tagGroup SexJust the Three of Us

Just the Three of Us


I had just gotten off work from pulling a double shift at the local 'Texaco station.' I was dead tired, wanting to go home and call it a day. My homing device was in full swing and set for going straight to the shower and then climb into bed. I had visions of hibernating till at least noon the next day.

As I walked up the steps to my home I felt something hit my heels. I looked back and my ass was dragging. And I promise you ... there is nothing wrong with my tiny tear drop shaped ass other than, it was tired.

But to my surprise when I walked in the house, the girl I shared my place with, (nothing had ever happened between us) was in the living room stark naked, with a guy she knew.

I was surprised to say the least. But hey I understand, I didn't mind her getting herself some, It was just a surprise. How often do you walk into your home and find two people ... embraced. In their birthday suits.

I began to go on to my room but while walking by I couldn't help myself. I had to take a look, okay maybe I didn't have to but I did and standing up all perky and hard, was the nicest pair of nipples I had ever seen.

She had a pair of perfect, round, breasts to go with those taught, protruding, tug toys. I knew I should leave but I couldn't tear myself away. She looked so sexy and hot sitting there curled up into sex, was like watching a good soap opera.

I wanted ... no wait, I 'HAD' to see more. I stopped at the door leading out and leaned into it as if I forgot something. I turned and looked back at the two of them wanting to see more.

I was not disappointed either. "Mr. fly by night" that was the name we ended up giving him, as if right on cue ordered her to get up and walk 10 feet away from him.

She now was in the clear and even closer to the light that allowed me to see every curve of her body. My eyes were drawn to her like a magnet. I forgot about being tired, I was now hungry. I could feel myself starting to get wet almost instantly.

"What now Mr. Fly by"? I heard her say.

"Rub your nipples with one hand and your clit with the other," she did as she was instructed and so did I. I know they knew I was at the doorway shadows but they didn't seem to care.

I was getting so hot and wet watching her squirm with excitement as her hands roamed freely all over her hot and gorgeous body. She began moaning as her hand was beginning to rub faster so was mine.

"Ohhhh," I heard her light moans and it fueled a thirst I didn't know I had.

I was so busy playing with myself that I hadn't even noticed that they had heard me too and was coming my way. "Gulp."

Embarrassed at being caught, I turned and started to leave. My friend stopped me by saying, "Hey, come here!"

I froze, I was caught between doing a mad dash to the back room or to just allow myself to melt into their little lovers play.

"You sure have a sexy body, let me see your tits," she said very playful. I was still a statue but her hands found my breast like a butterfly finds a flower. Her soft hands squeezed just right because my frozen legs began to move, her way.

She pulled my shirt up lightly and I didn't resist. He folded in behind her and began grasping her breasts and nipping at her neck. My hands had a mind of their own and found her nipples.

"I want to suck your nipples," she said as she sank into them. I was almost eye to eye with Mr. Fly By. He leaned in and I gave him a kiss for being cute. Okay, being naked helped.

I took her head and shoved it into my boobs very playfully. I liked the idea of her head being there. This seem to excite all of us especially 'Mr. fly by.'

He was behind my friend, who was bent over treating my body like it was water after a 10 yr. drought. He shoved his cock as deep inside her as he could. When he did, her hand went to my clit and mine to her rock hard nipples. The harder he pumped his cock in her, the harder she drove her fingers in me.

Well, this was driving me insane with excitement. I pulled at her nipple then stuck my finger at my clit with hers, to get it all wet. I then reached back up to those hard nipples of hers and smeared my hot juices all over them. This drove her totally wild and she grabbed my finger and started sucking my juices off them like a humming bird does sweet nectar.

I couldn't take it anymore, I came all over her soft tender fingers. As she slid her fingers out of my hot oven, she slid them into her mouth to suck off all the flavor. She got so turned on from the taste of me, that she turned and dove on Mr. Fly By and began to ride his cock like she had been born a cowgirl.

While she was screaming with total pleasure I grabbed her nipples and help her, to help bring on a climax of her own. Afterwards she looked up and started kissing me, everywhere, which caused 'Mr. fly by' to explode his own love syrup deep inside of her. We all fell from exhaustion, there was smiles all around.

The next morning when we awoke, 'Mr. Fly by' was already gone but our memories weren't. We never said a word, my friend and I. We just smiled our smiles and got up. Our new day began but our night ... was well remembered.

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