tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's New Years Bang

Julie's New Years Bang


Lance awoke the morning after being a part of his mother's second gangbang, relishing the memories of the night before. He noticed that his mother remained distant from him throughout the next day. He wondered if she could feel the lust in his eyes as he surveyed her shapely figure, remembering how enjoyable it was fucking her three holes.

The following day, Julie was able to discuss her assault with her son. Lance sat there, trying his best to contain his excitement, as his mother explained that their physical response to each other while being 'forced' to have sex was natural, even if they knew it was wrong and did not want to participate in it. Lance heard little of what his mother said; his mind fixed on his throbbing cock as she sat so close to him. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab her. Instead he waited until he could rush to the bathroom and jack off.

Julie had been completely fooled by his plan. His mother had no clue that Chuck and Greg were acquaintances of his, who had been recruited into forcing his mother to have sex as payback for the gangbang she had brought on herself while out trying to cheat on her husband. She was convinced that the two young men had been friends of the three who had taken her on her birthday.

There were times when Lance felt guilty for orchestrating his mother's gangbang, and tricking her into believing that he was an unwilling partner, when she was forced to have sex with him. Then Julie would saunter by in a tight fitting blouse, with her ample double D boobs swaying as she walked, causing Lance to regret that he did not experience them around his cock, as he had experienced her mouth, cunt, and ass.

When he saw his father's picture on the wall, he felt justified in his lustful actions. After all, his mother had intended to cheat on his father the night of her first forced gangbang. Lance could only wonder if she had ever cheated before.

Christmas might have been the end of it. Lance was scheduled to go back to college after the holiday break, leaving his mother home alone until his father returned in March. Then Lance heard something that gave him another idea.

Lisa was coming to visit: Lisa was Julie's first cousin, but the two had been as close as sisters while growing up. They even attended college together.

Lance remembered 'Aunt' Lisa well. She was a tall brunette; like his mother. They were of similar build. Lisa was prettier than Julie, with just a tint of red in her dark hair. She had nice tits, but not nearly as big as Julie's twin double-D's.

Lance had masturbated to images of Aunt Lisa as a young man. The thought of her here over New Years was already giving him ideas.

This was the first time that Lisa had left home alone in over two years. She had been caught twice in affairs during her sixteen year marriage. The first was a one-night stand while vacationing with friends. Her husband found out about it after one of her friends said something to someone else who knew the family. The second was a brief affair with a man she worked with following the birth of their second daughter.

Had it not been for the two children, Lisa's husband would have divorced her. As it was, he had a difficult time trusting his wife and only now agreed to let her travel to Julie's on her own; trusting that Julie would keep Lisa on the straight and narrow.

This was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Lance believed that he could call on his friends to arrange for another party; this time including Aunt Lisa. He could make his mom have sex with him in front of Lisa, and have the opportunity to make Lisa fuck him too. He also wanted to make them do each other as the ultimate punishment for both of their betrayal.

Best of all, he knew that his mother would keep quiet and he believed that Lisa would not dare say anything, out of concern that her husband would believe she was covering another affair.

Once Lance heard his mother's plans, he placed a call to Greg.

New Years Eve would be the night. What better celebration than fucking in the New Year.

Julie and Lisa were going to a New Year's party hosted by friends from Julie's work. Lance was not invited, so he would be on his own. That's where Greg and Chuck would come in.

The two men arrived, this time with friends. Lance was not pleased by this, but there was little that he could do about it now.

They brought another cousin named Frank; a short, thick man in his mid-twenties, who looked like he should be fronting a southern rock band.

Then there was their friend Juan, a Puerto Rican who brought his very beautiful Puerto Rican girlfriend, Maria. She was tall, slender, with sexy light brown legs and firm B-cup breasts. Her long black hair draped her shoulders. Greg assured Lance that she had a special talent that would make the night worth while.

Julie and Lisa arrived back home to a darkened house. The two women, dressed in tight, short, black dresses that showed off every inch of their bodies, opened the door and entered the house. Julie turned on the light and they hung up their coats in the closet before entering the living room.

Everything appeared normal, until Julie switched on the living room light and the two women discovered Lance lying on the couch, naked; his hands tied behind his back and his mouth gagged.

"Oh shit, not again." Julie muttered, just as Greg appeared on the opposite end of the living room.

From behind them, three men rushed out of hiding to grab the two women. Lisa struggled, but Julie immediately gave in, knowing the resistance would be of no use.

"You have a friend, how exciting." Greg said.

"What the hell is going on?" Lisa demanded.

Julie stood their speechless.

Greg approached Lisa, who was being held securely by Chuck and Juan. "We told our friends all about the fun we had last week with Julie and decided to come back for more. I am so happy that you will be joining us."

"What are they talking about, Julie?" Lisa demanded, as she tried to break free from the two men.

"They raped me and made me fuck my son." Julie said, sounding defeated.

"It was more than that." Greg added, "She brought it on herself by arranging gang bangs to cheat on her husband. We just decided to join in on her fun." Greg used the information Lance had given him to cast the blame on the three men from Julie's birthday as the source of these new visits.

Lisa was stunned. It was only when Chuck's hand groped her right breast that she renewed her attempt to escape.

"Bring them in here." Greg ordered.

It took three of them to force Lisa into the living room, while Frank guided Julie into the room.

"Strip." Greg ordered.

Julie obediently began disrobing, while the other men forced Lisa out of her clothes. Soon both of the women were standing naked before the couch. It was during this time that Maria entered the room, wearing only a black thong. Her firm perky brown tits were exposed to everyone. "I hear that you like sucking your son's cock. Let's see you do it." She said.

"Please, just fuck me and leave my son and friend out of this." Julie pleaded.

"Suck him!" Greg ordered.

Julie dropped to her knees beside the couch, blushing as she leaned forward to take Lance's cock in her hand and guide it into her mouth.

Lance watched Lisa, enjoying the look on her face as she witnessed his mother sucking his cock. He made muffled sounds of protest, pretending that this was all against his will. All while examining every inch of Lisa's naked body. Her firm tits were no match for him mother's, but her long, thick nipples were enticing. He noticed that, unlike his mother, Lisa trimmed her pussy nicely.

Julie bobbed her head up and down on Lance's cock, feeling the eyes of everyone burning into her as she forced her son closer and closer to climax. The thought that Lisa was watching this was totally humiliating.

Lance began to squirm, feeling his orgasm nearing. Julie recognized it and worked faster, wanting to get this over with for her son. He groaned through the gag as his cum began spewing into her mouth. Julie gulped it down as she continued milking his cock with her mouth, until she felt Lance begin to go limp in her mouth.

"That was hot." Maria said, with a noticeable accent. "Who is next?"

"I want to fuck momma." Frank announced, undoing his pants.

Maria pointed to Juan, "Let her friend suck your dick."

"No, please don't." Lisa begged, as she was forced to her knees. Juan approached, undoing his pants to expose his hard cock. He poked Lisa in the face with it until she opened her mouth to accept it.

Frank forced Julie to stand and lean over her son, resting her hands on the back of the couch as he stood behind her and shoved his thick cock into her pussy. Greg jumped onto the couch, carefully placing his feet beside Lance as he leaned against the wall, so Julie could suck his cock.

From his vantage point, Lance could look up and watch his mother's tits sway back and forth above him as she was fucked in the mouth and cunt simultaneously. He could feel his cock stirring as he continued to watch.

Lisa sucked on Juan's cock, feeling as if she was betraying her husband, even though she knew that this was not of her own free will. Still, this would have to go unspoken, otherwise he would never believe her, and that made the act worse.

Lisa noticed Chuck standing nearby. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that he was taking her picture. She tried to protest, but Juan's hands held her head in his crotch.

Julie did not see the camera. All she saw was Frank's belly and crotch in her face as she sucked his cock. She could feel Greg stabbing her cunt with his pole from behind her. Then she felt hands squeezing her tits.

Lance looked up as Maria wrapped her left arm around his mother and had both hands under her, playing with Julie's large tits. "These are the biggest I've ever played with." The Hispanic woman said, giving Lance a knowing wink.

"Oh fuck, here goes." Greg announced as be began cumming in Julie's snatch.

Julie could feel the man's sperm jetting inside of her as he pounded away at her from behind.

Greg pulled out and took the camera from Chuck, who immediately jumped behind Julie to begin fucking her.

Frank pulled on Julie's hair as he began thrusting his cock into her throat. Julie fought to keep from gagging as she was forced to deep throat the man. He yelled something that she did not quite understand just before blowing his nut deep into her throat.

Lisa was still sucking Juan's cock as his buddies were satisfying their lust with Julie's body. It was a welcome relief when she felt his cum spilling into her mouth. She did not want to swallow it, but the man held her head, giving her no alternative.

Once done, she fell away and sat on the floor, watching as Chuck fucked Julie from behind. The Hispanic girl was twisting and pulling on Julie's nipples at the same time. She wanted to flee, but Juan and Frank were right beside her.

Chuck rammed his cock into Julie as he came inside of her, continuing to fuck her long after his orgasm had finished. Once done, he pulled out and allowed Julie to sit down on the floor. Julie could not lift her face to look at anyone.

Maria reached down and grabbed Lance's hard cock. "Looks like he is ready again. Bring the other one over."

Lisa cussed as the men lifted her off of the floor and forced her over to the couch.

"Climb on him and fuck him." Greg ordered.

Lisa carefully straddled Lance, not knowing that he had already instructed them that he was to be the first to fuck her pussy before they could take her. Blushing nearly as much as Julie had, she lowered her pussy onto Lance's stiff cock. "I am sorry." She whispered.

Lisa began riding her cousin's son. She could feel his upward thrust as she fucked him, knowing that he was enjoying this, even if it was against his will. She was not stupid enough to think that Lance had never lusted after her before. Still, she believed that he was being forced into this, but she knew full well that there was no way that he would not enjoy being fucked by her.

Lance's eyes remained fixed on Lisa's big, thick nipples. Maria had noticed them too and began playing with them. Lisa squirmed as the girl's fingers toyed with her ultra sensitive nipples.

Seeing Lisa's reaction, Maria forced the woman to lean forward so Lance could suck and lick her left nipple, while Maria rested her head on the couch so she could lick Lisa's right nipple.

Lisa felt the stimulation jolt throughout her body. She had never had both nipples licked together. She often believed that she could climax from nipple stimulation alone. This was too much for her. With her clit rubbing up and down on Lance's shaft, and two mouths working her nipples, the woman began to orgasm.

She banged her cunt up and down on Lance's cock as she came atop him. Lance could not resist tonguing her giant nipple as he thrust his cock up into her. He could feel her pussy spasm around his shaft, and she drooled on the top of his head. Lance's balls tightened as Lisa rode him. Licking her nipple as quickly as possible, he forced his head to remain in place as he began coming inside of her.

Once finished, Lisa was allowed to get up. She looked down at Lance, whispering, "You love this, don't you."

Lance ignored her comment.

Lisa fell onto the floor. Maria got onto her knees and began rubbing Lisa's pussy.

"Stop that, bitch." Lisa objected.

"Hold her." Maria ordered.

Chuck and Greg grabbed Lisa on either side as Maria pulled Julie between her cousin's legs. "Lick her pussy."

"No, anything but that." Julie protested. She had been forced to have sex repeatedly with strange men and her son, but this was something revolting to Julie. She did not want to go down on another woman.

Maria shoved Julie's head between Lisa's legs. Seeing that she had no choice, Julie reluctantly kissed Lisa's snatch, then slowly began licking it.

Lisa sat still as her cousin began eating her pussy. She too had never experienced anything like this, although she had fantasized about it before, but those fantasies had never included anyone that she knew.

The men on either side of her began playing with her tits and nipples as Julie licked her pussy. Lisa's clit was engorged. Her earlier orgasm with Lance would only make her more prone to cumming on Julie's face.

Julie was ashamed at doing this; especially to Lisa, and with Lance looking on. She could hear the sound of someone taking pictures and threatening to release them if anyone ever found out about this. They had no worry there. Julie would never tell anyone about any of this.

Lance loved watching his mother forced to lick pussy. He had come twice but his cock was already hard from watching this.

Lisa tried to resist her climax to no avail. It was going to happen and there was not a damn thing that she could do about it. Part of her welcomed it. Julie should have told her about all of this beforehand, then she would not be trapped here as an unwilling participant. Maybe it served Julie right to have to get her off in return.

Lisa began shaking. Her legs quivered as Julie brought her to orgasm.

"Jesus, the bitch loves it!" Frank declared, as they watched Lisa cumming for them.

"My turn." Maria announced, sitting on the floor against the couch so that Julie could crawl over and start eating her pussy too. With Julie on her knees licking Maria, Juan got behind her and thrust his cock into Julie's snatch. He banged away, forcing her face into Maria's cunt with each push.

Watching Julie going down on Maria so soon after getting Lisa off had the men aroused again. Seeing Lisa sitting there with her legs spread, Greg pulled her legs to move her away from the couch and jumped on top of her.

"No, don't fuck me!" Lisa yelled as the man thrust his cock into her wet hole.

Two orgasms had Lisa on the edge. It took very little for Greg to bring her to a third climax. Lisa was panting as the man banged her over and over again until she came. Greg sensed Lisa's response and enjoyed making her cum as he fucked her, doing his best to deliver deep, measured thrusts as he took his pleasure at her expense.

Maria was crying out loud as she began cumming. Beside them, Greg was emptying his balls into Lisa's pussy. Even after climaxing, she made Julie continue as she watched her boyfriend fucking the older woman from behind.

Greg got up and Chuck immediately took his place on top of Lisa, who could not fathom the thought of being fucked by a third cock in one night. Sweat covered her body as Chuck's cock brought her to yet another orgasm.

Juan came in Julie's pussy, but continued fucking her until Maria had climaxed a second time. Only then did his girlfriend motion for him to pull out and give someone else a turn.

Frank looked at the big titted woman, stroking his cock as he said, "I've had her once. I'll wait for the other bitch."

"Then let her son fuck her." Maria suggested.

"No, please." Julie whispered.

Lance was pulled off the couch and untied. He was pushed down onto his mom and he wasted little time shoving his cock inside of her. "I'm sorry mom." He whispered, pretending not to want this.

Lance fucked his mother while watching Lisa getting porked on the floor only a few feet away. As he slammed his cock into his mother, he saw Chuck cum and get replaced by Frank. He was still fucking her when Frank emptied his seed into Lisa.

Just when Lance was about to cum he pulled out and jumped up onto his mother's chest, shoving his cock between her tits and squeezing them together. "This way I won't cum in you." He said, not letting on that he wanted to experience a good tit fuck for the first time.

Julie watched as her son fucked her big tits, feeling his powerful hands squeezing her breasts together as her juice and the cum of other men mingled together on Lance's cock to lubricate her cleavage. Lance shot his cum all over his mother's chest and neck as he pumped her titties.

As Lance crawled off of his mother, Maria got between her legs and began licking Julie's pussy. She then stuck her index finger, followed by her middle and then ring finger into Julie's well used hole. After a minute of finger fucking the woman, Maria gradually inserted her pinky, causing Julie to squirm.

"Someone hold her." She suggested.

Greg and Chuck got down beside Julie and held her arms in place.

Juan knelt beside his girlfriend, "Now you'll see her special trick."

Maria jabbed all four fingers into Julie's pussy, as Julie bounced her hips in protest. Then Maria began to slide her thumb in.

"Oh fuck, stop!" Julie cried out.

Julie continued to yell as Maria slowly pushed her thumb and fingers inside of the struggling woman. Soon all of her digits were beyond view as she began working the rest of her fist inside. Julie begged, cried, yelled, cussed and did whatever as she hoped for this to end.

"Here goes." Maria announced, as her hand disappeared inside of Julie's box.

"Ahhhhh!!!!" Julie screamed as she felt the fist jam inside of her. She pissed and orgasmed at the same time.

Once inside, Maria began to fist fuck the woman, who bounded about like a wild woman as the girl continued.

"You're going to ruin that cunt." Chuck exclaimed.

"Bring the other one over." Maria insisted.

Seeing what was happening to Julie made Lisa resist their actions, but soon, she too lay on the floor, being held in place as Maria used her left hand to repeat the actions she had done to Julie. It took time, but eventually she had her entire fists buried in each woman.

The men were jubilant at the sight of Julie and Lisa bouncing around, forced to endure multiple orgasms as Maria fisted each of them side-by-side.

Lance whispered something that neither of the women heard. Then Greg and Chuck hoisted his mother up enough for Lance to crawl under her. Lance pressed his cock up against his mother's asshole and pressed in. Julie screamed as her son's cock plunged into her ass, only to meet Maria's fist on the opposite side of the thin layer of flesh separating her cunt and ass.

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