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Lisha stretched lazily and felt the butt-plug in her anus move upwards. She glanced towards the bed where Andy and Rod were sucking each other's cocks in a sixty-niner position. She fondled the strap-on dildo and pushed it inwards. Its other end was deep inside her pussy and she sighed as she felt it push inside herself.

Andy had welcomed her, when she had gone over to his pad on an impulse. When he opened the door to her he had only a towel wrapped round his hips; on seeing her he had motioned her inside and closed the door. The towel had slipped just then and he had stood before her in all his naked glory, his penis throbbing and bobbing upwards. Rod entered the room to find out who had come and greeted Lisha with a friendly smile. He too was naked. Lisha moved forward and grabbed his penis and started fondling it as she gave him a big wet kiss. She then went down on her knees and started licking the tip of his penis, which had become a thick hard rod by now.

This was only by way of greeting and Lisha got up and flopped down on a sofa, licking sticky pre-cum off her lips. She inquired when Rod had come in, he stated that he had arrived just ahead of her and had just removed his clothes. Rod said that she was in time to join the action.

Andy had by then moved behind Rod and pressed his body to him and was running his hands all over Rod's chest and tummy. He slowly moved them lower and finally grabbed hold of Rod's cock, which was rock hard by now. Rod turned his head and Andy kissed him on the lips and slowly prised them open and pushed his tongue inside Rod's mouth. Though both enjoyed anal penetration, Rod usually assumed the queen's role in their foreplay.

Lisha watched their foreplay as she slowly stripped, rubbing her leather thong and pushing the attached dildo further inside her pussy. She had been friends with Andy and Rod for several months. She had been introduced to Andy at the time of shooting one of her sexy music videos. He was her main partner during the dancing and the video had been acclaimed as one the most hot and sexy video dances made, bordering on porno.

Since then they had been friends and sex partners. Andy had disclosed his bisexual likings immediately to her. Lisha herself was open about her sexuality and had told him that she enjoyed lesbian sex very much and had several girlfriends. She and Rod had been introduced to each other and she had introduced some of her girlfriends to the two of them. It was't long before they had indulged in group sex and enjoyed it.

Lisha knew that before long the two of them would like her to join them. She knew her way around Andy's place and she moved into the bedroom and opening a particular cupboard removed the special leather thong with an attached three-way dildo. She got out of her own thong and strapped on the other one, adjusting the smaller dildo into her already lubricated anal hole, the other one into her wet pussy. The outer dildo was large and thick and she quickly put some lubricating cream onto it.

When Lisha returned to the other room, Andy was about to enter Rod's Anal hole. She watched as he pulled both his cheeks apart and rubbed his penis head against the puckered opening. She went down on her knees between the two of them and started licking Andy's balls as he slowly pushed his way into Rod's willing hole. She got up from her kneeling position once Andy's penis had made its way to the hilt into Rod's anal hole. Andy motioned her to take her position behind him as bent down slightly. She placed the lubricated dildo's tip between Andy's butt cheeks, spreading them apart at the same time and slowly pushed it into his hole.

The three of them sighed with pleasure almost in unison as they slowly got their daisy-chain moving. They slowly worked up a good rhythm. Lisha and Andy both moved in and out together. As they gathered momentum their passions grew and soon they were pumping faster and faster. Rod was the first shoot his load and flew off in an arc and hit a sofa with a splat. Andy unloaded his cum into rod's anal hole just as a huge orgasm hit Lisha causing her to let out a loud moan.

They slowly fell apart. Lisha moved towards the sofa and bent down and started licking Rod's load of cum from it. Rod's penis was still hard and he couldn't resist the sight of Lisha bent down over the sofa licking his cum. He moved behind her and pulled the thong with the butt plug down and pushed his own penis into her open anus hole. He held her by her hips and pushed deep into her anus causing her to gasp. Rod's cock was thick and it caused some pain initially to her, which was quickly replaced by pleasure and she started pushing her butt into him as he moved in and out of her.

There was no slow gathering of momentum this time and the two of them moved roughly against each other. Lisha's eyes glazed with lust as Rod's hard cock sawed in and out of her anal hole. As her anal nerve ends picked up the pleasure of the in and out movement of Rod's penis her pussy hit another large orgasm and she collapsed forward onto the sofa with another moan. This made Rod's penis hang in the open as he shot another load of cum. It hit Lisha's butt and splattered onto both the cheeks. Some of it dribbled down between the crack of her butt, with drops falling slowly to the carpet.

Andy had been watching the two fucking each other with growing lust. This caused his penis to become hard once again. As Rod's cum splattered Lisha's butt, he lunged forward and rubbed his penis in it. He then turned and offered his glistening wet penis to Rod, who kneeled down and took it eagerly in his mouth. He licked his own cum off the penis. Andy turned once again and put his penis into Lisha's butt-crack and scooped off the remaining cum and thrust his dripping penis into Rod's waiting mouth. Rod once again licked off the cum with his tongue and slowly pushed the penis up his mouth and then down into his throat. Andy was enjoying the deep throating and started moving his penis slowly in and out.

The slow motion fucking of Rod's mouth by Andy was causing butterflies in Lisha's pussy. She had recovered from the hard ass-fuck and had sat on the sofa watching the two guys do their thing. To her slight disappointment, Andy stopped his slow-fuck and helped Rod onto his feet by his hand. He then led him into the bedroom. Lisha had no choice but to follow them there. Andy had pulled rod onto his bed and had pushed his now hardened penis into Rod's willing mouth and had grabbed Rod's equally hard penis and stuffed into his own mouth. As they arranged themselves, Lisha realized that they were into the classic sixty-nine position and she flopped down onto the nearby sofa, excitedly pumping her strap-on.

As she watched, they positioned themselves with a leg each over the other's body. Andy's nose nuzzled Rod's balls and he snaked one arm round rod's body and slowly his middle finger probed his anal hole and entered it right up to the base. Lisha realized that rod must have done the same to Andy. As the two started moving in unison, Lisha's hands pumped her dildo faster and faster. She climaxed instantly and let out a moan of sheer pleasure and lust. She then continued watching her two friends enjoying themselves as she continued to fondle and move her strap-on dildo slowly.

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