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I’m 26, a reasonably good-looking guy, but a little shy around women. I had a lot more active social life whAile I was in college, but just have a difficult time meeting women recently--haven’t had a girlfriend for a few months. Lately, I’ve taken to getting massages. These are ‘legit’ massages, but getting touched while I’m naked in front of an attractive woman provides a bit of a thrill. Lately, I’ve been using the same masseuse, Lisa, each week. She’s about 20 years old, 5’ 6”, shoulder length blonde hair, and I swear the perkiest breasts I’ve ever seen. Since it’s summer now, she typically shows up in just a flimsy t-shirt and tight jeans. There’d been no ‘extras’ going on, but things have started to change.

I’ve always had the occasional hard-on during our sessions but probably nothing that she doesn’t see all the time. A month ago, however, I started pushing the limits. Lisa always comes at my apartment. We’d worked out a routine where she goes to the bathroom to wash up and I get undressed and under the sheets she’s laid out. This time, I started to get undressed while she was still arranging the sheets. We’d built up some rapport, and I like her, so I was genuinely afraid of offending but I wanted to be naked in front of her. So I first took off my polo shirt slowly. This didn’t seem to bother her and we continued to chat while she was setting up and I was undressing. Now I’m down to just my underwear. She’s done with the sheets and could easily leave the room. Okay, so I drop them and I’m completely naked in front of her, with my cock coming to attention. It was like being back in high school and trying to control myself--I didn’t want to scare her. Even though she’d massaged me a few times already, I’d always been ‘draped’, as they say. But here I was, exposing myself to this impossibly cute girl-next-door. She didn’t seem to mind though, lifted up the top sheet and said ‘Okay, there you go’ with just a hint of a smile. The rest of the massage went as usual.

The following week, I wanted to get a bit further. I had been naked but how could I stay naked during the massage? Well, as luck would have it, it was well over 90 degrees. A small adjustment to the thermostat and it was out of commission. My apartment was sweltering for Lisa’s arrival. I explained that that the AC wasn’t working and we both complained about the heat a bit--that would set the stage for my plan. Well, we went through the same routine with my undressing while she was setting up and then getting under the sheet. I was covered while she washed up in the bathroom.

When she came out, I said ‘Hey, it’s a little hot under here, do you mind if you just keep a small towel over me instead of the sheet?’ Lisa smiled, again, and said ‘Not at all, actually if you don’t mind, I was thinking of taking my jeans off. I know it’s not very professional, but it’s so hot and humid in here. Is that okay?’ It was all I could do not to shout out ‘YES!!’ I managed a mild ‘no problem’ as I got out from under the sheets to find the right towel. I wanted to go for a wash cloth but settled for a thin hand towel. I was lying face down. Lisa massaged my back first, which afforded me a perfect view. Most of the time she was facing me. Her panties were light blue and made of this flimsy, slightly opaque material. I could see her pubic mound quite clearly. I could also see that she was mostly trimmed and, when she would stay still for a moment, I could make out the outline of her pussy. Every once in a while, she turned around to get some more massage cream. Yes, I’d hit the jackpot, the panties she was wearing, or not quite wearing, was a thong. As she bent over to get the massage cream, I could see her panties were not quite adjusted right. She ran her finger down the panties and pulled them out to readjust. In that all too brief moment, I got a full view of her pussy.

Normally, I’m happy for a massage to progress from the back to the leg area but this time I lost the view I’d been enjoying. But there were other compensating benefits. The towel that was covering my ass really wasn’t very big. I knew that from behind, she could see all the way up the towel. I’d developed a massive hard-on from watching Lisa, so my dick, which was uncomfortably pressed down, was clearly extended down my thighs. Lisa’s strokes went all the way up and down my legs. She rubbed up against my balls and dick, somewhat incidentally, but this had never happened before and I’m sure masseuses can be careful to avoid this if they wanted to. I was trying to will her to give a tug to my dick but this isn’t one of those mind control stories.

I had one last strategy. As she was massaging my legs quite vigorously, I was able to shift in such a way that I slowly moved the towel off my ass. With one big stroke up my leg, I managed to ‘accidentally’ have the towel fall off. I waited. Instead of reaching for the towel, Lisa said ‘We might as well leave the towel off. It’s just so hot in here. In fact, I’m going to take my t-shirt off, if you don’t mind.’ I murmured my concurrence with this plan. ‘Time to turn over,’ she said. It sounded like a good idea to me.

Lying on my back now, I’m not sure what I was more excited about: being completely naked in front of Lisa or the view I was treated to. Call it a tie. Hey, of course, she had a matching bra to her panties--she’s just that kind of girl. The bra was not super low cut but enough to show some cleavage. More important, it was made of the same flimsy material as the panties, so I could see the full curve of the breast and her nipples stood out quite clearly. It was pretty much as if she weren’t wearing a bra. As she massaged my chest, I enjoyed watching her breasts move gently up a down, just inches from my mouth. As Lisa turned around and bent over to get some more cream, I could see a slight wet patch on the crotch of her panties. It was hot and humid, but maybe, just maybe’.

All this time, Lisa’s massaging away while my erection is on full display. I was so hard that it was almost painful when the massage would cause my dick to move back and forth. Not that I really minded. Lisa then moved on to my legs. As on the other side, her strokes came up against my balls’this time it was clearly on purpose, happening each time with more vigor. I started to moan. Obviously inappropriate for a ‘massage’ but we were well passed that point. Lisa started to concentrate on my upper thigh area, with more and more intense action. The back of her hand that was on my inner thigh was fully pressed up against my balls. She was massaging my balls more than my thigh, although she didn’t quite grab my balls. It was enough though. I came in a torrent, quickly and hard, surprising me and her. Cum sprayed out everywhere, on her belly, her breasts, and her face. I was about to apologize when she smiled that sweet smile, again, and said what she always said at the end of every massage, ‘Thank you. I hope you enjoyed it.’

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