tagMind ControlJust a Harmless Little Wager Ch. 01

Just a Harmless Little Wager Ch. 01


Julie and I have been friends for ages. We have known each other for far too many years. She is a lesbian. Never been interested in guys. Always noticed other girls first. But she is very pretty. Long blonde hair, big brown eyes, size A breasts, itty bitty little waist with no ass to speak of, pale skin, smallish lips and a face that should have been on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel it looks so angelic. Don't let that fool you though. Her fiery personality belies her delicate appearance. It's actually rather funny,

I, however, am the complete opposite. I have long black hair, tan skin, green eyes that occasionally appear hazel or blue (depending on my mood and clothing), and I have a wonderful build that rivals that of many anime characters. I am also strictly dickly. I have absolutely no interest in my own gender in that way. Both of our biggest flaws, however, is our competitiveness.

Julie and I had gone to the same school and had been relatively close. We never pushed our sexual preferences on one another. However, when we went to college we lost contact. That was until the other night.

It was coworker's party. He was interested in me, and while I made it clear I didn't share his interest, he somehow never got the memo. However, this party sounded like it might be good, so I decided to come by.

As it turns out, Mark (the coworker in question) has a sister. A lesbian sister. Her date to this shindig was none other than Julie.

Well, of course we said hi and got to catching up. Turns out we live less than a mile away from each other. Then our topics started wandering. Eventually sex came up. (Who is not surprised?)

She is apparently surprised that I am still straight. So, somehow, we end up making a little wager. OK, a not so little wager. If I can get her to willingly suck a dick, she will be my slave for eternity. But if she gets me to eat her or another girl out, I am her slave for eternity. No blackmail. No force. It has to be completely willing. It even counts if you are drunk. We have to meet at least once a week alone in one of our homes for a minimum of one hour. As long as the other one has proof, or you remember losing the bet, you have lost. And you have to be completely honest about remembering it.


*week 27 meeting*

As the doorbell rings I finish setting up my living room. I head over to the door and greet Julie. She seems truly relaxed at coming over, a recent development, but that is to be expected. I intentionally set up my living room in such a way as to encourage trust, just as I have every week we have met here. I wind the clock to the measure of her breathing, just as I have all the other times. I've been using phrases like "trust me," "listen to me," and "believe me" almost constantly. And now, what I have been waiting for this whole time. This is the week I completely put her under for the first time. Up until now I have been getting her to relax and trust me. Softening her mind. Of course all of that was unnecessary. I could have easily put her under at that party.

But where is the fun of that? Where is the challenge? That's why I do what I do. The anticipation, the web I deliberately weave around my poor victim is what turns me on. I can feel my pussy moisten at just the thought of her on her knees in a little Catholic school girl outfit begging me to allow her to suck a cock, begging me to let her have dicks in all of her holes, being used by men for pleasure and begging for more.

As I finish winding the clock, I let go of the fantasy for a bit. I focus all of my attention on my prey. Julie is wearing a blue shirt and some very tight skinny jeans. She already seems a little dazed, distracted by the ticking of the clock and the incense.

We sit and chat, getting through those inane pleasantries we are expected to do. Slowly I turn the conversation to how she is feeling.

"Have you been getting enough sleep, Julie?"

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"You look very tired."

"I'm not."

"Believe me, you look exhausted. Trust me, you should lay back and relax. Just listen to me and trust and I'll be able to help. I know some wonderful relaxation techniques."

She looks confused, but decides to listen to me.

"Just focus on the solid tick, tock of the clock. The steady beat, keeping pace with your heart. Smell the incense. Take a nice deep breath and hold it for three, two, one, and release. As you let that breath out feel all your tension draining out of you. Deep breath in...and out...more tension leaving your body...feeling more and more relaxed...feeling less and less worry...in ...and out...heavy eyes...your eyes are so very heavy...but you can't close them...keep them open. You need to keep them open...but so heavy...so very heavy...starting to drift closed....getting closer and closer but not quite closing...when I snap my finger your eyes are going to be far too heavy to keep open...and you will be so very relaxed...your conscious mind will focus only on the tick, tock, tick, tock of the clock...but your subconscious will remain open and receptive...eyes so heavy...body so relaxed...." I snap my fingers and her eyes close instantly.

My pussy clenches at the way she fell so easily into my power.

This is going to be fun.

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