tagLoving WivesJune Gets Even: The Sequel

June Gets Even: The Sequel


WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!

(c) Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

* * * * *

June woke up feeling wonderful. Sunlight streamed through the bedroom window, giving the room a kind of glow that suggested the world had somehow been renewed, and a sense of well being and contentment seemed to suffuse her whole body. She stretched languorously and rolled over to snuggle next to her husband the way she did whenever she wanted to snag a last dose of bedtime warmth before getting up.

When she realized Jerry's side of the bed was empty, June suddenly remembered all the events of the previous evening. It hit her like a small shock, as all the conflicting emotions cascaded over her at once.... hurt and anger that Jerry had cheated on her with their neighbor Mary.... amazement that she went through with her plan to trick Jerry and then Mary into being stuck - tied to a chair watching she and Mary's husband Ralph fuck in front of each of them in their own bedrooms and marriage beds.... pleasure and satisfaction at what remarkable fuckings they had been, with Ralph's skill as a lover and his enjoyment of her as well.... vindication and a sense of power as she realized how beaten Jerry had been when she laid down the law and informed him that she was not through with Ralph at all and planned on doing a lot of "catching up". June looked at the clock as she rolled out of bed and saw that it was just past noon. Where was Jerry? She felt a sudden flash of worry and indignation. "That son of a bitch better not have taken off on me!", she muttered to herself as she slipped on her robe. Aloud, she called out: "Jerry?".

"Down here!" she heard him call from downstairs. With a feeling of deep relief, followed immediately by exasperation, June started downstairs, wondering if she was heading into a war zone. Jerry had seemed completely cowed and disheartened last night, but today could be a different story. She loved Jerry and wanted them both to get through this with their marriage intact, but that didn't mean she wanted it to be easy for him. She was determined that he would pay for his cheating and lying. Having to put up with her spending more time fucking Ralph was not the end of it as far as she was concerned. If he loved her and valued their marriage, he'd better be ready to put up with just about anything June had in mind.

With her resolve firmly in mind, June descended the stairs, while going on the offensive. "Jerry, why did you let me sleep so late? Half the day is gone!" she accused. As she rounded the corner into the kitchen she got a whiff of sausages cooking and saw Jerry, fully dressed in his golf clothes, preparing a plate of food at the table. June noticed a full place-setting (for one) at the table with several serving dishes filled with assorted breakfast foods, including pancakes, eggs, sausages and toast, that Jerry was dishing onto the lone plate. He looked up at her and said in an even voice, "June, as soon as you fell asleep last night, you started snoring. I could hear you all the way from the spare bedroom. I figured you needed the rest." This brought June up short. It was one of their private jokes that she only snores when she's extremely tired, which would happen most often after they had sex during work nights.

This little reminder, of how well they knew each other as well as the implication that Ralph had been the one to tire her out this time, caused her a moment of confusion. She picked up on the other thing he'd said that was easier to deal with. "The spare room? Did you sleep there?" He nodded. "I told you, you were supposed to sleep with me!" June had wanted to send Jerry the message that she did want to be close to him, but with the added twist of having to sleep on the sheets where she had just fucked Ralph. In other words: I love you, but you're not out of the woods by a long shot.

Jerry looked her straight in the eye and said, "June, that was never going to happen." June gathered her breath to tear into him when Jerry held up his hand. "Wait! Before you say anything, before we start this 'conversation slash argument', I have a couple things I need to say. I need to say them first and I need to say them now. So June, either I have the floor, or I have to go pack my bags. Which is it?" June knew that look. Jerry had committed himself to a course of action, and would follow it, no matter what. She had the choice. Either he spoke or he left her. She was furious that he was pulling this shit with her. He was one who fucked everything up and he was making her choose to let him have his way, or dump the marriage. She stayed silent as she walked over to table and sat down. She wasn't ready to quit yet, but Jerry would not hear the end of this. "Go ahead," she said evenly.

Jerry sat down on the chair next to her. "Thank you. I thought about writing all this down to make sure everything that needs to get said is said, but you deserve to hear this face to face." He reached over slowly and took her hand in his. She let him, but her hand was listless in his. "First of all, I love you very much. I don't think anything will ever change that. Secondly, I am profoundly sorry that I hurt you. I want you to know that I never intended to do that. I did something extremely selfish, but it had nothing to do with my love for you." June started to open her mouth to protest that line, but Jerry held up his other hand again. "Wait! Let me finish. I mean that I did not start with Mary out of any lack or dissatisfaction with you or with our marriage. I'm glad to be married to you." Jerry got up and began to pace back and forth in front of her.

"I'm sorry that I lied to you. In my own heart, if nowhere else, I consider this my worst offense. With all that, the thing I absolutely regret the most is that my actions drove you to the lengths you went to last night." He turned to face her again. "We're going to have an incredible challenge pulling our relationship and our marriage back together, if we can, after this thing is over. I know we love each other but love does not always conquer all."

June felt part of her heart melting as Jerry spoke. The breakfast looked delicious and Jerry seemed so sincere in his regret that she forgave him, just a little, in her heart. She also realized that this was exactly Jerry's intent. Her husband could be a tremendous idiot, but he was no fool. June clutched her resolve to make Jerry's penance an unpleasant one. She interrupted him, "I love you too, and I accept the apology, but you have to accept the fact that I have every intention of fucking Ralph until either he or I feel we've gotten even with you. You opened this can of worms, but we are going to close it and have some fun in the process! Understand?" Jerry stopped his pacing to glare at her for interrupting, and as she spoke his face went completely neutral.

"June, I didn't, and don't, have the slightest doubt that you'll continue with Ralph. After last night, there isn't anything I'd believe you wouldn't do," he said quietly. June understood that there was an element of insult in that last statement and once again was about to respond when Jerry's hand went up again, "Please wait a moment more! I'm almost done. With regard to Ralph, I prefer that you not have sex with him in our bed anymore"

June had had enough. "It's not your choice. I'll fuck him wherever and whenever I please!" she retorted angrily.

"June, I'm not asking." June started another angry response, but Jerry held up both hands this time. "And, I'm not trying to tell you what to do. You're absolutely right! You and Ralph have all the decisions to make and the right to make them as you work to 'even the score'. It's up to you to say when it's over, or when enough is enough. All I can do is wait till you decide it's over to see how you feel about me, and then I get to decide how I feel about you and your choices. I didn't tell you my preference about this to try to force you to follow my wishes. I just gave the information into your care. What you do with it is up to you.

"In fairness, I understand that you might see some justice in going against my wishes, and you could make a pretty good case for it. If you decide to do that, I strongly encourage you to change the sheets and linen before I see the bed. I want you to understand that if I see signs that you and Ralph were fucking in our bed, I'll destroy and throw out the bedding. I'll make a point to stay out of the dirty laundry, but I will only accept clean sheets on that bed. "Along similar lines, if you choose to come to our bed after fucking Ralph and haven't showered and cleaned up, it is because you want me out of the bed, and I'll go. If you come into my presence under similar conditions, I'll understand it's because you want me to leave, and I'll go, if possible."

"So I shouldn't just climb into bed like you did Friday night?" June taunted.

"No, if you take a shower over at Ralph's first, like I did, feel free to hop in," he countered. "I know this isn't how you expected things to be. You shook me up pretty badly last night, and my defenses were really pummeled. I didn't get much sleep last night or this morning, so I've had time to give this a lot of thought. The reason I'm telling you these things is because I don't want us to go down a path that can only be destructive, and I want you to know what you can expect of me, through this.

"Aside from the things I've already mentioned, I don't plan to say 'Boo!' about your activities with Ralph. I don't like it, but you have a right to have your fun. I did." Ralph said this without any hint of smugness, so all June could do was glare at him. Jerry went on simply, "I hope you let me know when that's all over.

"In the meantime, I am still your husband and partner. I help feed us, put a roof over our heads, and take care of the house. You and I own this place! It's my home, as well as yours. I have no intention of taking any kind of secondary role here. I hope that you found the pound of flesh you dug out of me last night to be enough. I want you to understand that I consider you and Ralph as none of my business until you decide it's over, but attacks or digs at me personally are separate things and I will hold you accountable for them.

"Before you respond, I would like for you to take some time to think over the things I've said. You know we rarely fare well when we react on the spot. I'm going to go golfing and give you time to think. I hope you enjoy your brunch. I love you." As June sat there, partly stunned, Jerry turned away and started toward the door to the garage.

"Golfing?" June whispered to herself. "No fucking way, Jerry!" she said as she rose to her feet to follow him to the door. "You get your ass back in here! You are NOT going to go play golf! I have a few things to say to you too, and you better goddamn well listen! I also have some things to keep you plenty busy right here!" The first, of which, June planned, was to have Jerry clean up the bedding from her fuck fest last night. "Destroy our bedding," she thought to herself, "I don't fucking think so!" Jerry needed to be reminded who was running this show for the immediate future!

Jerry heard her yelling at him, but slowly got in his car and raised the garage door. As he started the car, he heard June say, " You son of a bitch! If you take off, you'll be sorry!"

"I already am, June," he said to her evenly as he turned his head and backed out of the driveway.

"Jerry! You bastard!" she yelled after him.

June stormed back to the kitchen muttering to herself. She flopped down in the chair and just fumed for a minute. Without thinking about it, she snagged a sausage link and took a bite. It was still warm. That first bite made June realize how hungry she was, and that she hadn't had any coffee. As she got up to grab a cup from the pot, June took a good look around the kitchen. All the dishes and mess from last night were clean, and as she looked around, June could see that Jerry had done quite a bit of cleaning both in the kitchen, and the dining room as well. Perversely, this effort on his part riled her even further. It usually took an Act of Congress to get Jerry to clean around the house. He was "lawnwork guy". June sat down to devour what was admittedly, a delicious breakfast. "Bastard!" she said to herself softly as a plan began to form in her mind.

Chapter 2

Ralph also got to sleep in that Sunday, and had a tasty breakfast as well. In his case, his wife Mary delivered the breakfast in bed. As she set the tray down in front of him, she leaned in and gave Ralph a deep and passionate kiss. She could see the beginnings of an erection under the sheet where Ralph slept in the nude, not having dressed since the previous night. "I'm glad you're still happy to see me," Mary smiled as she reached down and grabbed his cock through the sheet. His erection gave a little bob in her hand as it grew even harder. "Are you ready to prove last night wasn't a fluke?" she asked as she continued to slide her hand lightly over Ralph's shaft and balls through the sheet.

Ralph was tempted, but he gently grabbed Mary's wrist and pulled her hand away from his cock, which bobbed up and down a couple times in sympathetic response to the lost sensation. "I'm not sure you've suffered nearly long enough," he said with a slight glint in his eye. Suddenly the expression on his face softened as Ralph brought Mary's hand up to his lips and kissed the inside of her wrist. " I want you to be really desperate for it, before I fuck you again. Remember our deal?" Ralph asked, half jokingly and half warily.

" I remember," Mary said. "Just be sure you keep your end of the bargain!" Mary slid off the bed and headed toward the door. Right after she passed out of sight, Mary stuck her head back around the corner of the door. "Sure you don't want a blow job to start the day out?" she said with an evil grin. Ralph picked up one of the pillows from Mary's side of the bed and threw it at her.

"Out!" he yelled and laughed at the same time. Ralph was amazed at how things had worked out for him and his wife of eight years. He never imagined things between them being so good after the events of last night. He had been devastated and furious all at once, when June first told him about Jerry and Mary's affair. He wanted to beat the snot out of the both of them, especially Jerry, for taking advantage of both his wife and of their friendship. When June told him of her plan for revenge, he felt a deep sense of satisfaction and triumph all at once. Not only would he get to fuck a woman he had fantasized about, though refrained from approaching, but he could do it in a way that would rip the guts right out of his cheating bastard of a next door neighbor. It would also serve Mary right to see what she was risking by giving in to Jerry. He was angry, hurt and horny, but he was going to get his revenge.

The first part of the evening couldn't have gone better. Beginning with the look on Mary's face as he left her tied naked in her chair, to Jerry's shock when he walked naked into his neighbors' bedroom and into June's open arms, the evening was one pleasant surprise after another. The biggest surprise was the sex itself, with June. Ralph went in determined to fuck the daylights out of her and drive a metaphorical stake right through Jerry's heart. It was such a turn on to see and feel June's response to him as he stimulated her as she taunted Jerry. She came so quickly when they started to eat each other out in the sixty-nine position that he worried that she would be done. Mary had not had more than one orgasm in years and usually lost interest in sex after she would cum. June was nowhere near finished, and by the end of their session in front of Jerry, he had not only cum in her mouth, but fucked her in his two favorite positions. June came four times and Ralph came twice; another thing that hadn't happened to him in years! Ralph meant it when he told June that it was the best fuck of his life, and he believed her when she said the same for her.

There was such a sense of power, acceptance, and victory that he felt almost invincible. When he saw how beaten and pathetic Jerry looked sitting tied naked in his chair with his limp dick and ball sack hanging out as his head hung down, Ralph didn't even feel angry at Jerry anymore. He found he was glad it happened, and he wanted more. As he heard June continue to taunt and give Jerry verbal digs and put downs, Ralph went along and told Jerry that he had no intention of stopping his fuck sessions with June, if she was game.

When they went back to his house to repeat the performance for Mary, Ralph was sky high. He was determined to give June so good a fucking that Mary would despair ever looking at poor, pathetic Jerry. While he only managed one more cum, June had another four powerful orgasms. He was going to enjoy this woman so very much! While Ralph and June drove home the point, in front of Mary, by praising each other's skills as lovers and told her of their plans for more, and June gave it Mary for being such a false friend, Ralph did not try to taunt Mary the way June did Jerry. Ralph did not want to hurt his wife, so much as make her profoundly regret straying from him, no matter how glad he now was, in a weird way, that she had.

Ralph was not surprised to see the tears on Mary's face when he untied her. As she sat there rubbing her wrists where the scarves chafed, she looked up at him and asked, "Are you going to leave me?" She looked so sad and frightened, that Ralph's heart melted.

"No, Mary. I'm not going to leave you. I still love you, even after all this," he said gently.

Mary continued to look at him as if trying to read his face. "I saw how you were together. Are you sure you wouldn't rather be with her?" she asked.

Ralph took a deep breath. "Mary, I love you, and June and I are going to be together again, and again...until we both feel we've evened the score. That's not going to change, but neither of us wants to lose our marriage. Jerry and you started this and we've earned the right to some payback. You're just going to have to accept it."

Mary looked off to the side silently for a moment then said softly, "Just promise me that you won't leave me over this".

Ralph sighed, "Honey, I can't promise you what will happen down the road, this is all so crazy, but I can promise you right now that I want us to stay together and leaving is not what this is all about."

Mary, still staring away muttered, "Good," and started to stand up from the chair. Ralph opened his arms to give her a hug and put her to bed. He never saw it coming. Mary caught him right in the jaw with a solid right hook! As he reared back, Mary straight-armed him in the chest with both hands and Ralph stumbled back onto the bed. Mary was on top of him in a second, raining punches down on her startled husband, but no longer going for his face. As she pummeled his shoulders and chest, she cried out, "You bastard! How could you fuck her like that?" Ralph finally managed to react and was able to grab Mary's hands. He was still a little stunned. Mary had never been a violent person.

"You know why I fucked her! Because of you, god damn it!" he grunted as Mary struggled to get her arms free.

"I know why you had to fuck her, you son of a bitch! I want to know why you fu-fu-fucked her so g-g-good!" Mary gasped as she stopped struggling and burst into tears. "You ha-haven't fucked me like that in over fu-fu-fu-five years! How c-could you?" Mary got out as she lost the ability to talk further as the sobs took over. Ralph, still not sure that the storm was over, let Mary settle down next to him on the bed, where she turned her back to him and curled into a ball, crying. Ralph was both shocked and a little pleased with himself. She had noticed how good he was. Was she right about them? It's true that he couldn't remember sex with Mary being like that, except maybe when they were first married. It's not his fault that she's not as sexually responsive as June is! His sense of indignation was momentary however, as the next words came out of Mary's mouth. "God, if you had been fucking me like that, I would never have had to seduce Jerry!" she sniffed, using the edge of the sheet on her teary eyes and runny nose.

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