tagIncest/TabooJust Between You & Me...& Me

Just Between You & Me...& Me


Note-This takes place before one of the girls got her hair cut. That way I can tell them apart. This story also involves incest, since Heather and Jennifer are identical twins. And, their famous, so this story has EVERYTHING!

* * * * *

"OH, FUCK, HEATHER!!! LICK MY PUUSSSYYY! YESSS! I'M CUUMMINNG!!! Jennifer rocked her blonde hair back and forth on the couch as her massive climax spilled down her sister's mouth.

My name's Bob Slidel. I'm their father. Ever since my girls blossomed into young women, I have wanted to sneak a peek of them naked. Perhaps, if I'm lucky, fuck the shit out of them. Know, this quite possibly could be my chance. I was blessed enough to catch them in an intimate moment in their room. I guess they figured no one was watching through the crack.

Heather got up and her breasts were huge. When she laid back flat on the hardwood floor, her jugs giggled. "Know me," she whispered.

I was pumping furiously on my cock. "Oh, God. Shit, yeah," I muttered through clenched teeth.

Jennifer positioned her lips at her siblings cunt and popped her tongue out.

"LICK IT, BITCH!" She ordered. "MAKE ME CUM IN YOUR SLUTTY FUCKING MOUTH!" With every lick of the stars sex, the beauty thrust her hips faster. "OH, JESUS!! HELL YEESS!!! SUCK MY NAUGHTY CUNT!! UM, YEAH! FUCKING WHORE!!! EAT MEE!!"

The gorgeous singer glared up at the singer and extended her hands to Heather's large breasts.

"HOLY SHIT!! I'M CUUMMIINNNGGG!!! The twin moaned in a gigantic climax. "AHHHHHH! DAMN! That was the BEST!" She panted.

I was also on the verge of spraying my shorts. I struggled not to orgasm until this hot display of "sibling rivalry" was over.

"MAN, Jen. I wish you had a cock."

"Well, perhaps I can help you their." She looked towards the door. "Hi Dad. You can come in."

GOD! They saw me. I LOVE my girls. Opening the door, I walked in the room.

Heather was the first of the blonde babes to kiss me. She ALWAYS had more initiative. Her lips were sticky from her sister's cum.

Jennifer was busy tugging my Jeans and boxers off me. Finally, we ALL were nude. Both siblings eyed my cock in tremendous anticipation. "GOD, Dad. That monster is ENORMOUS! She twirled me around to face her, and passionately kissed me. Her lips were also very slimy from her sister's filth.

Heather decided to get VERY dirty and her tongue traveled down my back to my ass.


Then, in an instant, her tongue went into my ass.


At last, our lips broke. "Fuck my pussy, Dad."

I pulled off my t-shirt and guided my cock to my daughter's cunt.

"NOW!" she commanded.

I one hard motion, my entire dick was up Jen's wet box.


My girl was humping me with violent thrusts.


Her sister was busy watching well massaging her large breasts. "That's it, Father. Fuck the shit out of that nasty fucking slut. Cum inside the horny little bitch."

"YEES! CUUM INSIDE ME, DAD! I WANT YOU SLIME IN MY NAUGHT PUSSY!!! She thrust her hips one last time on my member. I'M CUUMMINNG!!" Her orgasm shook out of my daughter and cleansed my cock. "AHHHH, SHIT!!!"

I also came inside Jennifer's box. "AHHH! DAMN! That was WONDERFUL!!!" I glanced at Heather. "Your turn, babe."

To Be Continued...

Sorry, but I like keeping you on edge.

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