Just The Tip



"I told you Rachel I just don't think I'm ready yet"

Rachel and I had been dating for months already. We'd grown up in the same small town, but she never really showed interest until recently. Then on her 18th birthday she told me I was taking her to a movie, and now 6 months later I'm sitting on her couch playing Modern Warfare 3 and getting my ass kicked.

Rachel was a dream. 5'2", long auburn hair, and the only thing not petite about her were her breasts. She was on the honour roll, vice president of the student council, and captain of the school field hockey team, and all the other guys in school wished they were me. Everything was perfect, except for one thing.

"Come on! All the other girls' boyfriends have done it."

"And I'm not other guys. I wish you'd stop pressuring me." That got her attention. She paused the game.

"Pressure? I'm not pressuring I can wait until you're ready baby."

"Good. Let's get back to me being owned then."

And for awhile I thought it was over. She told me to make some sandwiches for lunch and an hour later we were playing again. But then she paused it again.

"What if I stick in just the tip?" She asked.


"Just the tip. You know, so we can see what it feels like."

"I dunno Rach..."

"Come on! It doesn't count if nobody gets off."

"Well..." I wasn't really sure if that was true, but Rachel was pretty smart.

"Then it's agreed!" She flashed me that smile she has when she gets her way and I melted. "Come on!"

She grabbed my arm and pulled me to her bedroom. "My parents won't be back for four hours so we have plenty of time. But just in case," She went to the far side of her room and clicked her play-list. Billy Joel, Just the Way You Are.

"See? It'll be romantic," She smirked at me again and planted a kiss on my neck. I was starting to get lightheaded at this point. "Now get on the bed."

I laid back on her sheets.

"No the other way. Turn over."

"What? Why? It's humiliating"

"Because your back is soooo sexy. Come on please?" She gave me that look again and I couldn't resist. I turned over onto my stomach.

"Excellent now I'll be right back."

Are we really doing this? I thought as I lay there. I had a feeling I was getting in over my head. I also had a dizzy feeling.

I didn't hear Rachel come back in the room until she had climbed on the bed behind me.

"Aww yeah check out the ass," she said, "pull down those jeans for me babe."

I awkwardly tried to comply, but I had life my ass in the air to get them down.

"Yeah that's perfect." What's perfect? Why was she acting strange? I heard her shift closer to me, her hands groping my ass.

"What are you doing?" I asked. She grabbed my wrists and started kissing my neck.

"Shhh... just relax. This is going to happen." I heard the click before I felt the cuffs on my wrists.

"Wha-" I started, but she grabbed my head and shoved me down into her pillow. "Rach what are you doing this isn't funny."

"Don't worry babe it'll just be the tip," She moved closer to me. That's when I felt it. It felt like it was at least 8 inches and much thicker than my cock. She had it resting on top of my ass. "Or maybe a bit more," As if on cue, the next song on her play-list came on. Seether, Fuck Me Like You Hate Me. As the realization dawned on me I started to move away, but she was already on top of me, one hand on her cock and the other with a firm grip on my neck. I heard another click as she opened up the bottle of lube.

"Rach this isn't cool. Take these off and lets go back to the game."

"Oh no I've waited too long for this Jake," she stroked her the lube up and down her cock. I felt the cold drips as she dribbled some on my ass. "How many dates where you teased me and left? How many times did I see your sexy ass walking down the hall in those slutty jeans of yours? You want this slut."

I kept squirming under her but she kept her firm grip on my neck. I felt her rubbing her cock up and down my ass crack.

"No Rach please don't do this I won't tell anyone I prom--" I groaned as she pushed the head of her cock inside of me.

"Stop squirming or it will hurt more," She pushed a button on the cock and I felt it vibrating at the base, "Oh God Yes."

My ass felt like it was on fire as she forced the head in. "Please," I whimpered, "no."

"See babe? Just the tip. It's not so bad is it?" I was gasping for air as I tried to accommodate it.

"Unh..." I tried to answer her.

She tightened her grip on my neck. "I don't think it's enough for me though. I'm going to make you my little bitch."

She put her other hand on my waist and shoved the rest of it into me. I screamed as I felt my ass stretch around her. My eyes went cross and I couldn't feel anything but her cock.

"That's right Jake, scream like a little bitch. This is going to be a great story in the locker room tomorrow."

My ass felt empty as she slowly slid the cock back out. "Let's hear you scream again," she said, just before she slammed it back in hard. I tried to scream, beg her to stop, anything, but all I could feel and think was her cock.

She thrust in again. Her hand left my neck and slapped my ass. I wouldn't be able to struggle anymore, her cock was much more effective at pinning me down.

I started to lose track of how many times she pounded me, her hands on my ass, her cock using my ass over and over. I groaned each time I felt her fake balls pressing against my body. I don't know how long she fucked me like that. I couldn't focus my thoughts, all I could feel was my submission, the way she was using my body. My hips started pushing back against her, trying to push her cock deeper.

"That's right you're just a little whore Jake," she said between gasps. Her orgasm was coming to her soon. "I knew you wanted this." Her thrusts became quicker and my body couldn't keep up anymore.

"Please, no..." I finally manage to mumble.

"You say...no...but your body...says 'fuck me'" she moaned between thrusts and slapping my ass. I could feel her body start to shake the bed and knew she must be close. Her hands clamped down on my hips as she fucked me in a frenzy. She no longer cared that I was there, I was just a body to be used for her pleasure, a hole to be fucked. She screamed at me as she came, one last deep push as she impaled me on her cock. She collapsed forward on to my back, her body shuddering, her cock still inside of me.

"That was good, slut," She slowly pulled her cock out of me, watching me shake as each inch was withdrawn. I lay on the bed, still gasping for breath, as she went to go clean of her cock.

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