaned over me and whispered "Jon, keep calm!"

"Everything will be all right soon enough!"

"Julie is down working out and will be here shortly!" I felt weird down in my crotch area. As I tried to look down at my cock, wondering what had happened, Joan walked in and put her hands over my eyes! "Jon you can't see your surprise yet!"

"Julie is going to be the one to show you the new you!"

"You are healed up to the point that the doctor wants to see how you perform!"

"He has done such a wonderful job on you!"

"We are all sure that you are going to love the new you!"

"What day is it Joan?" I was lost in some kind of time warp! "Jon, you have been here for about five weeks!" Joan replied. "You have had a great operation and time to heal!"

"The good doctor was reluctant to keep you sedated, but I was convincing, and he weakened and finally agreed to keeping you out of it for a while!"


"Here's Julie now Jon!"

I turned toward the door a saw a Julie that I had never seen before! She was wearing a short, leather mini-dress that barely covered her crotch! Her top was a very cropped tee shirt that barely covered her nipples! In fact I thought I saw the beginnings of them hanging out! Her hair was styled way differently than I had ever seen and her body was looking somewhat toned! She ran up to the bed and hugged me. Kissing my face all over, smothering me with kisses! "Oh Jon, I have missed you honey!"

"Are you all right?"

"Do you hurt at all baby?" I just lay there since I couldn't raise my arms up very much, and let her kiss me! "Julie, what has happened to me?"

"Uh...well, Joan had you altered a little bit sweetie!"

"Don't look so worried!"

"You still have a cock!"

"She had you enhanced Jon, you are quite a bit larger down there!" I was afraid to know any more now! What the hell had Joan done to me?

Joan stepped up next to Julie. "Julie, why don't you show Jon his treat?" Julie looked at me and smiled. "I love you baby, I really do love you!" I was looking down as Julie pulled the sheet down. What it revealed was unreal! My cock was now about twice as big as it had been! My nut sack was very tight and seemed to be a little bigger also! I was also clean-shaven around my whole crotch area! Wait a minute, I was clean-shaven everywhere! "You will still be a little sore down there Jon, but we need to see if you can still get it up!" Joan was looking down at my cock when she said that! She was then licking her lips in a very lewd manner! Then I noticed that Julie and Mary were too! "What the fuck Joan, do you think that I am just a piece of meat for you to do whatever you want?"

"How did you ever get a doctor to do this operation for you?"

"I told you Jon, I have a lot of friends and business associates!"

"Your particular case was viewed as a real challenge!"

"After all your wife was very convincing and stated her case for you to have this operation!"

"She wanted to have you be at least as big as her old boyfriend, or she might be forced to 'cheat' on you!"

"Part of the fee was quite a bit of Julie's time, but your wife was able to talk her into a huge favor on behalf of her friend!" I was confused! Julie was my wife! Joan looked at me and smiled that not so pretty smile, "You know Mary is such a great wife for you Jon!" What the fuck was Joan saying? "Julie is my wife Joan, you know that!"

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Well Jon, Julie wasn't available to be your wife as she had business to take care of so Mary is your surrogate wife now!"

"This arrangement will only be for a month or two then you and Julie will be back together again!"

"For a little while, anyway, you won't be minding too much because Mary is very skilled in pleasing men!"

"You won't be short-changed Jon!"

I was going to kill this bitch if I ever got a chance! Absolutely without a doubt! Joan took Julie aside and whispered to her. Julie came up to me and with tears rolling down her face she told me she loved me and would see me later! Mary stepped up to the bed and smiled at me. "Oh Jon!"

"I think you and I will be so good together!"

"I will be a real good wife for you, if you know what I mean!" She reached out and started to caress my cock! As she did that she leaned in and began to kiss and lick my balls! Soon she had me cock getting hard! It hurt! It got huge and very, very hard! A doctor stepped into the room and walked up to the bed, watching as Mary started to suck on my rigid cock! "Uh, Mary, you shouldn't be getting your mouth or tongue on his penis quite yet!"

"We just needed to see if he could gain an erection for now!"

"I will let you know when you can, well, have your lollipop to suck on!"

"In the mean time, if you are up for it, how about using me as a surrogate husband?"

"I'm not quite as big as him, but it will or should be sufficient enough for you for now!" Mary just turned towards him and went to her knees! She started to pop his cock out of his briefs before his pants had gotten much past his knees! Soon she was deep-throating him like it was nothing! His cock was, or had been, larger than mine (Before operation of course!) and Mary obviously loved every inch of it!

I looked down at my 'new' cock. I couldn't believe that it was so huge! The doctor looked over at me and smiled. "Some of my best work right in front of you, or rather, on you Jon!"

"I wasn't thrilled with the way your friend and wife here talked me into it but that Julie chick was 'very' helpful in changing my mind!"

"I have never had a woman tongue my cock, balls, and ass like she did!"

"Mary is such a good wife for you Jon, here she is helping you out like this!"

"If I thought that my wife was doing something like this I would probably dump her quicker than a flash!"

"You are some kind of husband to allow your wife this kind of freedom, must be nice being so 'secure' in your relationship!" He laughed at his own little sick joke. He started to shake and Mary started to swallow rapidly. Her moans were getting louder! She loved doing this, sucking off some guy in front of me!

After the doctor left, Mary sat down next to my bed and started to tell me about the last weeks. "I was away, free from Joan and her friends."

"Then when I tried to call your house one of her men answered the phone!"

"I knew right then that something was going down, so, in order to protect Julie as much as I could, I contacted Joan."

"She let me know what you had tried to do, I am surprised that you just didn't dump Julie like my husband did me!"

"I volunteered to help Joan, so that you wouldn't be hurt or worse!"

"Don't look so surprised!"

"I live my sister, and then, you didn't dump her, you stood by her, trying your best to get her away!"

"Man, what I would give for a man like you to be my real husband!"

I asked Mary what had happened to Julie since I had been 'hospitalized'? "Well Jon, Julie has had to suffer a bit for trying to run with you."

"She did manage to save your stupid ass from a very terminal fate, but it cost her a quite a bit of her self."

"I didn't think that you were worth it at the time, but I came to realize that you and Julie truly do love each other!"

"You mean so much to her Jon!"

"I think you feel the same towards her too!"

"I am so-o-o jealous of my own sister!"

"You are not the wimp I thought you were, it's just that your timing and knowledge of how to deal with Joan are not up to snuff!"

Mary looked down at my new 'addition'. She licked her lips, and then stood up leaning over me again. "I just can't wait!"

"Just think I get to use this marvelous piece of equipment before my sister!"

"I'm sorry that we can't take it for a run right now!"

"Mary, I'm your brother-in-law, and I love only Julie!"

"You cannot be serious in actually wanting to bed me because of the medically enhanced me!"

"What about Julie?"

"Jon, you know where Julie is right now?"

"I'll tell you now, then show you the film later!"

"She is across town at a hotel suite, taking on about a dozen guy's!"

"She is also going to be putting on a show with a beautiful young woman!"

"Yes Jon, a 'woman', Julie likes to do chicks now too!"

"Joan had an idea that Julie and I might be doing a show together, but I'd rather do cocks!"

"Julie, my poor stuck-up, prim and proper sister, has found out that she likes pussy as much as cock!"

Mary sat back down just as a nurse came into the room. This nurse was dressed pretty sexily for being at work. I could see more cleavage on her than I had ever seen on a professional nurse before! She released my hand and started to take my pulse. She gave me a funny look and then leaned way over me to check it on my other wrist! Her breasts were almost in my face! She rubbed them around a little bit before she stood back up. "We need to check out your penis for any signs of infection, Jon." She moved down to my crotch and started to handle my cock in a very professional manner. Then I noticed a slight change in her demeanor. Her handling of my cock became very sexual! She was stroking it in light motions, and her other hand moved down to my balls! She grasped them firmly, but lightly, letting me know she had control! I still had one hand free, so I reached down to stop her from... well.. turning me on! The erection I had earlier had been pretty painful, evidently where stitches had been. I did not want to gain another erection at this point! Mary stepped up and grabbed my hand before I could do anything and pulled it down and handcuffed me to the bed again! "What are you doing Mary, why are you helping these people?" I was pissed! Mary looked at me and smiled softly. "You need to be a good boy Jon, and you will wee why I am helping them later!"

"You are in no position to help anyone, even yourself right now Jon, so just be a good boy and relax and let the nurse and I take care of you!"

"Well, it is very painful when I get an erection and I would like you two to not get me excited and hard like this!" I was sure for some reason that they would quit as soon as they knew that I was in pain. Boy was I wrong!

"The doctor has told me to make sure that your semen production has not been hampered by the operation or by the sedation!"

"As your personal nurse, I am going to see to it that you get relief in addition to testing you to make sure you are 'fully-functional'." Mary giggled a bit then asked the nurse, "Can I help to test him out too?" The nurse smiled at her and said, "Of course, Mary, the wife should always help with tests, but I hope you don't mind if I use, I mean, test him first?"

"Oh no, you are the professional here nurse, go right ahead!"

I tried to think of anything to lose the erection. I thought of trash in the garbage can, the old ugly picture of the witch in The Wizard Of Oz, work, anything! I just couldn't get the erection to go away! The nurse had begun to stroke more vigorously and Mary had gone over to the other side of the bed and had her head just inches away from the head of my cock! "Can I suck it?" Mary was licking her lips and just about already doing just that! "Well, the doctor didn't tell me that we couldn't!"

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