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If you’re a White Man and have never had a Black Woman, You really don’t know what you’re missing. There is nothing like it, I’m not sure if it’s the TABOO surrounding it, especially being from the South, or just that the Black Women really are something different. My Dad told me when I was 12 years old,

“Your not a Man until you fuck a Black Girl!”

Then for the rest of my life told,

“Stay away from those Niggers!”

Uh, make up my mind. You can’t have it both ways, unless you are rich enough to get away with things I guess, and I’m not.

I was working in a Delivery Service and meeting the people was the best part of my job. I would say I’m a people person, loving to make a joke to pass the time with my Clients and hopefully I made someone’s day by doing it! My route had a variety of people on it, some very nice, some assholes, but a different job for sure. I made some good friends on my route in the 4 years I had it. I had some heavy load days but Thursdays were extremely light days, I could be done by lunch if I hurried.

At my last stop on Thursdays, there was a really sweet black lady named Theresa, She is hilarious, always keeping me in stitches with her good humor. She is 48 I’m 26. I always kid her in front of everyone in her office telling her,

“If I was 10 years younger and you were 10 years older, and we weren’t both married Id ask you to marry me!”

“I’m not married!” she would say back to me, everyone there at the office having a good laugh, while I did my job.

Theresa is a little overweight but is really a sexy woman if you know her. In a perfect world, where the Models body is the only thing to go by, then she would have to lose about 50 pounds, but with her winning smile and personality, she is a doll!

The Christmas season was here and it was cold as I ran inside her office,

“Merry Christmas!”

I said to an empty office. Looking around I only saw Theresa there.

“Where is everyone?”

She looked up “Home, I sent them home, since it’s Christmas Eve and nothing going on!”

“I always said you’re a sweetie, no matter WHAT everyone else here say’s about you!” with a wink.

She smiled her Award Winning smile, but had a sad look in her eyes.

“What’s the matter Theresa? You look kind of sad there.”

She looked up at me.

“I really have gotten to where I hate this holiday, my husband left me 4 years ago, 3 day’s before Christmas and it’s not really one of my happier memories.”

Since this was my last stop of the day, I asked her to go get some coffee of lunch with me, to try to cheer her up. Her eyes brightened up.

“Great, let’s go, I could use some!” she happily replied and getting her coat we left.

“Can we take your car since I’m in my work truck?”

She led me to her new Mustang,

“Sweet!” I told her, “I always figured a sexy lady like you would drive a sexy car.”

Her laugh was infectious, as she drove out of the parking lot leaving a good bit of her tires behind us as she did. I snugged up my seat belt, her smiling as I did.

We stopped at a little diner a few blocks away,

“Lunch or just something to drink?” I asked.

“Just a drink.” She answered.

So I ordered two coffees from the waitress.

“Cream and sugar?” the waitress asked.

“Black, please, like my woman.” I winked at Theresa “Hot and Black!”

She laughed again, I really love her laugh. We talked about what was going on in her business and that it was doing well, about me, my job and life etc… just having a great time. As we talked, some rednecks came in and made some smart-ass comments about whites and blacks, so I scooted around the booth close to Theresa and put my arm around her, just to piss them off. It worked.

“I hope you don’t get into a fight or something about this.”

“Most of those rednecks don’t have the balls to fight a man that believe in something Theresa.”

I was right, they ate in relative silence, while we chatted like lovebirds, I would lean over and whisper in her ear then we would laugh. It was hilarious watching those rednecks looking at us all pissed off mumbling snide remarks to each other trying to be a MAN, Bah, their wives had their balls I know.

We finished up our coffee, I paid, kissed her on the cheek and put my arm around her as we walked out. We died laughing when we got in her car to go back to her office.

“You are ONE Crazy white boy!”

I smirked and asked, “Who told you? I’ll whup em, but good!”

As we entered her office she told me how nice it was to have the coffee with me and that it was really sweet of me, then gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. As she hugged me I couldn’t help but feel her hard nipples poking me. It aroused me to say the least, and in my uniform it didn’t hide a lot since the pants were tight western cut style.

I blushed as I felt myself getting hard so quick and from just a hug. She had to know I was hard, I saw her look! I had nothing better to do so but go back to the shop so I stayed and we talked about her Ex-husband, and how she hadn’t dated but a few times, most of them real jerks she said. They all just want ONE thing, I had to take their side I told her. She looked puzzled asking me why. I looked at her breasts and told her

“Well, promise you won’t get mad if I tell you? I don’t lie, so if you don’t want the truth stop me now!”

She wanted to know.

I took a deep breath, said, “OK, Here goes,

1. You have a great sense of humor. Men love that. 2. You have a beautiful smile, We love that too 3. Your Smart, own your own business 4. You just exude your sexuality without trying 5. You have a body that just excites the hell out of me!”

SHIT, I didn’t mean to say that, now she is gonna be pissed at me, but instead she smiled at me with those deep dark eyes, melting me like dark eyes do.

“Do I really excite you? Overweight as I am? I’m old enough to be Your, uh, older sister!” she said with a smile.

I could only nod yes.

“What excites you about me?”

I reminded her about the Don’t ask me, I wont lie, thing, then told her everything I had thought about her for the last year I had been delivering to her office. The way she held herself proud, the way her body was, her large breasts and the way her ass stood out high even though she was large, but mainly her self assured inner beauty! (Yes, that even sounded stupid to me, but it WAS the truth!)

I don’t know if a black woman can blush but she did a good impression of one, she then reached over and held my hand pulled me to her and kissed me, this time with passion, not like the peck on the cheek one I got earlier. Her mouth was so sweet tasting, our tongues in a battle to win the prized tonsils.

Her hands groping my ass, and mine on hers. It was a good thing she had locked her outer office door out of habit when we got back, and that we were in her office. She pushed me to my back undoing my work shirt, kissing my chest, telling me I was the first man she wanted in the 4 years since her husband left. Never stopping on her travels down my stomach undoing my belt and pants, I lifted my hips as she pulled them down. Still kissing every part of me she uncovered.

As her sweet black lips covered my cock, my mind flashed to the myth of the “Black Mamba” size the black men had. And me with the dreaded white mans disease “Teeny Weenie” Well not a John Holmes anyway. But my size of six and a half inches didn’t slow her down, as she sucked me deep and soft.

I raised my hips to meet her mouth as she made slurping noises and jerked it at the same time. I always loved a woman who got excited when she sucked me off, and Theresa defiantly was excited as she rocked her face on me. I asked her to stop and take her clothes off to so I could finally enjoy seeing what had me so hot the past year.

She stood up and undressed slowly, only exciting me more. I would have never thought a large woman could be so sensuous, but Theresa most certainly was. Her large breasts hung down with deep dark nipples that stuck out and were thick as a good cigar, and her ass was tight for being as large as it is, her legs weren’t flabby but firm. I was impressed and hotter than hell, ready to give her all I could give.

I told her to lie on the couch and worked my way from her neck sucking and kissing all of her beautiful dark skin. She held my head as I worked my way south, taking the 50 cent tour of her tits in fact it was probably the 75 cent one. I sucked her huge thick nipple and tweaking her other slightly as I did.

I Kissed all over her oversized stomach fucking her belly button with my tongue, then moved towards the prize of her honey pot! As my face closed in on her mound I loved the wiry feeling of her pubic hair on my lips. I pulled it with my teeth licking and sucking it, then moved my lips to her moist pussy slit. GOOD LORD, she smelled fucking great, the smell of her musky sex was an aphrodisiac, making me harder than I ever remember being with anyone before.

I held her hairy pussy open with my fingers as I licked her wet pussy lips, the sounds of her lust coming from deep within as she ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed her clit lightly then nibbled it with my lips sticking my finger inside her dripping pussy, feeling her heat on my finger, tasting her juice, I slid another finger inside her, amazed at her vaginal muscles, as I felt her pussy working on them. Her legs wrapped tightly around my head squeezing me as she came, her hips working on my fingers and face. She made a whimpering noise as she came, I needed air, but was willing to pass out to keep her Cumming, but she let me breath! She then began to cry, not a hard shoulder shaking crying, but a soft almost soundless cry.

I eased up to her face kissing her feeling how warm she was on my body as I did.

“Why are you crying Theresa? Have I done something to make you upset?”

She wiped her tears and shook her head No.

“I guess it’s just because I haven’t had such a strong orgasm in I don’t know when, I’m sorry, I’m just an emotional old woman!”

Smiling at her, I told her “If you are was old then I can’t wait to be old too.”

And she grasped my hard cock pulling it gently, saying how pretty it was and how good it tasted. I informed her if wanted something that tasted good to just kiss me and taste her self on me. Well, she did, then I moved my hips and she stuck my cock in her wet slit.

Like I said before, if you’re a white man and never had a black woman, Dude, you Really don’t know what you’re missing!!!! Theresa has the most wonderful feeling pussy in the world as far as I am concerned. I fit in her so snugly that I had to really force myself to enter her, and I am not a hung guy. She is so silky smooth and slick from her juices, her inner vaginal walls felt like the finest silk made, and her body’s heat could bake a cake she was so fucking hot.

She held me close and smiled her sexy smile

“Fuck Me!” she said softly, “Please fuck me!”

Her legs closed around my waist and pulled me tightly I started slow and soft just working my cock around teasing her. I nibbled her neck and face with my lips. I reached down and felt for her clit, I found it, fully engorged with her hot blood, standing at full mast begging for attention, which I gladly gave it. Lovingly pinching it between my fingers as her orgasm began.

She wrapped her arms around me hugging me tight, as she thrashed her hips against me. I pushed up with my arms outstretched so I could watch as my cock slid in her beautiful hairy black pussy, her thick pussy lips clinging to my cock as I pulled it out before ramming it back. I loved the sight of her black pussy swallowing my hard white cock, my white skin contrasting against her cocoa colored skin, her large breasts like giant chocolate covered pleasure mountains. The thick nipples dark and hard, they were the sexiest things in my world. I could take no more!

“Fuck Me, Oh Shit, I’m Cumming Theresa, Fuck Me with your hot black pussy, Make me Cum for you!” I cried out.

She began to “Shake that Booty” as they say, and we fucked each other frantically, both of us wanting the other’s pleasure to be unforgettable in our passion. Her Orgasm came first but I don’t think hardest, her cries ringing in my ears,

“Fuck Me Chris, Oh God in Heaven, Fuck Me Hard, Now baby NOW, Fuck Me with that white cock, Give me your hot white cum!”

I pounded her black pussy as fast and hard as I could feel my thick cum boiling up from my heavy loaded balls as they slammed against her ass, slick with her pussy juice.

“Fuck Yeah, Fuck Me Theresa, I’m Cumming, Oh SHIT I’m Cumming!”

I pulled out and jerked my cock furiously, shooting my thick white cum on her sweaty chocolate skin, Load after Thick Spurting load of it, It was splattering her from her beautiful black thick tipped nipples to her wiry haired pussy, Great globs of white cum. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever witnessed, White on Black. I have never cum that much in my life or so hard. I fell across her chest, not worried about the mess I was falling on, I just wanted to hold her, in fact I even wiggled my stomach on hers to smear my cum all over us, FUCK it felt so sexy, so right!

As we lay there in the afterglow of our lovemaking, we hugged and kissed for what seemed like hours, giggling, teasing each other about who cried out the loudest when we came, like teenagers. We didn’t care, we were just happy to have someone to hold for awhile. I was glad to know she had a shower in the back of the warehouse, and we went in to use it. I loved the sight of the white soapsuds sliding down her dark breasts to her bush, as I washed her off.

Then sucking those beautiful thick nipples as they hardened in my mouth again. Scrubbing her pussy clean, kneeling down to eat her out, almost drowning in the process as she came on my face. Then her washing me, taking extra care with my asshole as she went down on me sucking my cock. I was still in awe at the sight of her black lips on my white cock devouring it, as her finger slid into my ass. Her finger feeling my prostate, forcing me to ejaculate into her mouth. She swallowed it without any hesitation, moaning her pleasure at the taste of me.

As we dressed, I had to smile at her, never having imagined that we would actually ever have sex in reality, maybe just a white man’s fantasy. She kissed me goodbye with her sexy full lips, her tongue threatening to tear out my tonsils as she squeezed my ass tightly. I told her by, and I was hoping to repeat this as soon as possible. She agreed.

The next Thursdays delivery as I walked in and told everyone Hello, I looked at Theresa and said,

“And how’s my Sweet Hot Chocolate Today?”

Like I said before, I don’t know if a Black Woman can Blush!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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