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Jungle Fauna


Joseph Michaels had gone into the forest in the earliest hours of the morning, thanks to a normal call of Mother Nature. He had no intentions of going to far into the forest, but sometimes, the trees can play tricks on you.

Their guide had been telling them stories through out the trip how they could easily get lost in the rainforest. Joe, as his friends called him, had taken this trip with his college professor because he hoped that he might have a chance with her.

Dr. Elizabeth Mange was the most beautiful teacher on campus, but that wasn't saying much. Most of the professors at his school were old and decrepit. The women were all over 55, but Dr. Mange was only in her early 30's. She kept her body in great shape by working out regularly, and spending every summer coming down to the rainforest to try and discover new plant life.

That night, as the past 27 nights before, Joe had retired to his tent alone, with Dr. Mange still ignoring his advances. Joe had a hard time every day, following the doctor through the woods, watching her firm ass and shapely legs in front of him. She seemed to have packed nothing more than shorts that would have fit in a Laura Croft game.

The bottom of the shorts legs always rested tightly two inches under the V of her legs. Her legs were very toned and shapely at the same time. Joe spent each night imagining being trapped inside the pressure of those legs. He didn't know for sure, but he believed that any woman that was in that good shape probably toned her vaginal muscles, too.

Her abdomen was perfectly flat, not caved in, as most model's stomachs or having a little pouch, like some women who were skinny, but didn't go to the gym. Her chest wasn't that large, either. She didn't have the boyish figure without breast, or the porno-star tits that suck out a foot and a half from the body.

Her breasts were just a little more than average sized, but for a 31-year-old woman, they showed no sign of gravity's cruel work. During this entire expedition, she had worn only button down, short-sleeved khaki shirts. She never seemed to button up the top three buttons of the shirts, either, showing off ample cleavage.

Joe was the only student of hers that had opted to go on the expedition with her. Most of the class was young girls that thought of Horticulture 101 as nothing more than working in a flower shop. The few guys that were in the class, other than Joe, had the intent of flirting with those girls.

Once all of them had seen Dr. Mange, the guys had lost interest of the young girls. Joe, however, knew that he had a better chance with her, though. His mother and father, both florists, disappeared in these same jungles.

Joe figured he was far enough away from the campsite and prying eyes, and opened the shorts he was wearing. He then pulled his morning hard-on and released the stream of piss onto the nearest fern.

As his need to piss began to wane, Joe looked at the fern he was urinating on and noticed the fronds were reaching toward he urine stream. To see what would happen, he aimed his stream a little to the left of the plant. All of the fronds moved to where the urine was now hitting.

Joe aimed the last few shots to the right of the plant, just out of reach of the longest fronds, and watched they reached as far as they could to get to the urine splattering on the ground. At their furthest reach, the fronds couldn't reach it. What happened next shocked Joe, causing him to jump backward at the plants quick reaction.

Just before his stream of urine finished, the fern's fronds pulled back to the base of the plant and shot out with quick speed and force, causing the main stem to uproot the left side of the plant.

Joe stared, astonished at this plants movements toward his piss, and rapidly put his deflated morning iron away, leaving a stain on his shorts since he didn't shake off the last few drops left in his dick.

He bent down over the plant and noticed that it was still moving. This time, it was trying to push itself back up and replant its roots. Joe, with shaking hands, reached down and dug away a little soil from the roots on that side, and reached for them.

His intent was to gently push the stem downward, and push the soil back over the roots. When his fingers touched the stem, the roots quickly reached up and coiled around his fingers, the fronds wrapped around his wrist and forearm.

Joe didn't feel he was in any danger from the plant and continued his work, putting the plant back upright and spreading the soil over his own fingers and the roots holding them. He felt the roots loosen and let go of his fingers, giving him a chance to pull his hand out of the dirt.

The fronds, however, didn't let go so easily. Joe remained kneeling on the ground in front of the plant, trying to figure out how to release his arm without damaging the plant.

"Joe? Where are you?"

Joe recognized Dr. Mange's voice.

"I'm out here," he called back. "Doctor Mange, you need to come here and see this!"

"Keep talking, and I'll find you," she replied.

For some reason, Joe didn't feel he wanted yell out loud what had happened, and just started to sing a song.

It didn't take Dr. Mange to find him, and she noticed his predicament. She quickly pulled out a small knife, ready to the fronds that were wrapped around his arm.

"NO!" Joe exclaimed. "Don't do that just yet. You need to know what happened before you decide to do that."

Dr. Mange looked at him with an odd expression and leaned back on her haunches.

"What's going on, Joseph?" she asked, still refusing to use his shortened name. "How did you get wrapped up by a fern?"

Joe related his story to her, keeping out the part of his thoughts about her and his hard-on before he pissed. Dr. Mange put her knife away about halfway through the story and began looking at the fern more closely.

She reached out and gently stroked one of the fronds wrapped around Joe's arm with a fingertip. The frond reacted by loosening its grip from his arm, and the rest followed suit. Joe slowly pulled his arm away from the plant, but continued to kneel at with his professor, looking at the fern.

"How did you know it would let me go if you rubbed it?" he asked.

"There are some ferns whose fronds react to a gentle stroke by closing up," she said. "I didn't know if it would let you go, or tighten it's grip, but I was willing to find out."

"You mean you were willing to sacrifice my arm to find out what the plant would do?" Joe asked, angry about her lack of care for him at all.

The both stared at each other, Joe boring his angry stare into her eyes. It was she who looked away, or more like past Joe, than away from him. Her face had an astonished look on it. Joe turned his attention away from her and looked over her shoulder.

The sun was just barely coming up when he left his tent that morning to piss. Now that it was up higher into the sky, Joe could see what had caught his professor's eye.

Even under the canopy of the jungle's leaves above, Joe could see the multiple flowers just a few short feet from where kneeling. Joe stood, knowing Dr. Mange was doing the same behind him.

"We have to get some samples and take them back," she said, quickly pushing past him.

Joe knew from her actions during the last 10 minutes, she was only thinking of her own career. He knew she would get all the credit for his discovery of the fern. He watched her as she moved into the midst of the many flowers.

"Hurry up, Joseph," she yelled over her shoulder at him. "Get over here and start helping me to uproot these plants. I need to study them for research in my tent."

Joe begrudgingly started to walk toward her, looking down at his feet as he moved. His feet kicked something white and Joe leaned down to look closer at the long white stick. He reached down and picked up the human thighbone and dropped it immediately.

"Dr. Mange, we need to get out of here, now!" Joe yelled out.

He looked back up to tell his professor what he found, but she was no longer in sight. He looked around the area, but couldn't see her anywhere.

"Dr. Mange?" he yelled out. Joe stepped forward to see if maybe she had tripped, or something. As he stepped forward, he kept looking around to see if he could find any natives around the area that might have caused the death of the other person that bone had belonged with.

Joe didn't look where he was walking, and tripped over something lying on the ground. As he fell to the ground, he noticed it was Dr. Mange's body that he had tripped over. Her eyes were slightly open, and she seemed to be in a daze.

Joe braced himself for the fall, and landed on his hands, his head turned toward Dr. Mange. He closed his eyes on impact and quickly sat up. He saw that she wasn't dead, but just lying on the ground. One of the flowers was pressed to her nose, and she was breathing in deeply the scent it was putting out.

Joe noticed the smell of the flowers surrounding him, now that he was closer to them. He watched Dr. Mange, as her body began to writhe on the ground. Joe noticed that several ferns were mixed among the flowers.

"Dr. Mange, are you okay?" Joe asked her.

"Call me Beth, Joe, and you really should smells these flowers," she said, in a drowsy tone. "Just get close to one and take a whiff. You will love it."

Her last sentence came out like a moan. Joe knew that the scented blossoms surrounding them had to be having an effect on her, and he quickly stood up, feeling his head lose the drowsy feeling he was beginning to have. He didn't even notice he was becoming drowsy, until he was away from the scent of the flowers.

The ferns closest to Beth's body had already started reaching her body and began to wrap around it. Joe watched as Beth writhed in the caresses of the fronds, but didn't seem like she was trying to escape them.

Joe stepped closer and saw a fern was located between her legs. While fronds had reached around both of her firm thighs, some of them had reached inside the edges of her shorts and were moving around the inside them.

Joe worried that Beth may be in danger, but he couldn't help watching her writhe in pleasure, knowing that the fronds in her shorts were reaching her pussy.

Beth was reached up to her shirt and ripped it open, her breast standing straight up in the open. Before her fingers could reach the hard nipples, fern fronds quickly reached up her body and wrapped around her breast. Flowers rose above her body, and Joe heard a sucking song coming from them. He watched them lower onto the tops of her breast and saw the soft petals moving in and out, as if they were sucking.

He believed they must have been sucking on the nipples, because Beth let out a deep moan and arched her back, as if she was trying to push her breast further into the sucking flowers.

Joe's cock was starting to grow with the show he was watching. He couldn't believe his eyes. Plants were getting further with this ice-cold bitch than he ever had. And she was enjoying it.

"Help me," she moaned in pleasure. "Joe, I need my knife but I can't reach it. Help me, please."

Joe thought that maybe she was finally coming to her senses, and took a deep breath before he kneeled down. He didn't want to get caught up with the smell the flowers were putting out. He reached into her shots pocket, ignoring the fronds that wrapped around his wrist.

He pulled the knife out of her pocket and jerked his hand out of the grasp of the fern that was holding him. The fronds were as sharp as a blade of grass and cut his skin. He ignored the cut and stood up, opening the knife's blade.

Joe took another deep breath, and kneeled down again. As he was about to cut the stem of the flower that was pressed to Beth's nose, she opened her eyes wide, and yelled for him to stop.

"NO! Don't do that," she breathed heavily. "Cut my shorts off, please. I need my shorts off. They can't reach me with them on."

Beth closed her eyes and arched her back and moaned. "Yessss, please, cut my shorts off, I need this."

Joe was hesitant to do so, and was deciding to cut the flower instead. When he touched the flower stem, a ferns frond grabbed his wrist again, wrapping tightly around the bleeding wound. Joe, in the shock of the plant's quick reaction, let out his breath.

Joe looked around and tried to keep from breathing in, but it was impossible as he kept struggling to escape the many fern fronds that were starting to wrap around his arm and drag him down. In the struggle, Joe dropped the knife, and Beth reached for it.

Her hand was able to reach the blade, cutting her fingers before she got a better grip. She then brought blade to her shorts and started cutting the fabric. Joe watched her actions as he continued to fight the ferns pulling him down.

As the fabric was cut, her shorts were torn apart by the ferns that were already inside them. Then they moved their way over her bare crotch. Joe took notice that she was nude under those shorts, as he had always thought she was. But now, it didn't matter, because the fern's fronds started slide along her pelvis region, eliciting a passionate moan from her lungs.

"Oooooh, yess, that's it, more, give me more," she moaned. "Fuck me, someone please fuck me."

Joe's eyelids were getting heavy and his cock was fighting to get out of his shorts. He finally had a chance to get inside this woman's pussy, if he could only get loose from this fern pulling him down.

Joe's fight was starting to fail him when he saw two flowers, one smaller than the other, move toward her cunt. The smallest flower opened it's petals onto and placed it's opening over her clit. The second opened its petals wide and a long thick stamen in the center was driven into her pussy, which the fern fronds were holding open.

When both of these flowers attached to Beth, she let out a scream of passion and started bucking her crotch into the flowers. Joe was beyond horny and wanted to know how good that passion felt himself.

Joe gave up the fight and lay back on the ground, his free hand pushing his shorts down past his hips. Something pulled them out of his hands, and his hand was pulled to his sides. As he felt the ferns caress his skin, Joe's eyes slowly closed with the loving caresses of this delightful fauna.

The softest touch covered his nose, and Joe just barely thought of the flower that was poising his mind with its toxins, but he no couldn't fight any long. His bare legs were and arms were now covered with the ferns, and together, they were stronger than he was.

Joe opened his eyes a little bit and looked over at Beth, and watched as several flowers began to cover her body. They focused on her neck, her ears, mouth and eyes. Joe knew he would be next, with whatever these plants were doing to her, but he didn't care, because he could feel the soft petals of one of the flowers sliding up his engorged dick.

Joe moaned with the gentle caress before he felt the flowers petals wrap around his cock. It was then he knew that these plants had been sucking on Beth's nipples, because this one was definitely sucking his dick.

The silk petals were sliding up and down his dick as it sucked on him. A couple more flowers wrapped around his balls, massaging and sucking on them, rubbing their silken petals around the scrotum.

Beth moaned very loudly as her body was wracked with orgasms from the sex the plants were forcing upon her. Joe looked at her again and noticed that she her whole body was in convulsions from the pleasures. But her moans suddenly changed from full of pleasure, to being mixed with both pleasure and pain.

Joe noticed blood starting to seep from between the fronds that had her completely wrapped. She was bucking wildly at the flower that was fucking her continuously, but her arms seemed to be trying to break free of their bonds.

As the blood flowed out of the fronds, the green fronds soaked it up. Her body stopped moving. The sight scared Joe, but at that point more flowers focused on his body.

He felt the flowers attach to his mouth, ears and neck. Joe closed his eyes, enjoying the touch of the soft petals and the stamens they contained. It felt like several tongues were working on his skin. All of the vines tightened on his skin, and the flowers at his groins were sucking more strongly.

Joe was nearing orgasm and knew that it would mean his death. He tried to fight it, but his body betrayed him as his hips pumped upward, toward the sucking flowers. While his ass was off the ground, another flower attached itself to his asshole and plunged a stamen deep inside him.

This sudden assault on his body caused Joe to shoot his load into flower sucking on him greedily. His body was bucking wildly, fucking one flower and causing another one to fuck him. He screamed with the pleasure and pain, and felt the ferns cinch tight and cut into his skin.

Joe now thought of his parents before the pain caused him to black out. He figured this could have been what caused his parents disappearance. He started to cry from the pain and sorrow of his loss. The flowers on his eyes sucked his fluids, as did the ferns that were cutting into his flesh. Then the pain was gone.

The End.

* * * * *

Copyright 2004 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved

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