Just Looking


"Well, I guess I'd better get started," Carl said, looking over at Janice in hopes that she would suggest something for him to plant besides hedges, but a knock on the front door startled both of them.

Carl watched the girl go answer the door and followed along right behind her, looking over her shoulder at a willowy blonde who was peering in through the screen.

"Hey Jan," the girl said, and the blonde seemed startled to see Carl standing behind her friend. "Whatcha doing?"

"Nothing," Janice said, and she stepped aside as she felt Carl's presence behind her.

"Excuse me ladies," Carl said, easing himself out the door as they parted for his exit. "Back to work."

"Who's that?" Tammy asked after Carl went down the steps, her eyes bulging at the behemoth. "Your boyfriend?"

"No," Janice snapped, irritated at her friend's appearance.

"What were you two doing in here?" Tammy asked, giggling at her friend's embarassment.

"He had to use the bathroom."

"I've got something of mine he could use," Tammy suggested. "I wouldn't mind giving him some."

"You're such a pig," Janice snipped.

"Wanna go to the mall?" Tammy asked.

"No, I've got to stick around the house," Janice lied, hoping to make Tammy's visit a short one, and after a few minutes she was able to get rid of her friend.

Once Tammy was safely gone, Janice looked out to see where Carl was. Seeing him out in the driveway by his truck, she summoned up enough courage to head out onto the patio, where the morning sun had already warmed the floor of the deck.

Setting her robe in a chair, she tiptoed down the steps and into the pool, immersing herself in the cool water. After a few minutes, she saw Carl peek over the fence and give her a wave. Janice returned the wave, and was startled to see Carl open the gate and come into the back yard.

"Now that looks refreshing!" Carl Sanders said as he walked along the edge of the pool, looking down at Janice who was making sure that her body stayed under the water line.

"Too bad you didn't have a bathing suit with you, Mr. Sanders" Janice said coyly. "You could jump in yourself."

"Hell, back here you don't even need a suit. Not with all the trees alongside the yard, and with no houses in back," Carl said as he surveyed the property. "Bet you've gone in there naked before."

"Me? No," Janice said, feeling the color rise in her cheeks.

"Too bad," Carl said. "Of course, then I'd never get my work done if you did that."

Janice watched Mr. Sanders go back out to the front of the house and started breathing again normally. He said the nicest things to her. Almost as if he really thought she was attractive.


Chapter Six: Out of the pool.

After Mr. Sanders had left the pool area, Janice climbed out of the pool and grabbed a towel to dry her hair off with. She was about to go into the house and look out her bedroom window to see if the gardener had taken his shirt off yet when she discovered that he had.

Mr. Sanders was coming through the gate towards her, his ebony skin glistening with sweat, and he was smiling as he approached, his eyes all over Janice. Janice fumbled with the little towel, trying to cover up as much as she could without being too obvious, and smiled nervously.

"Should have stayed back here," he said after letting out a low whistle of approval. "Now why you go and ruin my view with that towel, pretty one? Here, give me that and let me dry your back off for you."

Without waiting for approval, Carl took the towel and stood behind Janice and began gently toweling the beads of moisture off her back. She had a little bit of tan, made more obvious when the straps of her suit moved a little.

"You like me doing this?" Carl asked.

"Uh - sure Mr. Sanders," Janice squeaked nervously as she felt him move lower with the towel.

"You don't have to call me Mr. Sanders," Carl suggested, kneeling to dry the backs of Janice's plump thighs. "You can call me Carl."

"Oh. Okay, Mr. uh Carl," Janice replied, her legs quivering under the cotton.

"Nice," Carl said in a low gravelly voice, his eyes on the full ass cheeks hidden under the suit.

Below, the sunlight made the down on the backs of the girl's chubby thighs sparkle, and Carl made the task of drying her stubby yet shapely legs last as long as he could before straightening up.

"Course, I'm more than happy to help out in the front too," Carl mentioned as he held the towel while walking in front of the girl, his eyes taking in the deep cleavage as well as the outline of the girl's nipples straining against the swimsuit.

"No, that's okay," Janice said, taking the towel and promptly dropping it, forcing her to pick it up, and as he bent over she inadvertently gave Carl a perfect view down the front of her suit at her breasts. "Um - so, are you done yet?"

"Almost," Carl said. "Why you ask? You sound like you want me to leave. I thought we were becoming friends."

"I don't," Janice blurted out. "I mean, we are."

"That's good,' Carl said with a grin that turned lecherous when his eyes went lower and he saw the dark brown hairs that were peeking out the leg opening of her suit down at her crotch. "Real good."

"I could make you lunch - if you want," Janice suggested.

"Now that would be really nice of you," Carl said. "Problem is, I'm all dirty. Any chance I could clean up first?"

"Sure," Janice said. Follow me."

"With pleasure," Carl said, watching the plump little lady lead the way into the house.

"There's the bathroom," Janice said, pointing to the first right down the hall. "Everything should be in there."

Carl smiled, brushing gently against Janice as he eased past her and went into the room. Janice shivered at the light contact they made, and then hurried into the kitchen to figure out what to make.

They had some cold cuts, and so Janice went back down the hall to ask Mr. Sanders if he liked turkey. When she neared the open door, she heard the sound of the shower coming on, and when she peeked around the corner she almost fainted, because the gardener was naked, with his back to her, and was fiddling around with the temperature of the water.

Before he turned around, Janice stared brazenly at the broad back and the thick thighs of the man. Just then, Carl turned around and smiled, chuckling as the girl quickly averted her eyes when he faced her.

"Uh - oh - er - I didn't know you were taking a shower," Janice stammered, staring up at the ceiling.

"Told you I wanted to clean up. Get nice and fresh for you."

"The door was open," Janice explained.

"I'm not shy," Carl said, moving closer to the girl. "I don't mind if you look at me."

"Do you like turkey?" Janice asked meekly, continuing to stare upward.

"Turkey's fine," Carl said, finally turning back toward the shower. "Course, if you want to join me in here, there's plenty of room."

Janice waited until she heard the shower curtain close before looking back towards the man, and she looked at the shadowy image behind the vinyl for a few minutes before turning away.

"Omigod," Janice whispered as she leaned back against the wall, mentally kicking herself because the man had been standing there completely naked, and she was looking everywhere but at him.

It wasn't like he was all THAT good looking, Janice reasoned. He was husky like her. But those muscles, Janice thought. Those massive arms and that skin, so black and shiny. In there under the spray of the shower, what would that be like? He had invited her in there with him.

Janice shook her head. not believing that she was actually thinking these things, and went back to the kitchen. After taking the turkey out, Janice suddenly realized that she would be a whole lot more comfortable being dressed when he came back out, so Janice went back down the hall to her room.

Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, Janice did a double take when she saw the hairs peeking out of the sides of the suit. No wonder he had been staring at her out there! He must think she's like a bear, Janice surmised, yet he had kept looking, and smiling.

Janice didn't even notice the shower turn off, and had just gotten over her critical visual self-examination and was in front of her dresser when she looked up at the mirror, and the reflection of the gardener who was standing in the doorway, naked.


Chapter Seven: Janice's bedroom.

Janice's head spun and she grabbed at the top of the dresser to keep from falling to the floor when she caught a glimpse of the naked man, who was looking at her with eyes that looked very different than they had before.

"There you are," Carl said softly, holding the towel at his side.

"Uh yeah," Janice said, closing the drawer. "I'll get lunch ready in a second.

"Tell you the truth, I'd much rather have what I'm looking at right now," Carl said. "You're looking more than fine."

Janice kept trying to get her eyes to look at Carl, or even at the mirror, but she was paralyzed with fear.

"Why don't you look at me, little lady?" Carl asked. "Seems to me you spent a lot of time looking at me the last couple of days. Through the blinds upstairs, and through the curtains in the living room."

"Yeah, I saw you," Carl chuckled, seeing the reaction of the chubby girl to that revelation. "I liked it too. Makes an old guy feel good when he catches a young thing's eye. Now why don't you look at me now?"

"I brought in a towel," Carl said, still positioned in the doorway of Janice's bedroom. "Thought you might like to dry me off like I did you."

"Look at me girl," Carl said in a more stern voice, and slowly Janice brought her head up to look at the reflection in the mirror.

As her eyes went down the shimmering blackness of Carl's body, she suddenly whirled around, unwilling to believe what she was seeing in the mirror. When she turned around and saw that the reflection was real, she fell back against the dresser, still staring in wide-eyed wonder at the portly man who stood naked and unashamed in the doorway.

"What's the matter girlie?" Carl asked, reaching down and taking his flaccid cock in his hand and stretching it out a few times before letting it drop down between his legs again. "Never seen a man naked before?"

Janice shook her head, her eyes glued to the monstrosity that swayed between Carl's slightly bowed thighs. The thick uncircumcised cock went halfway down to his knees, and from beneath the stark blackness of his foreskin, a tiny bit of the pinkish glans was peeking out.

"Don't be telling me you're a virgin," Carl scoffed, and he shook his head when Janice nodded. "You can't be. Not looking like you do. Not with them big titties you got on you, girl."

"I'm fat," Janice said, still staring at the third penis she had ever seen, and one that was utterly different than the other ones in every way.

"You're just the way I like them," Carl said. "Now why don't you take that bathing suit off for me. Let me get a look at you."

Janice shook her head, and jumped when Carl took a step inside the room.

"Don't worry," Carl said. "I'm not going to hurt you. Just drop the top down and show me them titties. You know you want to."

"That's it," Carl encouraged Janice, who had brought up her hand and had begun to slowly pull off the strap. "Oh damn. Look at the size of them beauties."

Janice's top was down to her waist, exposing the full pendulous breasts that Carl was devouring with his eyes, and despite her fear, or maybe because of it, the fat stubs of her nipples popped out to their fullest.

"Bet that skinny little chicken that stopped by earlier wishes she had a pair like yours," Carl cackled, inching a little closer to the girl.

"Tammy?" Janice said, her voice still quivering as she stayed pinned against the dresser. "She's beautiful."

"Compared to you?" Carl said, snorting derisively at the thought. "Little scrawny thing like her? You're a lot more woman than she'll ever be."

Noticing that the chubby girl was almost hyperventilating, Carl's eyes went from Janice's heaving breasts to what the suit still hid.

"I bet you've got a lot of hair between your legs," Carl said, licking his lips at the prospect, and when he saw Janice's reaction to his comment, quickly reassured her. "I like that. Like a really hairy pussy a lot. Why don't you show me yours, Janice."

Carl was relieved when the girl's name popped into his head, and was even happier when the girl began inching the damp suit downward. Past her pudgy tummy with the deep belly button, and when the timberline of what was going to be a very bushy triangle guarding that pussy, Carl began tugging at his cock again.

"Oh, I'll bet that tastes as good as it looks," Carl suggested, and as Janice kicked off the suit from around her feet she brought her hands up to guard her sex from Carl's view.

"No no no honey," Carl said. "Let me see you. That's so nice. Is your pussy hair soft or kinky?"

Janice's entire body was shaking as Carl made a couple of tentative steps towards her, and when the man was only a foot away, she closed her eyes and looked away from him.

"Oh man, I like them shy like the way you're playing. Makes me want to... what's the matter, honey?" Carl said.

"Scared," Janice whimpered, her watery eyes threatening to overflow. "I'm scared."

"Of me?" Carl said, putting her hand on the plump, round shoulder of the girl, who was shivering. "I'd never hurt you. Look at me."

Carl put his hand under the girl's pudgy chin and lifted it up, and although she had to crane her neck to look at him, she finally did.

"There. That's not so bad, is it?" Carl asked, and as he spoke he let his hands slide down to Janice's breasts, and although the jumped when he first touched them, she did not resist when he cupped them in his palms and began to gently knead them.

"Oh, that's nice," Carl groaned, and when Janice looked down and saw the big black hands massaging her pendulous breasts, she started breathing even heavier.

"Just relax baby," Carl said when he feared she might faint at any time, and while he was strong, the thought of picking up about 150 pounds of woman was not what he wanted to do right about now. "You like me playing with those big jugs of yours, don't you?"

Janice said nothing and made no indication of what she was feeling, but instead just kept breathing heavily and staring up at Carl.

"Let's see here," Carl mused, taking one hand off her Janice's breasts and letting it drop down, letting his hand disappear in the dense jungle of hair between her legs. "Oh baby, that's a sweet pussy you have there. The hair is so thick and soft."

Janice shivered when Carl's finger slid along the opening of her sex, the fur wet with excitement, and Janice gasped when she felt the finger slip inside.

"I don't know how many boys you've been with," Carl said when his finger encountered a lot of resistance right away. "But you are so tight you feel like a virgin. Damn!"


Chapter Eight: Touch me.

"Now that's not so bad, is it?" Carl grinned, his finger gradually working inside of Janice's pussy. "That's it girl. Ride my finger."

Janice had begun to move herself on the digit that the gardener had gotten deep inside of her, and the feeling was making her head spin. She fell against Carl's sweaty chest when she lost her balance, and he took that as a sign she was responding.

"Here we go girl," Carl said, taking Janice's hand and bringing it down to his cock, and when she briefly resisted he squeezed his own hand around the frightened girl's and didn't let go until she gripped it on her own.

"Now work it for me, girl," Carl said, thrusting her hips to make his cock move in Janice's tentative grasp.

Her pudgy fingers were unable to get around the thickness of his sex, and that situation was not improving as he felt himself get hard. Carl felt another surge through his tool when he watched her glance down at what she was holding and heard her audibly gasp in shock as she looked at his erection.

"All for you girlie," Carl said, forcing a second finger into her tight pussy with enough force to lift her up onto her toes for a second. "I got to have you girl. Get on down there."

"Please," Janice whimpered as she felt herself get eased down to the bed.

"No need to beg for it girl," Carl said, climbing between Janice's plump thighs and rubbing the bulbous head of his cock along the lips of her sex. "I want it just as bad as you do. Now relax for me."

"Mommy," Janice whimpered softly for some unknown reason, as she felt the tip of his dick squeeze into her.

"I'm not your Mommy, baby. I'm your Daddy. Damn!"

Carl grunted, pushing with all of his might as his manhood slowly but surely pushed inside of the teens tight pussy. Then finally, a scream that coincided with Carl's cock slamming into the impossibly tight orifice, and the gardener groaned himself as he felt his cock slide into what seemed like a vise. She was incredibly wet, and even though she was sobbing, she took almost all of him.

"OWW!" Janice cried as the searing pain tore through her sex, but as Carl started thrusting inside of her, the pain became an ache. Soon she found herself holding onto his bulging biceps, and when the ache began to fade, she felt herself relax a bit.

"That's it girl," Carl said when he felt her chubby calves clutch his sides, and with that he started a steady rhythm as he thrust into Janice with ever-increasing speed and intensity.

The sloppy sounds of his cock plunging into her pussy were as loud as the creaking sounds that the girl's little bed made each time he pushed forward. Those noises, along with his grunting and Janice's gasps, became a chorus as Carl felt Janice's pussy begin to clench him even tighter.

Janice came, an orgasm unmatched by any of the self-induced ones she had been accustomed to, and as she arched her back, convulsing as the waves of pleasure washed through her, Carl began to hump her with all of his might.

Janice had become limp underneath him as Carl felt himself start to cum, but the lurching of his cock inside of the sloppy pussy made Janice jump in response.

"Awww!" Carl groaned as his cock spewed volley after volley of his hot seed deep into the girl's womb, and only after he had emptied his balls did he slowly extract his manhood from Janice and lean back on his knees.

"Damn that was so good," Carl exclaimed as he looked at Janice's beet red face, but as his eyes went down her body, watching the drops of his sweat rain down on her pale torso, he recoiled in shock.

"Oh girlie," Carl said, looking in horror at the evidence that Janice was indeed just as inexperienced as she had seemed to be. "I'm sorry. So sorry baby."


Chapter Nine: Okay?

"Are you alright?" Carl said, his arrogance replaced by genuine concern as he looked at her ravaged pussy, the trickle of his milky semen that oozed out of her orifice contrasting greatly with the surroundings. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," Janice said.

"I thought you were kidding me," Carl said. "You look so fine that I didn't - oh shit!"

"It's okay," Janice said, slowly sitting up and looking down at the mess they were covered with, and to his surprise she wasn't upset or revolted by what she saw. "Really."

"You sure?" Carl said. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I swear."

"I'm just a little sore. It was good," Janice said. "Honest. I liked it. I'm only sorry I waited this long to do it."

"Let's get you cleaned up some," Carl said.

"You too," Janice said with a giggle.

Carl helped Janice to her feet, and when she first started to walk her knees buckled, but with his help even though she walked very bow-legged they made it to the bathroom eventually.

In the shower, Carl washed Janice off tenderly, and by the end Janice was washing Carl as well, and the shower lasted so long that they ran out of warm water. After they dried each other off, they went back to Janice's bedroom where they dealt with the sheets by stripping the bed and putting on fresh bedding.

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