tagIncest/TabooJuly's Stunning Wedding Night Ch. 01

July's Stunning Wedding Night Ch. 01


July's honeymoon had gone off without a hitch, there had been a hitch, a big one that occurred before she and her new husband left for it. She had accidently spent her wedding night in her husbands fathers bed, her new father in law, and they had made fantastic love.

Her groom had drunk too much at the night reception, and had been sick all over what was to have been their marital bed, and spent the night in a drunken stupor, where the marriage should have been consummated. However it had been consummated, but with his dad!

Her new husband had 'performed' his duties the next night 5000 miles away on the first night of their honeymoon. And Greg was well pleased with himself. He had been gagging to make love to his beautiful bride, and was on top of the world at the attention and looks she had been getting from other guests, his bride was a true beauty.

She had brought with her a new set of glamorous sexy underwear for him to 'seduce' her with. Not knowing that his dad had sampled more than her charms the previous night, and he had soiled the sexy underwear she had had on for her new hubby.

She did for her husband what she had done for his dad, give herself completely, and she couldn't help but compare both men with each other. Both scored high points but for different reasons. Her new husband had fucked her repeatedly like a rabbit, he was all over her, couldn't keep his hands to himself.

And she was more than happy with his performances. But his dad was stuck firmly in her mind, he had been a gentle but ardent lover, he had made sure July got hers before he let himself have his. And July appreciated his generosity in that regard.

Greg, her husband had phoned his dad after a few days to apologise again for putting him in a strange position regarding his drunken performance. His dad would hear none of it telling him he would do the same again if it reoccurred. His son not seeing the gratifying smile on his face as he said it, and thought of his new daughter in law.

He had decided that when they had gone he would resolve to forget it and thank the good lord for the gift of her for one night. But after a few days of them being away, he had jacked off twice in memory of hers, and his actions.

He wondered how she was feeling about their very illicit actions in his bed, she had gone for it totally, in fact it had been her who initiated it, but he would be forever grateful for it. Was she thinking about it, had she thought about it, what was she feeling about him. Was she happy he had fucked and made love to her?

The answer, unknown to him, was a resounding yes, she had thought about him and it, the memory of him would be with her forever. And she also wondered what the future held for her, her husband, and now for his dad, her one time lover.

She too had resolved to forget about it whilst on honeymoon, but she found her mind wondering to him and what he was thinking and feeling. Already July was certain that if opportunity presented itself, she would make love to him again, gladly and willingly.

Both had arrived at the same conclusions without knowing the other had. The situation between them was set, they both wanted the other again, even though it was more than morally and ethically more than wrong.

What July couldn't understand was the fact that the love she had for her husband had not waned or diminished one iota! She woke up each day with a smile on her beautiful lips, and more often than not, a big hard on from him in her hand to help start their day with!

She sucked him dry on many occasions, he fucked her senseless on a lot more occasions, they spent every available hour on the nest, every where they could find or use, got used for fucking and making love.

Then on their final day, the honeymoon was written up as a great success, and they headed home. Both were relatively wrecked, lots to eat and drink and a ton of lovemaking and fucking behind them, they quietly boarded the plane for home.

At the airport they were met by his dad, he had insisted he would pick them up. They greeted him with great glee, he was glad his dad had forgiven him, July was shyly happy, and when they hugged, she quickly but meaningfully brushed her finger tips across his cock and looked him straight in the eye, with a look that transfixed him. It said, 'hello I'm back, have you missed me?'

He returned her look with one of his own that was missed completely by his son. It told July that he had. And his cock twitched just before her fingers slid away. July gave way to a small gasp and picked up her small suitcase. She hooked her arm through her husbands and off they went.

She near fucked him half to death that night in their rented home, they were going to start the real hunt for a house soon, but not yet, they didn't feel the need to.

He was taken aback by her loving, ferocious attack on his body, but he gave way completely. He wasn't to know that she had his dad in mind when she fucked him. The touch of her fingers on his dad's prick, and the definite twitch she elicited from it had shot her through her pussy.

Her orgasms were long and loud, it was a good job her new husband and his dad shared the same name because she called it out, meaning his dad, be he thinking it was him. He too blew a massive load into her as she writhed about on top of him.

July eventually fell away off him and screwed herself tight up into a ball; it was a ball of guilt, and it swamped her. She had just had the most explosively massive orgasm she had ever reached, and it was his dad who had given it to her, even though it was an orgasm by proxy.

Her husband fell asleep quickly, but July didn't she felt terrible now, how could she do this to him, he was the most loving husband a woman could hope to have and here she was lying next to him after making love, and wanting her father in law again, and she couldn't deny it, she did!

But she also had a good talk with herself, it had to end, it couldn't be allowed to go on, to develop into a full blown affair, what had happened was the consequence of events, nothing had been planned, even thought of.

July got out of bed, sleep wouldn't come to her. She walked the house, made herself a cup of tea, went back to bed, got back up and walked again. Then she lifted the phone and called her new father in law.

He answered with a very muffled 'hello,' she had woken him! But it was too late now, the call had been made,

'Daddy,' she whispered quietly, 'it's me, July, are you alright?'

'July, Honey it's 3 in the morning, is something wrong?'

'No daddy, I just need to talk to you, that's all.'

'Okay baby, I'm here, are you feeling a little blue?'

'Yes, and I don't know why?'

'I don't suppose you are missing me?' he said, somewhat hopefully.

'Yes I am, I need to see you, I need to talk about what happened, we can't allow this to continue daddy, can we? And you are the only one I could ever discuss it with, aren't you?'

'Yes baby, I am.' He knew she was right, in his heart he wanted to love her all over again, but his head said no, in concurrence with her words.

'I'll ride over tomorrow for a visit, maybe we can get a little time to chat?' he offered.

'Yes okay, in the morning though, before lunch, I can probably get Greg out of the house for and hour or so.'

'I'll see you then July, goodnight baby, and July?'

'Yes?' she answered.

'I love you honey.'

'I love you too daddy.'

She went back to bed and fell into a deep deep slumber.

In the morning she was her usual chirpy self, no bad thoughts, no hang ups, no guilt, she had made the right decision, and her husband's dad had agreed with her, it had to stop. She did love his dad, she always would now because of what had happened, her thoughts turned to her wedding night, how they had made love, so softly, so gently, so strenuously. Her body shuddered at the remembrance, her pussy nipped itself, she felt juices seep around it.

But it had to be allowed to develop into a parental feeling, not the sexual feeling it so easily could be. She regained her composure, but thinking to herself, 'that maybe this is going to be harder than I thought?'

At 11 o'clock, the door bell rang, her husband opened it and was greeted by his dad with a huge bottle of wine, and wish for a happy and future life together. This made July beam with pleasure; he was accepting the mutual decision to stop their liaison.

'Dad!' he shouted, 'Come on in.' Greg junior shook his dad's hand and hugged him, Greg senior was overcome with guilt, but hid it manfully.

July went to him and hugged him too as her husband took the wine into the kitchen.

'Thank you daddy, I love you.' Then inexplicably her fingers traced his prick. 'What am I doing?' she screamed at herself!

Her father in law gasped audibly, he was at immediate attention, he still wanted July, and as soon as he saw her over his son's shoulder his prick twitched and started growing. By the time she got to him and gave him her hug he was already half way to erection, her touch completed the job.

July jumped away, her mouth hanging open in total surprise, she had not intended to do that, it hadn't even been in her mind, she was aghast. But she knew he was hard, it had smacked her fingers as it jumped at her. Her pussy squished.

'Oh my God!' she murmured to only herself in her gorgeous head, 'what the fuck am I playing at?'

Her lips, unpainted, filled with blood lust, they quivered and trembled, her high cheek bones flushed, her nipples tightened, her pussy flooded.

She turned away and hurried upstairs to get away from her embarrassment. He watched her go, her beautiful backside swinging in only the way she could unknowingly swing it, he felt another uncontrolled lurch in his pants.

He recovered and went to find his son.

'So how was the honeymoon then, a success?'

'Oh yes dad, it couldn't have been any better, we got on like a house on fire, it was great,' and gave him a knowing wink!

'I'm glad about that, have you had breakfast yet?' he enquired.

'No we haven't we don't have much in.' he said.

'Oh okay,' said his dad, 'I'll nip into town and get some things, then we can have a brunch, what do you think?'

'Great,' he replied, ' but I'll go dad, July wants some things getting too, you stay here and keep her company, I should be back in a hour and a half or so, I think.'

His father couldn't believe how the opportunity to speak with July had just presented itself.

'Are you sure Greg?' asked his dad.

'Dead sure dad, right,' he said, 'I'm on my way.'

He shouted upstairs to his new wife that he was going to town to shop and would be back later. Greg senior watched him leave with a heavy heart, but with undeniably, a hard on in his pants, caused by his beautiful and very sexy daughter in law.

He hung around for a few minutes expecting her to come down but she didn't. He climbed the stairs slowly, not really knowing what to expect. Her door was closed to, but not shut, he knocked quietly.

'Come in,' he heard.

He did, and July was lying sideways on the far side of the bed facing away from him. He couldn't help but look at her bum in the short cut off jeans, and the smooth of her back as it rose to her shoulders. He stepped forward and was now standing beside the bed, he had no idea what to say or do.

She waved her arm at him and said softly.

'Come round this side daddy.' He obeyed.

He was standing facing her, she looked up at him and smiled a beautiful dazzling, somewhat sad smile. She could see the outline of his cock down his trousers, the bulge of it was unmistakable. Without saying anything else, she reached out and stroked his still hard cock, again.

'Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?' she repeated the words that had led to their lovemaking on her wedding night. July had realised that she would never be able to say no to him, what had happened downstairs was because she had wanted it to happen; she needed and wanted to make love with him again. She would be there whenever for him, if he wanted her, and she knew undoubtedly that he did.

He sighed with relief, not only from the fact that he was wanted by her, but that she was okay with it now, and that she really did want him. He climbed onto the bed and a loving weepy kiss was given to him by the most wondrous woman he had ever seen.

They had their clothes off in seconds, and he was in her in seconds more, he was then wrapped in her arms again as he began a shagging session he had dreamed of, both came quickly, both unable to contain their lust and arousal any further.

July crushed her face into his neck as the orgasm hammered her body, she revelled in it, it was what she had needed despite telling herself and her father in law that it had to stop. Now it was going to be a part of her young life.

July spun him on his side and sadly his cock slipped out.

'Daddy, we need to talk, make some decisions, discuss it and settle the way forward, neither of us is going to stop, we know that don't we.? I love you, and I love Greg as well, I always will love him, and I will never leave him, nor will I ever leave you, not now daddy.'

He was knocked sideways at her words and thoughts, but he agreed wholeheartedly. He had a glimpse of the future, a future where this gorgeous sexy creature, his son's new bride was telling him, she was, and wanted to be a big part of his life.

'I agree July completely, but I do feel guilty about al this, I never meant it to happen, I didn't even wish for it.'

She pouted at him, 'you mean to tell me that you didn't look at me and think to yourself, Wow, I could do with some of that!' her eye brows rose in a challenge.

Then she broke out into the most sensual sexy giggle he had ever heard. He had to admit she was right. He didn't believe there was a man on earth that would not think the same thing, she was just too beautiful, and now as he had witnessed and sampled fantastically, she was as sexy as any woman could ever be.

Her hand was rubbing his cock, her other one was caressing his balls, and her lips were fastened to his neck, what chance did he ever have?

'Don't feel guilty daddy, I don't,' she told him, 'we didn't look for this, circumstances overtook us, it was decided for us, not by us.' He looked deep into her eyes and saw nothing but honest appraisal there, she was right.

'He must never know of this daddy, never, no matter what,' she told him.

'I'll make sure of that baby, I promise, now, when will I see you again?' he asked her.

'I'm not sure yet, but it will definitely be in this coming week, I don't want spend too much time from this,' she told him, as she continued pulling on his steadily hardening cock!

'We had better get out of here baby, Greg will be back soon.' He told her.

'Don't worry daddy, the gravel out there is the best burglar alarm around here, a cat couldn't get in!' Her grip on him tightened, he wasn't going anywhere until she decided he could.

He kissed her, she seemed to enter his body with hers, he could feel her inside him.

She pulled away, pushed him onto his back, knelt at his side and began jacking him off, her soft hand was a blur, he could hardly keep his eyes on it as it sped up and down his rock hard prick. Her mouth dropped on it, he leapt upwards at the sensation crashing through him, he reached for her, July put her other hand on his chest and effectively held him down. He gave in and lay back, how could any man refuse this? He thought.

She carried on manipulating him to the inevitable conclusion she was heading him to. His body reared up off the bed and he shot his load up into the air as her mouth descended with perfect timing over the smooth angry purple head. July sucked it all down, he was helpless before her. She finished him off, turned her lovely head, her hair swaying about him, and smiled with his cock between her perfect teeth. One eye brow arched, 'how good was that daddy,' it asked?

Moments later they were up, he had a quick wash, July had a lesser quick shower, and they were downstairs when her husband came home.

His dad was beside himself with the worry that his son would somehow know what they had just been doing, that he had just made love to his wife, and then she had made, and she really had made him cum, in a way he never had!

'Hi dads,' he was greeted by his son's smiling face, 'hope you are hungry?' he chortled, 'I've got loads for brunch.'

'I'm starving Greg,' he glanced at his son's wife, his lover, and she smiled at her husband, went to him and kissed him full on in front of his dad.

That's when Greg knew it was all going to be good, he felt a huge weight slip from his shoulders. He knew that in a court of human law, he would be found guilty and hanged.

They had a great day, neither July or his dad gave way to so much as a glance between them. At the end, he hugged his son, 'I hate that I'm doing this to you Greg, but it's happened and there's nothing I can or want to do to stop it now.' He said all this to himself.

'See you later dad, just pop by anytime you want, July will most certainly be here, unless she's out shopping, again! He laughed.

They both winked to the other knowingly.

July protested loudly and thumped her husband playfully on the arm. 'That comment is going to cost you a packet now!' she laughingly chided him.

July kissed his dad warmly on the cheek, and briefly held herself tightly to him, 'might see you on Wednesday dad, okay?'

'You definitely will honey,' and he was gone.

Greg junior whisked his bride right up the stairs, 'I've been looking forward to this all day,' he shouted, and soon they were a mess of loving arms and bodies. They never moved until the following morning.

July knew now that barring any silly mishaps, her life was on the track she had set it on, although if you had told her her life was going to be like this, she would have had you labelled as some sort of a nut!

The following Wednesday she drove to her father in laws house. It was just beautiful, she told him, though he bemoaned the fact that the garden was not as it once used to be.

'Forget that July, get up those stairs right now,' he ordered. As they kissed long, hard, and very deep.

'Ooooh, all masterful now are we?' she giggled, as she ran away from him to his bedroom. She was waiting for him naked before he got there.

'Come on old man,' she sniggered delightfully, 'get that beautiful cock of yours in me, I need it so badly, and she dived at him, forced him playfully onto his back and began removing his clothes in between kisses and fondling from each to the other.

His cock in hand now, and naked as the day they were born, she rested beside him, she inspected his tool minutely, kissed it, licked it, and sucked it, it was as hard as it was ever going to be she decided, and climbed over him, she held it to her searing hot wet slick pussy as her arousal got the better of her.

July slid down on her husbands dad's gorgeous cock, and as she bottomed out the guttural gurgle that came from within her forced an orgasm out of her. She dropped on him; her head hit his chest before she could recover well enough.

He held her shoulders and reared up from below her hitting his prick with force at her cervix. July cried out in emotions of love need, desperation to cum again, she threw herself up and began to fuck him. And just like a big man can fuck a woman, she rode him hard and long, she was hurting herself on him but she didn't care, she wanted the pain.

She pulled his hands to her tits, fastened his fingers to her nipples and moaned loudly, 'SQUEEZE, AND SQUEEZE HARD, OKAY!'

He did, but she yelled, 'harder, harder, squeeze harder, hurt me you beautiful bastard!'

Greg did, he crushed them flat, she cried out in pain, but she was rutting him, he had never had sex like this, she was almost demonic. Her hands flat on his chest, then gripping his upper arms, she pumped up and down with a uncontrollable fury of loving.

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