Just a Coat


So there we were, sitting in a restaurant, having a quiet meal and no one in the place even had a clue what was going on at our table. My beautiful wife sat across from me wearing only her coat and some impossibly tall heels. In her pussy buzzed the remote control vibrator I had placed there before we left the house, her ass was filled with a large plug that made sitting down a pleasurable experience.

The night started with a stop at the tattoo shop that also did body piercing. The look on the technicians face was priceless as she removed her coat and told him she wanted rings for her nipples. Browsing the jewelry cabinets in the nude made us both very hot. Leaving her coat in the waiting room she sat down in the chair completely comfortable with her nudity and her choice of jewelry.

The piercing went smoothly; when it was done she stood and admired herself in a full length mirror. The entire staff gawked as she turned and lifted her breasts to admire the large silver rings now adorning her rock hard nipples. I helped her into her coat and we walked out after thanking the staff for their good work.

The next stop was an outdoor mall for some window shopping. We browsed the shop windows and came across a high end dress shop. In the window was a very sexy little black dress. Finding the dress on a rack the sales clerk showed us to the dressing rooms.

The store was on a corner and the dressing rooms were near the large windows at the side of the shop. There was no door just a curtain and she left it open while she changed into the dress. Dropping her coat and standing there naked in front of the windows she slipped the dress over her head and shimmied into the sheer tight material. The dress was very short and the skirt caught the breeze when she turned exposing her bare ass and clean shaven pussy. The thin sheer material did little to cover her newly pierced nipples and her heels high lighted her long sexy legs.

When she walked out into the store to the large mirror, she spun a few times to see how the dress looked; the clerk and I agreed it looked fantastic. As she was returning to the dressing room the clerk brought another dress for her to try, a long backless gown with slits up each leg to mid thigh. The dress was backless to the top of her ass and just as sheer as the first dress she had tried on. The clerk stayed to watch as she stepped out of the first dress and into the second, again without closing the curtain.

The clerk seemed mesmerized by the nipple rings and unconsciously reached out to touch one of the rings; Joanna just smiled and guided the clerks hand to her nipple. The fresh piercing was still a little sore and elicited a gasp from Joanna. The clerk pulled her hand back quickly but Joanna took her hands and placed them both back on her breasts. Both women gasped and I'm sure they both got a little moist when the clerk started to feel my wife's tits.

Helping her into the rest of the dress the clerk and Joanna headed for the mirror in the middle of the store and they both seemed pleased with what they saw. Joanna's body was completely covered but it was completely exposed at the same time, and I took this moment to turn on the vibrator I had placed in her pussy before we left. The clerk seemed to notice the visible shudder in my wife's body and asked if she was okay. Smiling, she said she could not believe how good the dress looked on her.

Joanna returned to the dressing room and let the dress slip off her naked body. As she bent over to pick up her coat, she exposed the shiny jeweled end of the butt plug in her ass. The clerk, admiring the view, gasped when she saw the plug. The clerk's hands roamed her own body absentmindedly, more than a little excited by the show. Closing her coat around her nude form my wife handed the dresses to the overheated clerk and leaned in to give her kiss. The kiss lasted a good long time and was more than just a thank you peck. Both women were visibly aroused when they broke their kiss and the clerk told Joanna to keep the dresses as a thank you for the best day at work in a real long time. Leaving the dress shop we both noticed that a crowd had gathered to watch the show and they all tried to look like they had not been watching as we passed, but the smiles on all their faces told me they had enjoyed what they saw.

I suggested we stop by the bar in the restaurant at the end of the shopping center; it was a nice place with a good selection of martinis. We made our way to the restaurant and walked up to the bar as the hostess asked if Joanna would like her to hang her coat up for her. We smiled at each other as she told the hostess no thank you she was still a bit chilled from our walk to the restaurant. Giggling we looked at each other as she walked away and I mentioned how shocked she would have been if Joanna had let her take her coat. The thought of it made my wife a little more excited and I used her excitement as an excuse to turn up the vibrations of her little toy and was rewarded with a low moan. I ordered us both a martini and attempted to further arouse my all ready excited spouse.

I suggested that she unbutton her coat, allowing the belt hold it closed. Only the bartender would get a peek at the bare flesh underneath and she could control how much flesh she let him see. Joanna thought about it and then cinched the belt tight as she unbuttoned the buttons on the long wool coat. The bartender returned with our drinks and noticed the large amount of cleavage now showing from under her coat and smiled broadly; we noticed him walk away and tell the other bartender to go and check it out.

I told Joanna she should let her coat fall open a little more as we noticed both bartenders approaching. They both looked shocked when they asked if our drinks needed freshening and saw my wife's breasts almost fully exposed. She leaned forward on the bar and let her breasts fall out of her coat; smiling she told them her drink was wonderful and she slammed it down. Adjusting her coat a little she told me she had to go to the ladies room and started walking through the restaurant.

I watched her walk away and could see the smiles on the diner's faces as she passed, when she returned I saw why. With her coat held shut by only the belt it opened as she walked and exposed her legs almost to her pussy. Her breasts were almost fully exposed and her smile said she was having a good time showing off. When she made it back to the bar she told me how things went in the restroom. She told me how she walked in and immediately removed her coat to the surprise of the woman at the sink. When she stepped out of the stall, nude, she walked up to the sinks and checked her hair and makeup. Two more women walked in and stopped, shocked at what they saw. Joanna just smiled and slipped her coat back on to walk out into the restaurant.

She told me how aroused she was and how bad she wanted me to fuck her right then and there. I turned the vibe up to the maximum setting and she almost had an orgasm as she slammed the drink I had ordered for her. I paid our tab and we headed for the door.

I guided her to the furniture store around the corner and led her to the back where the beds were. I slipped her coat off and sat her down on a displayed bed and started to lick and suck her clit while I fucked her with the vibrator. Her loud moaning attracted the attention of the clerk and like the one in the dress shop this one stopped to admire the passionate display my wife was making. As she reached orgasm she screamed and thrashed around through the body rocking sensations, and I made sure to make it last as long as possible.

When we had recovered from her orgasm we noticed the clerk was sitting on the bed next to us with her skirt hiked up to her waist and her panties around her ankles her fingers were buried deep in her pussy. Joanna stood on wobbly legs and walked to the clerk. She placed her hand on the woman's pussy and kissed her deeply. As they kissed she worked her fingers in and out of the very aroused clerk's pussy and helped her open her blouse. It wasn't long before both women were locked in full on sex and writhing through orgasm after orgasm.

I could not help myself and stripped off my clothes to join them. I grabbed my wife's hips and thrust deep into her. She gasped around the pussy she was busy eating and both women started to grind in time with my thrusts. With the sex charged atmosphere and the public scene, I all too soon started filling my wife with my seed. We all shook through my orgasm and when I pulled out my wife took my softening dick in her mouth as the clerk buried her face in my wife's pussy. Joanna had a tremendous orgasm as she licked my cock clean and the clerk was intent on getting all my spunk out of her pussy. I was hard as a rock again as my beautiful wife rocked through another orgasm. Both ladies started to trade off sucking my cock and kissing each other while fingering themselves toward another orgasm. I shot a load down the clerks throat and she shared a cum filled kiss with Joanna.

We stopped to breath and the clerk began to straighten her clothes. I picked up Joanna's coat and helped her put it on just as some customers walked in to the store and the clerk quickly walked up to assist them. We left the store with smiles all around and practically ran to the car. At the car she shrugged her coat off and I bent her over the hood in the parking lot. We fucked like animals in heat until we both had another orgasm and got into the car exhausted.

Joanna rode all the way home naked massaging her well worked pussy with her fingers. We both decided we would have to do this again as we arrived at home and I helped my beautiful naked wife out of the car and into our house.

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