tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust You and I

Just You and I


The full moon was shining cheerfully through my window as I fell asleep that night. It's silvery light bending through my water bottle and shining on the rails of my antique wrought-iron bed before falling across my face, bathing me in its gentle luminescence.

It was the loss of that light across my eyes the roused me, awakened me, from my erotic dream. The same dream I always have; the one that makes me cum before I'm even completely awake; the dream that even now has my pussy dripping and longing to be filled.

As I slowly blink my eyes open, I am aware of a change in the atmosphere of my bedroom; of something added rather than missing. The moonlight reveals you standing over me outlined in stark contrast. I take in your aggressive stance, black clothes and ski mask and quickly come to only one conclusion; you're here to rape me.

As I come to my senses enough to gather a scream in my throat, your hand quickly covers my mouth. You lean down next to my ear and whisper in a harsh voice, "Don't scream, don't make a sound and I'll make this good for you too. Scream or call for help, and I'll make you wish you didn't have a sweet pussy for me to fuck. Got it?"

I can barely think beyond shakily nodding my head in surrender.

"Take your panties off" you growl at me, your hand is still firmly over my mouth as I wiggle my panties down over my hips and legs, "and hand them to me." You roll them in a ball and, finally removing your hand, you shove them into my mouth. "Now take your nightie off." You say in the same growl.

Once it is out of the way, you take both of my wrists in your one, very large, very strong hand and pull my arms up over my head. You tug something out of your pocket; it's handcuffs. You click a cuff over my wrist, loop the chain around the bedrail and click the other cuff onto my other wrist. You pick up one of the fat, decorative pillows from the neat pile beside my bed and add it to the one already under my head. I'm not very comfortable with my head at a 45 degree angle, but you don't seem to care.

You reach down and take hold of my nipple. You look me straight in the eye and twist, pulling upward at the same time. I cry out in pain, and yes, a little pleasure. You stop and lean down to my ear again, "You like that, bitch?" I think you smile, I think I hear it in your voice. "Yeah, you like it. I'll have you moaning like a whore before I'm through tonight."

Now that I am completely at your mercy, you pull something else out of your pocket. You stroke my cheek and say, "I'm going to blindfold you with this sleep mask and I'm going to fuck you. But before I blindfold you, I'm going to show you what I'm going to impale you with, think you're ready to see it?"

My eyes are as wide as saucers; I nod slowly.

You reach down and pinch the other nipple, pulling and twisting upward. I cry out in pain (and pleasure?) again.

"Slut." You say as you pull the zipper down on your jacket and slide it off revealing a black tank. Your moonlit outline becomes more defined. Your shoulders are impossibly broad and your torso tapers to a flat, well-defined stomach.

I get the feeling I know you from somewhere.

The tank follows the jacket and the hills and valleys of your chest and abs are set in sharp relief. My mouth waters a little as I involuntarily take in a sharp breathe through the panties. I pray you didn't hear me.

My prayer is not answered.

Your head jerks up to my face and I feel like your smiling again. The ski mask is very frustrating. I want to see you in spite of myself. I'm about to be raped, and my body is betraying me by revving up for it! What is wrong with me? Am I psychotic?

"You want to see more don't you?" You jeer at me, making me feel ashamed of myself; ashamed of my lust, my obvious need. "You want to see the cock that's going to fuck you, don't you slut?"

I just stare at you with my big, blue eyes. I can't reason out the way I'm feeling.

"Answer me!" You half yell at me.

You yank the panties out of my mouth roughly and put your ski masked face in mine again.

"Yes." I squeak out in the smallest voice possible.

You pull and twist both nipples and I really do scream out in pain. You shove the panties back in my mouth, and move your mouth to the closest nipple and swirl your tongue around it before pulling it into your mouth and sucking on it. With one hand you squeeze the other breast and gently roll the nipple between your fingers. I'm confused and aroused by the rapid switch from pain to pleasure.

Your hand caresses my stomach as you move your mouth to the other breast and devour it with your lips and tongue.

Your hand slips lower.

"Wow, not even a landing strip." You say as you slide your fingers over my already swollen, completely hairless lips. You slowly slide your finger up and down over those lips until they open like the wings of a butterfly. You feel my wetness already, one swipe over my inner lips and I open to your gently probing fingers. I am wet enough that one finger glides in easily as your thumb begins to softly rub my soft pink nub sending a wave of pleasure through me.

At the same moment, you bite my nipple; hard. I yelp in pain and moan in pleasure as you slide your one, now two, fingers in and out of my pussy. I can't help myself; I tighten my velvet walls around your fingers. You move over and bite the other nipple; harder.

My pain and pleasure are complete and your thumb strums my clit like a well-tuned guitar. You curl your finger up inside of me and stroke my g-spot. I arch my back frantic to keep the connection between your mouth and my breast knowing that I'm about to cum harder than I ever have. But, just at that moment, to my utter dismay, you stop and straighten up.

You are standing over me again, silently reminding me who is in control. I'm frustrated and, frankly, angry. I'm angry at my rapist for not letting me cum. I am sick.

You, however, are smug. Standing there, standing over me, knowing how close I was and reveling in my misery.

You move to the end of the bed and sit with your back to me. Oddly, I feel shut out. I'm not sure what you're doing until I hear the thump of a shoe hitting the floor. After the thump of the other shoe dropping, you stand and turn back to the bed. At the foot of the bed, you slowly unsnap and unzip your jeans. Your cock springs out unrestrained by boxers. You let the pants drop and step out of them.

It's dark at the bottom of the bed so I can't really see what's in store for me until you come around to the side of the bed again. I take in another involuntary breath in at the sight of your beautiful cock.

You climb onto the bed obligingly bringing it closer to my face for a better look. You are perfect, from the 8 inches plus in length, to the 2 inches plus in width. The drop of precum on your perfectly mushroomed head is like the cherry on top of a sundae. I can't wait for a taste....but wait this is against my will right?

You must be reading my thoughts because you establish dominance once again. You have the sleep mask in your hand again and you pull it over my head and effectively cut off my sight. I hear you breathe a sigh of relief, and realize that you have taken off the ski mask.

The fear peaks in me again as I recognize that not only am I at your mercy, but I can't see anymore. I have no idea what you are going to do next. Incredibly, the fear increases my desire. My body is quivering and my heart is dancing in my chest with anticipation and terror.

I feel the bed move as you either sit or lean on the side of it. Another quick movement and you are straddling my chest. You whisper, "I'm going to take the gag out, remember what I said about screaming or yelling for help. Promise to be a good girl?"

Maybe I would have shaken my head 'no' if I'd known at the time what you had in store for me. But I foolishly nod in assent.

You pull the panties out of my mouth and hold my water bottle to it so I can quench my thirst. When I'm satisfied, I shake my head slightly spilling water down the front of my neck. The liquid is cold and in my heightened state, the shock is delicious.

I feel something press against my lips, rubbing against them and making them wet from its own lubrication. "Open up" you say. But instead my tongue darts out of my mouth searching for a taste of your precum.

"I always knew you were a whore!" You whisper gruffly, your outburst buried in your pleasure.

Somewhere in the back of my mind a warning bell goes off again. "Always knew" that's what you said. You know me! The trick is to figure out how you know me.

I am licking your perfect mushroom head and taking just that bit into my mouth while I do it. I lick you just under the rim of your head and spend a little bit of time tonguing your "vee". I think this is making you crazy, but you pull up and put your balls to my lips. I lick and suck each one eagerly until you are making guttural, ecstatic noises. You reward my good work with an even bigger taste of precum. Sweet!

You guide the head of your cock into my mouth again, but you only stop there for a second. You slide out, and then back in a little further. You keep doing this until you are buried in my throat and I am forced to swallow around you. You slide back out just before I run out of air and give me a chance to take a big breath. I open my lips for you again and you slide back in; your cock feels like heaven in my mouth. Your soft skin and your hard cock are almost my undoing.

Of course you've read my mind again. "You want to suck my cock whore? Maybe you'll like this way better." And just so I don't forget who is really running the show, you hold still and with a hand on either side of my head, you rock my head back and forth over your cock, literally fucking my face. It's slightly uncomfortable, but not painful and I quickly adapt to your rhythm. My lack of discomfort seems to piss you off, and you fuck my face harder before surprising me with your ejaculation.

The first spurt hits me square in the back of the throat making me gag slightly, but I'm ready for the next one and put my tongue into your slit to encourage you along. Your cum spurts out onto my tongue, and I swallow rapidly before moving my tongue back up to the tip in anticipation of more to come. I swallow everything you have to give until you slide your cock out of my mouth.

You collapse beside me for a moment your fingers tracing lazy circles around my nipples. You start talking; well whispering, but it so nonchalant it's like we just met in the grocery store or something.

The grocery store! Were you the guy who helped me with my groceries the other day? I was wearing an awfully short skirt and I know I gave you a bit of a show when I bent over to retrieve my "accidentally" dropped keys.

You're right, I am a slut.

I realize that you are again reading my mind as I tune into what you're saying.

"...knew you were slut, but I had no idea it would be like this! I haven't even fucked you yet. You're dying for it now aren't you? I could take the handcuffs off and you'd lay there and spread your legs for me, wouldn't you?"

Your hand has never stopped moving, the lazy circles around my nipples trailing little loops down my stomach and lower. More circles now around my pussy, now you brush the back of your fingers over my mound.

My legs are slightly open and you give my legs a nudge apart. Not far enough you decide, so you move down and pull my legs apart with your hands. "So wet. I can see from here how wet you are."

I moan as you dip your finger down to the opening of my dripping pussy. You use my own juices to once again violate me with your fingers, first one, and then two. Your thumb works its magic on my clit again, bringing me to the brink.

You stop again, laughing at my obvious frustration.

"How much do you want it, bitch?" you chuckle. "Beg me to lick your pussy." You kiss my inner thighs and all around my pussy; everywhere, except my pussy.

This is making me crazy, but I don't want to give in. I still have some power, right? Wrong. Your kisses are making me crazy and you keep stroking my mound and teasing me with your fingers. I shake my head no, but I'm weakening. I'm starting to not care if I have any power. I just need to feel your tongue on my pussy. Now the need is overwhelming.

"Yes! Please lick my pussy!" I somehow manage to yell and whisper at the same time. I know I can't be louder than you, and I know that you have to lick my pussy or I'll die. I know you've won again.

My hips are bucking slightly in anticipation. You've stopped kissing my thighs and I feel your weight shift on the bed. You are now between my widely spread legs. I can feel your breath on my thighs as you lean in to kiss them once more. This time, you work your way up my thighs to the one spot I'm dying for you to kiss. You run your tongue up one side of my pussy and down the other.

"I love your bare pussy lips. So soft and slippery." You hiss.

I can barely contain myself now. Your tongue is exploring every inch of my pussy. You slide it into me causing me to gasp and moan softly as you mumble something I can't quite catch..."so....fucking....good".

I think that's what you say anyway. Maybe that's just what I'm thinking. My mind isn't really functioning so well right now; my whole being is focused on what's happening between my legs.

Your tongue has made its way to my clit and is doing a magical tap dance on it. I am writhing, making my wrists red from pulling on them. I want my hands on your head. I want to grab you by the ears and ride your face. I have no control over this, no control at all. That realization is what sends me over the edge and I'm cumming. I'm cumming so hard and so loudly that you have to stuff the panties back into my mouth to shut me up.

You don't let up on my pussy, your fingers are flying in and out of me, your tongue still torturing my clit until I cum again. This orgasm shoots an electrical current through my body making me scream into the panties over and over again.

You climb up over me and press against me, holding most of your weight off of me with your elbow. You pull the panties out of my mouth again. You stroke my hair back and kiss me for the first time. Tasting my pussy on your lips is incredible. Your kiss is light at first, then more demanding as your tongue claims more of my mouth.

These wondrous kisses distract me from the fact that you are stretching my legs up and apart by hooking one of my legs over each of your arms at the crook of the elbow. With my arms restrained above me and my eyes blinded, this position re-establishes your complete dominance over me. You've given me pleasure, but you still have more to take.

You reach down and position yourself at my entrance, lubricating your cock with my cum by rubbing it up and down just inside my petal pink lips. You start slowly and my wish that you'll be gentle seems to be coming true.

I abruptly realize that you've stopped what you were doing, there's some shifting going on and you let go of my legs. After another movement, the sleep mask is ripped off my head. I'm blinking in the moonlight trying to get my eyes to adjust. You have taken hold of my legs and I'm stretched wide open again.

As you come into focus, I see that you're wearing the ski mask again.

"I want you to look me in the eyes when I'm fucking you. Got it? Look directly into my eyes the whole time. Don't look away. I'll keep the panties out of your mouth if you can be quiet; get too loud and they go back in." You command through the mask, your voice more muffled now.

When you look down to guide your fully-engorged cock to my wet and willing pussy, I look you over and take in as much as I can before you catch me.

Your build once again seems familiar to me. I know I know you. Your hair is a little long and from the piece I can see peaking out from under the edge of your ski mask its dark brown or black. Your skin is a medium brown, but from your tan lines, it's obviously from the sun.

Why are you so familiar?

The very head of your cock rests just inside my pussy, you look up into my eyes and relish the surprise in them as you slam into my slick, hot hole. I take you in to the hilt without thinking. I open myself up and let you in completely. I have no choice and as I look into your eyes you see the surrender there, the capitulation, the complete acceptance that I have no power here, no control, that I am yours.

"I'll be back, you know." You say gruffly as you slowly slide in and out of my tightening pussy. "I'll be back to fuck you again, whenever I want. Do you understand?"

I am staring into your chocolate brown eyes, noticing everything about them, committing them to memory.

"Do. You. Understand!"

Startled, I nod as you thrust into me again, unwilling even now to say it out loud. But you're not letting me off that easily.

"Say it!" you demand in perfect time with another hard thrust.

"I'm yours to fuck whenever you want." I moan back to you. "I'm all yours." I say it, and as unbelievable as it is to my own ears; I mean it.

You're fucking me hard now, pistoning in and out of me like a jackhammer, spreading my legs further and further apart almost splitting me in half. Once again the pleasure and pain blend into exquisite torture. I can feel you pounding against my womb; you're in me so deep. My pussy is clenching around you, grasping you as tight as a fist.

Like you predicted, I'm moaning like a whore. I'm incoherent, trying to be quiet but loudly whispering "Fuck me!" over and over again.

"I'll fuck you whore, I'll fuck you whenever and wherever I want." You underscore every few words with an answering thrust.

"Yes, yes I'm yours! Fuck me now, just fuck me now!" I scream/whisper. You've got the panties in your hand and you're ready for me as I start to yell "Oh yes! Fuck me!" louder and louder. The panties go unceremoniously back into my mouth and I scream "Fuck me!" through them.

"Look at me!" you whisper urgently and I snap my eyes back to yours. "Don't look away again, understand?"

I nod my head not breaking eye contact.

You are a man possessed looking deep into my eyes making it impossible for me to look away. I can feel my climax building with each thrust of your cock into me. I'm so physically restrained now that all I can do is resign myself to enjoying being fucked by you; my body is completely open to you. I have no way of stopping this even if I wanted to and you are bringing me closer to cumming with each powerful thrust.

I no longer care if I'm being raped or not, nor do I care who you are. I just care about being fucked like never before. My brain has gone back to caveman times and I'm completely immersed in the pleasure of feeling this meaty cock stroke in and out of me again and again. My body has it own mind and I cum in crushing waves. I'm screaming my primal release into the panties stuffed in my mouth. Your eyes are drilling into mine and I keep eye-contact with you through my entire orgasm.

The walls of my pussy are quivering now and you just stop, still in my pussy enjoying the aftershocks of my incredibly strong orgasm. We're still staring, bright blue eyes into bottomless brown. I am not the first to look away.

Slowly you let my legs go one by one. You move off me and I'm surprised how quickly I miss your weight and warmth. I watch you bend down and get your pants, admiring the view when I hear the jingle of keys. You're going to free my hands! I can't wait to touch you, to feel your skin under my fingertips.

You replace the sleep mask and deprive me of my sight again. You uncuff one wrist and order me to turn over. I do and you cuff my wrist again. I am again deprived of touching you.

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