Just Like My Friend


Just as I thought I was going to scream, Sara did something. It quite took my breath away.

The length she was using to beat out a rhythm in my tortured ass started to vibrate. I hissed in shock - but as soon as I registered buzzing inside me, it stopped. I let out a huge sighing moan which was cut short by my off-register squeak as it unexpectedly restarted.

Even as she kept sliding her length into me, Sara laughed.

"I'm playing you with my cock, my little fucktoy," she gloated, "You sound like a sissy symphony. All those groans - "

She pulled her cock out of me, and right on cue I groaned with desire as each centimetre rubbed my sphincter and that maddening buzzing ceased.

" - And these squeals - "

Sara's stomach slapped by buttocks as she thrust the whole thing back into me in one swift motion. And just when I thought I'd caught my breath enough to scream, it let off another vibrating blast though my innards. I don't know if there's a way of measuring plaintive and overwhelmed squeals, but I think I'd have gone right off the top of the scale.

" - Are making me - "

Another burst of vibration as she pulled out and rammed back into me.

" - So fucking horny - "

Out, just far enough to allow me to tense my sopping wet and well-fucked arse. But back in before I was ready, forcing her way in. I howled with the thrill of her cock lancing my virginity, and shrieked as she spanked both of my buttocks sharply. Once again a burst of sheer bliss as the vibrator hummed deep in my passage, just as Sara reached around for my steel-hard erection.

" - but not as horny as I bet you are!"

Her hand reached into my knickers and grasped me. The sensation of her cool hands on my red hot cock made me cum almost immediately. She held her cock inside me and rubbed her mount around my sweetly tortured arse.

As her crimson-tipped fingers wanked me, I stopped being in any way intelligible. Sharp flashes went off behind my screwed shut eyes every time the vibrator hummed to life deep inside me. Her strokes were smooth and even now - she'd found her rhythm - and I found myself gasping for air and babbling as she fucked me confidently and expertly.

The mesh of my knickers rubbed across my sensitive glans as Sara's stroking grew faster and more forceful. I was overwhelmed with sensation: my wrists strained inside the cuffs as I twisted and contorted my body, desperately trying to guide the dildo to the most erogenous spots in my royally-fucked passage.

"Look at the big man now," grunted Sara as she continued her violation, "All dressed up in red knickers - see-through knickers. With his black stockings and his babydoll on, taking my cock up his arse. You're loving it, aren't you?"

She spanked me sharply just as the shrill buzz of her cock burst into maddening life and at exactly the point in my rectum I'd been trying to hit. I froze, tensing in awe of the wave that swept through my body. I was determined to hold that moment for as long as I could but Sara's hand never stopped its motion on my cock.

I shrieked girlishly as my ring tried to snap shut on Sara's strapon, and as she felt the resistance she plunged as far into me as she could with a triumphant cry. That was all it took to make me shoot into my knickers, her hand still wrapped around my length. I felt as though each new spurt would turn me inside out with ecstasy - joyous explosions of pleasure ran from my sphincter right the way through to the tip of my cock in its red mesh covering.

Sara slowed the pace and brought me down until I was a gasping, sodden mess. My body slumped forward and I leaned against the headboard, exhausted. She bent forward, her breasts resting on my back.

"Well, now losing your virginity is out of the way, does my pretty sissy bitch was some real fun? Does she want me to dress her in lingerie? Will she do anything I ask?" She whispered.

"Yes," I said. I couldn't wait.

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My strongest secret fantasy EVER

I've never cum sooo hard!!! This is my all time favorite story.

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