Just Trying To Help Pt. 02

byDG Hear©

"I love her, Dad. She's like a mother, sister and best friend all rolled in to one. Why, Dad?"

"I want to ask her to marry me. I know we've only known her for a couple of months but I know how I feel. Do you have a problem with that?

Through tearful eyes, Kim said, "No problem, Dad. Am I going to have a little brother and sister too?" she smiled.

"If Molly says yes, I would like to adopt the twins. I need your opinion."

"Dad, in another year I'll be away at school and you will be alone. Molly, Annie and Andy would be great for you and I'll have them when I come and visit when I come home. Dad, go for it and good luck," said Kim.

I walked into the kitchen where Molly was having a cup of coffee.

"Molly, we need to talk."

"Larry, what are you doing home so early?"

"Kim called me and said you were going to leave tomorrow."

"Yes, I figured we stayed long enough. I'm going to call my mother in a little bit and let her know to expect us."

"Molly, you've misread me. I'm in love with you and always have been. I'm not the Mr. Nice guy you think I am. I've wanted to make love to you for awhile now. I was afraid you would leave if I acted inappropriately toward you. I had no idea you had romantic feelings toward me."

Molly came forward and kissed me. Her lips were warm, soft and her kiss felt wonderful. As we were kissing Annie came into the room and we watched her run back into Kim's room.

"Kimmy! Andy! Mommy and Mr. Larry are kissing in the kitchen," we heard Annie say.

"Eww," said Andy.

All three of them were quickly standing in the kitchen.

"Molly, I want you to call your mom," I said.

Molly's and Kim's mouths fell open.

"I want you to invite her down here next month to attend our wedding. That is if you will marry me. I know I'm older and not the best..."

"Be quiet, Larry. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me outside of the twins. You need to know something about me. I'm unable to have any more kids." She wasn't sure how to say it in front of the kids.

"Let me put it this way. The playground is there but there's no swing," said Molly.

"Molly, for one thing I love playing in the park and I'm not into swinging. Besides remember I was there at the hospital and filled out your insurance and hospital forms. I knew that already," I smiled.

"Then, of course I'll marry you," replied Molly.

I got down on one knee and asked Molly to marry me again the old fashioned way. "I don't have a ring to give you right now but I..."

Kim interrupted me and handed me a wedding and engagement ring. It was her mother's. I gave it to her after the death of her mom.

"Are you sure about this, Kimmy?" I asked.

"Dad, I'm sure mom would approve if she's looking down on us. Consider it my donation toward your marriage."

Molly was crying as I slipped the ring onto her finger. After hugging me she hugged Kim and they were both crying.

I looked at both of them. "Okay, ladies, where do we go from here?" I asked.

"First you two need to explain to Andy and Annie what's going on. Then I think you should call Molly's dad and get his permission to marry Molly. That's what I would do," said Kim.

"Larry, can I have a real wedding? You know, in a church where my dad can walk me down the aisle. He missed it the first time because of my stupidity. I'll use my savings to help pay for the wedding. Kimmy, will you be my maid of honor? I have a ring bearer and flower girl already," smiled Molly.

"Sweetheart," I said to Molly. "You can have whatever you want. I'm sure you and your maid of honor can figure out what to do. The only thing I ask is to make it soon. I don't want to give you a chance to change your mind."

Of course Kimmy jumped at the idea of being the maid of honor. Now it was time to talk with the twins who stood there watching all this transpire.

"Annie, Andy, your mom and I need to talk to you. Let's go sit down in the living room and talk."

Andy asked about the swing at the playground we were talking about. I told him I would take him and Annie to the park the next day. I would push them both on the swings. I just wouldn't swing myself. I was much too old.

As we were walking into the living room, Annie said, "You want to marry mommy, don't you." "Is that going to make you our daddy?" asked Annie.

"Only if you two want me to be your dad. I'll adopt you and I will be your legal dad."

"What's adopt mean?" asked Andy.

'It means you will be my son and Annie will be my daughter just like Kimmy. You will have my last name," I answered.

"Does that mean Kimmy will be our big sister?" smiled Annie.

Kim came in and said, "Yes, you'll be my brother and sister and will have to do what I say because I'm older."

They both hugged Kim. "We're all going to be one big happy family," said Molly.

Now it was time to call Molly's parents. Molly dialed the number and talked with her mom.

"Hi, Mom, I may have some good news. I won't be coming back to Michigan except to visit you. Will you tell Dad to get on the extension phone? I have something to say to both of you.

"Dad, Mom, I met a wonderful man and he wants to speak to you."

"What's this all about?" I heard a man's voice.

"Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, my name is Larry Jacobs. I live in Ohio and am very good friends with Molly. I have asked her to marry me and we would like your blessing. We plan on getting married in a month and hope you will attend."

"Dad, it's me, Molly. I know how much I disappointed you when I married Andrew. I can't change that but I would like for you and mom to come to the wedding. It will be held in a church and I would love for you to walk me down the aisle and give me away. You are going to love Larry. Dad, he's my Guardian Angel and we are in love with each other."

I heard sniffles at the other end of the phone. I knew it was her parents coming to terms with their feelings for their daughter.

"Mr. Jacobs, you sound like a decent fair man and you and Molly have our blessing. I know you didn't have to call us for approval but I do appreciate it. Princess, I would be honored to walk down the aisle with you. I have to get off the phone now, but congratulations and you can talk to your mom now."

I hung up my phone also. I knew Molly's dad didn't want to show any more emotions on the phone. I thought about what it would be like if I was in his shoes. Molly talked to her mom for a good half hour and then let the kids talk to their grandma.

I sat on the couch holding Kimmy's hand. None of this would have happened if she didn't intervene. She was the love of my life and opened her heart for three more people. I couldn't have asked for a better, more understanding daughter.

When Molly came back into the room she told me her parents were happy and that her brothers and their families would probably attend the wedding. She looked so happy. I told her that all the planning was between her and Kim.

The phone rang and Kim said it was her girlfriend Dawn whom she hasn't seen too much in the last few weeks. She asked if it was alright to go to the movies and spend the night at Dawn's house. She promised to be home by noon the next day.

I told her of course it was okay. She'd stayed at Dawn's a dozen times. She told me she wanted to show me something and went to her room. I told Molly I'd be right back and went to see what Kim was up to.

When I entered her room she closed the door. "Dad, don't blow it tonight. You love her and she loves you. I won't be here tonight and I think the kids are getting sleepy. I love you with all my heart and I will see you tomorrow. Have a nice evening," smiled Kim.

She kissed me on the cheek, smiled and walked out of the room. She told the kids and Molly that she would see them the next day, hugged and kissed them and headed out the door. I looked up at Molly and she was smiling. Why did I know that she knew what Kim said to me?

Molly got up and said, "Andy, Annie, come and take your baths. We are going to have a busy day tomorrow."

The kids went and took their baths and went to bed. I was watching TV when Molly said she was going to take a shower. She came out in a dark blue negligee. She looked fantastic I quickly got up and said I was going to take a quick shower also. When I was done, I noticed all the lights were off except in my bedroom. I walked in and there was Molly sitting in the middle of the bed.

"We have to learn to talk to each other more. I'm not good at reading you yet. Do you want to make love to me tonight?" asked Molly.

"Molly, I've wanted to make love to you for months now."

I climbed on the king size bed as she laid back. I leaned over and kissed her gently. I felt the sparks fly. I kissed her again and again. "You're so beautiful," I said.

Her breasts were barely covered by her negligee and I could see the freckles on her chest. I leaned over and kissed her chest and she put her arms around my head. I moved back up and kissed her lips and her neck. I moved down to the end of the bed and slowly pushed her nightgown up her thighs. She was so warm and soft. She raised her hips so I could get her nightgown up above her hips.

She had a trimmed fiery red mound. I looked up at her and she told me she did it the night before, just in case.

I put my face against it and started kissing her mound. She spread her legs and my mouth went down between her thighs and I started kissing her moist hot sex. I took my fingers and spread her lips and pushed my face hard against her pussy. She moaned as I darted my tongue in and out of her. She was extremely wet now and was rotating her hips so her wet hot pussy was grinding into my face.

I couldn't wait any longer. I stood up and took off my briefs. She sat up and removed her nightgown and lay back down. I got back on the bed and she again spread her legs as I took my cock and placed it at the entryway to her pussy.

"Take me now, Larry, make love to me. It's been so long."

I pushed my cock deep into her. We did a slow grind against each other. It felt so good. We were trying to do our best to keep the sounds at a minimum. It wasn't easy as I found her spasms leading to her orgasm. I held back so I could come with her.

After climaxing I lay next to her and gently sucked on her nipples, massaging one while sucking on the other. After a while I felt myself getting hard again. It was because Molly was gently massaging my cock. When I got hard she got on top and lowered herself down on my shaft. It took much longer for me to come the second time but Molly said it was well worth the ride.

We cuddled and fell asleep. Luckily we woke up before the twins and were at the kitchen table having coffee before they got up. We felt like two teenagers who got away with something.


Time was flying by. Molly had enrolled the kids in the first grade and Kim was starting her senior year. I remember Molly and the twins the first day of school. The kids were happy as can be but Molly was crying. I guess that's how mothers are the first day of school.

We found a solution. Molly rode the bus to school with the twins the first day. I drove to school to give Molly a ride back home. After that she saw them off but was at the door to greet them when they got home. She remembered that was how her mom used to do it.

Molly and Kim used all their free time planning the wedding. I don't know how they did it. Flowers, decorations, they hired a band on short notice. I took care of the church and pastor. We didn't go to church very often but when we did go it was this small church out in the country. The pastor said he would be happy to save the date and church for us.

Molly had called her family and was going to get a decent turnout. My parents and two brothers were happy for us too. Molly's two brothers and their wives were going to stand up for us. I asked my divorced brother Rick to be my best man.

It was amazing what these two women were able to put together. This was a full fledged wedding with all the trimming and they did it in less than two months. Of course because of the rush some things cost extra like the hall and band.

The day of our rehearsal dinner came and it was the first time I met Molly's mother and father. In fact, it was the first time I had met any of her family. Her mom was a beautiful red haired woman. Molly told me it was really a mixture of red and grey that was dyed. She was a stunning woman. I could see where Molly got her looks.

I received a joke one time that said, "If a man wants to know what his wife would look like in twenty years, take a good look at her mother today." If this was true I would be very happy with the result.

Mr. Bradley came up to me and introduced himself. I could tell he was a man that held himself well. He talked with confidence. "It's nice to finally meet you, Larry," he said. "I have to admit I was a little taken back when I first heard of this offer of marriage. I think you can understand that Molly is my pride and joy. I hear you have a beautiful daughter of your own."

"Yes, Sir, her name is Kim. She's running around here somewhere," I replied.

"Let me be frank with you, Larry. Take good care of your relationship with your daughter. Learn to live with her mistakes in life and help her whenever you can. I almost lost that relationship with Molly."

"Mr. Bradley, let me be honest with you. You never lost Molly. She was always there. It just took time for the two of you to give in a little to find middle ground. She has always loved you and always will. I guess sometimes we all have to stop, step back, and take time to see what's important in our life."

"I like you, Larry. Just call me Harry. Please take care of my Princess, also my two little red headed grandkids," he smiled.

I looked over and Kim had come over to meet Molly's dad. "Harry, this beautiful young lady is my daughter Kim."

"Sir," said Kim. "I have a question for you. I asked Molly and she said to ask you."

"What is it, young lady?" asked Harry.

"Call me Kim or Kimmy; all my friends do. I need to know if you want me to call you Mr. Bradley or Grandpa?"

Harry smiled at Kimmy, "Kimmy, I would be honored to have such a nice young lady to call me Grandpa," smiled Harry.

"Then Grandpa it is," said a smiling Kim as she leaned over and kissed her future grandfather on the cheek.

Molly had come over to us and hugged her dad also. We went through the rehearsal and then all went out to dinner. When I got ready to pay the bill the waiter told me that my dad had already paid for it. My dad told me that he was happy to have Molly and the kids in the family and he was glad he could afford to do it for us. I sure was surrounded by some damn nice people.

On the day of the wedding I went to my parents' house to get ready because Kim kicked me out of our house and said I wasn't allowed to see Molly until the wedding. My brother and I put on our tuxes and our family headed over to the church. I couldn't believe the church was full of family and friends. I had no idea we would have so many people there.

The wedding started and Andy was the first to come through the doors. He was my ring bearer. Good thing we had the ring pinned to the cushion because he was busy waving to everyone; his red curly top head just wouldn't stay down but he didn't care. He was having a good old time.

Next came all the bridesmaids followed by my sweet daughter Kim who looked beautiful. I had tears in my eyes when I looked at her smiling at me. I had a lot of emotions flowing that day.

The ushers rolled a white paper down the aisle and next came Annie, who looked like a little red haired angel. She was throwing rose petals down for her mother to walk on. I looked over at Molly's and my moms and they were both crying as the wedding march started.

In the doorway was, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. She wore a light blue full layer gown. A light blue veil that covered her red hair and her beautiful eyes. Of course you could see right through the veil. She was being escorted by her father whose eyes were as wet as mine but he walked tall and proud, escorting his only daughter down the aisle.

He and his wife had got their wish and gave Molly away at her wedding. Everyone had tears of joy as we headed to the reception.

The hall was packed with well wishers. I couldn't believe how many of Molly's relatives showed up. I heard that we had reserved fifteen rooms in the motel for the night. Most of my family were all local people.

The reception was great. Neither Molly or I drank a lot. We did have a few toasts. We weren't going on a honeymoon right now. We were going to spend the night at a nice hotel. Molly's parents were going to stay at our house and watch the kids. We didn't want Kim to have to do everything. After tonight she was going to need some rest herself.

I was standing there watching everyone when Harry came up to me. "I guess this shindig put you back a few bucks. If you don't mind me asking, how much did it set you back?"

I laughed. "Almost nine thousand dollars, but it's worth every penny I spent. Of course I'll have to repair a few extra computers but if I had to do it all over again I would."

"Well, Son," said Harry as he handed me a folded check. "It's a father's duty to help pay for his daughter's wedding. You'll understand when Kimmy gets older and you will have the honor and privilege of helping her."

"But, you gave Molly twenty-five thousand dollars when she married Andrew," I said.

"That wasn't for their wedding. It was designated for a down payment on a house for Molly. I didn't like what she did but I wanted to make sure she had a roof over her head."

I opened the check and it was for ten-thousand dollars. "Thank you, Harry, I'll see to it that it's used for the wedding bills as they arrive."

Molly came up to me and I showed her the check. She looked over at her dad and started that crying again. Her happiness always brought tears to my eyes.

She hugged her dad and asked him to dance a father-daughter dance. With a tear in his eye and applause coming from everyone he headed out to the dance floor. Right then Kimmy grabbed me by the hand and took me out to the dance floor. "It's alright, Dad. This is the way Molly and I set it up."

Again we heard applause. All four of us had tears in our eyes as they played 'Daddy's Little Girl'. Both Harry and I were dancing with our little girls. At least that's the way we saw them.

I looked over and saw Annie and Andy dancing together. We couldn't help but smile as everyone started joining us on the dance floor.

This would definitely be a night that we would all remember.

After we left the reception Molly and I headed to our hotel. We got the bridal suite that included a hot tub. We took off our clothes and sat in the tub. It felt so good after all the dancing. We got out and dimmed the lights and got in the bed. We had kind of a review of our first time together, only this time we didn't have to hold back on the sounds.

I can't say how many times we did it. All I know is once we fell asleep we didn't wake up till past noon the next day. We made sure we did it one more time before heading home as Larry and Molly Jacobs. We knew after that day that we would have to be a lot quieter and discreet.


A few left out facts:

We were a very happy family. Life was so good. Kim had told me that Harry asked her about college and she told him she was going into marketing just like Molly. He told her to keep her grades up and study hard. When she graduated she could come up to Michigan and he would help her with employment.

"Most of all, Kimmy, remember that your dad loves you and is always there for you." Kim knew he was thinking of Molly and didn't want her to make the same mistake.

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