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Just a Touch of Grey


I was doing a favor for a friend of mine one evening. He needed someone to drive a limo from the local hotel to a local theater in our fair state.

"Just be there before five in the afternoon, the person you will be picking up will be waiting for you in the lobby, they will come out when they see you pull up." My friend said.

I told him I would be there. I gassed the limo up and has it washed and waxed on his dime. I pulled up to the hotel driveway and put the car in park. I got out and waited by the back passenger door.

A lady in a dark rain coat with a scarf around her head and sunglasses came out of the hotel and came toward me. I opened the door to the limo for her and she got inside. I closed the door behind her and got in the driver's seat.

I started driving and heading to the highway. I kept my eyes on the road and didn't use the inside rear view much. My buddy had told me to just drive and not to stare.

I was pretty cool with this as I know some celebs like to be left alone.

She kept the scarf on as well as the sunglasses. But when I did look in the rear view mirror to check the traffic behind me, I thought I recognized her but wasn't quite sure from where and what movie.

I pulled into the back lot of the theater, I went to get out but she waved me off.

"It's okay!" She said. "I got it, thanks!"

I stayed inside the car and read the reader's digest and only got three right on the word power quiz. I sort of lost track of time and she came out and got in the car.

This time she didn't have on the sunglasses or the scarf. For the life of me I didn't know where I had seen here.

I sat there wracking my brain. Then it came to me "Ferris Bueller's sister." Jennifer Grey.

She giggled from the back "So did you finally figure out who I am? " She asked.

"Yes Ms Grey finally!" I said feeling like a fool.

"Don't feel back I always get that." She said.

She went on chatting about how tonight was this charity bit and it was for a friend of hers who niece was going through cancer treatments.

"Um do you have a bag up front?" She asked.

"No sorry," I replied.

She started to say something but what came out of her mouth weren't words. It hit the back passenger window.

I pulled over quickly and ran to the back of the car opening the door. She threw up once more but this time on my clothes. She did it once more. I handed her my clean handkerchief and she wiped her face.

"I am so sorry Mike that I threw up on you." Her face turning red. She started to dab at my jacket but it wasn't very effective.

"When we get back to the hotel, please come up I will have someone come up and have your suit washed and pressed." She said.

I started to protest but she would not hear of it. So I got in the car and drove to her hotel. She told the hotel manager what had happened and she arranged for someone to come up and get my clothes. She also had them clean the limo as well.

We went upstairs to her room and I stripped down to my t shirt and boxers. She went into the bathroom and changed into her satin pink robe.

The bell captain came and took our clothes and said he would have them back within a couple of hours. She thanked him and off he went.

"I am thinking of calling down for some juice would you like something?" She asked.

I just said I would have what she was having. She picked up the phone and called room service. I didn't pay much attention to her phone conversation. I was a bit embarrassed to be in Jennifer Grey's hotel room alone in my underwear.

I heard her call her husband, so I went off to bathroom to relieve myself. When I came out room service was there.

She motioned for me to let them in. I went to the door and opened it. The woman rolled in the cart and placed the items on the table. She went over to Jennifer and had her sign the bill. Jennifer reached in her purse and found a ten dollar bill. The server left with a strange look on her face.

I would too if I had came into a room with an actress and a man just in his underwear.

Jennifer hung up and came over.

"I took the liberty of getting a couple of turkey clubs. I figured you might be hungry." She said.

"Should you be eating?" I asked "After what just happened?"

"Oh I will be fine Mike believe me, I made the mistake of having shell fish and it never agrees with my stomach." Jennifer said. She asked me all sorts of questions about how long I had been driving limos.

I told her I was doing this as a favor to my friend as he was short handed this evening.

"Married, girlfriend?" She asked.

Was married once divorced and no girlfriend at the moment, no children either." I told her before she asked that question.

We chatted about other small stuff and ate our sandwiches and drank out juices.

It wasn't long and our clothes were back. I put on my suit and tied my tie. I thanked her for being such a nice woman.

She came close and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"That was for being such a perfect gentleman all evening." She said. She reached in her purse again and handed me a one hundred dollar bill.

She walked me to the door and I wished her a wonder evening. I went downstairs and found the limo nice and clean as well.

As I drove the limo back to the garage I found myself smiling and I touched my cheek where she had kissed me.

I said to myself. "Just a touch of Grey!"

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