tagRomanceJungle Man Ch. 03

Jungle Man Ch. 03


Sighing contentedly, Clara murmured something and snuggled back into the source of heat behind her.

Lazy hands were running up and down the front of her body, learning each hollow and secret she had. Soft kisses, licks, and nips explored the nape of her neck, shoulder, back. Drowsily Clara lifted her eyes, already swimming in desire.

She was in a huge bed, bigger than the one in the room she rented in the village. Soft white sheets caressed her body, blending with the hands and lips drifting over her.

Lifting her eyes from the bed, she saw the mosquito net surrounding the bed that helped to keep out the bugs, which was good because she was not responsible for her actions when face to face with a real, live cockroach.

Wooden floors blended in with the rustic and homey décor. Vibrant-colored plush looking carpets were placed to cushion ones feet. Chestnut colored chests and drawers decorated one wall, a big mirror hung on the one she was facing. Various other pieces of furniture, a window, lamps, candles, a shelf full of dvd's… whoa, what the fuck? Why would Tarzan need mov- oh my god.

Sucking in a deep breath, her surroundings were forgotten. The roaming hands were no longer lazy and soothing. They were demanding, turning her body to putty, molding it and shaping it to their desire.

Gasping as a hard, hot body pressed up against her back, she felt the unmistakable evidence of her bed partners' arousal.

Turning her head to look back at her lover, she didn't know who she expected to see. But it was her wild man, looking at her with such an intense expression of lust and tenderness.

Looking directly into her eyes, Manolito shifted his leg in between hers, scissoring their legs so that she was completely open to him. Pressing his cock into her elicited a low groan and had her head spinning, dragging her focus to the place between her legs.

Strumming her clit and taunting her with teasing thrusts, hinting of what was to come, Manolito trailed his lips from her shoulder to the sensitive skin of her neck, latching on and sucking the tender and responsive flesh.

Stimulating her clit to the point of pain, Clara started to whimper and squirm away from his touch.

"It's too much. Please, Manolito. I can't, oh my god…" she was groaning and bucking against his hand, thrusting her hips back against his to get what she wanted, needed most.

She felt so empty and needed him to fill her. His love bites were driving her crazy and Clara knew, in some part of her brain that was still unaffected somehow by the lust clouding most of it, that she would be sporting a wicked hickey when Mannie was finished.

Slipping his arm from beneath her, Manolito levered himself up so that he could admire his handiwork. There was a bright red mark of his ownership on her neck that marked her as his.

Grinning at this, Manolito took mercy on his Clara, and started to press her clit harder, faster. While doing this he slipped into her and started to shallowly thrust in and out giving her only a little of what she needed.

Moaning and thrashing back and forth she didn't even notice when he bent back to her neck and started to suck and lave her neck again to produce another hickey.

"Manolito," she gasped out as she flew apart. Pushing back she tried to force more of him into her, hungry for more even after her release.

On a growl Manolito brushed her ear with his lips and ground out, "Look."

Instantly her eyes went to the mirror on the wall in front of her. What she saw shocked the hell out of her.

Somehow the sheet had landed on the floor, kicked or pushed off in one of her thrashing fits no doubt.

But seeing their reflection, bodies entwined, totally wrapped around each other was what shocked her most.

He was dark where she was light. Nibbling on her shoulder, his long, curling black hair caressed her breasts, hardening her nipples into hard little pebbles. His skin was dark, almost a mahogany that contrasted against her pale, translucent skin. They were stunning: he was stunning.

Catching her gaze through the mirror, Manolito softly rumbled, "Clara," and suddenly plunged into her all the way.

Caught off guard, Clara moaned and let her head fall back against his chest as she accepted his entire length, stretching her, making her take all of him. He was big, thick, and definitely lived up to the impressive bulge that had tented his loincloth.

"Look, Clara. Watch us," Manolito commanded. Keeping his eyes locked with hers in the mirror, refusing to let her close her eyes against him. He wanted her to see who was doing this to her, who was making her feel like she would die from frustration.

Sliding her leg up further, Manolito thrust into Clara faster and deeper, claiming her in an age old rhythm. Gripping her hips he helped her move with him, penetrating her over and over until she was begging him again for release.

Watching him fuck her, seeing his cock, slick with her juices, slide in and out of her pussy made her tremble.

"Please, Manolito, give me more," she begged shamelessly. "I need, ahh, more, oh, of you," she managed to groan out in between moans.

With a sudden growl Manolito flipped Clara onto her hands and knees. Coming up behind her, Manolito repositioned himself and slid the head of his cock into her. Sawing only a few inches of his cock in and out and punishing her clit with teasing flicks and pinches, Manolito ground out, "Mine. You are mine, Clara."

When she just whimpered and tried to impale herself on him, he caught her hips and continued his short, teasing thrusts. When she tried to break free of his grip, Manolito let go of one of her hips and delivered a sharp, warning slap.

Little gasps escaped her, the smack sent a bolt of lust through her, causing her pussy to ache even more and become impossibly wetter.

"Say it, Clara," Manolito bit out. He didn't know how much more of this teasing he could endure even though he was the one doing the teasing.

"Manolito. Yours, I'm yours." Why it felt good to say this, she didn't know. But it was getting too serious for her, too emotional. This is all about the physical, some chemistry, no real emotions involved, her rational mind said.

She had to get them back on track, back on the sexual track. "Now put up or shut up," Clara demanded, feeling her juices start to run down the inside of her thigh. His words were stoking the flames higher and hotter, making her want to burn, not caring about the consequences of her accepting words.

On a shout of triumph, Manolito pulled back until the tip of his cock was poised at the entrance of her cunt and then plunged to the hilt. In this position he went deeper than he had before, making Clara babble from the shear pleasure of it.

Laying on her forearms and pushing her ass higher into the air, Clara offered him all of her.

Holding onto her hips, Manolito fucked Clara mindlessly. He wouldn't get any points for finesse this time around but he was so consumed with desire that his quick, hard, and fast impassioned thrusts made up for it.

Feeling him plunge in and out of her, Clara could only moan into the bed beneath her as she felt she may be split in two. He was by far the biggest partner she ever had and could only push her hips back at his, craving his cock, wanting more of it.

"Faster. Faster, Manolito." Voice raspy from lust, Clara reached back and started to rub and flick her clit to reach her peak faster.

Leaning over Clara, Manolito impossibly picked up the pace and started to plunge into her faster. Finding his first love bite, Manolito laved and nibbled on it while reaching around her to roll and pinch her nipples.

All of the sensations pushed Clara over the edge and had her screaming out her pleasure. Her muscles were clenching Manolito's cock to point that he couldn't take it any longer and had no choice but to follow her.

Exhausted they fell to the bed in a tangled mass of limbs, panting and trying to just breath.

Realizing he was probably crushing her, Manolito rolled off Clara, but was loath to be separated from her. Picking her up, Manolito impaled her on his still hard cock, raising a tired but excited groan from Clara.

Placing her hands on his chest under her chin, Clara took her time to look at him.

His looked like a man who just had a bout of hot, raw sex but was ready to go another round, or four.

Maintaining eye contact, Manolito slid his hands down the contours of her back to rest on her hips. He couldn't get enough of her, couldn't stop touching her. Grabbing Clara's hips, he lifted them up and then brought her back down, impaling her on his length, over and over again.

Moaning, Clara threw her head back and let her long hair cascade over them. The feel of her silky hair drifting over his chest, nipples, neck was so unbearably erotic.

Coming up to her knees, she took over, lifting her hips up and then slamming back down on his cock, feeling him touch places inside that had never been touched.

Suddenly, Clara didn't want to just fuck him quickly, racing to the finish line. Instead she wanted to draw it out, take him on a ride that would drive him crazy with lust, possibly snapping his control. Mmm, that would be… delightful, she mused heatedly.

Leaning back and grabbing his legs, Clara rolled her hips sensuously, letting her head loll back and caressing his thighs with her hair.

"Mmmm Manolito. I think you've been very bad. Teasing me, making me wait for release." Pouting, Clara looked down at Manolito and gave him a faux hurt expression.

Rolling her hips slowly, taking him deeper each time, pushing him to the brink of sanity. He wanted hard, fast, now.

"I'm going to show you what one does to bad boys who prolong their lover's pleasure." Giving him a wicked smile, Clara lifted her hips and thrust down hard, shocking him.

Letting go of his legs, Clara slowly glided her hands up his thighs and brought her hands to the place where he was buried deep within her. Stroking her clit right in front of him, moaning at the lust she saw gather in his eyes.

Clara stopped playing with her clit with a moan and started to touch the hard muscles of his stomach, all the while maintaining a steady and sensual pace that was slowly but surely driving Manolito insane.

Leaning over him, her hair slid over his stomach, making the muscles twitch and jump beneath the silky glide. An inch from his nipples, Clara huffed a moist breath over one while looking up at him.

His face was no longer calm; it was tight with the control to not take over, to let her explore him at her leisure.

Taking pity on him and not able to take the light thrusts much longer, Clara picked up the pace. Picking her hips up and engulfing him in her sticky wet heat, faster and faster. Bending back to her original goal, Clara took his left nipple into her mouth, rolling it with her tongue.

Manolito thrust his head back into his pillow. He didn't know how much more he could take. He could tell that Clara was past playing, she was frenziedly lifting her hips, fucking him harder.

He could tell by the flush that swept up from her breasts to her cheeks that she was close. Running his hands over her breasts, he let one roam down her stomach to her clit. Pressing the little button that gave her so much pleasure.

Clara was reaching her peak, yelling herself hoarse. Manolito tried every trick to not lose control and somehow managed to not spill his seed in her sweet, clenching cunt just yet.

When she couldn't sit up anymore and had melted, boneless and sated, on top of him, Manolito took that moment to strike.

Rolling over and taking her with him, he didn't stop until he had her on her back with him seated firmly between her thighs.

Clara's eyes widened once she realized that he was hard inside her, that he hadn't cum.

"Manolito, I can't take anymore. Please you're killing me," she complained unconvincingly.

With a mischievous little boy smile that touched her heart in a way she didn't want to examine, Manolito pushed her legs as far as possible to the point that she thought she was doing a split.

Sending her another heart stopping grin, Manolito ignored her weak protests and pulled out of her, leaving her feel oddly empty; until he savagely thrust back in.

Clara screamed as another orgasm washed over her, her body slick with her juices.

Manolito plunged in and out, hard and fast. He was basically fucking her to the point where she didn't know where he started and she began.

Greedily, Clara wanted, no, needed yet another orgasm.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Clara tunneled her hands in Manolito's inky hair and brought his mouth down to catch his groans of pleasure.

They moved as one, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh driving both over the edge as they held each other.

Once they had started to breath normally, Manolito rolled to his back, bringing Clara with him, making sure his cock didn't slip out of her.

Manolito looked down at Clara and smiled, running his hands up and down her back, practically hearing her purr.

Feeling happy and content, he wished that Clara and he could just stay here in bed, in their own little world.

Lifting her head, Clara looked at him, bringing one of her hands up to trace the contours of his lips with her fingertips. Sighing, Clara confessed, "I wish you could talk to me, tell me what's going on behind those eyes of yours. I want to know what you're thinking."

Frowning, Clara remembered how he had commanded her to look at the mirror, and how he demanded she admit she was his. Looking at him with some suspicion, Clara asked him, "Manolito, just how much do you understand?"

This was it, he thought, I better confess everything to her. Then he thought about how she was going to "teach" him English and how that would give him time to make her fall for him. She'll be mad but at first, but I'll convince that I thought it was for the best. I've got to act dumber, he thought, which wasn't hard since she brought out all of the he-man, primeval urges in him.

Looking at her with what he hoped she'd take as confusion, she seemed to relax.

What was she thinking? Why would he pretend to not understand her? Shaking her head as though to rid herself of these thoughts, she went back to tracing his lips, brushing the apple's of his cheeks when suddenly she heard a door slam shut.

Hearing someone's heavy steps that were obviously coming from downstairs, she looked up into eyes to see what was going on.

"Yo, Mannie? You got any spare condoms?" yelled someone from downstairs.

Hearing the young male voice speaking clear and loud English, asking for… Sweet Jesus, they hadn't used condoms.

Turning angry eyes back to his, Clara started to give Manolito the bitch-out session of his life, "What the fuck kind of game are you playing, Manolito?… Oh God, is that even your name?" At that thought she was completely horrified.

Scrambling to get away from him, Manolito held her to him so she couldn't run.

Desperately holding her to him Manolito said the universal male phrase that's always said after they fuck-up, "Wait, Clara, I can explain…" However, he didn't get to explain because they were interrupted by the unknown voice.

"Yo, Mannie, I need those condoms, I got the hottest piece of- holy shit," the unknown man finished when he caught sight of a naked Clara and Mannie.

Dear Lord, Clara thought miserably.


Alano was furious. He raised the whip for the seventeenth time and hit the young man with all his strength.

This young hunter had lead them in the wrong direction, following the false trail the savage that took Clara had made. They had spent the day following the tracks only to end up back where they started. The other trails were now worthless, stamped away by the tracks of animals.

Now it would take longer to get Clara back, and he wanted her. Now. Taking his anger out on the youth felt good. The heady power he wielded; he could kill him and no one would, could, do a thing.

"You failed us, Cristobol. You failed me." Raising the whip he brought it down two more times, enjoying the sight of blood running down the boys' back.

After ten more lashes the boy passed out. Not wanting to kill him, Alano quit and ordered another hunter to clean him up; he wasn't useful to him if he died.

Heading back to his tent, Alano thought of the two elephants they killed earlier that day. A few hunters had left with the elephants, transporting the bodies to the factory where they would be stuffed with the cargo that would be flown to Mexico soon. Thinking of the money he'd get from the Mexicans from their little transaction, put a bounce it his step.

Entering his tent, Alano quit thinking of business and thought about his favorite subject: Clara. Lying on his blankets, he imagined what he would do to Clara once he got her.

As soon as she was back where she belonged, with him, he would take her to his home in the country, where there'd be no one but her and him for miles.

No one would be able to help her, no one would be able to take her away from him.

Remembering the feel of her tight, wet cunt, he pulled his pants down and started to masturbate to the image of Clara as she lay unconscious and bruised in his arms for those glorious and all too brief seconds, and planned what he would do to her once she was back in his arms.

Soon, he promised, cumming all over his hand, soon.


Author's Note: Hope that adding the third chapter so soon will make up for my long absence. Currently working on the fourth chapter, I have a few different paths that the story could go that I'm toying with… Let me know what you think. Love to hear feedback.

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