Just For Kix


It took Ahsoka a moment or two to realize who was kissing her. It took even a few seconds longer, for her to process where she was, or what was going on.

She didn't remember how she got there, but she was sitting at a table in an unfamiliar room. Her legs were spread open, straddling the bench beneath her and Kix was kissing her. He had her jaw cupped in both of his large, rough hands, and Ahsoka struggled to cope with the intensity of his tongue. The clone medic was quite thorough in his exploration of her mouth; she tentatively kissed him back and tasted alcohol on his warm lips.

The newly-minted Jedi Knight tried to lift her hands, but was startled to realize that a firm grip held her elbows against her side. Ahsoka suddenly realized that it wasn't just her and Kix at the table - her back was pressed tightly against a broad, warm, muscular chest. A pair of hands held her arms against the body behind her and kept her from reacting to anything Kix was doing.

The restraint oddly excited her.

Confused - but not alarmed - Ahsoka continued to kiss Kix, while searching for the identity of the man behind her. She didn't need to break the kiss, or turn her head, or look at his face. She merely shifted her attention and considered his signature imprint in the Force; Ahsoka immediately recognized him.


She moaned into Kix's mouth, as she became acutely aware of Hardcase's breath brushing against her neck. The medic slowly took her bottom lip between his teeth as he pulled back from their kiss. He nibbled her teasingly, before lifting his head and meeting her half-lowered gaze.

Kix grinned and Hardcase nuzzled the soft spot between her neck and collarbone; his day's worth of stubble rubbed roughly against her skin and Ahsoka practically tingled from the sensation.

"What are we doing?"Â the young Jedi managed to find her voice, but it didn't sound particularly authoritative, not even to her hearing.

Her voice sounded properly breathless and she realized with a bright flush of heat, that Kix had her unmistakably aroused. Or, rather, Kix and Hardcase, since she was finding it hard to concentrate with another man's body pressed firmly against her, holding her down against the mercy of his brother's whims.

"Shhhh," Kix reached up and touched her lips with a gloved finger.

"We're celebrating," Hardcase mumbled into her shoulder; his voice hummed through his chest and warmed Ahsoka's back.

"Celebrating?" Ahsoka blinked and tried to focus.

It was hard to do, though, with Kix's other hand absently fingering the curve of her belt along her hip. She licked her lips and tasted alcohol there as well - she suddenly wasn't certain if the taste was from Kix's tongue or her own.

"You promotion, remember?" Kix turned his head slightly and reached for a clear duraplast cup that had been sitting, forgotten, on the table.

He saluted her with the cup; Ahsoka's sharp sense of smell caught a whiff of fermented apple. She raised an eyebrow as Kix threw the remaining shot back with casual ease. Her eyes followed the medic's hand as he put the cup back on the table and she counted two more cups sitting within easy arm's reach. Both were empty; one lay on its side, knocked over by some forgotten accident.

She licked her lips again. This time, she tasted apple on her lips and Ahsoka realized, a little ruefully, that she'd been drinking as well.

That explained, at least, the pleasant sensation of calm she felt in her head and the unusual warmth of her skin. She'd never drank before, but she'd heard stories before of what happened when a Togruta imbibed. Alcohol made her species physically hypersensitive; as a result, they didn't generally tend to drink with others outside of their closest relations.

She could understand why. Just the touch of Hardcase's steady breath against her skin was whittling her self-control into absolutely nothing. It was a dangerously heady feeling and Ahsoka knew they were breaking about a dozen rules already, and flirting heavily with the potentiality of breaking several dozen more.

She also didn't care.

"Sorry 'bout the alcohol, by the way, General," Hardcase mumbled against her right lekku and Ahsoka squeezed her eyes shut in a random wave of pleasure. "It was s'posed to be Endrolian ground-apple juice, but I think Kix managed to find the one jug that's been in storage too long."

It took Ahsoka a few seconds to process what Hardcase was saying - she was completely distracted by the vibrations of his voice against her sensitive lekku - but, she managed to piece his meaning together. Endrolian ground-apple juice was a favorite of hers, so it made sense that Kix would liberate a jug from galley storage on her behalf. Unfortunately, Endrolian ground-apple juice would ferment into a hard liquor, if left to itself for too long.

Her mind swam and she absently considered Hardcase's choice of title.

"General?" Ahsoka wondered, momentarily confused.

Kix chuckled - the sound was dark and throaty. It did funny things to her stomach. His hands slowly traveled the length of her side, just underneath her arms, which were still held in Hardcase's unforgiving grasp.

"You passed your Trials this morning. The 501st threw you a get-together earlier this evening, but I guess everyone's gone to bed now. Except for the three of us...General," Kix's voice was low and held the promise of forbidden things.

Ahsoka opened her eyes and met the medic's gaze. There was lust in his brown eyes, but also pride, joy, respect. He enjoyed calling her 'General'; he felt that she deserved it and the young Jedi suddenly felt certain of herself, of her place in the 501st. Though, she hadn't ever been aware of Kix's sexual desire - not towards her, anyway - and she felt the stripes on her headtails deepen in a blush.

"Where are we?" she averted her eyes, momentarily flustered, and glanced around the room.

"One of the common rooms in the Coruscanti barracks," Hardcase answered for her; his voice still brushed pleasantly against her lekku and Ahsoka sighed softly.

"What if someone walks in on us?" she wondered as Kix's fingers brushed against the swell of her breasts.

She didn't fight his touch, or Hardcase's intimate closeness. In fact, she welcomed both and didn't question it. The alcohol lowered her inhibitions, made her feel good, and she enjoyed the attention of both men. Her men. This wasn't a situation she had ever imagined for herself, or had ever expected, but it felt right. She'd learned, long before now, not to fight what little bits of joy she managed to find. The Wars had robbed her - had robbed them all - of intimacy, closeness, affection.

Surely, the Force wouldn't be thrown out of balance, if she allowed her men a little pleasure, a brief respite. And in a strange way, she felt she deserved it, too - just a few moments of stolen affection, before she had to shoulder the responsibilities of her knighthood for good.

"Don't worry about that, sir," Kix just grinned at her - his teeth flashed bright in the room's mellow light. "We're safe."

She didn't ask why he was so sure, she simply accepted his word on a faith born from shared battle and blood. Kix had pulled her out of wreckage and patched her up too many times to count; Hardcase had shielded her from blasts countless times, always at his own risk, without thought. Ahsoka just closed her eyes and let her medic kiss her, again, as his brother held her close.

Kix's rough hands fondled her breasts as they kissed and Ahsoka moaned softly into his mouth. The cloth of her form-fitting tunic slipped sensuously over her over-sensitive skin and she could feel her nipples hardening under Kix's insistent touch. She unconsciously arched her back, pushing her small, firm breasts more fully into Kix's palms and pulling slightly against Hardcase's grip.

Hardcase's hands stayed firm and Kix's touch just hardened. Hardcase buried his face in the crook of her neck and his chest rose hard and heavy against her back. Kix pinched her nipples with skilled fingers and rolled them both between forefinger and thumb. His movements had turned rough and Ahsoka gasped from the slight pain that shot toward her groin, as he tugged sharply on her nipples through her tunic.

"Let me know if I get too rough, sir," Kix muttered against her lips as he broke their kiss.

Ahsoka was practically incapable of speech at this point, so she just made a soft, whining sort of noise in the back of her throat and watched as Kix scooted back on the bench and lowered his head. His hands settled heavy against her hips and his lips latched onto one of her nipples. He teased the hardened nub with his teeth and Ahsoka cried out in sheer pleasure as Hardcase rubbed his unshaven cheek against the smooth curve of one of her lekku.

Warmth from the mixture of mild pain and heady pleasure, flooded her groin. Ahsoka's whole body felt hot, swollen, heavy and she leaned back against Hardcase, her mouth open as she panted with newly awakened need. Kix alternated his attention from one breast to the other; each time he lifted his mouth, the cool air of the room brushed against the wet cloth of her tunic and tightened her nipples even harder. Ahsoka gritted her teeth each time against the torturous sensations and her body squirmed unconsciously against Hardcase's unforgiving body.

"Play with her lekku," Kix lifted his head from her chest, just long enough to look past her at Hardcase, who was still nuzzling his cheek against her.

The unmistakable tone of a command surprised Ahsoka and she searched Kix's face as he watched his brother obey. She'd never heard another trooper talk that way to another - at least, not without rank to back him up. But, Kix was a medic and proud of his unique position in the ranks. When the blasters were firing and men were down, he outranked even a Jedi general - a medic's words and actions were often the difference between life and death, and only an idiot would challenge him.

Hardcase bit back a groan, as he took both of Ahsoka's wrists in one large hand. The other tentatively touched the tip of her long, fully-matured lekku and her eyes rolled almost instantly toward the back of her head. Emboldened by the way her head dropped back against his shoulder and the way her body went limp against him, Hardcase curled his fingers around her lekku in a loose fist and slowly stroked the length of her headtail.

Lekku were an incredible erogenous zone - one that Ahsoka hadn't dared explore before now. She now understood, though, why Masters like Shaak Ti or Aalya Secura didn't like others touching their head. The sensations racing through her body, from the tip of her montrals to the tip of her curling toes, were raw, wild, and uncontrollable. This was not something one shared with just anybody; it was a Togruta's own secret, to be shared only with her lovers.


Was that what Kix and Hardcase were becoming? Ahsoka's thoughts fragmented instantly, as another hand stroked the length of her other lekku. Her wrists were still being held firmly between Hardcase's thick fingers, so it had to have been Kix's hand that now mapped a meandering path along her other lekku. Ahsoka didn't even bother opening her eyes; she shuddered under the sensational knowledge that two men were touching her lekku and stroking her toward a puzzling brink.

Kix kissed her open mouth, pulling her bottom lip back between his teeth. Teeth nipped her throat, as Hardcase finally allowed himself to follow his brother's lead. One hand held her, two hands stroked her, one hand slipped boldly up her thigh and underneath the hem of her tunic.

Ahsoka dimly realized that she was soaking wet between her legs. The electric sensations from her lekku seemed directly connected to her clit and she nearly cried with relief when Kix's thumb flicked experimentally across her center. Then, without warming, the pad of his thumb pressed down hard, rubbing her clit firmly, despite the layers of cloth between their skin.

Their hands moved faster over her lekku, their touch hardening roughly. Hardcase moved his mouth down lower and bit her shoulder, his teeth nipping through her tunic's soft fabric. Kix cupped her pussy and moved his fingers with all the certainty of a man who was more than familiar with female anatomy. And Ahsoka's nearly feral scream of release echoed against the walls.

She jerked hard against Hardcase's hand and arm, but her human restraint just tightened his grip. Her body convulsed, the waves of her pleasure almost bordering on pain. Kix made a deep-throated noise of masculine approval and his kiss hardened possessively.

Not a single one of them heard the door to the common room slide open in a familiar click. It wasn't until the sound of boots against the duracrete floor announced the arrival of a intruder, that Kix jerked away from Ahsoka and Hardcase's body stiffened underneath her.

"Captain, sir!"

Ahsoka's eyes snapped open and her fuddled mind tried to make sense of what was happening. Pleasure still moved slowly through her, tingling in her extremities and flushing her montrals a deep blue. She blinked, trying to salvage some sense of dignity, when she recognized Rex's stern, chiseled face.

"As you were," Rex narrowed his eyes just slightly and waved his hand dismissively toward them, as Kix tried to find his feet.

Stunned - and more than a little wary - Kix sat back down. He glanced uncertainly at Hardcase, then at Ahsoka, though his eyes deepened sensuously at the sight of her still-breathless body.

Rex's eyes had deepened, too, though the expression was wilder, somehow, for him. Ahsoka couldn't tear her gaze away from him, as he stepped closer and reached out to take her chin in his gloved hand. His touch was authoritative, but surprisingly gentle; she blushed a brighter orange as his eyes took their time traveling down the length of her wantonly presented body.

The young Togruta became achingly aware of the wet cloth around her hardened nipples, where Kix's mouth had teased her. The hem of her tunic had been pushed up over her thighs and she knew that the crotch of her black leggings were wet with the rush of her release. She could smell her arousal - thick, dark, and sweet - and she knew by the subtle flaring of Rex's nose, that he smelled it, too.

Hardcase shifted uncomfortably behind her and Ahsoka realized that, by taking her wrists in one hand, he had pushed her breasts up and out. Her skin was flushed, her lips were swollen, and as a hunter herself, she recognized the predatory gleam that flashed through Rex's dark eyes.

He didn't touch her, though; he ran his thumb against the curve of her jaw for a moment and then let her go.

"Carry on," Rex's words lodged her heart in her throat as he stepped casually away from them. "It's my turn, though, when you two are done with her."

Both Hardcase and Kix made a sound, as if they'd been holding their breath. Ahsoka could barely believe what Rex was saying - what he was doing. The Captain just strolled to an armchair that was behind Kix and turned it around so that it was facing the table. His every movement was sexy in its nonchalance; Rex sat down, stretched on leg out in front of him, put one boot up on the edge of the bench behind Kix, and folded his hands across his armored stomach.

His eyes never left hers, though, and the look on his face was enough to make Ahsoka beg. She gathered enough of her senses together, though, and touched him tentatively through the Force. The feelings she found there, shocked her.

Rex lusted for her, as certainly as his brothers. But, his was less playful; it was sobering in its intensity. And there was a sense of satisfaction, of entitlement, to his decision to allow things to continue between her and his brothers. He was going to enjoy watching her and he was going to enjoy taking her afterwards. There was a sense of deep longing in him - the sense that he had waited a long time for this and that he was going to enjoy everything he could take from it. From her.

Ahsoka suddenly realized what set Rex's intensity apart from the others. Kix and Hardcase had decided to play with her on a whim, probably encouraged by the alcohol and the closeness of their friendship. But, Rex had wanted her for a long time and had waited patiently for her. This was more than a sexual fantasy for him - this was just due.

Her focus on Rex was derailed, though, when she felt something cool and hard slide up along the length of her thigh. Startled, she looked down and saw a knife in Kix's steady hand. Too shocked to speak, she merely watched as the slim blade sliced neatly through her black leggings.

"Sorry, sir," Kix caught her eye and a suitably apologetic look crossed his face.

He didn't stop what he was doing, though, until the blade reached the top of her hip. He carefully set the knife down on the floor and then leaned forward, both of his strong hands taking the cut edges of her leggings. With a skill born from his profession, Kix pulled his hands apart and her leggings ripped clear across her crotch. He then reached down, slowly, and picked his knife up again.

Ahsoka just watched mutely, her eyes wide. A part of her wanted to protest over the almost-careless destruction of her clothing. But, a larger part of her didn't care. Watching the knife slide across her skin, trusting Kix not to cut her, had a powerful effect on her desire. She gasped as the flat, smooth edge of the knife slipped against her pelvis, underneath her panties, and Kix turned the handle slowly in his hand. With a calculated flick of his wrist, the knife tore neatly through the thin cloth and cool air brushed against her swollen center.

Kix's eyes never left her face, as he twisted at the waist to set his knife down on top of the table. Ahsoka suddenly realized that both he and Hardcase were unarmored from the waist up. The black bodysuit stretched tightly over the muscles in Kix's brawny chest and Ahsoka wondered absently what it would feel like to press her breasts against the medic's hard body.

Hardcase fumbled behind her, his hand brushing against her lower back. Something clattered to the floor a few minutes later and Ahsoka glanced down to see an unmistakably curved piece of armor laying on its side on the gray-painted floor. Her cheeks burned with the realization that what she now felt pressing hard against her lower back, wasn't Hardcase's hand.

His hands were cupped around the inside of her thighs instead and he pulled her up slightly from the bench. Kix's hands took a hold of her knees and together, the two men straddled her across Hardcase's lap. Ahsoka whimpered as Kix hooked her legs over the hard width of Hardcase's thighs. Her ass nestled perfectly against the trooper's groin and she could feel the heat of Hardcase's body brush against the underside of her smooth pussy.

Kix paused just long enough to pull his gloves off and then abruptly shoved one of his fingers into her. Ahsoka squealed in surprise and squirmed against Hardcase; he groaned against her shoulder and ground his hips back into her, his arousal unmistakable.

Her muscles clenched and spasmed around Kix's finger, as he settled into a slow, easy tempo. She whimpered wordlessly, bit her lip, and gasped, as he stroked her firmly. She rocked her hips in time with his hand and tried to arch back against Hardcase, in the hope of drawing Kix's finger deeper. Hardcase responded by peppering her neck with alternating bites and full-mouthed kisses; she knew that she'd have marks to show in the morning.

"More..." she managed to moan, as Kix remained relentless in his one-fingered rhythm.

"You're tight, sir," Kix whispered and hid a grin against her heavy lekku.

His next words were almost tender, an odd juxtaposition against the dominating thrusts of his finger and the eager hardness of Hardcase's body.

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