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Just Keep Sucking


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Oh ya that's the way to do it baby. Slide that tongue all over my hard cock. I know how much you love to taste my throbbing shaft. The smooth but hard pole, all warm and wanting your tongue to tease it. Uhhhhhh ya look how it jumps when you tease it so good. It likes the way you lick it. I can feel your sticky wet slobber sliding down my rock hard cock, making a trail all the way to my nutsack.

Yes that feels so good! Oh yes baby that's it...slide your mouth over my pulsating head and swallow that cock. God your mouth is so warm, so wet. I feel my balls tingling from the pleasure you are giving me. Oh shit you are gripping my cock so tightly in your mouth...and your tongue...your tongue is dancing on the underside of my prick as you slide your mouth down and up, down and up my hard shaft. The feeling is heavenly.

I couldn't think of another place I would rather be than right here right now with your hot wet mouth working my cock so nicely. Holy shit you are taking all my cock! My throbbing pole is fucking you deep in your throat. I can feel the tightened ridges of your throat muscles as the squeeze the head of my rod. Damn that is incredible! Yes keep going like that baby! Jesus you keep swallowing me like this and I won't last much longer. My balls are like two tight chestnuts ready to burst.

Fuck you suck so good you should make it your profession. Your talented mouth could make a dead man cum. That's it baby speed it up a bit. Yes work your hands in time with that hot fucking mouth. Yes you are such a cock sucking slut. I see the way you are taking your free hand and rubbing that wet pussy of yours. You love sucking my cock, you need to suck my cock. It is like nourishment for you the way you relish in the act.

You are like a starving person getting their first meal of the day. You suck like you are trying to savor every second of it. I love just watching it slide in and out of your thick crimson lips. The contrast of your dark lips and my fleshy member are like a work of art and you are the Rembrandt painting this master work.

Shit baby what are doing now? Oh Jesus...your finger is pushing it's way into my asshole. Oh my god where did you learn that? Fuck ya that's it baby fuck my ass with your finger. Massage my prostate you wonderful little cock sucker. Oh shit I don't know how much longer I can take it baby, your finger in my ass and your hot mouth working my cock is starting to get to me.

I can feel as my toes are starting to curl up in anticipation of my orgasm. I am rocking back and forth driving my cock down your hungry throat and pushing back on your fingers as they slide in and out of my tight ass. Faster and faster you work your mouth over my shaft. Faster and faster you force your fingers in and out of my ass.

The tightness in my toes has now moved up to my thighs and I feel them start to shake. I am not sure I am even going to be able to keep standing much longer. My head is light from the ecstasy I am feeling. It as if I am floating in a pool of pleasure and you are my tour guide.

Soon my sweet little fellatio artist, soon I will be sending my hot seed deep into your throat. It is almost there baby. Yes....yes....yes! Oh fuck yes keep sucking my hard cock! Fuck my ass with my fingers my dirty little slut. Yes just keep sucking baby! Eat that cock up. Swallow it right down your throat you minx. God yes it is cumming soon...so soon...just keep sucking baby...keep sucking!

Oh fuck yes baby here I cum right down your hot slutty throat! Shitttttttttttttttt!

Oh baby that was the most incredible blow job I have ever received. I can't wait until you want a taste again. You just keep sucking baby, just keep sucking.

Damn I am starting to get hard just thinking about it. Maybe I will have to suck on that tight little pussy of yours and give you a good fucking? Perhaps I can give you a little ass treatment as well. Huh you would like that eh? My hard cock sliding deep into your tight ass? Well lets see what we can do!

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