Just One Night


"You're such a liar," sis said as I came through the door. She'd showered. Her long blond hair, still damp and now unleashed, rode down her back and over her shoulders and down across her breasts. There was a hint of perfume in the air. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed, her sleepshirt tucked modestly between her legs. I couldn't help wondering which pair of panties she was wearing and whether I'd ever used them...

"And I'm not letting you off the hook about my diary," she promised as I plopped down next to her.

"I told mom you're okay now, that you're glad to be finally rid of him. That it was just the shock of you finding out he was sleeping with his roommate. His male roommate."

"You better not have," sis warned. But there was no real anger in her voice. In fact she had a little grin on her lips as she shook her head in exasperation.

Meanwhile I was surreptitiously checking out sis. Sleepshirt doesn't sound that sexy. I mean they're not some flimsy, see through negligee or something. They're not made with a décolleté cut that displays lots and lots of breast. Heck, they even cover a girls arms and hang down almost to her knees.

But even so, on the right girl, and Katrina was the right girl for just about any women's fashion ever designed, there can be something quite enticing about a sleepshirt. The one she had on was a white cotton, buttons up the front style shirt that had a pocket and a subtle pink vertical stripe pattern.

And with the top button left casually undone each movement sis made flashed a hint of her breasts. Alluring hills that promised so much even as the shirt masked and protected the nipples that protruded from their centers.

"Okay I've told you all about my problems, now it's your turn. Give."

"I ... don't ...have ... any ... problems! Now what movie are we going to watch?" Kat asked grumpily. "And don't you think for even one little second that we're finished talking about little brothers who read there sister's private diaries," she warned.

"You know you're not that bad a writer," I said as I picked up the remote, propped a pillow against the headboard and then sat down next to her. "I mean that scene where you describe wearing red, silk panties to your English class and then sitting in the front row and letting--"

"Shut up! And don't say another word," exploded from sis's lips as the unmistakable blush spread across her cheeks.

I started to scroll through the pay-per-view offerings even as I put my arm around sis's shoulder. "Lots of young girls fantasize about their teachers. Then try to seduce them. Then--"

"I did not sleep with Mr. Jennings!"

"This one looks like a good one," I said, interrupting my pretty sister.

"What's it called?" sis asked as I clicked the title. "Stuffing or Muffing?"

"It says it's a family Thanksgiving story. Probably a chick flick. Perfect for you," I added as I started to order it.

"Oh my gawd, it's triple x rated," sis squealed when the blurb for it came up on the screen. "Porn? Are you crazy? It'll show up on the bill. Dad or mom might see it." I continued to click away on the remote.

"They'll understand," I said as I pushed the final button, okaying the payment. "In fact, knowing what they now know about Philip they'll probably be relieved to see you're back watching hetero erotica."

"You're terrible," sis chided, but she was smiling and snuggled even closer to her little brother. Then gasped out an, "oh my gawd!" when the opening scene of the movie flashed on the screen facing us.

"Was Philip that big?" I asked as I nudged Katrina. The guy up on the screen was sporting a super sized boner and two girls were on their knees facing it.

"That's disgusting. And so are you," sis accused as we both watched open mouthed as one of the girls took the cockhead into her mouth.

"She's as good as Mrs. Thompson," I answered as we watched super cock disappear between the actress's lips.


"What'd you do with my panties?" Sis's question came about five minutes into the movie. Both of us, sitting side by side, with our legs touching and my arm around Kat's shoulders, had been watching the movie wordlessly. I'd had a more than noticeable hard-on since about thirty seconds into the movie. Sis would have had to have been blind not to have seen it. But she hadn't said a word!

"Just the normal things," I answered.

"It's not normal." I didn't reply to that observation. And it took another minute or two before Kat's next question was issued. "You just looked, you didn't--"

I gave her the old 'are you kidding look' in reply then said, "All my friends did it. Checked out their sister's or their mother's underwear."

For a minute neither of us said anything, both suddenly caught up on the action going on in the movie. Then sis turned and looked into my eyes. "You didn't allow anyone else to see my panties did you?"

I shook my head no. "Nope," I said but then, after a seconds thought added, "except for that one time." Now while it is true that throughout my teenage years I had availed myself of Katrina's underwear drawer I have to admit I'd never really let any of my buddies experience the pleasure. I'd made that part up!

"Who? What'd he do? Or what did they do?"

"Just Rickie. And just once," I lied.

"Rickie Andrews? That little prick," sis spat out angrily. I'd chosen Rickie because he was a guy I hardly saw anymore and so wouldn't likely run into Kat anytime soon.

"He wanted to see blond panties," I said nonchalantly.

"You're lying. I know you're lying. Now what did you do with my panties?" she demanded.

"Masturbation," I admitted with a grin.

"You masturbated into my panties?"

"Usually your dirty ones. Ones that were in the laundry. When I told Miriam about it she said it was perfectly normal. That all boys love running a girls panties over their cocks."

Sis didn't want to hear anything more from Miriam. "You ejaculated into my dirty panties?"

"Sometimes you're clean ones too," I corrected.

"Just once or twice, right?" sis asked hopefully.

I shook my head no. "Almost every day," I said cheerfully.

"You masturbate every day?"

"Of course! Most days two or three times. Its normal."

"Normal? Three times a day?"

"I do it at least two anyway. But not always with your panties."

"But not on the days when you've slept with your girlfriend... with Sarah... or her slut mother--"

"Every day! When I wake up just about every morning. Then later in the day. I know girls don't do it as much but--"

"But what?"

"Some do. Miriam told me she masturbated every day. She has a vibrator. Like that one," I exclaimed as I pointed to the TV screen where a young beauty was inserting a big, purple colored, plastic penis substitute up between her legs.

"I do not masturbate every day," sis proclaimed loudly as we both watched as the actress somehow accommodated the plastic monstrosity. "And that's gross," she added as she pointed to the screen.

"She's double jointed I think," I opined as the actress started to push the thing into and out of her gaping pussy.

"Nor do normal boys masturbate three times a day."

"How often does Philip?" I asked.

"Shut up!"

"Have you ever seen a guy masturbate," I asked back.

"No!" sis replied.

"Never?" I was surprised by her answer. Although she'd never written about it in her diary I figured she must have seen a guy do it sometime.

"I said NO!"

We both turned our eyes back to the screen. Then watched silently as the guy with the 'supercock' penetrated a latina. After a few minutes I asked, my eyes still on the screen, "Haven't you ever wanted to see a guy do it?"

"NO!" Blasted out from Katrina's mouth in response.

"Miriam let me watch her ... it was neat. And she watched me do it."

"When did she have time to watch? I thought you two were making love twenty-four hours a day," Kat said angrily.

"So I guess you don't want to watch me when I do it later tonight?" I put my hand lightly on my crotch.

"Certainly not," Kat answered even as her eyes zoomed in on the bulge in my pants my hand had highlighted. "Why would I want to watch my brother touch his penis? How gross is that?"

"That's okay," I answered nonchalantly, "I'll do it when the movies over. When I'm back in my room. Maybe I'll Skype with Miriam when I'm doing it."

"Skype with Miriam? She'd watch?"

"We've done it before that way," I answered. "She says mutual, over the internet, masturbation is very healthy."

"She's a slut!"

"She says you have nice panties," I answered with a grin.

"You masturbated into my panties and let her watch?" I nodded. "Which ones?" I knew that if I told her sis would never wear them again so I didn't answer. Instead I turned back to the TV.

Kat didn't say anything for what seemed like minutes. But as we sat shoulder to shoulder and thigh to thigh on her bed I could feel her anger while also sensing her excitement. Finally she spat out, "You know you don't have to do it. You could show some self restraint for once. That would at least be a first step." In answer I slipped my left hand, my free hand, under my t-shirt and then under the elastic waist band of my sweat pants.

"What are you doing?" sis demanded even as I moved my cock, letting him jump upward as I pulled my pants slightly away from my body. Then I let them snap back, trapping just my cockhead outside my pants even while holding the shaft of my prick tightly against my body. My t-shirt hid him from her view but sis couldn't miss seeing the head of my cock outlined against my t-shirt. After watching for seconds she said hoarsely, "that's disgusting, put him back."

"He needs some air."

"You're a pervert."

"He wants you to look at him. He wants to see you."

"He does not. And he's definitely not going to. What's gotten into you?"

"Just lift up the edge of the shirt," I lured as I took her left hand in mine and placed it on the bottom edge of my shirt.

"No! And why do you have an erection anyway? I'm your sister."

"Duh! Look at the screen for crying out loud." The hero of the film was by then engaged in a sixty-nine with a really hot, big breasted, black eighteen year old nympho type. Neither of us had really been following the film, in fact we'd turned down the sound as we'd talked, leaving both of us somewhat in the dark re plot development. "God, her breasts are as big as Mrs. T's," I said as I watched, knowing the words would get a rise out of sis.

She didn't say anything. Nor did she move her fingers from my hip where they were slowly, and perhaps unconsciously, playing with the hem of my shirt. And then, when the girl on the screen started to scream out her pleasure, Kat's fingers started to move. A second later my cockhead was bared.

"I didn't mean to do that. Cover it up," she ordered as she stared at it. My penis was held in place against my stomach by my waistband even though it was clearly straining to escape.

"He's looking at you. Using his one eye to--" I whispered in Kat's ear.

"It's ugly," she answered. But her eyes were locked in a stare with my cock's eye.

She watched wordlessly for seconds before I finally asked, "Do you want to see more ... to see all of--"

"No!" Said quickly and forcefully.

"Touch him?"

"NO! I said no!" Panic and excitement were in her voice.

"Push down the edge of the pants. On your side, I'll push on my side," I lured as I put my fingers on the waistband of my pants. Then I said, "Christ, look at that," as I lifted my hand and pointed at the screen. The film's hero was sitting on his ladylove's stomach and slowly pushing his big cock between her breasts.

"That is so disgusting," sis grunted but her eyes quickly returned to my penis.

"I think I'm bigger than he is," I offered smugly as I pushed my pants downward. Just an inch or so. With only me pushing on one side not much more of my cock was exposed to sis's view.

"You're not even close. Look at him ... he's a horse." And the guy up on the screen was big. And yes probably he was bigger than I was.

"Mine's pretty big," I answered. Then I watched as Katrina, trancelike, eyed my penis. Slowly her fingers started to move, pushing my pants down my right hip. I immediately matched her movements with my left hand. The shaft of my cock was slowly bared. When about three quarters of its length had been exposed it simply jumped up free, the tension of its erection freeing itself from the last restraints of my waistband. Kat gasped.

"Put it away," she finally whispered after having watched it bob in the air in front of her for seconds.

"I told you he was bigger than the guy on the screen," I said as I pushed my pants completely down my legs and then kicked them away after I'd freed my feet.

"No it's not. God look at that guy," she ordered but her eyes never left my penis. "Put your pants back on. Hurry, what if mommy or daddy comes?" Real panic was in her voice. But I was pretty sure she wasn't worried about our parents.

"Is it bigger than Philip's?" I asked, ignoring her request and then I circled my shaft with my hand.

"Don't," she pled as I started to move my hand.

"Miriam said it was very healthy, sexuality wise, to watch a man masturbate. That a woman learns..."

"I hate Miriam! And she certainly didn't say it was healthy to watch your brother do it."

"That's where you're wrong," I answered confidently. I was taking my time with my hand, simply keeping my cock interested with long, slow strokes. "In fact her studies show that over fifty percent of girls see their brothers masturbate sometime in their growing up years. That it's a great way for a young female to be introduced to sex."

"I'm twenty! And she's an idiot!" But sis continued to watch my hand as it moved up and down my shaft.

"I could call her," I offered. "I've got her cell number. We could both talk to her."

"Don't you dare!"

And then, as I sped up my hand, I grunted out, "Give me your panties ... hurry. Hurry Kat."


"Please Kat ... hurry ... I need them," I pled. I was faking just a bit.


"The ones you're wearing. Hurreeeeeee."

"The ones I'm wearing?" But even as she spoke the words her hands moved to the hem of her sleep shirt and then under it. It was like she'd been hypnotized by the cock that was dancing in the air before her eyes. "Don't look," she ordered and then seconds later her hands reappeared. Grasping her panties, a pair of cotton boy shorts. Pink ones. I grabbed them from her hands the second she'd cleared her feet with them.

"What are you going to do with them?" she asked. I didn't answer. Instead simply brought the soft cloth to my nose and mouth. "That is sooo, sooo gross," sis said in a hoarse voiced exhalation. A second later I rubbed the crotch of her panties across the head of my cock. And wiped away the big drop of precum that had formed at its tip.

"Don't get them dirty," sis gasped.

"I've used them before," I answered.

"You masturbated into these ones?" I nodded. "Ejaculated?" I nodded again. "What if I'd gotten pregnant from them?" sis asked irrationally. Even she knew that would have been impossible.

"Oh gawd, I need help," I groaned as I dropped her panties on my thigh and recircled my shaft with my left hand. My right arm was still around Katrina's shoulder.

"Help?" she asked even as I released my cock for a second and put my fingers on her wrist. Slowly I lifted her hand and brought it toward my waving cock. "Don't!" A plea. But without much force in it. There was a resigned tone in her voice. "You're my brother." Said as her fingers touched my shaft. "We can't!" Said as her fingers closed around my hardness.

"Move your hand."

"Move my hand?" But she obeyed even as she asked. She was acting almost as if she was in a trance. "Like this?" she finally asked.

"Give it a little twist each time. When your hand nears the head," I instructed. Meanwhile, my right hand, which had been draped around Kat's shoulder, slowed started to move down her arm.

"Put some saliva on him."

"What?" Sis was mystified by my request. My fingers found the side of her breast!

"Spit on him. Lubricate him. With your mouth," I told my big sister.

Almost mechanically she bent her head toward the end of my cock. An excited cock that was bucking in her small, soft hand. "Spit on him?" she asked even as her mouth opened and saliva slid out and dropped onto my penis.

"More. Then rub it. With your other hand," I instructed as my hand clamped onto her breast. Totally preoccupied I don't even think she even noticed that her brother was now in possession of her tit.

"Like this?" Of course like that! My cock was in heaven as Katrina's two hands worked on him.

"Yes," I gasped. My fingers had found her puffy nipple and were stretching it through the cloth.

"You're not going to ejaculate are you? You'll stop before then won't you?" she asked.

As if! My penis was already far too long gone. A process had been started that would have been impossible to stop. Seconds later I felt the first spasm deep inside my balls.

"I can't stop," I groaned as the first explosive, sperm laden charge rushed up my cock. Her face, only about eight inches away from the end of my penis when the eruption occurred, was splattered by the first ejaculation.

"Oh my gawd," she squealed as the string of cum landed on a blond curl hanging down over her forehead and then slid down onto her nose. Her hands released me as she reared back. Another string exploded from my now freed and rearing cock and arched through the air before landing on her thigh. By the time the third spasm rippled along my penis I'd covered the end of my cock with Katrina's panties. The rest of my ejaculation, a large one, ended up coating them.

"You weren't supposed to cum," sis chastised as I sat panting beside her. There was a tinge of hysteria in her voice. "You promised." Of course I hadn't promised anything of the kind. "It's in my hair."

Freeing her breast, yes I'd kept a hold of it all through the excitement, I reached up and ran my fingers across her forehead and captured most of the hanging strand. Then brought it to her lips.

"No ... don't ... please ... you're my brother." I painted her lips with cum. "I don't even like the taste of it," she protested as I pushed my laden digit between her lips.

"I'm not Philip, you'll like mine," I promised. And even though she shook her head she did manage to clean my finger with her tongue.

"Was Miriam right? About watching a man masturbate?" I asked after we'd both calmed down a bit.

"They should expel her from Northwestern. They should never allow someone like that to--"

"You know that you're my first blond don't you?" I said, interrupting her.


"Didn't you ever wonder why I never dated a blond?"

"No." Said with a pout but I could see she wanted to know the answer even if the question hadn't ever occurred to her before.

"It's because none of them are nearly as pretty as you," I told her.

"I'm not that pretty."

"Miriam told me it's perfectly normal for a teenage boy to be attracted to his sister."

"There are plenty of pretty blonds."

"You know, I've never seen a blond one before."

"A blond what?" But she knew. And she saw my eyes were locked on the hem of her sleepshirt. A hem that was sitting mid thigh high. "Anyway," she added, "the movies over, we should both go to sleep. I'm tired."

"You won't let me see it?" I asked as I got up on my knees and then moved so I was kneeling between her ankles. "You're not completely shaven down there are you?"

"No you can't see it! And for your information I'm not shaven," sis answered as she grabbed the hem of her skirt and tried to push it farther down her thighs.

"Please!" I pled as I placed my hands on her knees and gently, slowly started to push them apart.

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