tagErotic PoetryJungle Lord in Chains

Jungle Lord in Chains

byThe Mutt©

The Jungle Lord lay naked on the floor,
His wrists and ankles bound by sturdy chain,
The Queen of Opar slithered through the door,
Stepped on his palm and smiled down at his pain.

"Today," she said, "Today I make you scream."
"Lay on, he gamely answered, "Do your worst."
I will, my little monkey," laughed the Queen,
"The question is, which tactic to use first?"

"Hot wax or whips to scar your tender skin?"
"Perhaps a rod to violate your bung?"
"I think this is the spot I shall begin."
She reached between his legs where his balls hung.

She weighed them like ripe fruit in her small hand,
She stroked their roundness, tugged their wispy hairs,
"How wasteful, though, to have my slave unmanned,
Before I have a chance to taste his wares."

His cock, so long and thick, began to stir,
And her small mouth stretched wide to take it in,
As it grew hard and jutted up at her,
And blue veins rose beneath its pebbled skin.

Its purpled arrowhead swelled large and hot,
A fat strawberry, ready to be plucked,
She took his full length deep into her throat,
And clawed his hard, flat belly as she sucked.

The savage bucked and writhed and tried to fight,
His captor as she milked him of his load,
She felt the skin around his balls grow tight,
His cock grow hot and ready to explode.

She pulled her mouth away just as he spent,
A milky arc of jism in the air,
And every time she stroked his shaft he sent,
Fresh jets of white to streak her ebon hair.

And from the Jungle Lord there came a roar,
The prison tower echoed with his screams,
And then he collapsed back on the cold, stone floor,
His savage mind awash with passion dreams.

The Queen of Opar laughed with wicked glee,
And, cat-like, licked the jism from his chest,
"I told you that today you'd scream for me,
Although it's screams of pain that I like best."

She stood then, with her fists upon her hips,
Ground her spiked heel into his palm once more,
Smiled down at him and licked her wanton lips,
Blew him a kiss, then vanished through the door.

The Jungle Lord knew morning would bring pain,
The prospect held for him no trace of fear,
Her whip would lash him like a driving rain,
It was the very thing that drew him here.

He loved his Lady Jane so very much,
His nights with her brought tender, gentle bliss,
But, jungle bred, he craved a harsher touch,
A savage Queen, with venom in her kiss.

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