tagGay MaleJungle Fever Ch. 4

Jungle Fever Ch. 4



It escaped from Boi's lips like a gentle breeze passing through the tree tops.


I couldn't tell if the sounds he emitted were of pleasure or despair. His eye's closed, lips parted only enough for the sounds to escape, Boi's facial muscles were contorted in a way difficult to read from my vantage point above, where I stood tied to a tree.

Perhaps an hour had passed since his full lips had moistened my cock and brought me to the sinful heights of bondage pleasure. Now it was his turn.

Pegged to the ground, stretched tightly by the vines that bound his wrists and ankles, Boi lay there in the dirt like a starfish expanded to full size.

On top of him, The Stranger lay pressing his powerful body down against him, slowly rubbing his torso up and down against Boi's exposed chest, moist mouth suckling Boi's neck, throat, ears. Whereas the fierce power and anger of The Stranger overwhelmed Boi earlier, now The Stranger's erotic sensuality equally overpowered.

I watched them, one on the other, one in total control. Drawn into the seductive motions of The Stranger; fascinated by the helpless acceptance of Boi, I could barely blink lest I missed a single moment of the writhing bodies' actions.

The patient exploration of Boi's neck subsided to a greater exploration of his muscular, juvenile body as, after what seemed an eternity, The Stranger's lips slipped down to Boi's chest.

Gently, he kissed Boi's throat, trunk, then stomach. Rising slightly, The Stranger's hands pressed firmly into Boi's gut and slid up over his nipples to grasp Boi's taunt biceps. As he did this, The Stranger's tongue followed, licking the sweat from Boi's body in an upward motion, ending with his mouth locking firmly against his captive toy. Boi gasped, his back arching, mouth opening to greet The Stranger's tongue and a passionate kiss.

As The Stranger's grip slid further up Boi's arms to clasp his hands and hold him down despite the bonds, the kiss intensified becoming rough and desperate; an oral rape of each other. Breaking away only after Boi's struggles for air became frantic, The Stranger swiped his two-day stubble over Boi's nipple.

The cry of surprise escaping from Boi's still-gasping mouth was stifled by another kiss before The Stranger once again dragged his dark stubble over Boi's nipple again. Boi squirmed, twisting underneath his Master in a vain effort to avoid the prickly beard striking again, but The Stranger's efforts intensified the more Boi fought.

Nipple, chest, nipple...The Stranger was relentless, his harsh beard scraping like sandpaper over Boi's body.

"You like that?" he growled in a low, rasping voice. "Huh? Do you? You like forcing me to do it even more?"

Another harsh swipe of stubble on nibble left Boi unable to respond through his groan and whimpers. The Stranger smiled with the confidence of one without challenge.

"You know that the more you struggle, the more you'll suffer," he continued. "And you'll keep on suffering until you submit to me fully! Only when you're fully mine will you get any mercy....that is, if its mercy you want!"

And as if to prove his point, The Stranger rose to a sitting position and slapped Boi playfully across the face. As those waking from a dream, Boi's eyes shot open and he glared at the figure straddling him.

The Stranger laughed, and reached down, wrapping his hands gentle around Boi's throat. His thumbs began massaging Boi's adam's apple, taunting him with his vulnerability.

Harder now, The Stranger's thumbs pressed deeper into Boi's throat causing him to gag. With Boi's head forced back, he was looking right at me and I could see the panic building in his eyes. The Stranger too looked up at me, grinning maniacally.

With a sudden thought, he released Boi and stood up, approaching me.

"Do you know what I'd really like?" he asked. I refused to answer, looking down instead to Boi, whose heavy breathing made his glistening chest rise and fall rapidly.

"I would love", he continued, "to see you two take each other. The problem though is that our starfish down there is so much stronger than you. But now...well, look at him. I think he's worn out enough to make you a challenger, don't you think?"

Again, I refused to justify his question with an answer, but his wrath taught me otherwise as his hands shot out and grabbed both my nipples, twisting and squeezing them till I screamed in pain. I thrashed madly as he held on tight, demanding a response.

"Yes!" I shrieked, praying he'd release me from the painful hold. He did, and swooped down, ripping the vines off Boi's wrists and ankles. It was my turn next and I felt the bonds fall free, blood rushing back into my arms.

I rubbed my wrists where a deep red line marked the trail of the ropes that had held me fast. On the ground, Boi struggled to his feet, his sinewy, muscular frame seeming suddenly weak beside our towering captor.

"You've both wrestled me, and now its time to see who's the deputy. One round, winner takes all. Try anything else and you'll know what real pain is. Begin."

He stepped back to watch our battle, but all Boi and I could do was stare at him as his command sunk in.

"You want us to fight?" I asked.

"Why not?" The Stranger replied. "I enjoy a good wrestling match and watching your two bodies battling against each other should be a real turn on. I already know who the champion is out of you two, but with the champion weakened, it should be an interesting match. Teen against man; Tarzan against invader. Quite a fantasy, don't you think?"

"And if we refuse?" I demanded.

"Then you lose by default and get fucked so hard up the arse by Jungleboy that you'll be cumming out your mouth."

"And if I refuse too?" Boi challenged.

"Then I'll fuck both of you so hard I'll rip you apart. Begin!"

I looked at Boi, swallowing hard as my mind raced for a solution. Even in his weakened state, I knew that I was no match for the rippling muscles of my teenage opponent and as desperate as I was to feel his body pressing against my own; his tongue exploring the caverns of my mouth, I had no intention of facing a losing battle of humiliation and agony. There was only so much of that I could endure and the past 24 hours had seen me reach my limits.

We stood opposite each other, our eyes exploring one another for an answer. I felt my cock throb in anticipation of feeling him against me and as my eyes flickered away from his in embarrassment, I saw his cock too was pulsating urgently as it reached out towards me.

I couldn't help but smile, pleased that his groin anticipated me as much as I did him. I moved towards him, an idea filtering through my galloping thoughts. My movements were slow to avoid confrontation as I stepped into him and gentle pressed my hands into his side, our sweaty chests at last making contact. He looked at me curiously, understanding that I meant no challenge but unsure of my motives.

"Down on your knees," I commanded, loud enough for The Stranger to hear as I pulled Boi down with me to a kneeling position. But as we sunk to the ground, I turned my head away from The Stranger and whispered my idea to Boi.

"We don't have to fight for real," I whispered. "He wants to be aroused. Let's give him a porn show instead."

"Porn show?" Boi whispered back. "What is that?"

"Sex," I said. "He wants to see us try to dominate each other. We can do that with sex instead of fighting. No-one gets hurt, we give him what he wants, and hopefully we'll have a good time too."

"We must defeat him," Boi insisted, anger creeping into his voice.

"We will. We can edge our way over to him and take him on - two against one. We have to win."

"What are you two whispering about?" The Stranger's voice boomed out from the sidelines, startling me. Our conversation had gone on too long, arousing suspicion. I turned my head to look at The Stranger but as I did so, Boi used the chance to begin our ploy.

With arms wrapped around my waist, Boi swung me over, pushing me to the ground and sliding on top of me.

My mouth opened in surprise but I was silenced by his tongue, reaching into the furthest corners of my mouth, his soft lips sealing the gap in a passionate kiss. Instinctively, I brought my hands up to push him back, unprepared for him to snatch them away and force them to the ground above my head. I squirmed, the sweat on our bodies acting like lube as I slithered beneath him, pinned firmly to the soil.

"Oh, yeah," The Stranger groaned. "That's it. That's what I like to see."

I could hear his heavy breathing even over our own and I pictured The Stranger watching and salivating as he played with his own exposed cock, lips smacking in lustful anticipation of watching the action unfold.

I turned my head to glimpse him, breaking the seal Boi had formed with my mouth. I couldn't see The Stranger from my prison beneath the jungle god, but it didn't matter. Within seconds of turning my face to the side, Boi's mouth wrapped around my neck, sucking and licking like a vampire on the kill.

My back arched beneath him as the sensation pieced every fibre of my body. I could feel my heart racing as I strained to stay focused on our goal, but my cock, hard as a knife waiting to stab him, wanted nothing more than to be lost in Boi's persuasive embrace.

With my back still arched, I twisted my torso and Boi allowed himself to slide off me to the ground, rolling beneath me, almost pulling me on top of him. I returned his favour, pinning him to the ground and locking my mouth onto his. The kiss lasted an eternity, my passions flaring even further as I held the perfectly sculptured Tarzan beneath me. Dominating him like this created a frenzy in both of us that surprised me as much as it spurred me on.

Focus. I had to focus. I needed to see where The Stranger was sitting and work out how we could make our way over to him.

I slid up Boi's outstretched body into a sitting position, my knees restrain Boi's arms, his face buried in my crotch. I saw The Stranger sitting only a few metres away atop a mighty fallen tree stump that seemed as phallic as anything right now. His broad, rippling shoulders were hunched over, his eyes barely focused, hands taunting his member with gentle caressing. At the same time I took in the scene however, my balance was all but thrown as my own penis was engulfed by the warm, moist cavern of Boi's mouth.

Eye's widened, my jaw dropping in ecstatic disbelief, I looked down to see Boi's head, framed between my legs and groin, straining up and down, allowing his hungry mouth to stroke and wet my already moist cock.

I was speechless, Boi taking our plan further than I could ever have ever hoped or anticipated. Despite my resolve, I found myself gentle moving with the rhythm; up and down, up and down; a slow writhing moving matching his own. One hand reached down to grab Boi's golden locks and hold him to the promise of paradise, while my other hand found my own nipples to play with.

My head was thrown back as I rode Boi like a merry-go-round horse. Up, down, up, down, the rhythm of the jungle with an all-new beat.

Through half-closed eyes, I could make out The Stranger, barely seeing us now, locked in his own fantasy of erotica. His breathing, as heavy as our own, matched the tempo of his palm as it stroked his pounding hammer, eager to be pleased. The sight of him pushed a vague memory through my murky, pleasure-filled mind to the surface. The Stranger. A mission; a purpose. Concentrate.

As agonising as The Stranger's earlier tortures, I defied Boi's welcomed gratification and pulled my dick from his mouth. For a moment he looked hurt, like a slave saddened to know he cannot please his master, but as our eyes locked, he too returned to reality. I felt his trapped arms surge upwards beneath my legs and moved with the flow, lifting up and off him, falling to the ground above his head and rolling closer to The Stranger under the guise of putting a distance between myself and my supposed opponent. I dared not look at The Stranger now, in case he recognised the move for what it was, though his own mind was clouded enough for it to have easily passed him by.

I rose to my feet, my back to him, as Boi stood before me and gave a slight nod, subtle enough for only me to see it. He lunged, surging forward like his feline cousins on the hunt. I sidestepped the move, opening the way for Boi to pounce on The Stranger, colliding with him like charging bull, disappearing in a collapsed heap over the far side of the tree trunk.

With equal vigour, I sprung into action, jumping over the trunk to join in the skirmish. The mêlée had begun and there was no turning back. It was kill or be killed and only one side could be the victor. The Stranger was mighty, a giant in size and strength, but it was two against one now, weakened as we were from his punishments and bondage.

Whatever the outcome, my life would be changed forever. God help us all.

To be continued...

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