tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJust Another Day In Paradise Ch. 01

Just Another Day In Paradise Ch. 01


As the cool water splashed my body, I had a strange feeling like eyes burning a hole through my skin. I look toward the shore. Two extremely tall, sexy silhouettes catch my attention immediately. I slowly make my way out of the continuing up towards them.

"Hi. I'm Lily..." I said in a flirty tone. "Holy shit! John Cena! Randy Orton! You guys are my favorite wrestlers. I just love how you guys move in the ring," I added as water dripped down my tan body.

Randy replied, "Oh, really? It's always a pleasure to meet a fan," as he stared at the waves.

"Umm... Lily," John says. I turn to him while he continues, "I hate to tell you, but your top is gone."

John tried hard not to stare at my giant DD boobies. I looked down and was pleasantly greeted by two hard, pink nipples. I quickly wrapped my arms across my chest. Blushing, I peeked down, seeing a movement in Orton's board shorts.

"Hey, do you want to get a drink?" John asks politely, handing me his t-shirt.

Putting on the shirt, I saw John and Randy glance at my chest, I replied enthusiastically, "Okay let's go!"

We made our way through the lobby. In the elevator, I licked my lips, it tasted a little salty.

"What's that?" John asked amazed, grabbing my tongue between his fingers.

Smiling, I replied, "This is my tongue ring. See?" I posed with my tongue sticking out sideways.

"That's pretty childish..." Randy mumbles softly to himself.

Ignoring him, John questioned me, "Wait a minute... How old are you, Lily?" John stared at me intently.

"I'm not a kid, you know..." his silence forced me to continue, "21. I just turned 21 last month..."

We headed to Randy's suite and it made me think, "They saw my girls, which the totally liked. Now I want to suck and fuck them."

John told me to sit down and make myself at home, and then went down the hall to talk to Randy in whispers. After ten minutes of sitting in silence, I set down my drink and walked to the bathroom. Hornier than ever, I began ramming my fingers into my drenched pussy. I imagined John fucking and licking my ass. Randy was eating my juicy cunt, like a savage beast. I began rubbing my tits with my fingers, as my moans echoed of the tile walls. When I was about to lick off the remaining cum, my hands were stuck into someone else's mouth. I had a secret admirer.

"Loved your show, beautiful."

I pulled Randy towards me. He smiled as he pulled off my shirt; I proceeded to kiss his neck, moving my tongue up and down his abs. "I always anted to know how getting blown by someone with a tongue ring felt like... Guess I'm gonna find out." Randy laughs as I help him undo his belt. I smile in shock as Randy ripped off his board shorts. He reveals his 12" long, 2 and a half" wide cock. "I've been waiting for this." Randy smiles when I tease its head with the ball of my tongue ring.

I slowly traced his veins with the tip of my tongue. Randy shivered as the cold metal ball slowly ran up and down his shaft. Randy stopped me and lay on the cold tile floor. He pulled me onto him, creating a horizontal 69. Randy's tongue and fingers probed my pussy, while I deep-throated his hard rod. Randy sat up and kissed me. I could taste my juice in his mouth.

"Baby... Fuck me!" I moan repeatedly as Randy rubs his cock.

He looked smug, then smirked, "You want my dick? Huh? You want me to fuck your twat with the Legend Killer?"

"MMM...HMM... RKO me, baby!" I whine in his ear, while I tried to guide his rock-hard dick towards my slit.

He pinned my hands together over my head. Randy began teasing my pussy with his swift fingers. I felt close. "UHH... yes... UHH... keep doing that, Randy... Yea... Finger my pussy!" I moan.

As I cam, Randy's prick prodded my pussy, I couldn't take it anymore. Pushing Randy to the ground, I straddled him. Noises of my ass slapping against Randy's thighs echoed off the walls. My short whining moans drove Randy faster, causing me to scratch Randy's chest.

Randy's fingers dug into my ass, when I screamed, "OHH... RANDY...FUCK ME... UHH....MMM...HMM.... YEA!" as I cam.

My cum dripped down my inner thigh, an unexpected sensation crept up my leg. I stared into the eyes of the Champ. Winking at me, John continued licking my ass. I had forgotten that John was still in the suite. He smiled when I gently caressed his covered crotch. His rod started to get hard in my palm. In response, John quickly ripped off is jeans.

"Oh... Fuck me!" I gasped as I stared at John's 14" long, 3"wide shaft.

"Fine by me." John said while he roughly grabbed a fistful of my long hair and pushed my head deep into his cock.

I began to choke on his dick. Even with John's brutal force, I could barely manage to put 8" of it into my mouth. My tongue ring dug into John's thick Italian sausage. "Damn... UHH... yea..." John muttered as I slowly bobbed on his dick.

Randy's 12" cock viciously ripped apart my tight ass, but my pain-filled shriek were silenced by John's thick rod. John guided his dick in my mouth to push it in deeper. Randy wrapped his arms around my thin waist, as he roughly thrusts into my ass. He smiled in pleasure as I jolted in pain on my knees. While Randy fucked my ass violently, John's cum shot into my mouth. He continued to stuff his shaft in my mouth, as his cum dribbled down my chin.

Suddenly, Randy pulled his rod from my gapping asshole. He motioned John to get up and they started to whisper. I ran my green tongue ring over my cum-stained lips as I pinched my pink nipples. I gave John and Randy sultry glances, yearning for their big, throbbing dicks.

"It's very naughty to make someone wait." I moaned as I briefly touched myself.

When I started fingering my pussy, Randy pulled me by my arms and said nastily, "Assume the position!"

I smiled and placed my hands on the wall, palms down. Randy forced my legs to spread apart, a moan escaped from my mouth. John squeezed between me and the wall. Picking me up, John placed me on his hard rod. My hands dropped to John's muscular shoulders, while he fucked my pussy. My sharp shrieks drove Randy to penetrate my ass.

As they rammed into my holes, I screamed, "UMM... MMM... HMM... OHH...UHH... HUH... FUCK..." John suckled my breasts as Randy licked sweat from my back. I moaned, "Ahh... I'm gonna cum!"

Randy smirked and shoved his thick cock into my stuffed pussy. My new moans pierced through our ears n sharp, loud increments. Randy and John's dicks stretched my pussy, as they slowly thrust up. My heels rested on John's ass, while he gripped my thighs. Randy gently caressed my gigantic tits. His fingers teasing my nipples as their thrusts sent sparks up my spine. I licked John's sweat-covered forehead before viciously tongue-fucking his mouth. Both thrusting as far as their cocks could go, beams shot up my double-penetrated pussy. Our maniacal moans echoed off the walls as we cam.

Randy slowly pulled his rod out and walked out of the bathroom, naked. I rested my pounding head on John's chest, while he leaned on the wall. Hs strong arms carried my body. He smiled at me as I stood up. John's eyes wandered up and down my sweaty body. Suddenly, he grabbed me and began to kiss me passionately. "You can take a shower if you want," John whispered in my ear, while he massaged my body.

After John left, I quickly rushed into the shower. The hot water stung my worn body. I smiled when I slowly rubbed the bar of soap in between my ass cheeks. Grabbing my breasts, I began to suck on them. They filled my mouth with sweat and cum. Coming out of the shower, I heard more voices. "Hmm... I wonder what's going on..." I asked myself slipping into my bikini bottoms. "Shit..." I murmured, while trying to look for John's shirt.

I opened the door, topless, and ran into John immediately. He stared at me and then handed me a towel from his neck. While he gently caressed my butt, I tied the towel around my chest.

About to unbutton his jeans, John stops me and says, "There's time for that later. We have company now."

John led me back to the living room of the suite. It seemed like Randy was telling two different guys, sitting on the couch, an interesting story. When he saw me, he smiled and pulled me toward him, forcing my butt to grind on his lap. I felt Randy's dick grow harder as he introduced, "This is Lily..."

The bigger of the strangers kissed my hand softly, and then said, "I am Dave Batista. You can just call me Batista."

I smiled and listened when a loud voice echoed through the room, "I am MISTERRRRR.... KENNEDY, but you can just call me... KENNEDAH...!" His blue eyes looked into my green-hazel ones, as he said, "You know, Lily, you have beautiful eyes."

"That's not the only beautiful thing about her." John says in a secretive way, Randy nods in agreement.

John pulls me towards him and starts to kiss me. I smile when his hand covers my ass. Randy sneaks behind me and slowly massages my neck with his tongue. Batista and Kennedy watched hesitantly as the three of us rubbed together. John ripped the towel from my chest and viciously mauled my humungous DD tits. Randy smiled and pulled down my bottoms, he licked my wet snatch. I sat on Randy's face and pulled John towards me. He smiled when I unzipped his shorts. John's shorts and boxers fell around his ankles and his moans began to fill the room. Randy's tongue flicked my clit as his fingers entered my asshole. I sucked on John's balls. I caught a glimpse of Kennedy and Batista. They both had huge erections. I almost smiled, but John shoved his massive cock into my mouth. Randy's tongue lapped, then he stood up, stripped and sat down. I was still squatting when Randy stealthily slid beneath me and quickly poked his prick into my pussy.

"Umphf..." I moaned in surprise as I blew John. John grabbed his cock and placed it on my chest. I smiled and squeezed his 14" dick between my giant titties. Randy grabbed my waist and pulled me up and down on his rod. As I came close, I began to moan; "Mmm... yea... fuck me, Legend Killer!" while clutching my tits.

Cumming, I arched my back and grabbed Randy. He laughed and then motor-boated my breasts. John stood me up and led me to Batista and Kennedy. Randy pushed my face into Batista's lap. John laughed while he licked my ass. Randy slowly entered and pulled out of my pussy. I flashed Batista and Kennedy a smile, while I undid their pants. John suddenly penetrated my ass unexpectedly. My sharp moans lingered on Batista's 13" dick. Kennedy's 11" prick pulsated in my hand as I jerked on it. Randy's rapid thrusts invaded my pussy. I began to trace Kennedy's shaft with my tongue ring, when John pulled me on top of him. He lies on his back on the carpet. I straddle him and start to ride his cock. It pounds my wet snatch as Randy stood on the side of me. I placed his hairless balls into my mouth.

"Mpbb... Mpbb..." echoes repeatedly as I pull them in and out of my mouth. Randy moaned as I traced the seam of his balls with my tongue ring. Batista licked my ass lubing it. He finally penetrated it. My waist drove into John and Batista's cocks. I gave Kennedy a hand-job, as he played with my boobs. Randy tea-bagged his balls in and out of my mouth. I tickled them. Randy smiled as Kennedy wandered aimlessly on the ground. John, pulling on my waist, lingered hungrily on my nipples. His giant cock pounded into my wet pussy, his balls slapped into Batista's ramming dick. Batista slowly plunged deeper into my ass.

"UHH... MMM... HMM... IT FEELS SO GOOD!" I mumbled into Randy's long rod.

I frowned when the guys began to pull out of my body. About to complain, John propped me onto my shoulders, smiling, he said, "Get ready for some pain."

I looked around and saw all four of the WWE superstars rubbing their thick dicks with lube. "Oh FUCK ME!" I screamed in agony.

Randy entered my pussy after shoving his pinky on my clit. Kennedy smiled roughly, as he hopped behind Randy. Slowly he maneuvers his shaft into my filled twat. I gritted my teeth in pain as they double-penetrated my cunt. To my surprise, Batista pushed his cock into my ass. Their gigantic dicks meshed together as they thrust deeper into my holes. I glanced at John, he winked at me, still continuing to lube up. They balanced themselves using my legs. John came near my full ass and started to push his massive dick into my ass. Fucking my whole lower body, they rammed me, sending shivers up my spine. I teased all of the by squeezes my boobs and biting my lip as they penetrated me. When I stared to moan crazily, and white cum squirted on everyone's rods, they pulled out. My ass was a gapping hole. It could have held a grapefruit.

"Cum in my ass!" I moaned lustfully, holding open my butt cheeks, while they jerked off.

They smiled, as I let go of my ass cheeks. A white geyser exploded out of me. Randy grabbed the back of my head and pushed it straight onto his dick. Then Batista and Kennedy gathered around me, placing their dicks into my hands. John slowly ate my pussy. Squatting, I suck their three rods dry.

Batista and Kennedy began to leave. I was picked up by Randy. He looked tired, but happy and satisfied. He placed his lips to mine. Clenching my butt cheeks, he helped me get dressed. He slowed me down by kissing and licking my entire body. I was about to leave, but I had forgotten about John. He left before me it seemed. I gave Randy one last kiss before leaving.

Talk about a walk of shame. I looked like I'd been on a camping trip in the desert. Sweat dripped down my whole body. As soon as I reached my room, I collapsed into bed.

Waking up feeling rejuvenated, I planned a day of sauna relaxation. I took a quick shower and tried on different bikinis. Finally, ten minutes before my reservation, I got into the perfect bikini. The g-string's earthy tones of the thin material complimented my eyes and new glow. Walking down to the spa, men of all ages stared at me.

"Hello," I said cheerfully to the spa clerk, "I've got a reservation under Lily Hemenway."

The clerk nodded and ogled at my breasts. He walked me to the sauna and left me to my own devices. My mind wandered back to yesterday as I rubbed away some soreness in my shoulders. Playing with my hair, I thought aloud, "I should have invited one of the guys." I smiled and jumped up. I opened the door quickly and bumped into a muscular, tattooed back. Instantly, I apologized, "I'm so sorry. I—"

"It's okay, but I thin you know how to make up for it." His voice cut me off. I gazed up and saw that I crashed into Batista (only in a towel). Helping me off the ground, I gave Batista a hug. I pressed my covered pussy onto his thigh, as his hands slowly moved up my spine. He kissed my head; his body was warm and comforting.

"Hey..." a voice from behind us sounded in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

We turned around, Randy glared at us. I replied, "Randy... I reserved a sauna," I gave them a flirtatious face and continued, "Maybe two wrestlers could keep me company."

I grinned as they rushed by my side. They escorted me into the sauna and began to rub my bikini clad body. Randy's mouth sucks my covered DD boobies. Batista stands close behind me. He forces my head back and fucks my mouth with his long tongue. I feel his fully erect cock through the towel. I gently rubbed it in my hand. Randy exposed my rack, leaving the bikini top on. He slowly licks his way down to my pussy. Batista massages my tits; I smile and moan while Randy flicks my covered clit with his tongue. Batista sits down on the bench and pulls ne towards his lap. I begin to lick my smooth lips, tongue-ring flashing. On my hands and knees, Randy licks and fingers my warm cunt. Batista's dick enters my lips. I motion for Batista to push my head deeper onto his cock. His rapid pushes made me choke. It must've felt good to Batista, because his cum shot down my throat.

Batista got up and, rubbing his dick, he began violently fucking my pussy. Randy sat on the bench right in front of me. I sucked his crotch through his black board shorts. Randy bent down and kissed my lips gently. I flashed him a smile, while Batista held onto my hips, thrusting behind me. I helped Randy undo his shorts, patiently waiting for him to whip out his juicy rod. Batista grunts as I do the washing machine motion on his cock. His hard thrusts forced me deeper into Randy's shaft. Deep-throating his rod for a while, Randy rested his hands over his head. I felt him come close, so I massaged his balls with my hand and slowly dug my tongue ring into the side of his shaft. His cum shot up on my face. I moaned as Batista slapped my ass, while his gigantic dick ripped through my pussy. Getting up, Randy maneuvered between the floor and me. Batista relentlessly pulled out and began to cum all over my ass cheeks. Sweat filled the sauna as we continued to fuck.

Randy lies on his back, I became sandwiched between them, facing Batista. He gently kisses my chest, while Randy penetrated my ass with his fat cock. His fingers lingered, touching my inner thighs. Batista grunted as he entered me again. I groaned as the "sloshes" echoed in my ears. I braced myself as both of them pounded my body in excitement.

"Oh...baby. You guys are so fucking good!" I moaned grabbing my boobs.

I felt them force themselves harder and rougher into me. Our bodies entwined together as we began to cum like crazy. For ten minutes, we lay strewn about, partially naked. Randy gently caressed me as Batista cleaned himself off. Randy's fingers played with my hair, his lips gently kissed my forehead.

Then a loud knock intruded our little fuck-fest. "Excuse me, Ms. Hemenway? Your sauna time has expired. Are you finished?" a loud voice boomed through the door.

"Umm... yeah... we're finished." Randy answered annoyed. I got ready to leave, followed by Randy and Batista. I smiled at the clerk and grabbed a towel from him.

"Ma'am," the clerk stuttered, I turned around, "You are not allowed to have sexual—"

"You don't have any proof of anything, so you can't do anything about it!" Randy seethed cockily.

"Unless he was listening," Batista points out.

"Now that's bad customer service. Let's go!" Randy spat and walked to the elevators.

As Randy and Batista walked me to my room, Batista asked, "Do you want to come to Wrestlemania on Sunday?"

"I'll think about it." I said tiredly, kissing both of them goodbye.

When I got into my room, I noticed something different. Flower petals were strewn about everywhere. They led me to a large vase of white lilies. I smiled at the thought and smelled them. I found card and began to read it. It said:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Lilies are white

And I hope you like me too

If you do, meet me tomorrow

In the garage at 7 pm


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