Jumped by Bunny


I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist – it was all that I had to cover me. The problem with staying at Todd's only part-time was that I had no clothing reserves over here.

Since I was scantily clad, I considered going straight to bed, but I was still hungry – after all, I had been too distracted to eat much of the popcorn. I resolved that I would sneak up to the living room in just my towel and then see if I could make it to the kitchen undetected. If it looked like I was going to risk embarrassment, I would just turn around and go to bed.

Padding down the hallway, I curled my head surreptitiously around the living room door. The TV was still on, but the room seemed empty. I gripped firmly onto the joined corners of my towel and, with firm commitment, continued on through to the kitchen.

*** Grabbing a Snack ***

I opened the refrigerator and looked inside. The appliance's interior light illuminated the darkened room behind me. Hmmm... Leftovers? A sandwich? I was hungry, but I didn't want to fill up.

In considering my options, I was oblivious to the footsteps behind me. Then suddenly... yank!... my towel was gone. I spun around quickly.

In the refrigerator's light, Bunny stood with her hips cocked, one arm wrapped around her waist and the other propped at an angle from her hip supporting my towel teasingly with two extended fingers. She was wearing a short, black, silk teddy with spaghetti straps. Her lips curled up mockingly on one side of her mouth in a wicked smirk. She let the towel drop to the floor behind her. "Oops."

The sudden cool air on my genitals highlighted to me the fact that I was totally naked in front of her, and I instinctively covered myself with my hands.

Bunny stepped forward and moved my hands back to my sides. "Don't be shy," she cooed.

She stepped back and inspected my nervously rigid body, backlit by the refrigerator's glow. "Well, look at the two I found sneaking around in the dark," she said coyly. "My boyfriend." She brushed her hand lightly across my cheek, causing a tingle to shoot down my neck to my spine. "And my play-friend." She let her hand drop and brushed it lightly along the length of my hard-on, causing another tingle to shoot up my spine in the other direction.

I was naked, helpless and quivering all over. I couldn't help but to shudder and moan, "Ohhh..."

" 'Oh' what, Timmy?" She leaned her face in so close to my face that her lips were almost touching mine. "Are you nervous?" Her tongue flicked out, and its tip ran along the bottom of my upper lip. "Why are you so nervous?" Beneath her closely positioned face, her hand made another tingly glide along my penis.

"Mmm...," I whimpered vainly. "Because..."

Her mouth captured part of my upper lip, tugged on it and let it go. "Don't you like girls touching you?" she asked. Her lower hand made another run along my pole. "Don't you like it when I do this?"

I was starting to shake visibly now and tried to lean away from her. "No... Yes... I mean, no I..."

She curled her hand around the back of my neck to prevent my attempt to avoid her. "No?" she whispered to me quizzically and gave me a soft kiss that enveloped my mouth. "Yes?" she kissed me again. "No?" and another kiss.

I was locked in place. She was manipulating and fondling me, and I was helpless to resist. I had hardly even taken a breath since she started kissing me. But as uncomfortable as I felt, I was also very excited.

Bunny traced a line with her finger from my neck down my chest and kept going. "Well, how does your girlfriend touch you?" Her hand reached my balls and then cradled them.

I couldn't speak. I might have given my head a little shake unconsciously.

"No? She doesn't touch you down here?" She was now playing more deliberately with my balls. She looked intently into my eyes. "Or no, you don't have a girlfriend?"

Bunny's interrogation was interrupted by a bellow coming from elsewhere in the house. "Bunny! Where are the beers?"

She smiled mischievously. "Oops! You're getting me into trouble," she admonished me and yelled back into the reaches of the house, "COMING!!"

"I need to get some beers, sweetie," she indicated and then leaned forward, resting her chest on mine. As her breasts deformed softly into my chest, she reached around my body and into the fridge behind me. "Don't move," she instructed.

My upwardly pointing pole hooked under the hem of her short teddy and felt around under the flimsy material like the outstretched arm of a blind person in an unfamiliar room.

Bunny grabbed a bottle off a refrigerator shelf and devilishly touched its cold glass against one of my ass cheeks, like a sort of icy cattle prod. I jumped at its touch, causing my hard-on to poke at something soft in Bunny's nether-regions.

"Oooh, Timmy! I hardly know you!" she accused me, and I feared that she thought I had just done something improper. However, the incident didn't stop her from doing the same thing to my other cheek with the second bottle. I lurched just as before and, this time, felt a hairy rasping on the end of my penis as it pushed forward. "Timmy!" she scolded me again, "I thought you said that you were a good boy!"

Surely she knew that that had been an accident as well. I wanted to say something – to re-assure her – but I was absolutely petrified.

Bunny giggled at the look on my face before she turned to leave. But she only went as far as the kitchen table, where she set down the bottles and then returned. "I forgot to get something to nibble on."

I nodded my head at her suggestion and tried to shift out of the way of the refrigerator, but she barred my movement with her hand. Then she dropped out of my eye-line and onto her knees in front of me. I looked down just as she steadied my penis in her hand and began lightly kissing its underside from the tip slowly down to the base. I couldn't believe what I saw... or felt. I... I... I tingle felt her kiss lipping... I mean, I lips her felt my tingle kissing... I mean... just WOW!!

In shock, I fell back against the fridge, causing it to shudder and all the glass jars and bottles to clatter together noisily. Bunny licked her way to the tip and then nibbled her way back down again. Then she turned her attention to its side and then its top. Finally, she returned to the tip, where she sucked the head between her lips a couple of times and pulled it out with an audible smack. I was beside myself.

Then... "BUNNY!!... BEERS!!"

Bunny obeyed the call. She arose and caressed my cheek with her hand. "Sorry, sweetie," she said in a mollifying tone, and yet she was looking at me impishly out of the tops of her eyes. "Ohh!" she moaned sympathetically, "Why do you look so scared?" And then she froze and inhaled audibly in recognition. "Timmy? Are you a vir..." But whatever she was going to say was cut off by the distant bellower, "BUNNY!!!"

She leaned in and gave me one last quick kiss on the mouth. "Gotta go," she announced before turning lightly about, snatching the beers off the table and fleeing the room. Who was this girl?

*** Going to Bed ***

Everything seemed askew. The intensely intimate activities that I had shared with Bunny had been replaced by the lonely stillness of the empty kitchen. The hot flushing of my skin contrasted the chill exposure of my bottom to the fridge's cool air. And the once quiet room was disturbed by the complaining humming of the refrigerator's overburdened compressor motor.

When I regained my bearings, I grabbed my towel off the ground and finally shut the refrigerator's door. I made a half-hearted attempt to fashion the towel over my unprecedentedly rigid hard-on but finally just flung the wrap over my shoulder and shuffled off to my room with my pole bobbing recklessly out in front of me.

I went over in my head everything that Bunny had done with me. I wanted to characterize her actions as something diabolical and corrupting, but I couldn't get past how exhilarating and natural it all felt. It was all so overwhelming, and I trudged back to my bed like a zombie – not turning on any lights, not listening for noises at my brother's door, and not putting on any clothes before getting into bed.

My head hit the pillow, but my mind wouldn't stop working, and so I tossed and turned. As I repositioned myself, my hard-on rubbed tantalizingly across the mattress. It felt good, and so I repositioned myself again... and again... No, stop. I flopped onto my side.

Why was my penis now misbehaving? I reached down to investigate, and that felt good. And so I investigated it again... and again... Stop it! I flopped onto my back.

In time, I faded – not really asleep but certainly not lucid. In reality, my body was exhausted, and I imagined my energy draining through my muscles into the mattress. The room was hollow with silence, although random sounds elsewhere in the house occasionally broke through the stillness – a dripping faucet, a creaking floorboard, my door opening, the non-stop refrigerator motor... wait – my door opening?

Through the dim light of the room and the dim acuity of my consciousness, I barely detected someone slipping into the room. A dark figure was standing close to the bed and pulling something over its head. I tried to focus.

As the figure hunched over, I could hear the crisp slipping sound of a body sliding under the sheets. An arm wormed under my neck – hopefully Bunny's and not Todd's – and breasts squished into my upper arm and chest – definitely Bunny's and not Todd's.

Bunny lay on top of me, straddling one of my thighs. The lower part of her body started oscillating; I could feel her thigh rubbing under my balls and something soft rubbing on top of my thigh.

Bunny's face came into view, hovering over mine in the dim light. "Baby, did you miss me?"

"Huh?" I responded in my less than alert state.

"Huh?" she mocked me. "I don't have a lot of time. I told Todd that I was just going to the toilet. I didn't know before, when we were fooling around, that you were so... um... so innocent. You shouldn't still have your cherry at your age." My cherry? "If you're going to be my boyfriend, we're going to have to do something about that. I want your cherry, boyfriend, and I'm going to take it right now." My cherry?

"My what?" Her bold-sounding declaration made no sense to me. But my question did not receive much consideration. I had barely gotten it out when she began kissing my mouth... or consuming it would be more accurate. Bunny's kissing was forceful and enveloping. Her tongue pushed deep between my lips, which shocked me but felt strangely arousing.

Bunny moved her head up and looked directly into my eyes. The tips of our noses were touching. "Timmy, why have you never had sex with a girl?" she asked.

How did she figure that out? Was that what this was about? "I don't know. Because it's a bad thing to do, I guess."

"Oh no, baby," Bunny replied, "It's a good thing." She moved her kissing down to my neck and attacked it ravenously. "It's a very good thing."

Although she had kissed me there when we were on the couch, I had no idea that kissing on the neck could feel so good. My whole body tingled and went limp,... but hers didn't. The rubbing against my thigh became more obvious, her breathing became more audible, and her kissing became more intense.

She started to emanate a whiny murmur, like a puppy outside a door crying to be let in. "Umh, umh, umh..." And with each series of pleas came more rubbing and kissing. Then on one rub, she uttered a distinct "Ohhh," after which she rose up and moved her lower body higher on mine.

After some careful manoeuvring, she knelt over my head, her knees straddling my face. She reached down with her hands and pulled the skin apart at her private area. An opening appeared where girls pee, and she lowered it to just above my mouth.

"Sweetie, I want you to lick me like you lick an ice cream cone," she instructed. I reached out my tongue and waggled it as I was told. She lowered herself onto my flailing appendage. She tasted tangy and wet and exciting. And the more I licked, the wetter she got, and the more excited I became.

I sped up my effort, but she told me to slow down. I tried to explore all over her opening, but she seemed to want me to focus on the top end of it. In any case, whatever I was doing seemed to be a hit because her moaning grew louder, her rocking grew wilder, and every so often, she mushed herself firmly against my mouth with a groan.

Finally, she moved off my face and straddled my chest. She hunched over and felt behind her ass for my hard penis. As she ran her hand along it, encouraging its firmness, she bent forward and kissed and licked my mouth. "Hmmm, I taste good, don't I?" she commented.

She kept stroking me and backing down my torso until the head of my penis stopped her continued progress. I felt that same hairy rasping as I had done in the kitchen, but this time it felt wetter.

She kept pushing, and whatever obstacle my pole was up against seemed to be giving way. And then all of a sudden, my penis was enveloped by the most unbelievable feeling of warmth and wetness. Bunny moaned, "Unghh!" as I pushed through. Good gawd! What had just happened?

With a big wet kiss, she began moving her hips, and the tight, little, wet compartment I was in started pulling and gliding and mushing on my hard-on. It was mind-blowing. It was like Bunny's hand during the movie but better. This time, I moaned, "Ohhh!"

Bunny moved her mouth to beside my ear and whispered, "Hmmm! You like that, don't you?"

She continued her gyrations, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I felt this wonderful flow of continuous pleasure emanating from my penis, as it squished in and out and around her fleshy pocket. But, just like on the couch, I knew I was soon going to make a mess, and I didn't know if she wanted me to do it inside her or not. I was, at the same time, scared and thrilled by the prospect.

Then, she bore down on my lower abdomen with the top end of her slit, and I could hear the scratching of her hairs on my skin. When she rubbed herself like that, she gasped and bit her lower lip, and her eyes rolled back into her head.

As the rubbing and rasping continued, I suddenly felt the compression of something around my penis like a little blood-pressure cuff. It tightened and released, tightened and released. And with each tightening, Bunny let out a throaty "Unh!"

Well, the tightening was too much for me. I knew that I was about to start spurting. I had to let her know. "Bunny!... Bunny!..." I gasped nervously.

Bunny didn't respond but, instead, braced the sides of my head with her hands and stared intently into my eyes, as if she was looking for something.

I exploded. Cum shot through my penis and into the wet confines beyond. I spurt and spurt and spurt, and my lower body spasmed with each release.

I don't know if Bunny saw what she was looking for, but shortly after I started cumming, her body went rigid, her teeth clenched and her head dropped to beside mine. She expelled a guttural "Ohhunghhh..." as she pulled sharply on my hair.

Finally, she collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily into my ear. Her deadweight felt wonderfully soft and conforming and released on top of my spent frame.

In my ear, Bunny whispered, "My gawd, I didn't expect to cum too." Then she raised her head over my face. "Now your cherry is mine forever, boyfriend. Did you enjoy that?"

I nodded my head exhaustedly, causing her to smile broadly. She leaned in and gave me three big kisses, and then pushed herself off my body and onto the floor. Snatching up her teddy, she pulled it on hurriedly, and then, before darting out of the room, she leaned over me, gave me one last kiss and whispered, "Save up your strength. I've got a lot more to show you."

When the door shut behind her and silence returned to the room, I stared into the darkness toward the ceiling in disbelief. In the space of one short night, my life had changed completely... and by a girl named Bunny? Well, I wasn't going to get to sleep now.

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