Just a School Project Ch. 01


"Without you touching and teasing me?"

"Yup, I won't touch you at all."

"Okay, I will take the bait. I think I can do it." He responded with confidence.

"If that's what I have to do to watch TV in peace tonight without you bothering me, then I will do it."

They made their way to the bathroom and each of them stripped down into their birthday suites. They both stepped into the shower and she proceeded to turn on the shower.

"Wheeeeewww.....That's cold." She jumped as she adjusted the water temperature.

True to her word, she proceeded to bath herself as she normally would and didn't pay any mind to her boyfriend who was watching her the whole time.

"Ooops....I dropped the soap." She giggled as she bent down to give her boyfriend a good view of her ass and pussy

As she picked up the soap she proceeded to slowly lather up her legs as she stayed in the bent over position.

Her boyfriend watched hypnotically as the water from the shower seemed to drain in slow motion from between her ass crack, and how her ass seemed to shake in a perfect rhythm as she lathered herself up. By the time she was finished with her legs and turned around to face him, he had a raging hard-on that he couldn't hide.


"I thought you would have lasted a little longer than that." She joked

"It's not my fault!"

"If you hadn't been teasing me all week I would have won this bet, I couldn't help it" He responded in an annoyed tone

"Speaking of teasing." She replied as she stepped towards him in the shower He tried to step back but backed into the shower wall.

"Why so jumpy?" she joked

"It's not like this is going to hurt or anything." Hahahahah

She lathered her hand up with the bar of soap and made sure it was nice and slick. She leaned in to give him a kiss and at the same time she reached down and wrapped her hand around his swollen cock. She began to stroke his cock as she continued to engage him in a kiss. She could feel his body tense as she stroked him.

"Is it sensitive?" she questioned as she broke the kiss

"yeah, yeah.......It is."

"I'm sure it is, but just hang in there for me okay, I will try and make this fast." Today was only a two minute teasing session, so he was able to manage it fairly well.

"There.......All done." She announced as she released his cock

"See, that wasn't too bad right?"

"No, but this is starting to get a little uncomfortable. Not to mention it isn't really fun anymore!"

"My cock is so hard it's starting to hurt!"

"I know, I know sweetie."

"It's going to be a tough few weeks, but I know you can do it."

"Just remember, you are doing this for me and to help me with my class, so once this is all over I am going to make it up to you REEEEEEAL good." She teased as she brushed her hand against his cock and gave him a kiss."

"Urrrgggggggg.....you're killing me" he said as he shook his head from side-to-side.

"You are definitely going to owe me one after this!" They both exited the shower and proceeded to dry themselves off.

"Don't forget......"

"I know, the stupid journal. You don't have to remind me every night!" He responded in frustration.

Once he was finished drying himself off, he retrieved the journal and began to write:

Journal Day 7: Today my Sara did me the "favor" of jerking me off in the shower and I didn't get to finish. My cock is so hard right now I can break bricks with it! I can't wait till this stupid project is over!

Since she had so much fun teasing him in the shower, Sara decided to do the same the next two nights.

Journal Day 8: Another hand job for me today with the same result, NO CUM! My cock is killing me!

Journal Day 9: I don't know how much more of this I can take! I swear the head of cock is turning blue!

On the third night, Sara decided to switch it up again. This time the teasing was to take place in the bedroom.

"Come on babe let's go upstairs." Sara said as she got up off the couch and shut off the TV

"Seriously!" Obviously annoyed by her turning off the TV on him

"Yes, seriously. It's getting late and I am getting tired. I don't want to fall asleep and mess up our routine."

"Yeah, we don't want to mess up the schedule!" he replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Hey, you agreed to help me remember? So, don't start giving me an attitude already!"

A little shocked by her firm tone of voice:

"Babe, I'm not trying to give you an attitude,

I'm just saying why do we have to do this every night? Your professor won't know if we skip a night or two!"

"We have to follow the schedule okay! I'm not going to lie."

He let out a sigh, and slowly got up to follow her to the bedroom.

"Look babe, I know this is annoying, but I will make it worth your while when it's all done." She encouraged as she unbuttoned his pants.

"Isn't a little sacrifice worth a big reward?"

she questioned as she lowered his pants and underwear to expose his stiff cock.

He didn't respond

"Well?" she asked again as she kissed the head of his cock

"Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh" he responded as he nodded his head

She took him by the hand and guided him to the bed. She reached into her hand bag that was on the floor next to the bed and retrieved a bottle of hand lotion. She squirted a liberal amount into her palm and began to slowly stroke his cock, spreading the hand lotion to every inch of it.

The affect seemed to be immediate as his body twitched in reaction to her touch.

"That feel good?"

"Sooooooooooo good!" he moaned

"Your cock is so hard!"

She began to rub his balls as she stroked his cock

"Are your balls nice and full for me?"

"Yes, yes, yes......They are!" panting as he responded

"I love that they are nice and full for me. All that cum just waiting to explode out!"

"Please, let the cum out! Please!"

"Nooooooo......Not yet baby. It's not time yet." She replied in a soft tone of voice

"Soon though.....I promise."

"Soon all of that you are doing for me is going to be worth it! I promise!"

The ten minute session was soon up, and she slowly stopped stroking his cock and let go. She noticed that as each day progressed it would take him longer and longer to regain control and calm himself down. It took a good two minutes before his breathing started to slow down and his body relaxed a little.

"You okay?" she asked once he regained control

"Yeah.........this is really getting hard! My balls are on fire right now! They ache so damn bad!"

"I know they do. This is hard for me too. You don't think I want to jump right on your cock and fuck the shit out of you?"

"Believe it or not, this is hard for me too! That's why I said, we are kind of going through this together."

"I never looked at it that way."

"does that make you feel a little bit better?"

"A little."


Journal: Day 10 My balls are aching so badly! They are really starting to hurt and are causing me discomfort. It's been 10 days and I just don't know how much more of this I can take. It is like sweet torture every night, but I do take some comfort in knowing that my girlfriend is kind of on the same page and it's also uncomfortable for her as well.

The next couple of nights were more of the same scenario. A hand job each night with lube on their bed: with the required two minute increments each night.

Journal: Day 11 Sara seemed so relentless tonight! A few minutes into it I literally begged her to stop because my cock and balls have become so sensitive that I just couldn't take it anymore, but she basically ignored my pleas.

She just kept smiling, assuring me that I was doing okay and that it would be over soon. It was so hard, but erotic at the same time if that makes any sense!

"Relax......Relax........" she tried to calm him as he tried to swat her hand away from his super sensitive cock.

"We just started."

"I know.........But, buuuuuuu, I.......I........" he tried to say in-between breaths as she continued to stroke him \ "But what?"

"I can't take it anymore!!!!"

"Please let me cum! Please!"

"Come on, you know better than that!"

"I'm going to rub one out tonight if you don't let me cum! Either way I'm cumming tonight!" he announced angrily as his frustrations got the better of him.

"See, now that's going to be a problem."

"You know that will mess everything up!"

"I don't care!"

"Come on babe, of course you care. You just aren't in the right state of mind right now that's all."

"By you saying you don't care you are basically saying that you don't care about what we agreed to."

"I know that isn't true right?"

"I do care, but I just can't take this anymore!" he pleaded

"I understand babe, but a deal is a deal and you promised!!"

"You made a commitment to me and I expect that you keep it!" she replied in a very firm tone of voice.

"I know babe, but I really don't think I can go much further with this! I want to do this for you bu..." as she cut him off mid sentence.

"Would you like me to help you fulfill your end of the agreement?"

"What do you mean help me?"

"I can help you get through this, but you have to ask for my help." She teased while she continued to slowly stroke his cock

"I can make it so that this can be a little easier for you. I can make you stronger! Right now you are weak, because your little head is telling your big head what to do!"

"Do you want me to make you stronger, so that you can get through this?"

Squirming around on the bed, trying to get away from the relentless onslaught of his cock he replied in between breaths:

"Okay, Okay..............Just please stop.....stop"

"Okay what?" she increased the strokes on his cock

"Please help me! Please!" He yelled

She stopped stroking his cock and waited a few minutes for him to regain some type of control as he continued to squirm around on the bed looking for that last little bit of friction to send him over the edge.

"I'm glad that you asked for my help." She replied with a reassuring smile.

"I will be right back okay."

A few minutes later she returned with a bowl of water, a wash rag and the manila envelope her professor had given her.

She set the bowl on the bed, dipped in the rag and began to wash his cock.

"Huuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........That's cold!" he yelped as the rag touched his still hard cock

"I know, it's a little cold, but you will get used to it."

Slowly, as she cleaned his cock with the cold water it slowly started to become flaccid.

"That cold water actually feels kind of good now that I'm used to it! My cock has been on fire these past few days!"

"I know it has been, but it's going to get a little better from now on I promise."

Once she was finished, his cock was completely flaccid. Slowly, she began to dry it off with the bed sheets.

"There, all clean!" she announced She then reached for the manila envelope and removed the chastity device. She then held it up and showed it to him.

"What the fuck is that?"

"It's what I'm going to use to help you. It's a chastity device."

"A what????"

"A chastity device. Your cock goes into it and it stops you from masterbating."

He had a look of shock on his face.

"Don't be freaked out by it. I know it looks and sounds weird, but think about it. How much easier would this whole project be if the whole idea of masturbating was taken out of the equation?"

"Just think of it as a way of removing the tempation. The temptation is half of the battle!"

"You asked for my help, so I am trying to help you."

"Trust me babe, it is going to make it easier for you I promise."

"Do you trust me?"

"I do babe, buuu......"

"But nothing. Let me help you then." As she cut him off

"I know your mind is probably racing right now, but just let me help you baby. Let me guide you through this."

"I will help you." She encouraged He sat in silence for a minute or two and then reluctantly agreed by nodding his head.

"Okay then, here we go" as she disassembled the device into its individual pieces.

"This is called the locking ring. This goes around your balls and the chastity device attaches to it so that you can't slip it off."

She informed him as she picked up his balls to make clearance for the ring.

She fumbled for a minute or so getting the locking ring into position, because the device was just as unfamiliar to her as it was to him.

"There, not too bad right?" she smiled as she closed the ring around his balls

She then picked up the hollow plastic piece of the chastity device and took his cock into her hand.

"This is going to make things so much better." She tried to sooth him as she slowly began to work his cock into the plastic device.

"You will see"

Slowly, and methodically she worked his cock into the device, the whole time reassuring him that he was making the right decision.

"Snap!" his body let out a tiny shutter as the lock snapped into place

"Theeeeeere we go!" She announced with a sense of accomplishment as she gazed down at her handy work

"All set!"

He hadn't said a word the whole time. She got up and sat next to him on the bed.

"I know this is going to take a little getting used to, but it's going to be a good thing you will see. I love you, and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you." As she planted a kiss on his forehead.

Journal: Day 12 Feeling a little down! I can't believe that I agreed to this stupid chastity thing. My manhood is locked in a piece of plastic and my girlfriend has the key! This is crazy!

I can't believe I let her put it on me! I wanted to scream out and tell her to stop, but the words wouldn't come out! She had this look on her face that was so reassuring, and I just couldn't tell her to stop.

Journal: Day 13 I was kind of hoping that this whole thing was just a dream, but when I woke up this morning I looked down and reality dawned on me. I feel a sense of anger!

The two week segment was coming to an end, so Sara sat down to read the next set of instructions from her professor.

If my instructions were followed closely, the male should be locked into the chastity device that I have provided and has been denied an orgasm for close to two weeks.

If you have accomplished this then give yourself a pat on the back as you are the strong woman that I knew you were. If you haven't, then there is no reason to read any further..............

Okay, now that the male is in chastity the next seven days are going to be yours to do as you see fit. (Use your imagination)

Experiment with him and most importantly, have fun! The only exception is that he still isn't allowed an orgasm of any kind! This segment will last for seven days.

"Hey babe, how's it going?" Sara greeted as she entered the apartment

"Hey." He responded shortly

"What's with the attitude?" questioned Sara

"Do you really have to ask?" "I understand you are cranky and all, but a decent hello would be nice."

He didn't respond, but rolled his eyes

"What a baby." She snapped back

"Baby!" he snapped in return

"I haven't cum in two weeks and you got my dick in a chastity device! I would say that I'm handling this pretty well considering! Wouldn't you say?"

"You say two weeks like it's the end of the world. How about when girls get their periods for a week and then they finally get to have sex and their man doesn't satisfy them and make them cum?"

"Do you hear us crying about it?"

"Sometimes we go a whole month without cumming and you are complaining about two weeks!"

"Think about that for a second!"

He sat in silence for a second thinking about what she said and it actually made sense. Was he being selfish? He questioned himself

"You are right." He replied in a soft tone of voice after a few minutes.

"Thank you for understanding!"

"Speaking of cumming, maybe now would be a good time to make up for some of those cumless nights that I have had."

"The way I see it is you always get to cum when we have sex and I don't always do, so you have some making up to do." She explained as she approached him

"You don't mind do you?" she asked as she planted a wet kiss on his lips


"Good." She replied as she took his hand and guided him to the bedroom

She quickly took his shirt and pants off. She began to take off his underwear and he quickly covered his chastity cage with his hands, obviously very embarassed by his new jewlery.

Noticing his reaction, she took the opportunity to provide some encouragement and quickly embraced him.

"Don't be embarassed." She whispered in his ear

"I am proud of you! I am proud to have a man in my life that would do this for me!" "You......you..... are?" He asked with an unsure tone.

"Of course I am." She replied softly

"It is such a selfless act on your party baby! To show such commitment to me and our relationship."

"I think it looks so hot on you!" She continued to encourage as she slowly moved his hand away.

"So hot!" as she ran her fingers across the hard plastic of the device She took her clothes off and slowly laid on the bed keeping eye contact with him the entire time.

"Come closer. Let me see it" she instructed as she began to slowly rub her clit Slowly, and reluctantly he moved closer towards the bed.

"Thaaaaat's it..........come closer so I can see it better." She began to moan as she continued to rub her clit

He did as he was told and stood right at the edge of the bed by her face.

"Oh, that looks so hot!" "I love seeing your cock locked up like that!"

"Yearning to get out!" her moans getting louder and deeper as she continued to rub her clit She grabbed his hand and put it on her pussy.

"You see how wet this makes me?"


She directed his hand lower on her pussy and he quickly understood that she wanted to be finger-fucked, so he slowly slid his finger into her moist pussy

"Huuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh......." She inhaled sharply as he buried his finger into her.

"Thaaaats it.......Finger-fuck my pussy baby!" she moaned as he began to develop a slow rhythm with his finger

"That feels so fucking good!" She panted She began to play with her tits as he proceeded to work her pussy with his finger.

"That's it.......Just like that." She encouraged.

"Your finger feel so good inside of me!"

"That's it.....a little faster....Just like that!!!" She instructed

"Fuuuuuckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!" She groaned as she exploded into orgasm!

"That felt so fucking good!" panting heavily

"Man, I needed that so fucking bad!" trying to catch her breath

He looked down at her as she closed her eyes and savored her post orgasmic feelings. A good minute or two went by before she opened her eyes and looked up at him. She stood up and gave him a huge hug and a kiss.

"That was awesome baby! Thank you!"

Journal: Day 14 A strange day! I woke up with such anger today and resentment towards Sara, but then something strange happened. She made me see that my anger was unjust, and that she has had to experience the same feelings that I am experiencing now and she never complained about it.

She made me see just how week I am in this situation. She had me bring her to orgasm with my finger, and as she laid there savoring the aftermath, at first I felt a feeling of anger that she got to cum and I didn't, but then I felt a sense of happiness when she hugged me and thanked me for making her cum! What a strange day!

Journal: Day 15 I actually slept through the night without waking up to the annoying feeling of the chastity device, which was nice! Today was a tough day! I felt a little down today, not to mention the feeling like I have the worst case of blue balls known to man!

Sara woke up to the feeling of kisses on her neck.

"What are you doing?" she asked in a soft tone of voice as he continued to kiss her neck


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