tagErotic Poetryjust one glance

just one glance


from across the room
i spotted you
then started thinking about
the wonderfully nasty things we could do
you could tie me up
you could piss down my throat
you could make me walk the streets
wearing just a coat
you could make me gag on your dick
as you pull my hair
then you cum in the panties
that i have to wear
you could make me
drink your cum from a bowl
and order me around
'cause you'd be in control
i'd ride your dick
in the front seat of your car
i'd fuck you anywhere
regardless of where we are
with a wrestling move
you could pin me down
then stuff my mouth
so i won't make a sound
you could smack my ass
and call me names
i'd get you hotter
than burning flames
you could bring a freind
and tag team me
just from one glance at you
this is what i see

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