tagMind ControlJust A Taste Ch. 05

Just A Taste Ch. 05


(This story is written in first person...some from Dee's perspective, some from Matthew's perspective – separated with the ++++ signs. If you begin at Ch. 1 to get the feel of it ~ you may avoid confusion.)



Sliding my hand down and around... oh what a glorious way to wake up. I can only think of a few things better. A hot mouth attached to that voice, attached to my clit? I briefly open my eyes just long enough to look over at the clock and realize it is only 8 a.m.. I can still hear your voice and my memory of the earlier shower; mmmmmm shivers run down my spine. I'm not sure if it was real or not as I lay there. Relaxing...drifting once again, basking in my love of your voice. It is comforting to know, wherever I go, your voice goes with me. I hear it, I remember it. Just as I remember your lips, sexy and sweet, I visualize licking them and tasting them. It would be like sipping nectar...giving me energy for my day. I can almost feel you slide into bed with me, pushing my hands up over my head and holding them there...you ask me, "can I control you?" I chuckle at my imagination and know you already control me. Besides, my hands are bound above my head, what am I suppose to say? I laugh and don't answer. You forcefully push my hands down, jerking my thoughts back to attention. What would I say if this were real? His voice is husky as he repeats himself, "Can I control you...will you be my... pet?" My imagination is very strong and very capable of making me feel like sometimes it IS real....so I answer, "Please... control me, you do it so well."

"Ahh, sweet pet, that makes me happy, now, just imagine...."

My mind starts to imagine all the places I want to visit today. Maybe, a walk on the beach, sitting on the pier listening to the waves and the birds, or standing at the railing leaning over just enough as you slide up behind me. Placing your hands low and sliding up before you grab my hips. Effectively sliding my skirt up as well as effectively making me know you are in command. "Guide me in...Dee." You slide home once you feel my wetness, giving a forceful push. Knowing, I was thinking about you. Knowing, I was ready for it. I spread my legs just enough to make things comfortable. Aware of my surroundings and not wanting to get caught...I reposition one hand between my waste band and my skin, sliding down to manipulate my clit as you slide in and out. Your barely noticeable motions are rough and possessive. Wanting the adrenaline of possibly being caught and yet also wanting to feel as if we are getting away with something. Moving slowly, so we might look as if we are standing in a romantic embrace should someone look our way? I let out a slow moan of satisfaction, from you or from my own manipulation; it's hard to tell; I'm addicted to both. Your mouth close to my ear, you whisper, "look down and to the left." There on the beach I see a guy, looking up at us. Knowing that he can see what we are doing and from an angle that gives him a good show. My adrenaline spikes, my breath quickens, and it makes me feel like running, but you have me anchored so tightly in three spots and you don't relent. Instead of letting me go, you start talking. "Let him see you Dee...you're so hot, you know you like it when people watch. Watch him; watching you. Work your clit with your fingers...Dee."

I am so excited and scared and yet I'm compelled to listen to your words and relax into doing as you say. The adrenaline building my excitement, my fingers moving back and forth at a rapid pace, to the point that I feel like I may explode into tiny pieces. Watch him, watching me? I've never been on display like this before. What if he has a cell phone camera? The feeling to flee rises again, stronger this time and yet...once again, you hold me in place. As my eyes meet the strangers, I notice him rubbing himself as he watches the show. I hear your voice again but it feels like it is coming from far away, "Lift your shirt for him Dee." There is no way I am lifting my shirt. As my free hand moves to the bottom of my shirt and slides it up. "Unclip your bra and rub your breasts for me, Dee." And my hand slides higher, unclipping my bra I can feel the freedom as my hand slides over my right breast, nipple puckering at the touch...and I slide my hand to my left one. "You are Dee-lightful, aren't you? Let him see your nipples, display your breasts for him as I fuck you." I am on the edge and your talking brings me past the point of going back, I groan with pleasure because I do feel delightful. I feel exposed, I feel controlled, I feel...free. I can't hold back and I cry out at my climax. Slamming into me and shaking me to the core.

Trying to catch my breath, I notice movement and look back at they guy on the beach; he is moving now, with a purpose. I watch his movements and know he is coming up to be with us. Stroking me deeply, your movements are slow and strong. I want you deep and can't help the sounds that come from me when you go that deep. It's like a quick rhythmic 'uhhh' that sounds a bit as if you are pressing the last bit of air out of me. Movement once again catches my attention; the stranger is now standing next to us. I hear Matthew say next to my ear, dragging out each word, "I think you're going to enjoy this," and then he laughs. His laugh caresses me, it's smooth and sexy and full of adventure. I look to the stranger and watch as he pulls out a marking pen. I quickly look up into his eyes and, on the way, see his mischievous grin. I hear Matthew again, seemingly in the distance and yet...again next to my ear, "I'm unzipping your skirt...keep your shirt up high above your breasts." It seems as though I shouldn't be doing this and yet, I can't find a reason why that would be so; I follow his commands. Matthew starts moving again...my skirt only staying up because of where we are attached, my pussy bare and on display. It is all at once, exciting, and scary, and thrilling...and daring. The stranger moves forward. Matthew is pumping from behind and holding me as if to offer my breasts to the stranger. The stranger takes the bait, leaning down...first licking my left breast and then moving to my right. The air now touches the wetness...I feel the breeze as he is teasing my nipple. Tracing his tongue past my nipple to the upper part of my breast, he latches onto my skin and sucks hard; marking me. I feel as though I am watching him from a dream and yet I feel it, deeply.

He leans back to inspect his work and then places his pen just to the side of the mark and starts drawing long sloping lines from my right breast to my hip. Some lines in a loose, long, S curve. With lines ending straight and some lines ending with a loop. Moving and flowing. His lines are drawn down to my belly button, down to my left pussy lip, and ending in a tear drop. He pauses and places a quick 6 leaf flower over my right lip before moving on. Moving up and around and back down again...I am his canvas.

I love it.

I realize that Matthew's movements have stopped. I don't know when, quite possibly when the stranger started drawing. I am so consumed with the strangers drawing that my entire attention is on it. Dots...and flowers added. Thick lines and thin lines. Once again, the stranger steps back to inspect his work. Not a lot of drawing...but enough that I feel sexy while I look at it. By the time I look back up, the stranger is gone.

Matthew pulls my skirt up and zips it into place, pulls my shirt down and commences to finish what he started. Once again, having me bend slightly over the railing, he grabs my hips tight and catches a rhythm. I can hear him in my mind, "I control you and you love it."

I wake up, face down, on my bed. What the hell was that? It was so real and yet...here I am in bed. I look over at the clock and it is almost noon. It could have happened. Definitely enough time to go to the pier and back. I laugh about my minds wanderings until I move and find myself dressed in my short skirt and tank top. What? I reach down and my clit is so tender as if I had already cum. Damn, I don't remember anything! I mean, I do...but not really. It is all sort of a fog. I reach further and I am so wet. Fear hits me fast and hard almost as hard as my excitement. Matthew controlling me excites me like no other thing in my life. Just as I was thinking of him, Matthew walks in from the bathroom and I ask him, "Is this real? Did you control my actions?"


It is well known that people can be in a trance state many times a day. My interest in it started back when I could drive from my house to my mom and dad's house, 25 miles away, and as I pulled into the driveway I would realize I didn't remember the drive. I was in such a good trance I was able to go from point A. to point B. and not remember a thing and yet I was also totally functional. I obviously could stop at all the stop signs and make the appropriate turns. Interesting how the mind works and it made me wonder... can I do this on purpose. As it so happens, yes...I can do it on purpose, with the right person.

Dee is that right person. Pliable, is a good word. I want to control her and more importantly, SHE wants me to control her. The word 'control' really is subjective. Who controls whom? My point; what I do wouldn't work if she didn't want it.

But, she does want it. She wants adventure. She wants me.

My brother was coming to town and I couldn't help myself. I had to show him my latest joy. So, I told him to wait for me at the beach, just below our favorite pier. He knew the one.

I joined Dee in her bedroom and simply, talked her into trance. Our morning was a success; light and fun, not to dangerous but edgy. I am sure it is the beginning of many adventures to come.

As I walked into her bedroom, my eyes locked onto hers and I could see the combination of fear and excitement in her expressions. She asked, "Is this real? Did you control my actions?" What? Our sex adventure? You showing your body to a complete stranger... again? I can't hide my smile because I know, deep down, that she is my partner in crime, "Ohhh...yes, we went on a journey and you did everything I asked you to. You ask if it's real? It's as real as you want it to be. You ask if I control your actions...well, I know you want me to say YES. So, I will. How does it feel? To be controlled by me?"


I laugh my nervous laugh, for I do love the thought of doing everything you say. I look forward to what comes next. It feels good and naughty, it feels liberating and dirty. I lift my shirt off and notice my body art. Standing up, I take a long look at it in my dresser mirror. You slide in behind me and help remove my skirt.

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