tagGroup SexJust Another Day in the Life

Just Another Day in the Life


He stretches himself out, the sheets rustling as he flexes his muscles and lets out a long yawn. Nick smiles at the smooth, warm form resting at his side. Glancing over, he sees her red hair spilling across her face and pillow, her creamy white skin exposed to the air. She moans and moves closer to him, one arm draped across his chest while one leg slides up along his own. Nick runs one hand along her tone back and along her shapely bottom, bringing forth a slight giggle.

"Nick...it tickles." One of her dark eyes peaks out from under her red tresses and Nick stirs at it. He turns towards her, pushing back her hair to look at her sweet face with its rosy lips, and kisses her fiercely. Her body pushes up against him, her full breasts sliding against his muscled chest, her stiff nipples against his sparse black chest hair. One of his hands finds the gentle curve of her bottom and moves in between her thighs to find her moist lips. Her own gentle hands move down his chest to find his stiff member, running her fingers along his thick length, all the way up to his tip and the metal ring piercing it. She works him with a profound expertise, bringing a healthy growl to Nick's throat.

"Uh, Carly, your hands are magic." She pulls back as well, moaning with her forehead in his chest. "Nick...your fingers...more." She lets out the briefest of gasps as Nick pushes three fingers deep into her wet pussy.

They work each other with their hands with well-versed expertise, playing each other's bodies like instruments. Eventually, Carly twists about finding his engorged cock with her mouth. Nick grunts in satisfaction, as he is ever amazed at her ability to take him deep into her mouth. He looks down his hardened form to see his big, thick organ disappear down her throat. He looks back up and finds her spread before him. He peeks the little strip of red hair that always makes him smile and her little ring piercing her erect clit. He finds her wetness with his tongue, delving into her as he begins to work her with the same urgency that she attends him.

After some time, Carly whips her head back and groans, "Nick...come on! I have class... Stop teeeaaaasing me." Her hands wrap around his cock, each barely able to wrap around his girth as they work up and down his length with room to spare. With a dancer's grace and flexibility, she twists about, swinging her legs around to easily straddle Nick's legs with his member resting against her pubis.

Nick smiles at the red-haired beauty in front of him, always amazed how fresh and sensual she was, morning to evening. She smiles down at him and winks. Her face makes a slight pout. "Don't you want to give me this big cock, Nick?" He growls and grasps her tight waist pulling her forward, his cock sliding between her lips until its ringed head rests at her entrance.

Carly's eyes widen, then scowl as he keeps her poised, just on the edge. She smiles, then twists and forces herself down, her eyes rolling back in her head as she impales herself upon him. In moments she is riding him as his hands run along her body, her perky full breasts and her nipples. At one point, as her breathing increases and her cheeks grow flush, Nick grabs her and twists her, moving on top as he begins to thrust into her, her legs wrapping around his waist. Their breathing becomes stronger and their groans increase in tempo until they both reach their peak. Nick grunts as his cock becomes iron hard and erupts deep within her tight pussy which contracts in her own climax. Eventually he pulls back, his wet cock pulling from her now very wet sex and they lay on the rumpled bed together.

Eventually Carly sits up on one elbow and looks at Nick, a sheen of light sweat covering her naked, curved body. She shakes her head when she sees the gleam in Nick's eye. "You are so bad. I have to get to class!" He reaches for her sides, but she yelps and leaps from the bed, her rounded, perfect little bottom causing Nick to pause and enjoy her little dance into the bathroom.

Nick lays back and listens to the shower, Carly's voice carrying through the door as she gets ready for her early morning college class. The bedroom is decidedly hers, girly and smelling of perfumes, incense, and of her, his fianc‚e. He tries to imagine when the semester is done, she will have graduated and they would finally be free to move out to the west coast and start their new life together.

His reverie is interrupted as Carly comes out of the bathroom wearing a red lacy bra and a pair of red-laced boy shorts that hugged her exquisite ass to perfection.

"So I have classes until 2, then study session with Carol and Martin," she pauses, her summer dress having just been pulled down across her body, just barely blue enough to keep those red underthings from showing through. She gives Nick a quick faux dirty look, "Come on, don't roll your eyes. Martin is a nice guy."

Nick chuckles, "A nice guy who wants to get into your panties."

She smiles and tosses her skirt just enough to flash a hint of her red shorts, "These? But really, then I'm having dinner with Samantha and then I've got work tonight."

Nick smiles, "You know Violet and Peter have been asking us to hang out with them before we leave."

Carly winks at Nick and grabs her backpack and slides to the bedroom door.

"See you at the club tonight!" Nick shouts. Carly gives him a hard look. "Shhhh! You'll wake her!" She blows him a kiss and leaves.

Nick takes a moment to relax, then pulls himself out of bed and goes through his morning routine, which consists of about 20 minutes of yoga, then another 20 minutes each of sit-ups and pull-ups on his doorframe gym. He starts the shower and washes his face. Just a hair over six feet with dark brown hair shaved close to his skull and a slight stubble that Carly initially disliked but now insists he keep. "I like how it tickles my thighs!" she likes to say. Nick is lean but muscular, more so than he was a year ago thanks in part to the yoga . His pectoral muscles and abdominals are pronounced and tight with a dusting of dark hair on his chest and stomach. Nick never really thought much about his appearance growing up. It wasn't a priority. If anything, he always tried to keep a low profile. His first real girlfriend, Kira, used to give him a hard time, but she was so exotic and pretty herself, he sort of got lost in her attitude and appearance. But if anything these past two years has taught him, it was that girls seemed to like what they saw, and in this Nick had gained confidence. Carly often made fun of him that it had grown past confidence into overconfidence.

Finally he jumps in the shower, beginning to clean himself and thinking about the coming day...he never hears the door open. So he is pleasantly surprised when the shower curtain pulls aside, revealing the eighteen-year-old blonde teen in a purple t-shirt with a black-winged fairy on the front. Pushing the pink and purple streaked hair behind her ear, Cassie's mischievous blue eyes shamelessly look Nick's wet form up and down before she licks her lips and says, "Good morning, Nick."

Nick smiles and continues to soap himself, taking care to run his hand down his half-erect penis, much to his visitor's enjoyment. "Cassie, can I help you with something?"

Cassie smirks and turns around to look into the mirror, bending over slightly as she talks, knowingly revealing her tight ass that slides out from under her t-shirt. Her bare young lips peeking through.

"I was having a wonderful dream and then I heard this moaning. At first I thought it was in my dream..." she glances over her shoulder and winks, "I was getting fucked up against a wall, you see, and it was soooo good." She looks back in the mirror and splashes some water on her face, "But it turns out that it was you and Carly. Dirty morning sex." She turns around and sits up on the counter a bit, the shirt once more rising up to reveal the hint of her shaved mons...but only a hint.

Cassie's mom, Elizabeth, was a close friend of Nick's father years ago. Very close friend, as it had become apparent. His path had crossed with theirs a couple years ago and while his parents had been gone for years, it was good to meet someone who knew them years ago. Cassie had gone from a sarcastic, precious teen to a...sarcastic, precocious 18 year-old. Her mother had taken a job in California but had asked if Cassie could stay with Nick and Carly to finish her last year of high school.

Cassie interrupts his thoughts as she pulls off her shirt and tosses it aside, entering the shower and pulling the curtain shut. She slides in, pale and lean with breasts that have filled out nicely in the past year. Never subtle, Cassie moves into Nick and puts both hands on his now rock hard cock. Her delicate fingers slide up and down his soapy member with loving care as she leans in and kisses Nick. She pulls on Nick's manhood, taking him out from the direct stream of water and begins to rub her naked, nubile body against Nick's, soaping herself as Nick moves his hand along her body, soaping up her perky breasts and lean, tight bottom. His fingers roam down on either side of her body, some of them sliding across her smoothly shaved pussy, dipping into her wetness as his other fingers slide in between her ass cheeks, running along her tight ring before finding those smooth lips from behind. Cassie shudders and gives a throaty laugh, "Oh yeah, I knew my dream would come true." Nick turns her around and luxuriates in rubbing his member along her tight ass and in between her cheeks. "Hell yeah, Nick...rub it." Cassie arches her back so that she can let his thick cock rub along and in between her lips. "Come on, Nick..." Nick punctuates her whines with a slow, steady push into her incredibly tight pussy, bringing a series of joyful moans.

Nick grunts as he pumps into Cassie, pushing her into the shower wall causing her tits to press against the wet tile and her hands to splay out, bracing herself and pushing back against each thrust. "Ugh....ugh...ugh..." Nick's balls tickle her clit and innermost thighs as he fucks her hard. Cassie laughs and thrusts backwards as one of her hands reaches between her legs to massage her clit even more.

"Oh...Ohhh....Ohhhhh!!!!" Nick grimaces with a hint of a smile as he feels her contract on him like a vice. He slows his pace until he completes several long, leisurely thrusts. Cassie reaches behind her and grasps the base of his cock, sliding it from her wet lips then up, shivering as she feels his metal ring rub against her tight asshole. She looks back at Nick from between wet strands of hair and makes a surprised 'oh' face as she pushes the plum head of his erection ever so slowly into her ass. Then, just as the fat head clears her tight sphincter, she pulls it back out spins around and drops to a squat in the shower. Looking up at Nick, she begins to work the head of his cock, full and sensitive from plunging into her earlier. Her tongue and lips make their way along his veiny length, eventually finding his big balls, cleanly shaved and in her mouth in moments. Cassie's hunger for his cock is intense. She sucks on him hard...vigorous...animalistic. One hands rests on his incredibly firm and ripped stomach while the other slides along his shaft.

Nick feels the pressure build and he hardens in her mouth. Smiling around him, she pops him from her mouth and tongues his cock piercing until he unleashes a torrent of cum in her face. Several streams lay thick, white fluid on her cheeks and nose, across her lips and chin. She opens her mouth and takes his head into it, letting the following ejaculations fill her mouth. Spent, Nick pulls back to see her cute little face streaked with his seed as she wantonly shows him the hard-earned mouthful of cum before swallowing it.

"Geez Nick, I don't think I'll need any breakfast this morning." She pops up and begins to wash her face, playfully shoving Nick out of the way to command the primary part of the shower. Nick leans against the wall and watches her clean herself off. Cassie finishes and smiles at Nick. "Thanks for the shower. You can go ahead and finish now." She hops out of the shower, briefly drying with a towel before walking naked into the other room. "And hurry up, Nick! I have school you know!"

Nick sighs and gets back to cleaning himself...again.


Nick drops Cassie off at her high school and does his best to ignore her as she flirtily flips her black goth skirt to clearly show her black thong and the tops of her white thigh-high socks.

Letting the images sit in the back of his mind, he arrives at the New Age shop where he works. Or rather, the smallish room in the back where he teaches yoga. Nick smiles at the various women getting ready for the class, all of them flashing their brightest smile back at him. Nick started the class working with the young college student, Tori, who worked in the shop and taught yoga on the side. Initially Tori liked the idea of having Nick around for herself, but eventually...as her class size kept growing she realized that her would-be boy toy had become an entirely new draw.

For his part, Nick really enjoyed his work. After the initial novelty, he began to really feel the benefits of the breathing techniques and stretching exercises. It provided a balance and calmness that he found comforting. The added stamina and muscle tone weren't bad either.

Gazing across the room at the women getting ready for class...young and middle-aged women, wearing tight-fitting yoga pants and sports bras...he admits that there was certainly other perks. He kicks the class off and begins to walk them through the routines. Nick moves about them, gently touching and holding as needed to adjust their position.

He gets to one student, a leggy blonde with blue eyes and a full, rounded chest as she bends over in an awkward manner, almost exaggerated. Nick smiles and places a hand on her taunt stomach as he murmurs, "Evelyn, remember to keep your torso straight." She smiles wickedly and slides back, only to move her hips such that Nick's hand slides between her legs, his fingers along her warm mons. Nick smiles back and presses hard between her legs, enough for her to react to him. Cruelly, he pulls away and moves on to his next student.

Evelyn was not the only one in the room that liked to tease him. A couple of his students, Alex and Penny, were especially fond of messing with him. But none of his regular students could stir him like Evelyn. As the class progresses, Evelyn manages to cup his cock twice, presses her large breasts against his stomach, and bite his tight buttocks.

By the end, his penis was nice and full underneath his spandex thigh-length shorts. This did not go unnoticed by his attentive (and appreciative) pupils. Tori liked to refer to the effect as his "lure." Nick was sure there was a fishing reference in there somewhere. But then again, Tori had told him this while bent over the bench in the changing room as Nick's cock was hilt deep in her wet sex, her rich coffee skin and tightly curled hair laid before him.

So she was likely less then impartial about her attitude.

Nick walks into the store portion, giving a nod to the owner, Xander, as he gets ready to leave. A woman's voice says, "You know, there is certainly a lot of crystal crap in this place. Do you buy into it?" Nick turns to Evelyn and shrugs, "You would be surprised how effective some of this stuff is." Evelyn raises an eyebrow at Nick and he smiles back, "Yes...but there seems to be a lot of crystal rocks."

Evelyn laughs and follows Nick as he leaves the store. "I've worked up quite an appetite, thanks to you. We're having lunch...on me." Nick smiles back at Evelyn and nods, but then adds, "I can't linger though, I have a private appointment this afternoon."

Evelyn pouts, guiding him to her elegant black BMW. "But Nick, that's hardly fair."

"I know Evelyn, but I do have other clients."

Nick slides into the passenger seat as Evelyn slides behind the wheel. "Why of course you have other clients, but do they let you put that big cock of yours into every hole they have?"

Nick glances at Evelyn and sees the desire in her eyes, the ever present desire. As she drives, she works the manual stick of her car like it was something entirely different and Nick cannot help but feel a twinge.

They arrive at Patrice's, an elegant but relaxed caf‚ and find themselves in one of their usual booths. Soon they are eating and drinking.

"You know, Nick. I don't know what I'm going to do once you move out to California."

Nick shrugs, "Easy enough, come visit Chastity at school. You can drop on by."

Evelyn nods, sipping her wine, then replies, "Oh, you can count on that young man." She pauses and smirks, "I am sure you'll be seeing enough of Chastity as well."

Nick's cheeks color a bit at the mention of Evelyn's daughter. A younger version of Evelyn with seemingly endless sexual appetite, Nick...and Carly...had missed her presence for a while and talked about seeing her again once they moved out to the coast. Smart as a whip and drop-dead gorgeous like a model out of Sports Illustrated, Chastity was nothing like her namesake and Nick was starting to heat up thinking about her.

He could feel his cock growing hard at the thought of her perfect, large breasts with the tiny golden hoop piercing their nipples and her long blonde hair that tickled her pert round ass. Legs that went on forever and a shaved pussy and tight little asshole that he had tongued dozens of times before she had gone away to college...and during her occasional visits home.

He is so hard that he can feel the wet pre-cum leaking from his cock. That is when he realizes that Evelyn's hand was working him through his spandex, driving his length up to the point that the tip slides above his waistband.

Evelyn leans in and whispers, "Let me take you home and fuck you."

Nick groans and mutters, "I have an appointment..."

Evelyn sighs, "Fine, then let me take you into the bathroom and help tame this beast."

Nick raises an eyebrow then nods in his inevitable concession to her will.

Getting to the bathroom was awkward with Nick's mammoth bulge and they have to pick the men's room...the women's bathroom simply had too much traffic.

Evelyn flicks the lock on the door and looks around. "Reasonably clean, but I am not touching anything in this place."

She then drops with the agility and flexibility that demonstrates her commitment to yoga. She yanks his spandex down to pull out Nick's thick cock and promptly wraps her mouth around it. Evelyn inhales him, taking it down her throat with a skill and ease that only his Carly could match. Her tongue works his shaft, even finding his balls she has him so deep.

Aware of time and clearly wanting his thick member somewhere else, Nick pulls her up and kisses her hard, his hands pushing under her sports bra to massage her round tits and hard nipples.

"You want to fuck my tits, Nick?" Nick groans and pushes them together, only to have her laugh and pull away. "Nope, sorry! Come home with me and you can push that big cock of yours between then and cum all over my face. Maybe turn around and fuck them while I lick your ass?" She pulls at her yoga pants, sliding them down to her knees to expose her neatly trimmed blonde pussy.

Nick's fingers find themselves in between her lips and finds her so very wet. Evelyn strokes him with one hand while enjoying his fingers exploring her depths and stroking her clit on occasion. Finally she turns around to face the counter and mirror, bending slightly as Nick rubs his piercing against her lips. Evelyn looks up at Nick in the mirror through her blonde tresses and mouths, "Fuck me."

Nick works his heavy cock into her easily, her wetness accommodating him handily. Knowing she liked it hard, Nick does not mess around. In just a minute, Nick is pounding Evelyn from behind as Evelyn bites her lip to keep from crying out. Her big breasts, pulled out of her sports bra, heave about with his thrusts and Nick relishes watching them in the mirror as he fucks her hard.

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