tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJust Another Day on Wisteria Lane Ch. 02

Just Another Day on Wisteria Lane Ch. 02


It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning on Wisteria Lane, and Bree van de Kamp was out attending to her garden. Her braided pink gardening hat provided her face with a shade from the sun, and the matching pink gloves protected her manicured hands as she attended to her geraniums. Bree took pride in having the most well kept garden on the block, and attending to her flowers was in some way a therapeutic activity as she got a chance to spend some time alone to reflect upon whatever situation may be preoccupying her mind at the moment. She found those precious moments especially valuable in helping her mourn after Rex had passed away.

Today however it was something else that had her mind gripped. She had spent the last few days trying to rationalize her behavior during the little episode that occurred earlier in the week when she had walked in on her daughter with the black neighbor kid in bed. And as if that wasn't bad enough, what happened afterwards with Bree acting as an accomplice while this boy mounted her daughter right there in her bedroom was simply appalling.

"What was I thinking?" Bree whispered to herself. "You were trying to mediate and help your daughter understand that associating with that hobo is not the activity a girl of her standards should be engaged in. You were therefore simply trying to embarrass her back into her senses."

That was the rational side of Bree trying to justify what had happened. However, deep inside, Bree knew the truth. The moment she had seen young Matthew Applewhite's appendage protruding out from his pelvis, she could not resist her own yearnings to do all kinds of deplorable acts with that amazing cock. Her rational self was thrown aside and her deep sexual inhibitions had taken over. In a rather sick and twisted way, her assisting Matthew in fucking her daughter was a desperate attempt to suppress her craving to have her own widowed pussy stuffed full with his wonderful black cock.

"I've got to put a halt to this foolishness," rational Bree took over again. "I certainly cannot allow for the word to get out that Danielle is the neighborhood tramp."


"Gaby, get up. We're supposed to take Xiao Mei to the doctor this morning for her checkup," Carlos said while walking into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"I'm not taking that bitch anywhere. Especially not on Saturday morning, and even more so after I caught her gulping down on your cock" Gabrielle swore while rolling around in bed.

"Gaby, she's carrying our child. Remember?" Carlos said growing a bit irritated.

"Yeah, and she's also fucking my husband!"

"I'm not going to argue about this with you right now," Carlos said while putting his pants on.

"Good. So you're taking the bitch to the doctor right?" Gaby smiled sarcastically.

"You know Gaby, sometimes you can be the most self-centered arrogant bitch I know. And a hypocrite! Don't lie there acting as if you're a saint. We won't even go into your extra-marital diversions for the sake of time here," Carlos fired back.

"Are you comparing me fucking the teenaged gardener to you fucking our maid, the woman who's supposedly carrying our surrogate baby?" Gaby asked.

"First of all, I did not fuck Xiao Mei," Carlos replied.

"Yeah! That's because I walked in on you stuffing your dick down her throat! If I hadn't walked in on you, you probably would've had that pregnant bitch bent over the dining room table plowing her pussy full of cock!"

"Secondly," Carlos continued as he threw his shirt on. "The only plowing that occurred around here was when punk-ass garden boy plowed your cheating cunt! Or did you forget that already?" Carlos said with his voice full of rage. "So don't come pointing your finger at me you hypocrite!"

"Fuck you!" Gaby yelled whirling a pillow at the door as Carlos walked out of the room.


"Good morning Mrs. van de Kamp," Matthew greeted.

"Oh!" Bree jumped. "Young man, don't you have anything better to do than going around sneaking up on people like that? You almost gave me a heart attack," Bree scolded.

"I apologize Mrs. van de Kamp. I did not mean to scare you like that. I actually just came over to look for Danielle. Is she around?"

"Danielle's not home. Her and Andrew went up to stay with their grandparents for the weekend," Bree answered briskly.

"Oh ok. She didn't mention anything to me," Matthew lied. He knew very well that Danielle was away for the weekend. He had not come over to see Danielle. The truth was he had come over to see Bree. He had been sitting out on the front porch admiring his neighbor as she attended to her flowers. She had on khaki shorts and a white blouse through which he could clearly make out her lace bra. She looked so hot in that blouse with her gardening hat on. Matthew sat there for a while secretly fantasizing about how hot his older neighbor would look naked, yearning to caress and kiss her succulent mounds and kiss his way all over her smooth pale white skin. He imagined what her naked mature housewife pussy would look like. Did she have a nice red bush growing down there or did she keep it nice and trimmed? After peeping on his neighbor for a while he looked around and decided to walk over to say hi.

"When will she be back?" Matthew asked.

"They'll be back tomorrow evening," Bree answered reluctantly as she stared up at Matthew. She was knelt down in front of him which put her at eye level with…. "Oh my goodness! You filthy scum! Are you sporting an erection?"

"Uhhhmmm… No I'm not!" Matthew defended. He had stuck his left hand inside his pocket in a failed attempt to hide the huge erection he had grown while secretly watching his neighbor.

"Don't lie to me young man!" Bree answered getting up while taking her gloves off. She was going to give this black vagabond a piece of her mind. "Listen to me you smutty animal!"

A couple was out walking their kids around in their stroller and looked over curiously at what was happening. Matthew stepped back timidly and nervously smiled at the couple. Bree quickly caught herself and realized that it probably would not be smart to do this outside.

"Could you please step inside with me for a minute young man?" she smiled reaching out to put her hand on Matthew's shoulder, as if to guide him with her. "Let's get some lemonade and we can sit and talk this over. If you're going to help me out with my garden, we'll need to go over some rules so that you don't get dirt all over yourself,'' she said loud enough so that the neighbors walking by could hear. As they walked towards the front-door she turned around and smiled at the neighbors just to make sure that they were not still prying.


"Mrs. Solis still mad at me?" Xiao Mei asked as they parked in front of the doctor's office.

"No she's not Xiao Mei. Gaby's just not feeling well today," Carlos answered. "So she didn't feel like leaving the house."

They walked into the reception area where a number of other couples were waiting. Most of the women were late in their pregnancy with full-grown bellies.

"Good morning, my name is Mr. Carlos Solis, and this is Xiao Mei. She's in for her appointment with Dr. Watson."

"Sure. Please have a seat and the nurse will be right with you," the girl behind the counter answered.

As he and Xiao Mei sat down, Carlos looked around the room at the various couples. He noticed that a few of them were sneaking awkward glances at them.

"Ignorant sons of bitches," he thought to himself as he made sense of what was going on. They probably thought that he had taken advantage of this poor Asian girl and had gotten her pregnant.

"Xiao Mei Solis!" the nurse yelled out from the door.

"I think that's you," Carlos said while turning to help her up. The nurse walked over to give Xiao Mei a hand.

"It's ok Mr. Solis, I got it. We'll call you in once the doctor is ready," the nurse said.

"Oh but I'm not her husband," he said as the two ladies walked thru the door. He sat back down and noticed everyone staring at him.

"I'm the father but not the husband," he said out loud. Once he realized what he had just said he dropped his face in shame. "Ignorant sons of bitches," he whispered while turning around to grab a magazine from the table.


Matthew sat quietly at the counter while Bree got them some refreshments. The erection that he had grown earlier succumbed to a growing panic as he pondered what his neighbor was going to say.

"So Matthew, I believe we have a problem here," Bree said now a bit more calm and collected as she poured them some lemonade.

"We do?" Matthew asked timidly.

"But of course we do," Bree said looking up at him. "I cannot have you coming over here sporting that huge erection thinking my daughter's some kind of whore who's going to take care of it for you. Even worse, I cannot afford to have the word leak out around the neighborhood and at the country club that Danielle is fucking a black boy. Can you imagine the repercussions of that scandal?"

"But Mrs. van de Kamp…. Danielle and I love each other," Matthew spoke.

"Love? Did you say love? Oh dear heavens!" Bree laughed. "Was it love that made you two sneak up here the other day trying to fuck each other behind closed doors? Was it love that made you walk over here this morning to find a cure to help remedy that hideous erection that you were sporting?"

Matthew took a sip of lemonade and nervously put down his glass trying to look away.

"Ok, so maybe love is a strong word to be used in this situation, but Mrs. van de Kamp I will have you know that Danielle has certain needs to that she looks to me to help her fulfill as well," Matthew tried to defend himself. "It's not like you're painting it to be as if I'm this horny dog who comes over to your daughter to fulfill my sexual needs."

Bree turned around quietly and walked over to the fridge to put back the pitcher of lemonade. Her mind was racing to come up with a way to make this whole fiasco go away. The boy was right. She had lately come to the realization that her daughter wasn't exactly the good little girl that she had hoped she'd raised. The blame couldn't be put squarely on Matthew. She also did sympathize with Danielle's situation. She remembered when she was Danielle's age how she'd began to experience the different sexual urges one's body would go through. How could she blame her daughter for not wanting more of that magnificent cock once she had had her pussy filled with it?

"What you say may be true, but that only addresses my first concern about you taking my daughter to be some kind of personal whore of yours. I still cannot have you two continue to screw around. It's far too dangerous. The people who live around here are nosy, and someone is bound to grow suspicious."

"I understand," Matthew answered.

"I do however have a proposal for you," Bree continued with a devious smile on her face.

"A proposal?" Matthew asked curiously.

"Yes. This is to remain strictly between the two of us," Bree gleamed.

"OK, I'm listening," Matthew said while sitting up straight looking across the counter at his older next-door neighbor.

"Alright, the terms are as follows," Bree said while leaning forward to put both her elbows on the kitchen counter. She put one finger on her cheek striking a contemplative pose. If she played this right she could kill two birds with one stone.

Matthew stared at the mature housewife's face as he felt what seemed to be the stirrings of his returning erection. Her piercing eyes and fiery red hair contrasted her pale face so gracefully, and her soft lips seemed so delicate from nearby. There were a few traces of wrinkles on her forehead and cheeks which gave her face the elegance of a mature older beauty.

"Like a sophisticated aged wine," he thought to himself as he took in her aroma.

"So… You have some needs that you say my daughter takes care of for you. I have objections to her doing so," Bree spoke. "My demands are pretty simple. You break up with Danielle right now, and cut off all communication with her. If she attempts to contact you, you are to ignore her calls and not talk to her. Understood?"

"Understood. But what's in this for me?" Matthew asked puzzled.

"In return I will take on the responsibility of attending to the needs that Danielle has been taking care of for you," Bree said looking Matthew straight in the eyes.

"You will what? Are you serious?"

"Do I look like I'm kidding young man?" Bree answered raising her perfectly trimmed eyebrows.

"No Mrs. van de Kamp. You're not."

"Good then. So it's understood. Do we have a deal?" Bree asked. Her heart was racing as she awaited Matthew's answer. What was she thinking? Did she just offer herself up to him? How would she justify this one? She felt a familiar wet feeling building down between her legs as her mind raced back to earlier in the week when she saw his magnificent cock. Was she going to get her chance now to get her own pussy filled by that monster?

"Well, you're proposal is certainly tempting. But I do have some concerns. How does this resolve the danger of a scandal breaking out? Won't people still grow suspicious if I'm constantly over here?" Matthew asked.

"You are to tell your mother and anyone else who asks that you're coming over to learn about gardening and to help me out with my garden. Nobody will suspect anything, because we will be gardening as well. And it certainly will be less suspicious than you sneaking over here while I'm away to sleep with my daughter."

"OK, but what about Danielle? I don't want her to get hurt."

"You leave Danielle up to me. You just make sure you end the relationship effective immediately."

"Fair enough. And what about my needs? How can I assure that you'll be able to fulfill all of my needs?" Matthew negotiated.

Bree leaned forward seductively until her face was only inches away from Matthew's, never once loosing eye contact.

"Tell me Matthew, what are these needs that you have that Danielle is taking care of? Does she lick that big black cock of yours? Does she suck on your cum-bloated balls? Does she let you stuff that wonderful meat of yours deep inside her pussy?" Bree whispered, sexily closing her eyes as if she was imagining his cock deep inside her own pussy as she asked the last question.

Matthew's dick almost burst as Bree whispered the questions out to him. He held onto the glass of lemonade as it felt like all the blood in his body was flowing down to one spot; his now throbbing erection.

"Well," Matthew said leaning back while taking another sip of his lemonade. "You've described some things Danielle does. My biggest concern is if you'll be able to handle all of it as well as she did," he said leaning forward again to look into Bree's eyes. "I mean, you've seen it before. I don't want you to pull back halfway through this deal."

Bree knew exactly what he was talking about. Would she be able to take all of that cock he had to offer? Would she be able to perform all the filthy acts he was pondering in his dirty little mind? Certainly a woman of her standards could not allow herself to stoop to the level of some nasty little whore. Bree's inner-struggle continued as a part of her desperately tried to bring her back to her senses, while the other part of her, the one between her legs, was bubbling with anticipation of taking on young Matthew Applewhite's huge cock.

"Sweetie. I'm not some random teenage slut who doesn't know what she's doing. You're about to fuck a real woman," Bree bluffed. She had convinced herself that she only had to go along until she could set something up to make it seem as if Matthew was coming onto her and have Danielle find out. That way she'd be able to 'expose' Matthew as a no good scum to Danielle and assure that he would never get close to her daughter again. Once done, she'd be able to dispose of him. By that time of course she would've had the chance to feed her own curiosity about having that big black cock stuffed inside her own wanton widowed pussy.

"In that case you have yourself a deal Mrs. van de Kamp," Matthew smiled back.

"Great," Bree said as she stood back up and grabbed her glass of lemonade. "Oh and Matthew, this is to stay between the two of us. If any word of this arrangement gets out, I know it'll be you that leaked it, and the deal being off will be the least of your worries at that point. Understood?"

"Loud and clear," Matthew assured. "So this deal is effective immediately correct?"

"I suppose so," Bree answered finishing her lemonade.

"Good, because I have a problem that I need your help with," Matthew said standing up to allow Bree to get a look at the large bulge running down one pant-leg inside his shorts.

"I suppose you expect me to get down on my knees in my own kitchen and put that hideous thing in my mouth?" Bree asked.

"That would be a good start," Matthew grinned.


"Mr. Solis, you can come in now," the nurse called out to Carlos.

"Oh but I'm not the…" he tried to explain once more. He looked around to see some of the people staring at him again. "I'll be right there," he answered quickly putting the magazine back on the table and following the nurse towards the back of the clinic.

"Your wife's in there," the nurse pointed to a door in the back of the hallway. "The doctor will be with you in a moment." She then turned around and walked away.

Carlos slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open to peak inside the room. The first thing he saw was a chair with what seemed to be Xiao Mei's clothes on top of it. He pushed the door open and stepped inside.

"Mr. Solis is that you?"

There on the examination table was Xiao Mei with nothing but a robe on. Her feet were in the foot supports at the end of the table allowing her legs to be spread wide open. Carlos could see her very pregnant, very bushy pussy even from where he was standing. He felt a stirring in his pants as his cock seemed to grow hard at the sight of the Asian girl's naked pussy.

"Mr. Solis, door please," she said.

"Oh I'm sorry," Carlos replied closing the door behind him. He stood in front of the door and looked around the room trying to think of something to say.

"So are you ready?" he asked coyly.

"Me nervous," she answered. "But not anymore now that you here."

Carlos blushed a little bit. He fumbled around with his hands nervously as he stood in front of the naked pregnant girl. He couldn't help not to stare at the dark bush between her spread legs. It looked so swollen and dark untrimmed pubic hairs were sprouting forth out of it. As he sneaked peeks at her pussy he felt the familiar stirrings of his erection growing inside his pants.

"Mr. Solis. Are you hard?" Xiao Mei asked looking down at the bulge in his pants with a smile. "Did I make you like that?"

"Uhm," Carlos smiled nervously. "Don't mind me. I'm just a very sick man."

"I'm glad I make you feel like that," she said. "You have very nice cock."

"Thank you," he smiled.

"You make me feel good a lot too," she continued. "Last time I put your cock in my mouth it felt very good down here," she said reaching down to pat her dark bush. "And I turned on very much when I saw you put your cock in Mrs. Solis, even though she wasn't very nice to me. She made me lick her… you know."

"I apologize for that Xiao Mei. Gaby was just a little upset."

"When Mrs. Solis get upset, does she always make people lick her down there?"

"Oh no," Carlos laughed. "If that was the case she wouldn't be such a bitch all the time."

"So she make you lick her down there too?"

"Yes. I do lick her down there sometimes," Carlos replied.

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