tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 07

Just the Six of Us Ch. 07


Thanks again to ZexWizzard, my editor and idea man.

Chapter 7

He went into his room, letting Sarah enter after him and shutting the door behind her. She was on him immediately, eagerly pressing her lips to his in a hurried embrace. He felt her run her hands down his back and to his butt, pulling his hips forward and grinding her crotch against his erection.

"Throw her down and fuck her"

'You've said that before,' he thought at it. 'Don't you ever come up with new ones?'

"The classics never change"

He laid his head back on the door with a dull thud. She began to drop to her knees as she quickly began to unzip him. He glanced down at her a second later, confused as to why she stopped.

"I just remembered, I told you last time that you were gonna have to earn one," she said, with a wicked grin.

He groaned as images of him washing dishes and doing laundry filled his mind. "Dishes or laundry," he said, completely missing her innuendo.

"Oh no," she said, chuckling at him. "I'm not going to waste it on anything like that."

She stood up and stepped back a bit, beginning to pull her shorts off.

"Sarah, what are you doing?" he asked, surprised at her.

"I told you. You're gonna earn these lips this time bucko."

"Won't they hear us?" he asked, suddenly remembering his other siblings.

In response, she leaned over and turned on his radio. "Well, I can try and be quiet," she grinned at him.

"I've never..." he began to blush again.

"Ate at the crab shack, ordered the furburger, enjoyed a nice side of snatch, gone muff diving, munched carpet, sunk your tongue into a nice hot steaming bowl of sardine sau..."

'Yeah, that's not helping,' he grumbled at the voice.

"Oh sweetie," she said, smiling. "Don't be embarrassed. You've been amazing at everything else, I'm sure you'll do just fine at this. I'll tell you what to do."

"Okay," he said smiling, suddenly excited at the thought. "I just never thought that we'd take it this far," he admitted. "I'm glad we are though."

"Me too, sweetie," she smiled at him.

He leaned forwards, gently falling to his knees and grabbing her shorts. He pulled them gently off and tossed them to the side within easy reach, in case they were disturbed. She was wearing black lacy underwear.

"I put them on for you, hoping you might try and catch a glance sometime. I normally wear something more sensible," she said, seeing his surprise.

He leaned forward and kissed her inner thigh, gently nibbling on the flesh and moving slowly around.

"That's...nice..." she said, her eyes closed as she gently began to sway. "Oh... my..."

He continued to kiss on her thigh, slowly moving to her other thigh as he inserted a finger into the elastic band of her underwear. He moved his lips over the panties as they slipped passed on their trip down her legs, moving gently closer and closer to her mound. He pulled back and looked first at her pussy lips, and then up at her. She was shaved.

She smiled down at him, "I did it for you. You like?"

He grinned and went back to kissing. He slowly moved his lips over her pussy, drawing a small smile and a whisper of pleasure from her mouth. She gingerly lifted a leg to allow him access. He smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist and gently pulling her towards his tongue. His tongue began to draw small circles around her pussy lips, tentatively avoiding her clitoris and the area between her lips.

She draped the raised leg over the beg of his shoulder as he finally began to lick along her clitoris, pushing his tongue deep between her folds and drawing her pussy to his mouth.

"Now don't just lick like a puppy dog," she instructed. "You can... Oh god..." she said, momentarily distracted as she slurped on her clitoris again. "You can gently nibble, use a finger or two. Just don't stop, that's the key thing."

He pulled a hand from around her waist, and started to push it into her pussy.

"Here," she said, grabbing his hand. She pulled it to her mouth and licked on his fingers, pulling them into her mouth and then lowering it back to her pussy. She turned his hand palm towards him and pushed two of his fingers inside of her.

"Now little brother, gently begin making a 'Come here' motion with those two fingers as you gently suck on my clitoris."

Mike did as he was instructed, pulling his finger tips along the moist flesh of her vagina.

"Oh... sweetie..." she said, her knees starting to go weak.

She gently fell to her knees as he briefly pulled his mouth away and let her lay on her back, but then immediately went back to sucking on her clitoris and continuing the same movement with his fingers. She immediately began to wiggle and gasp uncontrollably, feeling an orgasm working its fingers up her body.

"Wow... you are good at this, sweetie," she said, smiling and closing her eyes. "My little brother is an excellent pussy eater," she announced quietly. He smiled, his lips tenderly pressed against her cunt.

"Hurry up and stick your dick in her."

She felt her vaginal muscles contract, wanting to draw him in as the first wave of her orgasm hit. She let out a small gasp and moaned, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him harder against herself as she came. "Oh God, Mike... Yes... yes... " she arched and bucked her hips a few times until the last waves of the orgasm had passed, then just lay there a few seconds, basking in the twinges of her aftershocks.

Mike lifted his head and looked up at Sarah. "How was that?"

She laughed, a little loudly for his comfort, "Sweetie, I think you were made to eat pussy." She rolled over after a few seconds and reached for her shorts. She giggled seeing the look on his face. "We aren't done yet, don't worry. I just have a surprise for you."

She reached into the pocket of her shorts and pulled something flat and round out.

"We'll need this," she said, handing it over to him.

He looked at it a second, shock crossing his face. "Sarah, this is...we can't do this!"

She looked puzzled. "Why not? It's just a condom."

"Sarah, that's... that's incest!"

"What do you think we've been doing, you big doofus?"

"Just do it you big pussy"

"This is different Sarah. I don't know about this."

"Mike, if you don't want me then..."

"It's not that Sarah, I do want you. I mean, I really do want you, like a lot. I keep having a voice in my head saying throw you to the ground and fuck you."

"Maybe you should listen to it," she said and began to rub her pussy again.

"I don't know Sarah."

"Well, if you aren't comfortable," she said, pulling her hand away from her pussy and sticking her fingers in her mouth.

"I just don't want things to get weird between us, and I don't want you to get hurt."

She smiled, touched at his concern.

"Mike, I want to fuck you more than I've wanted to fuck anyone before, and that's saying a lot for me."

"You do?" he asked, genuine surprise on his face.


She nodded, smiling sweetly again. He pulled the condom wrapper off and began to try and pull it over his dick, then turned it over when he realized it was inverted, rolling his eyes as it slid easily over his dick. Sarah was watching him with an amused expression on her face.

She gently lifted her shirt off her head as he pulled his lounge pants around his ankles. She was lying on her back, her elbows propping up her upper body, her breasts pointing up at him and nipples hardening in the cool air. She slowly spread her legs and licked her lips as he came forwards, positioning himself at her vagina.

"Just go slow at first, and then do whatever feels good to you," she told him, pulling him close and reaching up to kiss him. He nodded, shuffling his feet closer. He began to rub the head of his cock against her still moist pussy lips. She closed her eyes and sighed softly, eagerly awaiting the cock that was poised for a plunge into her snatch.

A loud knock on his door sent him scrambling up and yanking his pants upwards, the condom still on his penis. Sarah rolled quickly under his bed, grabbing her shirt but forgetting her shorts on the ground. The door opened as Mike sat down quickly at his desk. It was Emma.

"Hey, Mike, can you look at my car later. It's making a funny noise."

"Yeah sure," he said, trying to sound dismissive.

"Thanks," she said, with a curious pause. She was staring down at the decidedly feminine shorts on the ground near the bed. He didn't turn around as she closed the door behind her with a soft click, and couldn't see the shocked look on her face.

Sarah rolled out from under the bed, a huge grin on her face. "That was a close one!"

"Ya think?" Mike said, a little too loudly. "I told you we might get caught!"

"Calm down, sweetie, she didn't notice anything." She began to pull her shirt over her head, realizing that they wouldn't be continuing their fun at that moment.

"She might have seen your shorts!" he cried.

"You can still fuck her!"

'Stay out of this,' he begged the voice.

"Pussy! Gimme gimme gimme."

"She didn't, sweetie. Calm down. We'll try again when we are alone. I know this was a little difficult on you, but I promise I'll take care of you soon."

Outside, Emma had her ear to the door, and a shocked looked still plastered to her face. Her look only got bigger as she heard what her eldest sister said next.

"I've been waiting for this since just after we got started fooling around and I'm going to fuck your brains out. Okay sweetie?"

The door knob began to turn and she turned and bolted for her room.

Mike was still sitting at his desk, running a hand through his hair. "I guess," he said, feeling like a pervert and deranged asshole again.

She came over and hugged him, kissing his cheek and turned to leave.

"I know this is a totally different topic, but I just wanted you to know, I really appreciate how sweet you're being with Sarah. She's been through a lot and needs someone strong to cling to. I'd never have thought that you two could be so close."

"She said it's comforting to sleep next to me."

"I can imagine that it feels wonderful," Sarah said, smiling at him.

"You know we're just sleeping together right," he said, eyeballing her suspiciously.

"I know sweetie. It's what she needs right now. I'm not worried about it. Besides, you guys are my family."

He smiled at her. "I was worried that you'd be jealous of her if I started showing her more attention."

She smiled, genuinely touched at his concern for her and Danni.

"Sweetie, she has just as much claim over you as I do, she helped raise you too. She just went about it in different ways than I did. Whatever she needs to happen to help her heal, will happen. I won't get jealous."

"Thanks, Sarah. He stood again and went over to hug her.

"Besides, you two look so cute all snuggled up together the other day. I just had to take a picture."

He chuckled at the thought of this, remembering how the old Danni would have been enraged, threatening bodily harm if all the pictures weren't destroyed.

He suddenly had an idea and turned to her. "Can I get a copy of it?" he asked, smiling.

She nodded and leaned in for a kiss. "As long as you promise to give me some of that delicious cum later."

"Now, now, now, now, now... don't let her leave!"

He laughed and slapped her on the ass as she headed for his door.

She turned and fixed a goofy faux sultry look on him. "Harder Daddy, harder," she said, and winked, wiggling her butt at him. She stopped just outside his door, "I just remembered, I've got an idea that I think you'll like that we can all do. Can you come downstairs in a minute?"

He stood and pulled the condom off, wrapping it in some Kleenex and heading downstairs to throw it in the trash can, very, very, deep down in the trash can.

Emma had come downstairs after seeing the coast was clear, just in case they had noticed someone listening in, somehow. She sat in a recliner, pointedly not looking at Mike or Sarah. She didn't have an angry look on her face, just a confused grin.

Beth and Danni were still lying on the couch together watching TV, but slid apart as Mike came down and sat between them. They both fell back against his shoulders as he sat back, and he couldn't help but glance down at both sets of cleavage. Dear God Beth had such perfect tits. He had a nearly overpowering urge just then to grab one and squeeze it, to take her nipple in his finger and pinch it.

Feeling sufficiently perverted, he turned his attention to Sarah.

"So I have this idea, and I think you all might like it. In short, I think we need to go on vacation."

Mike immediately knew that he wanted to go. Definitely needed to get away from this house that had been corrupting his brain and making him defile his sisters. It was easy for them to go on vacation. After his parents had been killed, the 5 kids had received a large insurance payment from their parents' life insurance policies along with the money that they had saved while they still had their medical practice. Sarah had sought financial advice about what to do and they were now living off investments and still had very large chunk of the original sum they had inherited. Sarah could stretch a dollar farther than anyone else he knew.

They had rarely gone on vacation, usually because the twins were still in high school, or Beth was taking summer classes, or Danni had some other engagement to go to. This summer marked the first time they'd all been off at the same time. It seemed like a perfect time for vacation.

"I think that'd be a great idea," Mike said, after a few seconds of silence. "It'll get us away from here and some of us definitely need a little bit of relaxation," he said, drawing a laugh from his sisters.

"Where do you think we should go?" Emma asked, glancing at her brother. She still couldn't believe what she'd heard. The conversation faded out as she was lost in thought. Sarah and Mike were fooling around. They were her sister and brother! They were related! Why wasn't she more repulsed by the thought? It should have sent her to the bathroom and vomiting her guts out. She wasn't though. She couldn't figure out why at first. It was Mike and Sarah. The thought that they were at least having oral sex, maybe more, and they were related kept bouncing around in her head. It was shocking, but there were other feelings there too. What were they? She was as surprised as she was confused.

"Cabo san Lucas maybe?" Sarah asked.

"South Padre," Beth suggested.

She'd always been close to her brother, they were twins for fuck's sake, but she'd never have thought that he'd be doing something like that with Sarah. She knew her sister well, but not as well as she knew Mike. It had to be her idea. There wasn't any other explanation. Mike must have told her about being caught in the shower and saying Danni's name out in the heat of passion. She hadn't thought any worse of her brother for what had happened, but had been reveling in the fun of tormenting him, knowing that he was agonizing over the event.

Sarah had been so vulgar, though. She'd never heard her say such things, telling her brother that she'd fuck him and wanted his cum. It wasn't her business, why couldn't she get it out of her head? Who cares if he was fucking his own sister, they were both consenting adults. Sure, it wasn't legal, but who were they really hurting? She found herself drifting over to this other unexplained feeling that began to overwhelm the others that were surging through her, as she brought herself back to the conversation.

"I like the Grand Caymans idea, but it's more expensive than the others would be. I'd suggest a cruise, but you have to book those in advance." Mike was rambling.

Emma glanced over at her brother. She knew he had to be bursting with testosterone and other hormones that saturated his manly prime. She certainly wasn't making it easy on him. She absolutely delighted in taunting her brother. She knew perfectly well what a nice ass she had, and precisely why her brother loved to go running with her. It even excited her that he found her attractive. It was her twin and she was closer to him than anyone else in the world. She could see why Sarah would be so excited and into being intimate with him, even wanting him.

Sex with him would be so much fun. She was only guessing, being a virgin, of course. She'd have to give him that, but he'd probably know to be gentle with her. 'This is Mike, your twin you dummy! What the fuck are you thinking about? Giving your brother your virginity?' she asked, thinking quietly to herself. She suddenly realized the unexplained feelings she was having. Jealousy. She couldn't believe it! She was jealous!

Sarah was being intimate with her twin and she was being left out. She began to realize that it was because she and Mike were so close. It felt like if someone in their family were to be intimate, it would be those two. They were so close it seemed like the next logical step.

She shook her head, drawing a curious gaze from Sarah.

This was Mike she was getting jealous over, not some guy at school. This was so wrong. Why did she feel so strongly about it? It felt like someone had opened a flood gate and this wave of emotion had poured out. She'd never felt anything so strongly before. All through high school and in her first year of college, she'd never been remotely interested in anyone, boys or girls. Now someone had turned on these feelings and she was finding herself wanting to express the love she held for him physically, yes fuck him, sisters be damned.

She'd never felt like this, and never felt this intensely, about anything, even sports, which were her favorite pastime. She was the only person that watched Sports Center besides Mike and usually more than him. She suddenly realized that she actually was going to try and give herself to her brother. She'd have to broach the subject with one of them.

Sarah, she realized suddenly, she'd be much easier to talk to about what was going on and the feelings she was having. Suddenly she was very envious of her older sister and suddenly couldn't wait to get her alone to talk.

"Emma? How does a trip down to the Cayman Islands sound?" Sarah asked, looking curiously at her sister.

"Wonderful," she said, smiling genuinely at her. She'd have to talk to her soon.

Sarah and Mike spent the next couple of hours at the computer, making flight arrangements and hotel reservations. Everything was set and they'd leave on Friday, spending a few days of luxury at a few small bungalows on the bay opening up into the Caribbean.

Mike looked down at the calendar, it was late Tuesday. He'd have to survive Sarah for a few more days before he could head to paradise and work out all of his demons.

They had supper that evening, Beth cooking again. She made some wonderful tasting oven-baked chicken dish. The meal passed quickly enough for Mike, and he was able to control his desires for his sisters for the time being, only allowing himself the occasional glance at Beth's ample and impressive cleavage. Emma and Sarah both noted his glances with a smile and didn't let on that they'd notice.

Mike was detailing some things they could do down in the Grand Caymans, having done some research on the island resort.

"I've got a few surprises planned when we get down there," he said with a wink. "A big one for you," he said looking at Beth.

"For me?" she asked, genuine surprise on her face. "Why me? What are you doing?"

"Nope," he shook his head. "Surprise."

She pouted at him and flashed her green eyes and long lashes. "Pleeeease."

He chuckled and shook his head. "I think you know how to get what you want just fine," he said laughing, adding, "Shy my ass." Laughter echoed around the room.

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