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Just Dessert


Let's say we go to a nice steakhouse, one that's dimly lit with semi-private booths.

I'm in a pair of thin slacks and a black silk professional cut shirt. You're in a long flowing silk gown that's low cut almost to your bellybutton in the front and the skirt drops almost to your ankles. Other than the gown, the only things you're wearing are a pearl necklace and ankle-strapped mid-heel pumps. You feel the wafting of the air against your shaved and naked little rosebud, and the sensual feel of the silk between your knees as you walk.

I ask to have us seated in the rear of the restaurant, remote from any of the other patrons (of which there are few, this being a midweek-night). We sit together in the back of the leather-covered curved bench of the booth, it's high walls effectively concealing us from all eyes except those of the waitress as she takes our drink order.

Our attraction for each other is plain and ardent and we sit close, enjoying the feel of each other's bodies through the thin cloth separating us. When the waitress is gone we steal a passionate kiss and I run my fingertips up into the hair at the back of your head and kiss very lightly over the side and back of your neck as you graze your fingernails back and forth slowly over the inside of my thigh. I allow my hand to slip beneath the silk of your gown to gently touch the pendulous curves of your breasts, and you slide your hand up further, making my cock begin to swell and stiffen beneath my slacks.

We compose ourselves in time for our waitress to return with our drinks, and she takes our food order with a slight wry smile, appreciating that were obviously enjoying each other.

As she leaves again, your fingers return to their teasing, and I bend you to back the back of your neck for a gentle bite followed by a trail of soft kisses until our mouths meet again.

You begin to work my cock more thoroughly through the cloth of my slacks guiding your fingernails up and down it's growing length and rubbing your fingertips just behind the head on the underside. I discreetly look around to ensure that we're still unobserved and then gradually hike up the silk of your skirt to reveal your inner thighs, with I begin to tease with my fingertips as you move slightly away and eagerly spread your legs, placing one knee up on the bench with your foot off the edge under the tablecloth, to grant me easier access to your tingling kitty.

I stroke the soft yummy flesh of the insides of your thighs getting closer and closer to your shaved nethers but not quite touching them yet. You firmly grasp the length of my prick and gently squeeze it, as the feel of my rigid shaft makes your folds slick and your mons puff out slightly. As I get closer and closer with pass, you arch that hot little pussy out to be teased up and you turn further toward me and quickly flash your tits one at a time to show me your swelling nipples, which I bend to lick briefly. As my tongue laps the second one and you draw a deep breath, I touch for the first time your slippery wetness and diddle your clit gently before teasing your opening and then raising my fingers to my lips to taste your dulcet musk. I then begin again to jill that yummy little slit beneath the silk of your skirt as you continue to gently jack my cock in my pants.

After a few minutes of this, we're both wanting to throw our clothes off and fuck right there on the table, but we restrain ourselves and we arrange ourselves to prepare for the waitress to bring our food.

The meal is delicious and I make a point of cutting your meat one little piece at a time and delicately feeding it to you as you playfully take each bite. You return the favor and I take the bites alternating between a hungry, teasing fierceness and gradual acceptance of each morsel.

We together spontaneously turn our eyes and discover that the waitress is discreetly glancing appreciatively at us from a nearby station as we feed each other, and she smiles sweetly at us and returns somewhat sheepishly to her duties as we return her smile.

After a while we have finished our meal and she returns to our table to ask if we'd like something delicious for dessert. Her words emerge in almost a shy, gushing whisper and we gather that she has been vicariously enjoying our playful teasing.

We order a light sweet dessert along with tea, all of which she promptly brings, and as she leaves we start kissing and teasing again. Your hand has rarely left my thigh, and as we ate you have repeatedly returned to my cock to keep it firm and long, and your position has remained unchanged as I have occasionally been reaching down under the silk to tease you up during the meal as well.

Now as I kiss and gently lick the side of your neck, I slide two fingers all the way up in your soaking passage and curl the tips against your deep hotspot. You collapse briefly against me as you arch down against my hand, and I firmly press deeper into you and feel up your tits with my other hand as you flick your fingertip under the head of my prick through the cloth.

Teasing each other more and more, we look quickly around again to be assured of our privacy. You then gaze mischievously into my eyes as you deftly unzip my slacks and take out my cock under the tablecloth, and begin to enjoy its naked length thoroughly as you stroke it up and down with your fingers lightly wrapped around its girth, so that in effect you make a hole for it to slip lightly in and out of as you jack it slowly and gently off under the table. I continue to work your hot slippery well nice and easy, making it more and more needy with each passing moment.

We finally reach the point where either we're going to have to leave and find a place to cum together in short order, or I'm going to take you right there in the booth, but as we look around again, we notice that the waitress is looking around the corner of a hallway at us, and as our eyes meet hers, she licks her lips lasciviously and she raises her index finger to curl and uncurl it in our direction indicating we should follow her, and then she disappears down the hall.

Our curiosity piqued, we rise from the table after I return my self to a presentable condition, and we move to look down the hall.

There waiting for us in an open office doorway are the waitress and the manager, embracing fondly and looking at us expectantly. They both smile at us and the manager nods toward the office as the waitress slowly hikes up her skirt and shows us a little thigh and garter at the top of her fishnet stocking.

We look back briefly before slipping inside the office with them and closing the door behind us.

The office is nicely decorated with a fine oak desk and leather covered chairs and a leather couch, in keeping with the decor in the restaurant.

The waitress, Tiffany, introduces us to the manager, Mike, and explains that she noticed we were in need of a place to play and that she thinks we make a really cute couple. Mike asks if we would like to play while they play too, and we can watch each other if we like.

I tell them that's very kind of them, and you say that they make a cute couple, too. She has long curly black hair, which she now lets down, and she slips out of her clothes to reveal a pert, curvy figure. He's built well with a little padding here and there, and he strips down to his shorts as she hinders him with kisses.

By this time I've obtained permission to set you on his generously sized desk and I'm sitting in the chair spreading your thighs as you lean back and watch them while I begin to devour my true dessert from your glistening honeywell.

She squats down with her legs spread and arches her back as she pulls down his shorts and takes his cock in one hand to feed on it as she strokes her trimmed but furry pussy with her other hand. He watches her intently and glances occasionally at you as she gulps down his length and then slips it out to lick it up and down.

I bring you right to the very edge of cumming and hold you there before I rise and spank your slick folds with the shaft of my prick before slipping the pinkish head just a little ways inside your opening as you raise your head and sit up slightly to watch what I'm doing there between your legs, and drink in the sight of my long stiffness slipping slowly into your delicious belly.

Mike is now seated on the couch and Tiffany has turned her ass to him as she straddles his cock and slowly glides down on it as she masturbates in front of us. She naughtily asks if she looks good with cock in her and we both reply that she does. He arches up into her as she rides his prickshaft slowly up and down, jilling her little button every now and again and plainly holding her orgasm off while she enjoys fucking him longer and watching us.

I'm slipping all the way deep inside you now, and lightly rubbing your clit with my thumb as you part the low-cut front of your gown and firmly feel your tits up in front of me as I slide slowly in and out of your hot little cunt.

As your mouth drops open and you arch your back, I keep holding you near the edge and tease you right up to the verge with occasional hard thrusts that slap my tight balls against your ass and bump my pelvic bone against your clit. The desk is at ideal height and I'm able to get very deep in you, and as I plunge into your writhing body, I guide you up to remove your gown leaving you naked and full of my cock on the desk.

I'm getting very close myself, but I want this to last a lot longer, so I slip out of you and lick and kiss a trail up your belly and between your breasts, before slowly returning down that trail again to your quivering flower.

As I lap up your frothy little petals, Tiffany begins to shake and pant as she bounces over that slippery cock of his and grinds her fingertips furiously side to side over her clit. She starts to cum and wave after wave hits her as she gets that little cunt of hers off again and again in a long string of explosions. Her flow gushes out over his balls and onto the edge of the couch and the floor as she keeps working her pussy and riding his prick.

I slip two fingers deep up in you as I lick and suck your little button, and then I quickly send you off too as I spear my cockshaft back way up deep in your quivering loins and work your clit fast and soft. You feel that exquisite lust build to a frenzy as you come several times on my thrusting prick while you watch them fuck and then turn to watch me heaving fiercely between your sexy thighs and impaling your wriggling body with my twitching prick.

As you clench down on me again and again, I begin to growl, and my body tenses as my prick flexes deep within you pumping out my hot seed in thick spurts. As you watch my sweat-beaded face, and my mouth drops open, you hear Mike cumming too behind Tiffany's little barks and squeals of delight.

I collapse against you and you feel your back pressed against the now warm and slick oak finish of the desk, and you turn to watch Tiffany ease up off Mike and move to face him and straddle him on a naked embrace, her arms around his neck and her head bowed beside his.

After enjoying a little afterglow, we all rise and get dressed again. As we prepare to leave the office, Mike shakes my hand and gently holds your arm briefly, and he tells me that our check is taken care of, and that it's been their pleasure to enjoy our company, and to please come back any time we like.

We thank them both and return the sentiments, and promise we'll pay them a visit again soon. I add that we have even more incentive now that we know how good the dessert is here.

They discreetly blow us a kiss and the patrons and the rest of the staff seem none to be the wiser as we make our way through the place and out into the cool night air.

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