tagRomanceJust What I Needed Ch. 02

Just What I Needed Ch. 02


Friday night came upon them swiftly. Grace ran around all day Friday, making sure everything was set. Her older sister had been gracious enough to order a keg for the party, and the word was out. No guest list was needed, kegger's were always popular things, and she'd promised Chris that no one they didn't know would be let in and that she'd help clean the next morning, along with whoever else slept over, and he knew she was good to her word, so he allowed it.

She bit her lip as she looked in her closet at her fancier clothes, then glared, slammed the door, and pulled on her usual jeans and a t-shirt. "It's not like I've got anyone to impress anyways." Without thinking about it she changed shirts again, putting on her Adicts shirt, forcing herself not to think of why she all of a sudden had the urge to wear it. "This one is more comfortable anyways. . ."

She stared at herself in the mirror, a melancholy look on her face. "Cheer up, you're going to a party, who cares if you're going alone. Besides, maybe some hot new girls will come for you to fuck and leave, just to make sure they know how it feels." Grace glared at herself, wondering where the thoughts came from. She also knew that she'd never actually fuck anyone and leave. She'd feel too bad afterwards. To make herself feel better, she spiked the longer top part of her hair into a faux hawk and straightened the two strands of hair that actually went all the way down to her chin, making her look like she had cute sideburns. She added eyeliner and grinned, forcing angry thoughts and sad looks from herself as she grabbed her back pack and strode down the stairs.

"I'm going to sleep over Nina's house tonight. I'll see you in the morning." She announced as she gave her dad a peck, he smiled and nodded. Nina, like John, was a high school senior as well but Grace's best girl friend and Grace's dad liked her, so he had no worries and needed no explanation.

Nina drove up and beeped a few minutes later. Grace ran out the door and hopped into the car as Nina hit the gas-peddle and they made their get away. Nina knew about Todd and she, Chris, and John had a plan for the night, so as Grace talked about how fun it was going to be to surprise John, Nina couldn't help smiling about how fun it was going to be to play match maker, and maybe see her friend get her groove back.

They strolled into Chris' house, the first to get there. Grace immediately got the cake out of the fridge that she had baked the day before, and Nina went to work blowing up balloons. Chris taped up the gigantic poster he and Grace had painted for John, just a simple happy birthday one, but they knew it would be appreciated, especially since none of them really had money to spend on real presents. Grace's sister arrived soon with the keg. Grace hugged her tight, and paid her back for it right away, it had been expensive, but everyone had chipped in to get it. People that hadn't were expected to pay before they were allowed to drink. If enough people came that she didn't know, hopefully they'd make money, but usually, they just gave it away for free, or people just wouldn't pay.

Soon people started to collect, so far, only there closest of friends had showed up, and Grace calmed down and allowed herself a drink. By the time John and his gang of closest males showed up, she was buzzed. Todd was among them. Grace went and got John's cake, and everyone sang.

Grace didn't stick around long after the song. She only allowed John to hug her before she fled back to the kitchen. She clung to the counter, allowing herself to panic. Her breathing escalated and her eyes darted around the room wildly, finally landing on the doorway. "Alright, you're being ridiculous, he's not even going to talk to you again." Her thoughts reeled and all of a sudden she calmed down, her last beer kicked in and allowed a determined expression to cross her face. "Fuck that, I'm going to talk to him, who says I have to wait for him to talk to me, fuck, maybe I'll fuck a guy and ditch him, he probably won't give a fuck anyways." As the hair on the back of her neck settled and her grip loosened on the counter her usual confidant air came swirling around her, where it hadn't been for some time. She strode out of the kitchen, green eyes scanning the crowd carefully for him. A hunter, looking for just the right prey.

New people streamed into the house as the minutes passed, and when she didn't see him immediately, her confidence started to wane, but then, there! Over on the keg line he stood, his hands in his pockets, his head down. She strode over to Chris, who was pouring drinks.

"I'll take over here, you go have fun." She said in his ear. "It's your house you're letting us use it, you shouldn't have to do anything."

Chris was quick to notice Todd was on the line and just grinned at his friend, realizing she wasn't asking if he wanted her to take over, she was telling him. "Thanks." He handed her the nozzle and strode off towards where Nina was standing, getting ready to set there plan into motion.

The line moved forward, and all of sudden it was Todd's turn to get a drink. He looked up and was startled. He stared wide eyed at Grace as she pumped the keg for him. She smiled at him and he forced his face to curve upwards, in what he hoped was a smile. "Fuck, this girl again, I knew I shouldn't have come, now I'm just going to stare at her the whole time and she's going to think I'm creepy and she'll hate me and it doesn't even matter because it's not like I've got a chance with her anyways." His heart pounded as she handed him his drink and there finger tips touched, sending shockwaves of electricity through both of them. He tried to take his cup, ready to flee, but she didn't let go right away.

"So, are you going to actually talk to me tonight?" She questioned, raising her eyebrows and smiling again, slipping into a flirtatious stance with an ease she hadn't realized she possessed anymore.

It was Todd's throat's turn to go dry. But he kept his features nonchalant and shrugged, took his drink from her, and walked away, showing no emotion, no ounce of interest. In his mind, he was determined to get shit faced and forget about her, no matter how fucking cute she looked.

Todd chugged his beer, but Grace was still running the keg so he set his cup down and waited patiently for her to get bored and let someone else take over before he went over to get another one. John wandered towards him, and noticed where his eyes were gazing.

"You know she's single right? She's damn cute too." John commented, watching Todd, hoping for some sort of reaction. He'd been friends with Todd for a few months, and he still had no idea why, the kid barely talked. Sometimes, an amazing person would all of a sudden pop out of him and he'd show the world his spirit, especially when he was drunk, but most of the time he just watched and laughed, and never joined in. John hoped tonight would be a night that Todd came out of his shell, especially since he desperately needed to get laid or something. The boy had never even kissed a girl for Christ sakes. Chris had given him the heads up that Grace was interested, and once Grace was interested, if you added a little alcohol to the mix she was pretty outgoing with what she wanted.

"Yea you told me she was single already, but she's definitely not interested in me or anything." Todd replied, a slight frown creasing his brow.

John took that as a good sign. Todd wasn't denying that he thought she was cute, and that he was interested, he was simply stating that he didn't think she was interested in him. John nodded. "Well, when she's drunk and you're drunk, I suggest you go over and talk to her, you may be surprised."

Another group of boys all of a sudden came over and slapped John on the back. They also brought more beers, and one of them handed one to Todd, "Thought you might need one of these."

Todd grinned, "You read my mind." He chugged his second beer of the night, and continued to watch Grace.

A moment later he watched her hand the nozzle to the next person in line. "Here, I'm done with this, you can pour it yourself now." He grinned as he watched her wander away. What a little spitfire she was.

A moment later she wandered back into the room, looking extremely annoyed. A boy followed closely behind her. "C'mon Grace, show me your tits." The boy was obviously drunk, and obviously hunting for some action.

"John, tell him to leave me alone and that's so not cool. I'm the host, not some slut who came to the party to take her clothes off for everyone else, it's not my fault we only ever throw sausage parties." She crossed her hands over her chest and made a pouty face at John, turning her annoyance into a joke.

John laughed, "Well, usually you steal all the slutty girls from us at parties, so I think showing your tits would be perfect pay back."

"In fact, I think you should get naked Grace." Another boy chimed in, butting into the conversation, putting her on the spot, and turning a bunch more heads.

"Oh yea? Well, if that boy right there tells me to get naked, I'll get naked." With one hand, she pointed at Todd, the other slid onto her hip which she jutted out, she stared at Todd, turning the attention from her to him.

He shrugged again. "Well I guess you should get naked then."

Grace's eyebrows raised in surprise, half of her had expected him to just shrug her off again. A smile crept across her face and she took a few steps towards him, until there bodies were almost touching. She stood there for a moment, basking in the body heat that rolled off of him as his temperature rose from her nearness. Then she gave him an unexpected playful punch. "Hey, you weren't supposed to talk!" She laughed at his shocked look and scurried off before any of the boys decided she should have to keep her word.

Todd watched her go with some longing in his expression. He had taken the opportunity to breath her in when she had been close, and her smell was intoxicating. It took him a moment to realize that the rest of the guys were patting him on his back and laughing.

"Hey, you're not going to let her get away with that are you? She said if you said for her to get naked, she'd get naked, and you did, so you'd better go collect your prize man," John shoved Todd in Grace's direction, where she was busy attempting to hide behind Chris.

Todd realized pretty much every guy in the group was watching him, waiting for him to go be macho and speak with Grace. "I need another beer first." Instead, he headed over towards the keg.

"I totally need another beer, want to come with me?" Nina came up behind Grace and asked her.

"Sure, I need one too anyways." Grace stopped hiding and followed Nina over to the keg before she realized Todd was there, when they got there she stopped short. They stared at each other for a moment.

"You know I was just kidding about the naked thing right?" She asked, trying to thinking of something clever to say, but that was all that came. She gave Nina a panicky look as she watched her friend walk away, but Nina ignored it and kept going. "Fuck, now I'm stuck, what am I supposed to do, what if he's a jerk just like the rest of them." Her thoughts reeled as she turned back to face Todd, who was still staring at her.

He shook himself out of it, "don't worry, I wouldn't make you get naked in front of everyone. However, if there are any spare bedrooms later. . ." instead of finishing his sentence he waggled his eyebrows at her, making her laugh. A feeling of triumph stabbed through him at amusing this cute girl.

"Hey, do you want to do me a favor and maybe keep me away from that guy tonight? You know, the one who wanted me to get naked in the first place?" Grace made her best damsel in distress face, deciding she was getting down his pants whether he liked it or not.

He chewed on his lip for a moment, something she found endearing, and then nodded his answer. She grinned, "awesome, c'mon, I'll introduce you to some people." An hour later, Grace and her closest friends ended up by themselves in the garage to get away from the less tight knit groups which had begun to show up. Todd was among them. He leaned against a ladder, well half of it, because Grace was leaning against the other half. She'd had him following her around like a puppy for the past hour, and she was quite impressed with his progress, she was sure she'd be down his pants in no time.

Todd watched her as John told a story, only half listening, she was quite drunk and giggling a lot, a noise that he had decided he could never get enough of. He had even told a story, just to try and get her to laugh, and she had. And she wouldn't stop touching him, a hand on his arm, placing her head on his shoulder. She had even whispered in his ear a few times, it was driving him crazy. He wanted to grab her and kiss her, and he didn't think she'd mind, except, he didn't know how. "18 years old and I've never even kissed a girl before, how pathetic. She'll probably laugh in my face when she finds out." The bashing thoughts kept coming each time she brought her face within kissing distance and he thought about it.

As the night went on Grace realized she'd have to make the first move, and no matter how inebriated she got her stomach still did little flip flops when she thought about kissing him. She didn't really think he'd reject her, but there was always the chance, and what if he thought tonight wasn't just a one deal thing? Having to actually tell him that she'd fucked him and that was it was something that terrified her, she didn't want to hurt this quiet boy that she was becoming quite fond of.

After awhile, they decided to reclaim the house, and kick out everyone who wasn't sleeping over. Grace went and got the keys bag from its hiding spot, and handed out keys to those who seemed sober enough to drive themselves, as well as wasted friends, home. She then found her back pack from its hiding space and brought it into Chris' younger sister's room. By default, she always slept in it. No one else was allowed to use it. She chewed on her lip as she heard the guys arguing over couch and floor space out in the living room. All of a sudden, Nina entered.

"So, do you like Todd?" She inquired.

"Yea, I was thinking of inviting him in actually, think he'll accept?"

"Hell yes, but don't have sex with him, at least not tonight anyways." Nina told Grace, she knew she'd be suspicious, but she knew Grace would flip if she found out she fucked a virgin in the morning, and if she told her, she wouldn't invite him in.

"Don't worry. I'm too drunk to make good decisions right now, so I was going to ask you anyways."

Nina smiled, mostly out of relief. "Awesome, well, we're going to watch a movie before we all collapse and just have personal group time so you should definitely come out and snuggle on the couch with everyone first."

Grace nodded and followed Nina out the door. Nina settled herself into the last unoccupied arm chair when they got into the room and Grace realized the only spot left besides the floor was strategically next to Todd. She plopped down next to him, cuddling close, not even realizing that her friends had done it on purpose, and usually, she would have.

They couldn't decide on a movie, and everything on television looked boring, so they spent most of the time talking, with some channel surfing. Eventually, John stood up and went into the kitchen. A bunch of people followed him. Grace and Todd had been oblivious to most things going on around them as they spoke with each other. As most people were leaving the living room, Grace went in for the kill.

Her lips gently danced across Todd's neck, jaw line, and finally found their destination as they landed on his lips. Todd froze and tensed up really tight. Grace pulled back bit her lip and looked worried, "I – uh – I'm really sorry, I just thought. . ." she trailed off, thinking he was rejecting her. She started to get up.

His heart was thumping wildly and blood roared through his ears, he didn't even realize what she was saying, just that she had stopped kissing him and was about to leave. Before he thought about it he had grabbed her by her wrist and thrown her onto the floor. She squeaked and stared at him shock but before she could react his body was sliding against hers until he reached her lips and crushed his own against them.

There were giggles as the last of Grace's friends headed into the kitchen. Neither of them noticed the hushed excitement as they kissed. Todd crushed his body up against Grace's eliciting a low groan from her. Her arms roamed his back as she clung to him, making sure he wasn't going to move, try to get off of her, stop kissing. Her tongue prodded gently against his lips, and he opened his mouth allowing her entry, his tongue also found its way into her hot cavity, and he groaned as he really tasted her for the first time. His first kiss. There tongues danced heatedly, exploring each other's mouths, making sure to learn and lick every single crevice.

Grace soon became aware of his throbbing cock rubbing against her leg. She spread her legs and he fell in between them. Before he realized what was happening she was rocking her hips, rubbing his member against herself. He almost choked and shot his load as he felt her against him like that, wanting to be against him, he pulled back and stared at her wide eyed for a moment, but continued to rock himself against her cunt. Grace's green eyes were cloudy with lust as she looked up at him, her face was flushed, his heart skipped a beat and there he decided that she was beautiful. His lips crushed against hers again and his arms slid beneath her, grasping her around the waist and pinning her even closer to him. She gasped and clung to him tighter. Her nerve endings were on fire, sending signals of pleasure off to her brain every time he shifted, touched her, kissed her. She shook slightly and couldn't catch her breath. He was stealing it from her, leaving her as a breathless mush beneath him. She felt incredibly feminine, wanted, and him, he was masculine, and for one of the first times, she wanted him to be dominant. She waited patiently for him to take it to the next step, but he never did. After awhile she became slightly confused, wondering why his hands had not made it into her clothing for heavier petting.

Finally she took the initiative. One hand slid up his shirt while the other working on unbuckling his belt. He froze, unsure of what to do. He'd never even kissed a girl until tonight and now he had her pinned under him, trying to get his clothes off. As her hand snaked into his pants he freaked out and jerked back, sitting up on his knees, her still on the floor with her legs surrounding him. She looked at him confused. He bit his lip and mentally shredded himself. Before she could do anything he had stood up and stepped away from her. "I'm such a fucking moron, what am I doing?" He continued to rip himself apart in his mind and said aloud "I have to go home. I'll see you around probably." He turned around grabbed his keys, and walked out the door. Grace sat on the floor dumfounded.

"What the fuck just happened?" she asked herself chewing on her lip. She growled deep into her throat and flitted off to the bedroom before anyone noticed what had happened. She was mortified, never had anyone got her so worked up and just left her wanting like this. Never had someone let her get them so worked up and left them selves wanting, and she was sure he was. The bulge in his pants was still quite visible as he had walked out the door.

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