tagRomanceJust What I Needed Ch. 04

Just What I Needed Ch. 04


Grace went through the motions of the next day without really thinking about them. She went to classes, did her work, and ate. All that she could think about was the night to come. Finally it was an hour where she wouldn't feel insane if she started to get ready. She prayed that he would be there as she climbed into the shower and carefully shaved herself until every inch of her skin was smooth and soft.

She ran her hands across her legs, making sure she hadn't missed any spots in the dim light of the shower. As she reached her shaven pussy she couldn't help but give it a little rub. She bit her lip but didn't stop her caresses until she was ferociously rubbing her clit. Grace's breathing became heavy as she became extremely turned on. Her other hand traveled to her breasts and she began playing with her nipples, sending extra little shocks of pleasure down to her cunt. Her fingers moved from her clit to her vaginal opening. She slid two fingers inside herself and almost cried out with pleasure as she strummed her g-spot.

She hadn't masturbated in some time and by god it felt good. The hand on her breasts went down to her clit and began to rub it in gentle little circles while her other hand continued to drum at her g-spot. Soon her impending orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She fell to her knees in the bathtub, cumming violently as she felt a torrent of her own juices pour out of her onto her hands and down her wrists. She kneeled gasping for breath for a few moments before noticing that the shower water had begun to run cold.

She turned the water off and climbed out of the shower. She felt amazing. Grace dried off then carefully lathered her skin with baby powder, rubbing it in well while enjoying the feeling of her own hands on her body. She came out of the bathroom smelling fresh and feeling smooth. Her sister eyed her curiously as they passed in the hall, but Grace just grinned. She'd contemplated asking her sister for advice but she knew what Liza would say already, she'd say jump in and go for it, and that was exactly what Grace had decided to do.

About an hour later Grace walked into Liza's room. "Do you think this outfit says, if you don't make out with me your losing a huge fucking chance?"

Liza looked over her little sister. Her hair was carefully faux hawked again, looking modern and hot. She had on eye makeup and her lips were shiny with some sort of gloss. She had on a tight David Bowie t-shirt which was black and let her mid-rift show, making her tattoos obvious. Liza's eyes scanned lower to the tight-as-hell black pleather mini skirt that barely covered her sister's ass and the fishnet thigh highs pulled just above the knee. On Grace's feet were simple black open toe flats. Liza couldn't help smiling when she noticed her little sister had even painted her toenails, they were hot pink and matched her finger nails, as well as the lettering on her t-shirt. "Goodness, dressed to kill tonight aren't you? Well, I say don't worry about it," Liza nodded her approval, "Whoever you're trying to catch, she's in the bag baby."

Grace grinned at her big sister. "Actually, it's a he I'm trying to catch tonight. Can I hang out in here for awhile? I still have like over a half hour before Chris is supposed to come pick me up."

"Of course! We haven't hung out in days! Plus, you need to tell me about this boy your after!" Liza scooted over and patted a slice of bed for Grace to climb into. She was definitely curious about a boy who had caught her sister's eye. She was the only one in the family who had known about Grace's sexual experimentations with the same sex, and about the whole situation with Angela, the girl who had broken Grace's heart. Liza was really the only person Grace had opened up and talked to.

Grace climbed into the bed and cuddled with her sister, telling her about Todd, until she heard a car honking outside. "I think that's Chris, I love you, I'll see you later." Grace pecked her sister on the cheek and hopped out of the bed. Liza grinned as her sister walked to the door. "Go get 'em!"

Grace walked out her front door and could see Chris' jaw drop all the way from her walkway. She grinned broadly as she strode to the car. She opened the door, still smiling, "you like?" "I haven't seen any of those outfits in awhile, you look great. Todd is probably going to jizz his pants when he sees you." Chris smiled back, letting her know he was kidding.

Grace climbed into the car and they made their way to the playground that they often visited at night. Some crazy things had happened when they hung around there but they still went, usually getting high and playing on the swings and slide and sometimes barbequing. It wasn't far from her home and they reached it fairly quickly, John and his friends were already there, playing a game of basketball, she scanned the small crowd for Todd and didn't see him, she felt her face fall.

"He didn't come." Grace stared at her lap, trying not to feel so disappointed. Chris snaked his arm around her shoulder and squeezed her, "don't be so down, maybe he's just late or something." He rubbed her arm, trying to reassure her, she'd looked so happy before. "I could call him and invite him if you wanted."

"No!" Grace even surprised herself by how forceful it came out. She looked down again and spoke quieter, "I wanted him to come because he was excited and wanted to, not because someone called him. It's not like he didn't know, I'm sure John told him."

Chris nodded and squeezed her again, trying to comfort her. "It's not like it's that late, he might come later, Nina's not even here yet." Grace forced a smile, realizing she was being ridiculous, but she couldn't seem to shake it. "I know. I'm just bummed. It's obvious I dressed up for him and if he doesn't show I'm just going to feel dumb again, like when he just got up and left the other night."

"Don't worry about it, John told me he wouldn't talk about it really but he said that was the dumbest thing he'd ever done. So we know he likes you. He'll show, and if he doesn't he's a dumb ass."

Grace nodded her thanks and gave Chris a real smile. "Well, we'll just wait and see, in the mean time, lets get this party started!" Chris laughed and they climbed out of the car. Grace shut her car door and turned around, she then froze realizing the basketball game had stopped and they were all staring at her. "Hey guys, isn't it hard to play basketball with your mouths hanging open like that?" Grace composed herself and shot them an aggressive look, making sure they knew she wasn't about to take any shit from them. She hadn't dressed up like a typical girl in awhile and she was nervous. She hated the leering looks boys gave her, it was one of the reasons she had preferred girls in the first place.

John threw the ball to someone else and jogged over, she could see his grin and she braced herself for his comments. "Hey Grace; lookin' hot!"

She punched him playfully when he made it over to them, then allowed herself to look worried. "Do I look hot for nothing?"

John smiled again and shook his head. "Don't worry vixen, he's coming. He gets out of work in like 10 minutes, he's going to go home and change, and then he's coming here. I talked to him when he was on break."

Grace released the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. "Thank goodness this isn't for nothing."

Chris was also relieved. He hadn't wanted his friend to be upset. He patted her on the shoulder and grinned down. "Told you so."

"Do you guys want to play some basketball?" John asked. The others had continued the game without him and he wanted to get back to it. Grace shook her head and climbed onto the hood of Chris' car. "I'll just play cheerleader, you guys go ahead!"

Chris was good at basketball, and he loved it. He quickly joined John's team and soon they were winning again, Grace hooted at them as she watched, laughing when they'd get into fights, and playing referee when they couldn't decide things for themselves. Finally, Nina showed up. Grace leapt off of Chris' car and raced over to where her friend was parking. She squeezed Nina tightly when she finally climbed out. "I'm so glad you're here!"

Nina gave Grace the once over with a huge grin on her face. "You are looking hot today! My goodness I wasn't you expecting to get all dressed up for little old me." Nina winked at her friend.

Grace kissed her on the cheek and smiled back. "Well, I've been trying to get your attention for ages! I decided subtle wasn't the way to do it anymore, perhaps I'll finally get into your pants!"

"I have a feeling you'll be getting lucky tonight, but not with me!" Both girls were giggling wildly, thoroughly enjoying each other. They made their way back to Chris' car and climbed on the hood, doubling the number of cheerleaders for John's team. It was a short time after this that a white car that Grace didn't recognize pulled into the parking lot. She froze when Todd climbed out of it. He was parked only a couple spaces away. He smiled and began to head towards them. Then he froze, Grace was closer to him so Nina didn't shield any part of her outfit. She could feel his eyes roaming over her body. He was blushing brightly when he continued towards them, so was she.

"Hey, what's going on?" He tried to act casual as he greeted them. Not only was Grace staring at him with a strange look, but Nina was there too. He was used to being stared down by girls, but not attractive ones that he wasn't related to. He tried to smile and stuffed his hands in his pockets, hoping that he didn't look too nervous.

Grace had to admit, she couldn't think Todd could look any more scared unless he was screaming, which made her feel better. "What happened to you?" She asked levelly, not allowing him to get comfortable.

Todd spluttered for a few moments, spewing forth a profusion of ums and wells as he tried to come up with a believable excuse that wasn't necessarily the truth. He was sure she knew, that his secret hadn't been kept and she knew she had made out with the pathetic virgin boy. 18 years old and he had just had his first kiss. Although he couldn't help but think that it was a good one, with a choice female. He tried desperately to pull himself together and finally just shrugged.

All of a sudden triumphant yelling erupted behind them. The basketball game had ended and John's team had won. The boys screamed and jumped at each other. Nina screamed too and ran over. Grace and Todd couldn't help but laugh, until she noticed Todd was watching her. She stifled her laughter, still smiling, and looked up at him under her lashes.

"She's not just adorable, she's beautiful." The thought stunned him and he just stared at her, wondering what had ever made a girl like her ever be interested in someone like him. "She's got to be just fucking with me or something, she definitely didn't dress like this for me." His breathing quickened along with his heart rate as she climbed off the car and stood directly in front of him, she took a step closer, there bodies almost touching. He took the opportunity to breath in her intoxicating scent.

"I just want you to know, I'm interested, however, after your abrupt departure last time we were together, all I have to say is what the fuck?" She stared up into his eyes, this close he had to look at her; he couldn't look down to get away. Her eyes saddened, then hardened when he didn't say anything, he stood frozen. "Um. . ." he breathed at her, unable to get his thoughts together. She was too close. Grace shrugged at him. Her body was shaking slightly and she couldn't believe her boldness, but she held her resolve. "The ball is in your court now. Take it or leave it." With that she walked away and joined the group. He watched the sway of her hips, still stunned, not sure if what had just happened had been real. He couldn't believe that she was actually interested in him. As she retreated John ran over.

"Hey, man, have you got the barbecue stuff?" John asked.

"Yea, it's in my trunk." Todd walked over to his trunk, pulling the keys out and unlocking it. John followed him. When the trunk was up and blocking them from everyone else's view, John looked at Todd expectantly. "Well? How'd it go?"

"I think it went terribly." Todd gave John a miserable look.

"Look, Grace can be a pretty forgiving gal. What did she say?" John slapped Todd on the shoulder, determined to help his two friends get together, he knew they were both interested, but both were shy and stubborn, and he was afraid that would get in the way. He listened carefully as Todd recounted the story to him. A smile began to spread across his face. "Dude, you've got nothing to do, you just have to go get her. You can't wait for her this time."

"Like that's going to happen. Whatever, I don't really care anyways. She's a weird girl." Todd shook his head, grabbed the cooler out of the trunk and shoved it towards John. "I have to lock up." Todd knew he was over reacting as well as being a jerk. His friend was trying to help him out. He pulled a series of grocery bags out of the trunk and slammed it shut. "Lets just barbeque," he said gruffly. Todd picked up the grocery bags and headed over towards the picnic tables and grill.

John followed. He hadn't realized Todd would be that stubborn, that probably just meant he was embarrassed, but that didn't mean he had to act the way he had. John reached the picnic table that the rest of his friends had gathered at. John looked around and noticed Grace and Nina had disappeared. That's of course when they re-appeared, Grace waving a freshly rolled blunt.

"Chris! Chris! Come be our blunt ride driver!" Grace yelled laughingly, tugging playfully on his shirt. She had to get Chris and Nina to hang out together before they could start flirting. She started to tug him towards Nina's car.

Chris turned around to the large group of guys. "Dudes," he looked over towards Todd, "someone needs to come with me, you can't leave me at the mercy of these two." He motioned towards Grace and Nina and they both giggled. Grace tried to watch Todd without him noticing she was doing so, she knew Chris was doing it for her benefit.

Todd noticed her gaze and quickly looked away, he dug up his courage and opened his mouth, about to say he'd go, except before he could say anything the guy that had hassled Grace on John's birthday, his name was Nathan, stepped forward with a huge smile on his face, his eyes were obviously locked on Grace. "I'd be glad to go."

Grace froze. She glanced towards Todd pleadingly, a distressed look plain on her face. Nina came to her defense. Her nose wrinkling distastefully as she looked at him. "Sorry sir, but you aren't worthy of our blunt ride."

"And why not?" Nathan glared down at Nina. Most of the other boys in the group saw Nina and Grace as friends, and occasional eye candy. Nathan was one of the few that repeatedly tried to hook up with them even though he knew he wasn't wanted. Usually guys like him were weeded out of the group for the girls' benefit, but John had known Nathan for a long time so he had just as much right to hang out as they had.

"Because your 'greater than thou' attitude just wouldn't fit the mood. We need someone much more laid back and less perverted." Nina shot back quickly, letting him know he wasn't appreciated, mirth showed in her eyes though, and she was trying desperately not to laugh. Everyone else was laughing.

Nathan glowered at the two girls. "Fine then, I'd rather stay here anyways, sorry Chris, looks like you're on your own with the two wenches!" He forced a smile then, hoping no one noticed how hard his jaw was clenched. He couldn't believe they were all laughing at him. He shoved his thoughts aside and focused on the hotdogs and hamburgers that were being removed from the coolers. He ignored the fact that Todd was chasing the trio as they walked to Nina's car.

"Hey, wait up!" Todd called as he followed them. Grace spun around quickly and had to force down a glare. She couldn't believe he had turned down her proposal, but maybe he just didn't like smoking? Instead she gave him a hurt look as he approached.

He cringed inside as he stared into her pouting green eyes. He hated being the one making her look that way. "So, is it alright if I go? I'm laid back, and not too perverted."

Nina smiled at him. "Sure! Hop in!" She climbed into the front passenger seat, with Chris on the driver's side. That left Grace and Todd to sit in the back. Grace nervously climbed into the back of the car. Todd slid over pretty close to her. She looked at him with surprise but he just smiled down at her.

"God he's so cute when he smiles. I hope he kisses me." Grace's eyes widened at the turn of her thoughts, she had been damning him moments before. She looked down into her lap. "I need to pull myself together."

"Hey lady, are you going to spark that or are you just going to stare at it all day?" Grace looked up to find Nina staring at her expectantly.

Grace handed the blunt to Nina. "I'm not the one with the lighter!"

Nina lit the blunt and they all started smoking. At first Todd had seemed reluctant, but after a few passes he did take some hits and relax much more. Soon they were all cracking jokes and laughing hysterically. Chris hadn't smoked but he did get contact high, as he started to feel light headed he began heading back towards the play ground, not wanting to chance it. They pulled into the parking lot to see the others cracking open beers and putting the hamburgers in buns.

Grace climbed out of the car, a huge smile on her face. Not only had she found out some new things about Todd, but he had also put his arm around her during the ride and it had felt good. She'd managed to get some good flirting in and she was pretty sure she had his attentions. They all walked over to the picnic table and commenced barbequing. After all the food was consumed they all sat around and chatted. Finally, her food starting to digest, Grace suggested to Nina that they go play. They headed over towards the swings and Chris followed suit. Others went to the slides and other things. Grace couldn't help but notice that Todd headed over to the monkey bars. In that area was also an array of other climbing equipment. She fought the urge to go play there with him, not only were monkey bars a bad idea in a skirt, but she wanted him to come to her.

Grace began swinging and tried not to watch Todd, soon she was immersed in a how high can you swing contest with Nina and Chris and she almost missed him heading over towards the swings and taking one next to hers. She dropped out of the contest and began to slow down, trying to think of something to say to him when she did. Nothing came to mind and she simply smiled as her swing slowed to a stop. He smiled back, also unsure of what to say, instead he leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She looked at him, surprise apparent on his face, and couldn't help but smile again. Todd's heart pounded as his swing slowly swung back to its original position, then towards her again, then back. He had surprised even himself with the kiss, but he couldn't help it. "Oh man, I can't like this girl this much already, there must be something wrong with me," he silently worried.

She noticed his face darken and unsure as to what to do, she sent her swing crashing into his. "Oh god, typical kindergarten crush behavior, real smooth Grace," she admonished herself unsure of what his reaction would be. She was expecting him to give her a strange look or crash into her back. Instead, he caught her and began tickling her wildly. A scream burst out of her lips as she tried desperately to get away. Grace was insanely ticklish.

Todd couldn't help but smile. He knew it was an excuse to touch her, but with her he didn't want to just keep his hands to himself. He wanted to touch her every where, he'd never really been so hopelessly attracted to a girl before. With this one thought, it was inevitable. Todd reluctantly stopped tickling Grace and released her swing. He sent her crashing in to Nina and soon an all out swing war ensued.

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