tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust Bad Luck Ch. 03

Just Bad Luck Ch. 03


Reed noticed that Paula was actually sucking on his dick, but he still wanted back at her pussy... he could have a mouth anytime that he wanted. As Zack pulled out of her deflowered ass with a sigh of contentment, Reed grabbed Paula's shirt from off to the side.

Tossing her shirt to Zack he said, "Here, clean her up back there."

Zack gave Paula's nether regions a quick swipe with her shirt, soaking up the juices that had leaked from her, and making her shudder as the cloth touched her sensitive and abused parts. Lifting Paula's face from his crotch, Reed pulled her on top of him as he lay down, her legs straddling his side. She moaned a little, through her haze she realized that he was going to put her through the indignity of actively fucking him by putting her on top, making her an actual participant in her own rape.

Devin came and stood behind Paula, helping get her in position above Reed's dick. She was so wet from two loads of cum, even after having been cleaned off by her shirt, that she slid right down on Reed's cock, making him moan. Since she was on top she was tighter than if he'd been fucking her on her back... and her elastic pussy felt fantastic.

"Should've put her on top," Reed grinned at Zack, "She's still decently tight like this even after two cocks!"

Stroking his dick as he stared down at the slowly moving Paula, most of her movement being made by Reed's hands on her hips as she barely had any strength left in her legs, Devin grinned, "I think I know of a way to make her even tighter!"

Kneeling between Reed's legs, Devin pressed his dick against Paula's ass, where a thin trickle of Zack's cum was leaking out. The poor girl couldn't produce more than a whimper as her newly-deflowered ass was forced to take its second cock in less than half an hour, and this time while her pussy was already filled with meat. But she no longer had the strength to fight, or even protest. Instead, she just lay between the two inmates as Devin fed his cock fully into her ass, giving her the strangest full feeling. It didn't even really hurt, since he was breaching her hole so quickly after Zack had vacated it.

The two men started to pump in unison, making Paula shudder and groan between them, her oversexed organs feeling raw and sensitive. The position she was in forced her clit to rub against Reed's body, and she couldn't help but tighten down and feel a little jolt of pleasure every time the men thrust into her. She was even starting to feel some pleasure from having something moving in and out of her ass, it was a strangely erotic feeling, and all her little nerve endings there were starting to tingle as Devin profaned her.

Feeling excessively full, Paula squirmed a bit in between the two men, her body moving against theirs as they sped up the rhythm of their thrusts. She moaned, arching her back a little as her body adjusted to the two cocks pushing into her body. It was like her mind had shut off, all she could feel the was growing pleasure... something in the back of her mind told her to fight it, but it was starting to overtake her senses.

Reed and Devin had their hands all over her body as they fucked her, feeling her exhaustion and arousal, her holes squeezing them continuously. Moving harder and faster, they stoked their own gratification as well as hers; Paula buried her face in Reed's shoulder, her moans growing with their movements.

"That's right, sweet thing," Devin grinned, squeezing her breasts as he ravished her anus, feeling Reed's dick moving in her pussy alongside his, "Feels good doesn't it?"

The two men were so intent on their pleasure that they'd forgotten Chuck in the chair. Zack hadn't though and was sitting next to him... he chuckled as he glanced at the prison guard's pants and saw that he'd gotten a hard on.

"Hey guys," Zack announced, "Daddy has a boner from watching his little girl get fucked, how's that for sick?"

All three men laughed, Paula was so lost in her haze that the words didn't even penetrate... but really none of them were concerned with Chuck anymore. They had a hot nineteen year old girl to violate and pleasure, the revenge barely mattered anymore.

Paula's moans and movements became more frenzied, and in her daze she could feeling the tingling pleasure that signaled an imminent orgasm... something inside her head told her this was bad... but it was too late.

"Ohhhh nooooooo..." she moaned, shuddering and bucking as the euphoria hit her, the movement in her pussy and ass seeming to split her open and wrap her entire body in waves of rapture. It was the most intense orgasm of her life... and she couldn't stop it. Reed and Devin kept thrusting, hard and fast, feeling her body going into overload.

"Fuck yeah, cum for us!" Reed grunted, his hips moving underneath her as he felt his own pleasure rising, "Cream for me while I fill you up with my junk!"

Grunting, both men reached the finish line at about the same time, sending Paula into a state of complete ecstatic bliss, her body thrashing between them as her orgasm took complete control of her body. Their dicks pulsed inside of her, filling her with cum, and she sobbed between them with the intensity of her euphoria.

When they pulled out of her, she was completely limp, her body still twitching and shuddering from the aftershocks of her orgasm.

"My turn again," Zack grinned, moving towards the overwhelmed teenager.

By the time the riot was over and other guards got to the room, Paula was almost completely unconscious on the floor, overcome by numerous orgasms and completely fucked out. Her mind was hazy, seeing everything as dream-like. In the chair sat her father Chuck, a completely beaten man, just staring at the floor. The three inmates sat contentedly against the wall, with raw but satisfied dicks.

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This slut wants to visit a prison

Three brutal men stripping me holding me down and using me after not having sex in years! Such beautiful description of Paula being overwhelmed by hands mouths and BIG COCK. I found myself wet as I finishedmore...

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