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Just Another Fuck


I wanted to think it was something more. For her I mean, I know it was me, hell she was one of only three women I've ever been with. It was spring break in Pensacola and I had just turned eighteen ready for the world of free love. Yes, it was just barely the seventies, women were liberated, and HIV was a distant sci-fi nightmare. All I needed was a willing partner.

Being the awkward, shy one in our group of three friends on the trip, I quickly found myself left out of the romance when we met a couple of sisters vacationing with their parents. One of my friends went off with the younger sister for some PG rated fun while my best friend Mike slipped away with Ellen, the college student, for something a bit sexier. I spent the next few days body surfing, sketching beachscapes, and listening to how Mike lost his virginity.

Finally, on the last night of our trip Ellen bought us some beer and then sat down with Mike and I for a game of Monopoly. Yeah, I know, but hey after a few beers the game got interesting. Mike dropped out early as I quickly trounced him and turned my attention to Ellen. Soon Mike fell asleep and I realized that winning the game was not on Ellen's mind. When I got up from the floor and moved over to a chair with a noticeable tent in my pants, she saw it wasn't weighing on me either.

As she slipped onto my lap I asked, "What about Mike?"

"He's asleep."

"But..." she interrupted me with a kiss and as her hand slipped down to my lap I completely forgot what I was going to say. Not wanting to wake Mike up I whispered, "Hey, let's go for a swim."

She immediately got up and in moments I was trying to figure out how to keep her out of the water. Neither of us was in any condition to swim and besides, the pool and the gulf were bit too public for what I wanted. Guiding her away from the pool I let her take a few steps toward the beach and then tripped her. As she fell onto the sand I fell on top of her.

I took a moment to let myself really look at her. In the darkness I couldn't see tell the exact color of her eyes, whether they were actually blue or green, but her dishwater blond hair spread attractively on the sand. Her breasts were small and she was fairly thin, all in all someone I would consider attractive if not beautiful.

She reached up and grabbed my head, pulling it down into a long kiss. Slipping my tongue into her mouth I could taste a lusty headiness with a hint of the beer. I quickly stood up, pulled her up to me and led her toward the dunes.

Just as soon as we were hidden from the hotel we stopped, right there on the main path, and dropped down onto the sand. I quickly ran my hands up her shirt but quickly lost interest in very small breasts. Moving my hand into her pants I found her pussy and ran my finger up and down the slit several times, pushing it into her until I felt her wetness. I then slid my finger up to her clit.

Considering I had never touched a woman's pussy before, I guess I was a little rough because she quickly pulled her pants down to her ankles and began fumbling with my belt. I unfastened my pants, pulled them to my ankles and let her guide me inside.

Thrusting into her I was overwhelmed by the sensation and came on the third thrust, spurting my cum deep in her pussy. After a momentary pause I continued for several minutes not really sure how it was feeling for her. Eventually we stopped and then walked arm in arm back to the hotel.

I took her back to her hotel room, kissed her one more time and then walked back to my room where Mike met me with a high five. Apparently he only pretended to be asleep. I met Ellen for breakfast the next morning before we both packed up and headed back to our respective schools. I did write her once but never heard from her again. In the end I guess it was just another fuck, one I'll never forget.

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