tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 08

Just the Six of Us Ch. 08


As always, thanks to ZexWizzard for the edits and suggestions.

Chapter 8

The next few days passed by quickly, and relatively normally. Mike tried to keep himself occupied, working out and running with Emma when his bruises had healed enough. Normal enough, all things considered. Sarah kept trying to seduce him, wearing low cut tops and her magic sex apron that he found so damn alluring. He had to keep finding excuses to keep her greedy little sex starved fingers off of him, which, of course, only seem to encourage her to pursue him more aggressively. Emma was strangely quiet around him. She wasn't rude, or indifferent, but not her usual self. Then again, she'd never been very talkative, so it didn't really bother him.

Every night, Danni would come into his room when he went to bed and curl up next to him. They kissed each other tenderly for a few minutes every night as they were falling asleep, waking up embracing each other again and kissing for a few minutes every morning. They'd lay there for as long as they could each morning before they heard the others in the house stirring.

It never strayed beyond gentle kissing, tongues entwined in embrace. He didn't get embarrassed when he got aroused, or when he awoke that way, and she never indicated that she noticed, unless it was to gently push it out of her stomach or hip. Mike didn't remember the last time he'd felt so relaxed, as when he woke up next to her.

Friday came and Mike loaded the small army of luggage into the back of his truck, the girls piling into Emma's car for the trip to the Airport. The flight down was uneventful, save for Sarah trying to convince her brother to join the Mile High Club somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico. Mike gently admonished her that she'd just have to work things out herself, drawing a pout from her pretty face. Of course he could tell that she'd just redouble her efforts when they got to the island.

After landing and catching a cab to their bungalows, they finally settled in and were already pestering Mike about their surprises. They had two small bungalows, each with two beds. Beth and Sarah would share one, much to Sarah's disappointment. Mike and Danni would share a bed in another, her having been sleeping with him since her salvation, with Emma occupying the second.

They all met in Mike's room and he finally let them in on the surprises, well, one of them at least. He'd arranged a special trip for each of them, something that each of his sisters would love, or so he hoped. He didn't tell them what they were going to do, but assured them they'd love them. The first thing they'd get was a full body massage and spa treatment, to work out all the knots and worries from the trip.

His sisters, squealing in excitement, headed off for the spa. Mike decided to catch a few winks. He dreamed a pleasant, boob filled dream. Sometimes they took the shape of Beth's perfect tits, or his twin's small breasts, or Sarah attacking him with hers, or even Danni nestling hers softly up against his chest.

"Ah... boobs."

He awoke hearing their voices and quickly hid his erection. A voice whispered in his ear as his eyes struggled to open and start working, "It was tenting up when we came in." Sarah giggled as she leaned over her brother. "We all stopped and looked at each other and had to shush each other not to laugh and wake you up, it was adorable. Which one of us were you dreaming about?"

Mike, finally able to hold his head up looked around the room. His sisters looked very relaxed and happy. They weren't looking at him but would giggle softly, chatting amongst themselves. "Take your pick," Mike said, trying to put his embarrassment behind him.

Emma came over and sat down on his lap suddenly. "So when do I get my surprise," she said, pouting innocently and batting her eyelashes at him.

"Shove it in"

'Again, not helping,' he mentally muttered. He could feel the tip of his dick pressing up against her pelvic bone, and she shifted, sliding him gently between her legs up the front of her vagina.

His face twitched in embarrassment, but the look on her face then conveyed all he needed to know. She obviously knew he was aroused, and it didn't bother her. He felt himself relax.

"You hardly ever listen to me," the voice sounded like it was pouting.

He chuckled and gave her a kiss on her cheek. "Well, there a few spectacular golf courses, I thought..." Emma scowled at him, knowing the he knew full well that she loathed golf.

Seeing the look of mayhem on her face, he quickly put his hands up and began to backpedal. "Just kidding, just kidding."

"We'll get to the rest of the surprise excursions tomorrow," he assured her, giving her a peck on the cheek. As his lips neared her cheek, she turned suddenly and their lips pressed together, briefly. She jumped off his lap and went over to the table, a mischievous smile on her face.

"Tonight, I thought you would like to go eat somewhere, there's a wonderful seafood restaurant not too far away, easily in walking distance." Sarah's eyes lit up. Seafood was her absolute favorite, something you couldn't easily get in the middle of Texas, unless you counted Red Lobster, which she usually didn't.

Sarah looked like she would tackle him and start going at it right there and then, but she contained her excitement. She absolutely adored seafood, and she was determined to pay her brother back for taking the helm and planning every detail of their vacation.

"Sounds great, but I doubt it will be better than anything Beth could make," Danni said, smiling at her sister.

Beth returned the smile with a 'Yeah, whatever' look on her face.

"Don't worry, I've got something planned for each of you."

They went to dinner that evening and Sarah absolutely relished dinner. Crab, and various types of ocean fish and rare foods filled the table, and they ate and drank until they were full.

"So how was your first day?" Mike asked Beth.

She smiled as she glanced up from her plate.

"That's so good," she said, indicating the plate of seafood in front of her. "That full body massage was sooooo relaxing," she said with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Mike, feeling playful, leaned over and quietly asked, "So did they give you the happy ending I paid for?"

Beth, actually getting the joke for once, giggled at him and threw a crab leg. "Yes," she said, drawing a burst of laughter from the table. It obviously hadn't been true, but the mirth at the table made him feel good. He'd really wanted this vacation to turn out great, and so far it looked like it would. They retired early that evening, electing to start early in the morning, Mike promising that the day would be filled with stuff to do.

Later that evening, Mike lay down on the bed in his room staring out at the Caribbean, the sun was setting and a blaze of gold refracted off the water. Emma was sitting on her bed, looking out at the same view. "Beautiful isn't it?" she asked.

Mike rolled over and looked back at her, just staring at her for a few seconds. "Yes," he said simply, smiling slowly. He saw her begin to blush in the pale light and lower her eyes in modesty, a smile brightening her face.

Danni came out of the bathroom in her sports bra and panties and headed over to Mike's bed. The rest of the family had accepted her need for someone understanding to sleep next to. Emma watched as her sister crawled into bed next to him and curled up on a pillow, waiting for Mike to get in.

Emma pulled herself into bed, feeling a bolt of jealousy fleetingly pass through her. She couldn't hold it against her sister, though, knowing how much she'd been through. She felt her heart warm as she saw how her sister responded to Mike just being near. She knew that Mike wouldn't ever hurt Danni, wouldn't force anything on her, would just be there for her whenever she needed him. She found herself desperately wishing she could be held in his arms as well. She turned over, trying to go to sleep, but couldn't and soon turned back to her siblings.

Mike yawned, stretching his arms. It had been a long day, but a good one. He pulled the covers up and lay down beside Danni, relishing the feeling of her body relaxing and melting up against his. She looked up at him as he smiled at her and kissed him gently on the lips.

Emma saw how the tension seemed to melt from Danni as Mike drew close. It was very heartwarming and she was thankful that her sister was getting comfort. She saw the tender kiss between them and with a smile on her lips, wiped a happy tear from her eye and turned back over. The cool breeze from the ocean drifted over them and all three slept soundly through the night.

The next morning, they enjoyed a nice breakfast at a local restaurant and Mike gave them their next gift. He'd arranged for a half a day of shopping at all the local tourist traps and boutiques. The girls cheered happily and hugged each other and their brother. They'd all been worried that he'd forget their love of shopping. Mike knew better, having planned this vacation to perfection.

The morning passed swiftly for the girls, hitting nearly every shop they could find. By the end of the day, Mike was sweating, carrying armfuls of bags and trudging dejectedly behind them. They stopped for a bite to eat near a beach and Mike picked a small white wildflower, placing it on Danni's ear. She was sitting on a bench, her back to the ocean, and her face to the side, staring off towards the distance. A soft wind picked up and blew her hair gently around her face. Mike grabbed his camera and clicked a quick picture, smiling. He had all he needed he realized, for Danni's surprise.

To his sisters, the shopping had been Danni's surprise. They all loved it, but none more than she. It was 6 hours of hell for Mike, but he endured and persevered. After seeing how happy his sisters were, like everything else, he'd do it all again. He couldn't wait to give Danni her real surprise.

The island heat began to get to them and Mike gave Emma her surprise. He'd rented a few wave runners for them. Her eyes gleamed as she heard what her surprise was. She loved wave runners and water skiing, and had been secretly hoping that he'd rented a couple. They caught a ride to the rental place and Mike turned in the ticket. There was a small life vest fitting area they had to go through, as well as a training session. The lessons quickly over, they took off, racing up the beach. Sarah had her own wave runner, racing quickly ahead of her siblings, leading the way. Beth and Danni followed her on the second one with Mike and Emma on the third.

Emma had chosen to drive first, and felt tingles of excitement run up her body as Mike climbed behind her. He reached around and held on to the front of her vest, gently squeezing her close to him as she raced over the water. She had a wild smile on her face as she steered back and forth, racing her sisters and following the leader. Mike realized that her life vest was loose fitting as he bounced up and down a bit when she when over the wake, feeling the vest pull up a bit too much.

He reached around and felt around for the strap, "Your vest is loose," he said.

She nodded looking down for a second, then held up a broken part of the strap. They slowed to a crawl as she undid the vest, standing up and stowing it under the seat.

"Just hold on to me tight and don't let go," she said as she throttled up again.

Mike wrapped his arms around her waist as they raced up towards their sisters again, who hadn't seen them slow down. He felt her hand on his for a second, and then she pulled it upwards, repositioning him. "Sorry," he called, thinking he was squeezing her too hard. Her hand moved up and placed his directly on her perky, apple sized breasts.

Mike, not realizing at first, as the water rushed by, suddenly realized that he was feeling her up. He couldn't let go for fear of her falling off and him not being able to get to her quick enough. To his amazement, she reached back down and moved his hands again, this time pulling them back and pushing them inside her bikini top, pulling it up and off her breasts but still clinging to her.

Unable to resist, he began to gently play with her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples. He began to feel himself get an erection and wondered what the hell it thought it was doing.

"Stick it in her ass"

He felt her gently pushing back against him as he groped her breasts on the wave runner. She lifted up and let his cock slide beneath her. He laid his head on her shoulder and moaned as she began rocking back on forth on it, gently trying to massage him. They raced around for a few minutes, Mike continuing to pinch and play with her nipples as she gently sat on his prick and rubbed herself back and forth on it.

Up ahead, Beth was switching with Danni and the two other wave runners had stopped moving. Emma quickly pulled her top back down as Mike pulled himself out from underneath her, adjusting his hard-on and hiding it as best as he could. They quickly switched places as Danni, Beth and Sarah watched, waiting patiently.

Handing Emma his life vest, he put her broken one over him. Satisfied they were safe enough, they took off again, heading back up the beach towards the rental place. Emma immediately leaned forward and laid her head on his back, running a hand across a muscle. She lifted her head suddenly and leaned forward. "I was so envious of Danni last night. It looked so warm and safe lying next to you. It made me a little jealous."

She sat back and laid her head back down. How far did she dare take this? She'd wanted to slide her bathing suit aside and pull him inside, but knew that would've been impossible, even without her being a virgin. She could still have a little fun she decided, providing she didn't cause him to wreck. He throttled up, taking the lead over and ogling Beth as she bounced along beside him, holding to Danni who was smiling wildly.

Emma, slowly ran her hand along her brother's stomach, feeling around gently near his pants. She felt him jerk as her hand touched his dick, still hard from her pussy massage. She undid the draw string on his trunks and gently slid his dick out, pumping it softly in one hand. She marveled at how big it was, not gargantuan, but formidable from her perspective. "Maybe now you'll yell out Oh Emma," she said, leaning forward and speaking to his ear. He was desperately trying to concentrate.

Suddenly growing bolder, she eased her hand over his and forced him to back off the throttle. Sarah and Danni passed them quickly, and she allowed him to throttle back up, taking place behind them. She quickly stood, jumped around in front and sat facing him. She smiled and quickly kissed him, her tongue entwined in his mouth as they raced along. It was so exciting, at any moment one of their siblings could turn around and catch them.

Emma reached down with her hand and grabbed his dick, pulling herself up and wrapping her legs around him. She pulled it close to her and began to rub up and down with her bikini clad pussy. Drawing from her earlier idea, she gently lifted her butt up and slide the bikini slightly to the side. She popped open the two latches on the front of her life vest and slid it open, pulling her bikini top up and pinching her nipples. She ran hand down her stomach and into her pussy, pushing a few fingers in and pulling them back out. Her mouth opened and she sucked her fingers into her mouth, slurping down her own juices.

"See how wet you made me?" she asked, but then looked down and pulled his hips forward and pushed his cock up against her pussy.

Mike moaned as she began to arch her hips up and down, rubbing the lips of her pussy up and down his shaft and pumping his cock with both hands.

She was rewarded quickly, as he started to cum, losing the fight against the excitement of the situation. She pumped her pussy and hand on his cock several times, a few thick ropes of cum arced up and layed out neatly on her torso. Several ejaculations later, she was thoroughly coated by her brother's cum, and it began to drip down her body.

Grinning at him wickedly, she grabbed the handle bar and pulled to one side. They both flew off the wave runner, the safety key pulling out as they did. She popped back to the surface and began to scrub the cum off herself. He came up laughing. "That's one way to get rid of the evidence I guess," he said, still laughing.

She swam up to him and kissed him quickly. "I've been wanting to do that since we got here." She winked at her surprised brother and swam back to the wave runner.

"My turn!" she said, grinning at him.

Smiling, he turned and climbed aboard with her.

It had only been an hour rental and soon it was time to return them. Emma smiled and gave him a platonic hug after they had turned in all the equipment, quickly pointing out the broken strap on the life vest. "Thanks for the surprise, bro."

The next excursion was a short cab ride away. He told Beth that this surprise was for her and that of all of the excursions, this was the one that he knew she'd love. All five hopped aboard a chartered boat and sat back as the crewmen explained the intricacies of what they were going to do. Beth squealed in excitement when he pulled out the snorkels, masks and swim-fins and began to explain the proper use. They boat they were on would make two stops.

Their first stop would be at a coral reef where they could snorkel around and see all sorts of marine life. There were twenty or so other people on the boat and the crew quickly took a headcount to make sure no one was left behind when they returned. There was a group of younger guys on the boat that had taken an obvious interest in Mike's sisters. The girls politely chatted with them and laughed at their jokes, but were obviously not interested.

The guide explained that they'd have to pair up and swim with another person when they reached the reef. Sensing what was coming, Mike rolled his eyes and looked at across at Emma, who winked at him, also having sensed it. One of the guys in the group, the leader, came back over to the group.

"So there's three of us, and it looks like you guys will be one short, just like us. Would you like to pair up? Maybe afterwards we can get some drinks and see where the night takes us?" It was a brave speech but he couldn't keep his eyes off Beth's tits, her ample cleavage clearly visible. Everyone saw where he was looking, and no one was amused.

Mike figured Emma would be the one to say something snarky, but he was very surprised to hear Danni's voice. He briefly wondered if she was going to accept their offer and slide back into the old Danni. He knew better, though, and the thought vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

"Listen stud, I know you think that Mike here is with just one of us, but that's where you are sadly mistaken. He's with all of us." Mike had to fight not to start laughing, determined to play the cool cat that Danni was trying to make him out to be. He didn't move, but continued to lie back looking around, as if uninterested in what was going on.

"Whatever," the guy said.

"Don't believe her?" Emma asked, suddenly standing. She flashed a wink at her sisters and went over to Mike, kissing him deeply. Sarah stood, following her lead and went to sit on his other leg, leaning in and taking her turn kissing him just as deeply.

Danni stood, and barely containing her smile, leaned over and kissed him deeply, running a hand along and down his crotch as she looked back at the guy, whose mouth had dropped open. Beth stood and went over to her brother, determined to keep the ruse up and really stick it to the guy who had been staring at her tits.

Emma and Sarah moved as Beth came close, leaning way over facing her ass towards the group of dumbfounded young guys. She winked at her brother, trying to stifle a grin as she sloppily kissed him, her cleavage gently pressed against his chest. "Thanks baby," she purred, winking at him and returning to her seat.

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