tagIncest/TabooJust A Back Rub? Ch. 2

Just A Back Rub? Ch. 2


She moaned as I slowly sank my cock into her again. Wait, let me back up just a minute or two. After the incident in the shower I walked into the kitchen that evening to see mom putting the dishes into the dishwasher.

I snuck up behind her and placed one hand on the crotch of her shorts and the other on her left breast. I slowly started to rub her crotch, pinch her rising nipple, and grind my rising cock into the valley of her asscheeks. She started to moan and asked, "Jay what about your father?" I simply replied, "Asleep in the bedroom. Giving us time for a little fun."

She started grinding her ass into my cock as I pulled her shirt up over her tits to reveal her black silk bra that underneath lay those huge breasts I sucked on as an infant. I reached down and slowly unzipped her shorts and pushed them down to reveal a black lace thong. I moved back up to her tits to pull the straps of the bra off and flip down her bra to reveal those enormous jugs. I took a breast in each hand and slowly worked on them, massaging them over and over until mom begged, "Please Jay, please, let me cum." I reached down slowly over her belly to that black thong, I slowly slipped my hand into it to feel her pussy's wetness and I slowly pushed two fingers into her love box. She started to hump into my fingers and I shoved them in faster and faster until she was about to scream, but I placed my hand over her mouth to quiet her, as she screamed into my hand, "OH MY GOD JAY! YOUR MAKING YOUR MOTHER CUM! YES FINGER YOUR MOTHERS HOT PUSSY!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!"

She then slowly turned around barely able to stand. She looked at me and then looked down at the large bulge in my pants. Her eyes went wide with excitement as she dropped to her knees before me. She looked up at me and said, "its just like Christmas!" As I looked down at her I said with a smile, "But the good news is, it cums more than once a year." She moaned with lust as she pulled it out and leaned her head forward, taking her sons dick into her mouth. I looked down to see my huge tittied mother furiously sucking my dick in nothing but a black thong. God it was hot. I said to her, "So mom, How does it feel to have your sons dick in your mouth?" She couldn't do anything but moan and start to finger her lovely box. I reached down and started to twist her nipples, the same nipples that were so hard right now they could cut glass.

Before I came I pulled my cock out of my mothers beautiful mouth. She whined like a little dog as she looked up at me. I pulled her up and walked her over to the chair. Where I bent her compliant body over it. I slowly pulled her thong down to her ankles where I stopped to kiss the insides of her thighs and to examine her hairy bush. I pushed two of my fingers into her cunt again and she proceeded to start moaning and bucking again. From the angle I was at I could clearly see she was grinding her clit into the back of the chair.

I stood up behind her. I asked her what she wanted. She replied with, " MMMMMMM....I want your cock Jay, I want your cock stuffing my pussy." I grabbed her by her hips and slowly pushed into her hot wet cunt. She started to moan and groan as I bottomed out in her pussy. She looked back at me over her shoulder and said, "Oh god Jay, your back in me! Back in the place you started from 18 years ago." I'll be damned so I was, I thought to myself. I then leaned over her and got up close to her ear and softly whispered into her ear, "How do you like that mom? To have your own sons cock shoved deep in your pussy? To know that its your own flesh and blood's baby making tool in your cunt?" She moaned and looked back at me, "God it feels so righteous. To have you, my son, in my pussy feels so right. To have you make a baby with me would be heaven to me. Now give it to me Jay. Fuck your mother and give me a child! MAKE YOUR MOTHER PREGNANT!!!!!!"

I started plowing her for the second time that day. In and out, over and over. I moved my cock around inside her to get all of her pussy. I reached under her and grabbed her clit and pinched it. She started cumming like a wild woman. I clamped my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't wake my dad, her husband up. Her pussy grabbed my cock like a vice as I still tried to fuck her while she was bucking and thrashing through her orgasm. While in the midst of her orgasm I started shooting my load into her womb, my birthplace. Jet after jet of hot cum was coating my mothers hot box white. She was screaming into my hand as I could barely hold on to her with the other on her hip. I slumped onto her as she finish her orgasm.

Both breathing heavily, we just stood there, bent over that chair in the kitchen. I kissed my mom's back and she looked up at me and said, "That was the best fuck I've ever had. I'm your whore now Jay. Anytime you need me for my tits, my pussy, my mouth, my ass even, their yours. Hell, after that, I'm yours. Anytime you want me, you can have me Jay, damn Incest is Best!" I looked down at her and said, "Got that right. So, what's for dinner?" She said, " I thought I was gonna be dinner." I looked back at her as I pulled my cock out of her grasping pussy, " No, your dessert. I need something to eat to get my strength back up. Your like a bitch in heat, you always want my cock."

"Yeah, But I'm your bitch in heat." replied Mom.

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