tagLoving WivesJuliet and the Window Cleaner

Juliet and the Window Cleaner


George arrived home on Wednesday evening at half past six. The drive home had been enjoyable because he passed the time fantasizing about his wife, Juliet. When he realised his new job was going to require more travelling he had invested in some porn audio tapes, but soon discovered that they weren't anything like as much fun as fantasizing about fucking his own wife. All the different positions they did: fucking her spread-eagled, naked, out on the lawn; fucking her on her hands and knees, skirt pushed up over her ass in the locker rooms at the tennis club; he also had fantasies about watching her fucking other men. The idea of watching another man drive his cock into Juliet's cunt turned George hard in an instant. The best image was the idea of coming home one day and finding Juliet being fucked by one of the tradesmen that called by the house.

He imagined his wife on her hands and knees in the kitchen, ass in the air, and some stranger with a hot and hard cock ramming into Juliet's glistening, welcoming cunt, stroking his cock back and forth. George imagined watching Juliet moaning with pleasure, rocking backwards and forwards with the force of the man's cock strokes, her nipples hardened with pleasure, her tits swinging freely as the man - any man - banged his cock in and out smacking against her ass cheeks in an effort to drive deeper into her cunt.

As he pulled into the driveway and parked his BMW, he tried to adjust his trousers, to make his hard-on a little more comfortable until he could do something about it. He knew it wasn't going to go away. He had called Juliet on the mobile when he was about five miles from home and she had said she would wait from him in their gym. since then his cock had been hard and throbbing; Juliet liked to exercise naked - it turned her on. It turned him on too, watching her body stretch, watching her ass rock on the bicycle saddle. They had installed mirrors along one wall in the gym, so George was able to watch Juliet's lithe body from two angles at once; he was able to watch her tits and her ass bouncing as she jogged. He imagined her sitting on one of the exercise benches, he worked his way down from her short, black hair just beginning to shine with sweat, past her face with those luscious lips down to her big, firm, beautiful breasts with her nipples hard with excitement. His mind's eye travelled down her flat stomach, and stopped at her dark bush. He'd thought often of asking her to shave it, but decided that he like it's darkness hiding it's treasure, which would only be shown when Juliet opened her legs for him and the pretty pink wetness of her cunt was revealed. He smiled as he thought about the amount of times they had fucked in the gym since they had had it installed six months ago.

George got out of his car and attempted to straighten his suit. He was a good-looking man, with short straight sandy brown hair, clean shaven. He had an impressive physique and he was wearing an expensive, well-cut suit, but there was no disguising his throbbing cock straining against the material of his trousers.

When Juliet heard the front door open, she smiled and looked over at her reflection in the mirror which was the first thing George would see as he opened the door. She was naked and was sitting straddled on one of the exercise benches. She had been exercising gently since he called, nothing too exerting, just enough that she could enjoy the view and start to get wet with desire. Now she leant back against the back-rest, opened her legs a little wider and started idly stroking the lips of her cunt with her right hand, smiling as the shivers of pleasure ran up her spine and her fingers got wet.

George opened the door to the gym and marveled at the sight of his wife in the mirror. She was still tanned from their holiday in the Bahamas a month ago, her nipples standing out as a dark pink against the all-over honey tan of her skin. Her eyes were closed, but she had heard the door so she knew he was watching. She moved from stoking her cunt lips to running the first two fingers of her right hand inside herself, stroking in and out, her fingers and her cunt glistening with wetness. Both George and Juliet moaned with pleasure as she started to do this and George could watch no longer. He stepped fully into the room and unzipped his fly, bringing his cock out, hard and throbbing, it was too painful having it trapped inside his trousers. When Juliet heard the zip, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt and stood up. She walked to one of the higher benches and sat on it with her legs curled up and her cunt spread wide. He cunt was now level with his cock. George walked over to her and rubbed his fingers up and down the lips of her cunt; she was soaking wet so he slid his cock straight into her cunt. Juliet groaned with pleasure as she felt his cock enter her, then she hooked her legs around his waist and lifted herself up onto him. She drew a sharp breath as his cock went ever deeper into her cunt. George held onto her ass, rubbing his fingers into her crack as she pumped up and down on his cock, gasping with pleasure with ever deep, throbbing push of his cock inside her. With her arms around his neck and her back arching as she rode his cock, George carried her out into their hallway.

Juliet knew that anyone could see them from the hallway - the front entrance was clear glass. The risk excited her and she began to ride his cock harder and faster. She enjoyed the idea of being seen fucking her husband. She liked to tease some of the delivery men by answering the door dressed only in a sheer night-gown, especially on cold days when the blast of air made her nipples stand out from her breasts. She liked to make sure she turned around as she bent down, to make sure they could see she was completely naked, and they could see her ass crack and her bush underneath it as she bent down.

As George carried her upstairs, he reached his fingers into her crack and found her hole. He began running his fingers around the edge, feeling the muscle tighten in response. Juliet began to grind against him even harder than before but she couldn't get him in deep enough to satisfy her because his clothes were getting in the way. He laughed softly at her frustrated moans as she tried to thrust his cock deeper inside her. When they reached the top of the stairs, Juliet could take the frustration no longer.

"Fuck me now," she whispered in his ear, "I can't wait any longer. I want to come now!"

George laughed and agreed. He lifted her off his cock and set her standing in front of him. As he took of his suit, he watched her go down on her hands and knees and curve her back so that her ass was sticking up in the air. She spread her legs so her glistening cunt was open to him. George smiled as he thought that even after five years of marriage, Juliet's idea of a wifely welcome was to spread her legs and offer her cunt. He wasn't complaining at all.

He knelt down behind her and thrust his cock inside her cunt, pulling her waist towards him so that his cock went in as far as it could go. Juliet groaned with pleasure at the feeling and George began fast hard strokes, he grasped her waist with both hands and moved her body as well to increase the force of this strokes. Oh! He was enjoying this! Juliet was moaning and whispering 'harder! harder!' with every stroke, so he moved more quickly and forcefully. He thrust harder and deeper, her ass cheeks opening up as they were pressed against his stomach each time he drove inwards allowing his cock to go in just that little bit deeper each time. He felt himself come and as his cock throbbed with the force of his cum shooting out he pressed himself hard against Juliet's ass to thrust himself as deep as he could go. Juliet's back arched and she gave a long, satisfied groan as she came too and then she relaxed. George withdrew, his cock still quite hard and Juliet stretched out and lay, spent, on the carpet. George smiled down at her satisfied face and told her he was going to shower.

Juliet followed him to the shower, she stepped in behind him and started massaging his balls. George groaned and leant against the wall of the cubicle, resting against his arms. Juliet continued to gently rub his balls and as she felt his cock grow hard again she began stroking it with her right hand while continuing to rub his balls with her left. George could barely stand, his knees were going weak but he did not want her to stop for an instant. When his cock was hard and throbbing, Juliet told him to turn round, George did so and amid all the splashing water, Juliet knelt down and took his cock into her mouth. At first she just sucked him gently, running the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock but as she got more excited her strokes grew faster. George loved to watch as she did this, her lips surrounding his cock, her back arching with her own excitement and the water from the shower running down her back and dripping of the curve of her ass cheeks. He felt himself throb and then come again. Juliet gagged slightly as his cum shot into the back of her throat, but she continued to suck and lick him until the sensations became unbearable for him and he had to get her to stop. She gently let him go from her mouth and swallowed all his cum. She licked her lips and smiled up at him from where she knelt.

"So, did you have a good day at the office?" she asked.

The next morning, they slept until ten. Juliet has asked him to take Thursday morning off this week, all she would say was that she fancied a fuck after breakfast, but George knew the time spent would be worth while. Juliet's games were always worth the effort.

After she had served him breakfast in bed, Juliet lay on her back in the middle of their huge bed, with her legs spread wide gently stroking her cunt lips. She asked him to fuck her and George needed no second asking. He loved taking her this way because it meant he could watch her tits move in time to his strokes and he could rub her nipples as he thrust causing Juliet to arch her back up against him.

Juliet kicked her legs back and showed him her wet, open cunt. George slid in his cock, her cunt was so wet that it slid straight in to its full depth and Juliet gasped in surprise as she felt his fullness. George rubbed her tits as he thrust in and out, at first long, gentle strokes but getting harder and faster at her urging. As his thrusts got really hard he stopped rubbing her tits so that he could watch them rock as he pushed himself into her cunt. Just as he felt himself throbbing and ready to come, Juliet whispered 'Come on my chest! I want to see you come!'

Eager to oblige, George gently withdrew his cock and knelt up over Juliet. It only took two quick strokes of his hand before he came, and as he watched his white cum splatter all over Juliet's tits, he groaned with pleasure. He watched Juliet reach down to her cunt and start rubbing herself until she too came, her back arching with the force of it. George left her lying on the bed and went to the bathroom to wash. A couple of minutes later he thought he heard Juliet gently calling his name. The door to the bedroom was slightly ajar and as he came up to it he saw Juliet still lying spread-eagled on the bed, his cum shining white on her chest. He was about to enter when he saw her right hand lying down by her side. She raised her first finger and pointed slightly towards the window. George's knees went weak as he saw the window cleaner staring transfixed at Juliet. George moved so that he was definitely out of sight, but had a good view of both Juliet and the cleaner. Juliet kept her eyes closed so it appeared she was asleep and her head was facing away from the window but George saw her smile slightly. She knew the window-cleaner was there, and she was going to give him and George a show.

Slowly, languidly, Juliet brought her right hand onto her thigh and then slid it down onto her cunt, using her first two fingers to stroke her cunt lips. George felt his balls ache and he glanced up at the window-cleaner watching his wife. The cleaner was a young man, probably not much more than twenty and as Juliet's performance continued, George began to see why she had chosen him for the show. The window-cleaner's cock was growing hard and straining against his cover-alls, he looked big. George moaned softly in pleasure as he watched the cleaner watch his wife. He had always dreamed of watching another man fuck his wife and now it looked like Juliet might be doing something about it for him.

George began to rub his cock in reaction to watching Juliet. Juliet moved on from rubbing her cunt lips to thrusting her fingers inside her cunt and stroking them in and out. She also moved her left hand up to her tits and started rubbing his cum into her nipples. Her finger strokes grew more vigorous and she stretched out her legs to give her more room. Two fingers just weren't enough any more, so she thrust all four fingers into her cunt, squealing and writhing as her cunt lips stretched to take her full fist pumping in and out.

For George it became almost unbearable, he wanted so badly to run into the room, pull her fist out of her cunt and ram his cock in as hard and as fast as he could. He gripped the door to stop himself. It must have become unbearable for the window cleaner too, because he tore himself away from the amazing view and carefully climbed down the ladder.

As soon as he was sure the cleaner had gone, George did rush in and thrust his cock into Juliet's cunt, she lifted up her legs and welcomed him with a moan of pleasure. He was so hard already that he came almost as soon as he entered her. He pushed his cock in as far as it would go and grunted with pleasure as he felt the force of his own cum for the second time that morning. Juliet looked up at his with a lazy smile, "So you liked that?" George could only nod, speech was beyond him. "Make sure you spend next Thursday morning in the local office. I'll call you if anything happens" Juliet said softly and she smiled as she felt George go hard again inside her.

Next Thursday, George could barely concentrate on his work. Finally at around half past eleven a text message flashed up on his cellphone, it read "CUM". He hurriedly put on his coat, made excuses to his secretary - a dental appointment he'd forgotten - and ran out of the office to his car. In the mid-morning quiet, George made the journey home in fifteen minutes. He pulled up in front of the house and very carefully opened the front door. He knew where Juliet would be - he had told her of his fantasies - she would be at the back of the house, in the kitchen.

As he got closer to the slightly open door of the kitchen, he could hear grunts and moans. Some of them he recognized as Juliet's moans when she was enjoying a cock in her cunt. He quietly moved up to the door and gasped when he looked in and saw it was even better than his fantasies. Juliet and the window-cleaner were kneeling on the heavy wooden table at the centre of the kitchen. George could see the cleaner's cock thrusting in and out of his wife's cunt - it was as big as he had thought, not much longer than his own but much wider, this kid was built like a tree trunk. Juliet was moaning every time the cleaner thrust his cock deep inside her. George felt his own cock go hard as he watched his wife enjoying this animal pleasure, imagining her cunt stretching around the cleaner's huge cock. As the cleaner's thrusts got deeper and faster, Juliet's grunts and moans grew louder. Her tits were rocking backwards and forwards with such force that her nipples were practically hitting her chin. The cleaner was moaning now as well and thrusting faster. He grabbed Juliet's ass cheeks and opened them himself to allow his cock more room to ram into Juliet's cunt. She squealed when she felt him go even deeper into her. The cleaner forced himself in harder, ramming himself against Juliet, clenching his hands into her ass to hold her in place. He was groaning and Juliet was screaming when the cleaner's back arched and he gripped Juliet even harder as he came. Juliet continued to groan as her own body shook as she came. George knelt at the door, gasping at the power of seeing his fantasy come to life, it was far better than he had ever imagined.

The cleaner was gasping for breath as he withdrew from Juliet and climbed down off the table and began to get dressed. George watched as Juliet climbed off the table, he could see the mixture of the cleaner's and Juliet's cum dripping down her thighs, the entrance of her cunt still stretched from receiving a larger cock than it was used to. She glanced quickly at the doorway, to George and signaled toward the sink with her eyes. George looked across the kitchen and almost gasped out loud. Sitting on the draining board, partially obscured by a tea towel was his small camcorder. Juliet had recorded the whole thing for him. He watched quietly as she pulled on a shirt and hand over some cash to the cleaner who was fully dressed now. The cleaner turned towards Juliet before he left.

"You... er... you want to do this again?" he asked.

Juliet smiled and stroked her stomach, pushing the open shirt back so the cleaner could see her tits and her bush, now wet and glistening with his cum. "Oh, I expect so," she answered softly and opened the back door for him.

The cleaner grinned, "Well just say the word. I'll fuck you whenever you want!"

Juliet laughed softly to herself as she closed the door behind him. She turned and walked across the kitchen and opened the door for George. It was his turn now for the view of her tits, swollen from the force of the rocking, and her wet bush. George felt his cock begin to throb even harder. He had to open his fly and let his cock stick out to relieve the pain.

Juliet's smile grew even wider as she saw how hard he was. She opened up her shirt and put her fingers into her cunt, she looked up at George and said, "I'm a bit of a mess down here, do you want to fuck me in my other hole or shall I suck you?"

George moaned softly at the thought, undid his trousers and let them fall to his ankles. Juliet knelt in front of him and began to suck vigorously on his cock. It didn't take long for his cum to shoot into her mouth, George gasped at the force of it and gently pulled himself out of her mouth. He crouched down and kissed his wife, fondling her tits as she swallowed his cum.

"Thank you," he whispered, "But I have to get back to work!"

Juliet nodded and smiled. "I'll leave the video out for you this evening."

That evening, Juliet went to bed early, but she left George the video from the afternoon. George undressed, put on his robe and took the video into the study. He was able to watch the whole affair from the beginning. The video started with Juliet, dressed only in one of his shirts, opening the back door to the cleaner who said he needed paying this week. Juliet invited him in, and while searching for her purse, asked him if he was busy for the rest of the morning. He said no, that this was his last call. Juliet turned round and walked towards him, unbuttoning her shirt. She asked him if he wanted to have some fun. As she said this Juliet began fondling her tits and rubbing her fingers into her cunt. George marveled as he saw the cleaner go hard at his wife's come-on, he felt himself go hard as well.

"What do you want?" the cleaner asked.

"I want a fuck," Juliet replied, "I want you to fuck me with that big, hard cock of yours."

The cleaner was stunned speechless, but came in and hurriedly started taking off his cover-all. Juliet sat on the table in front of him and opened her legs to him. George could see her hand rising in and out between her thighs and he pictured her rubbing her cunt and pushing her fingers in and out. The cleaner was transfixed.

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