tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust You and I Ch. 04

Just You and I Ch. 04


Because the moon was riding so high and bright in the sky, it didn't really register that the light I had parked under at the corner Stop-n-Shop was out. Besides, I was too busy thinking about a gardenia scented bath and a nice glass of merlot. I'd earned it after a double shift of dealing with semi and completely drunk assholes hitting on me and making lewd comments about whatever body part of mine took their fancy. I don't know what I was thinking, but bartending wasn't the easy gig I had hoped it would be.

With a sigh, I yanked the trunk open and unloaded the groceries into it. I was just coming around to open the driver side door when a black van wheeled up beside me. I had no chance to react or scream before a very large, very strong hand was clamped tightly over my mouth and I was dragged inside.

Instinct kicked in and my teeth clamped down on the hand covering my mouth and my feet kicked out desperately. I elbowed back as hard a I could and heard a satisfying grunt as I connected with ribs. A few seconds later I felt a pinch on my arm and a familiar voice saying, "You're taking all the fun out of this little girl." My head swam and the words were distorted but I knew that voice. It was then that I remembered the full moon and, oddly, the groceries in my the trunk of my car. Then, nothing.


I awoke slowly from a gardenia scented dream. The unfamiliar room was dimly lit by candles and had a warm, dreamlike quality to it. I vaguely remembered the pinch to my arm before everything went black. It was when I tried to examine my arm that I realized I was handcuffed to a bed and there was someone sitting in a chair at the end of it.

"Sleeping beauty awakens." You say in a soft voice.

"You drugged me." I accuse as I desperately try to penetrate the darkness surrounding your face.

"Yeah, well I think you almost cracked a rib. You can get feisty when you set your mind to it." The low chuckle that follows this statement really pisses me off.

My heart speeds up at this comment and I'm half terrified half excited by this thought. Excited that I hurt you and got just a little payback, but terrified of what you'll do to me because of it. You rise slowly leaving the candlelight behind you and your face in the shadows. I can almost see you; almost.

You pick up something from the nightstand beside the bed and wave it in front of my face. The ever present sleep mask. You ignore my sigh as you slip it on and say, "I assume you were looking forward to a nice hot bath and a glass of merlot?"

Funny how I'm still able to be shocked by you. "Yes, how did you know that?" I answer, annoyed and a little frightened.

"I know everything about you. Don't you realize that by now? You can't hide anything from me." I feel the bed sink down as you sit beside me. You take my chin lightly in your hand and slide your thumb over my lower lip. The fire that's been banked to embers since I saw you last begins to heat up. "I know where you go, what you do and who you see every minute of every day. There is nothing I don't know."

With this disconcerting statement you lean down and kiss me lightly on the lips. Your tongue darts out to swipe the crease of my lips and they part like the red sea. My tongue meets yours as I allow myself to melt into that kiss, that connection. The embers begin to flame up.

You stroke my cheek as you end the kiss and whisper, "How 'bout that bath? You smell like the bar."

The bar, not a bar. Of course he knows where I work.

"And by the way, you could be a little faster with the beer next time." Again with the chuckle. So annoying.

Even more annoying is realizing that I probably looked right at you tonight and had no idea. I frantically searched my memory of the faces I saw tonight. Dark hair? Yes, a ton of guys with dark hair. Broad shoulders, nice physique? Yep, lots of them too. It was a popular pick-up place after all. Lots of tall guys too and hearing them talk, well it's too loud to really get a feel for a specific voice. Besides, you always do that stupid half whisper thing which I usually find sexy. But right now? Yeah, right now it's irritating.

I'd really rather ponder all this in the bathtub, so I say, "Yeah, I wouldn't want to offend you with my bar smell. A bath would be great.....and wine, wine would be a nice change."

"Change? You have wine almost every night."

"Gee, I wonder why I'm turning into an alcoholic. Maybe it's the stress from being repeatedly kidnapped, handcuffed and raped." I fume.

"You can call it what you want sweetheart, but you still love it." I can freaking FEEL you smile. I hate to admit, even to myself, that yes I love it and hate it. You have me so fucked up inside, half the time I don't know which way is up. "I meant for this. For us. A nice change." I don't know what I had hoped to accomplish with this, but you apparently don't like it at all.

I feel your breath on my face as you say, "This isn't a date sweetheart, this is you paying your debt. You owe me a fucking story and tonight I'm going to get it." You practically snarl at me. "So stop pissing me off."

I cringe and pull as far away from you as possible. "I'm sorry." I whisper hoarsely. "Please don't hurt me."

Again stroking my cheek as you softly whisper in my ear, "Then don't make me," before kissing me softly. I then hear the jingle of keys a moment before my hands are freed. You haul me up none too gently and lead me across the room by my elbow. A door opens and the smell of gardenia goes from faint to overpowering. The room is warm and steamy and my body aches to sink into that bathtub. I can't help but sigh contentedly as you help me into it.

I hear the door close before you call through it, "You can take the mask off until I tell you to put it back on. Understand?"

"K." I answer as I gratefully remove it. As my eyes adjust, I look around. The room is lit by candles and I'm sitting in an old fashioned claw foot tub. It's huge and the bottom is lined with some kind of cushion. My eyes focus on a bath tray spanning the width of the tub and zero in on a nice, full glass of crimson liquid. I take a long, luscious pull on that before leaning back to rest my head on the edge of the tub. I'm pleasantly surprised by a bath pillow similar to the cushion beneath me.

I sigh contentedly again before allowing myself to really delve into the thoughts tramping merrily through my brain. Putting aside the usual questions of 'who are you?' and 'why me?', I have some new ones. How the fuck do you know every single thing that I do? Everyone that I see? Everywhere that I go?

But the big one; the one that keeps clawing at my mind on a nearly daily basis? How did you know I was a virgin? I mean that first time you visited me, you thought I was a virgin and when I next saw you, well, let's just say you're punishment for not still being one was rough. I still haven't recovered from that; I still wake up in a cold sweat from that.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts and take another hearty swig of wine. My only question left? Why are you being so nice tonight? Why the lovely bath and the excellent (tastes expensive) wine? What do you have in store for me now?

I quell these thoughts and try to keep my mind on the more pleasant aspects of your visits (and abductions) as I wash my body and hair. I think about the way your touch makes me feel and the fire that flares up with your kisses. I think about how I have no choice but to submit to you. That is the sickest part; I have no choice and that is what makes me hottest of all. My hand begins to wander over my body. I run my hand slowly over my smooth lean leg and up the flat of my stomach to a breast. I pinch one nipple lightly until it stands up hard before moving to the other. I allow my other hand to relinquish the wine glass to the tray and let it roam downward over my waxed mound to the silky lips of my pussy.

"Ten minutes and you're done!" You say as you pound once on the door making me jump. "No masturbating!"

How silly of me to think that I had even a single moment of privacy. Of course you were watching me. With a resigned sigh I exit the cooling water of the tub and slip on an incredibly soft fluffy bathrobe before retrieving my wine and sitting before the mirror of an ornate dressing table. I comb out my hair and slug back the rest of my wine before I turn and face the door.

I am about to call out to you when you say, "Forgetting something?"

I'm confused for a moment before I remember the sleep mask. I slip in on and hear the door open.

"You're very fetching in that robe, but I think I like you better without it."

I can hear you move toward me and as you reach me your scent takes me to a place in which I'm sadly getting used to being. You move closer and I can feel you untying the the belt of the robe. You slip your hands beneath it and caress my back.

"No more masturbating unless I tell you to." You whisper into my neck as the robe falls to the floor. Your hand spans my neck as you leave a trail of tiny kisses up to my ear. "And that means ever. I will tell you when you can and you will only touch yourself then. Got it?"

I feel your fingers tighten dangerously around my throat as I nod in assent. In a mere instant I went from relaxed to terrified again. My heart beats a furious tattoo as you push me to the floor. You settle yourself between my legs as you release my neck balancing yourself above me. I hear you fumble with your clothing and before I realize what is happening you are pushing into me. I am not ready and it hurts. I push my hands against your chest in a vain attempt to....do what? Stop you? You thrust into me as you pull my hands up and pin them to the floor.

"Isn't (thrust) this (thrust) romantic?" You say punctuating every word with your cock. "Wine (thrust) and rape? (thrust, thrust). The perfect (thrust) date, (thrust) right?" You kiss me hard, bruising my lips with yours and forcing your tongue into my mouth. I'm so surprised and hurt by this that there are tears in my eyes. "Oh, you're pussy is so tight. Fuck, you feel good."

My anger comes screaming to the surface and instinct kicks in again. I fight my hardest to get out from under you, but you just laugh at me. "It feels even better with you wiggling around under me." I am literally powerless and again it's a turn on. You continue, "I am the one who will tell when you can have an orgasm. If you use that big vibrator you've got at home again, I'll bury it in your ass. Got it, my good little whore?"

"Yes." I say through clenched teeth. I love my vibrator.

"Oh, I see. STILL don't know who's boss?" You say abruptly standing and pulling me to my knees in one quick motion. You weave your fingers into my hair and guide your cock into my mouth. All the way into my mouth; all the way to the back of my throat. You hold it there for a moment robbing me of precious air before pulling back out and allowing me to breath.

"Now you make me cum and swallow every last drop." You growl.

I pull you back into my throat more comfortably this time and swallow, tightening my throat around you. Your hands are still entwined in my hair and you set a furious pace. I hear your breath catch as I place one hand on each leg as a brace as I just fuck you with my mouth. I am your good little whore because all I can think about it is giving you the pleasure that you demand. I'm relishing every scent and every taste of you and I'm longing for the thick, sweet flavor of your cum in my mouth again. My pussy is dripping with desire and I can only wish that you would fill it again.

You moan loudly and I can feel you tensing. I swipe my tongue over your head and the first burst of delicious cream fills my waiting mouth. I swallow quickly and enjoy the next spurt and the next until you are spent and I am greedily licking you clean.

You pull me up to my feet and guide me out of the bathroom back into what I can only assume is the bedroom (the bed was kind of a dead giveaway). You sit me down on the bed and put a bottle of water in my hand (wine would have been better). I take a long draught and hold the bottle out until you take it.

I hear you rustling completely out of your clothing and feel the bed depress as you climb onto it. You pull me onto the bed after you and situate us sitting up. You behind me with me nestled in between your legs pressing your now soft cock into my back. "Now then, you have a story I believe." You say and all I can think is 'one track mind'. I am immediately drained of any desire I had left.

What I say is "Fine. I promised so I'll tell. But first I have to make sure you'll honor your promise too."

"What promise?"

"You promised not to hurt him. You said if I told you, you would leave him alone. I need to know if you meant it." I hate the pleading note in my voice, but the thought of you hurting Sam was more than I could bear (and apparently I could bear a lot).

"I already know who he is, where he goes to college, who he hangs out with, where he lives and where he works. If I was going to hurt him, I would have done it already." You reply testily.

I take a deep breath and say, "Alright then, I'll tell you." I really wanted to keep this to myself. To have something that was private and just my own. But I had promised.


" I have to give you some backstory, if you don't mind. Not too much, but some." I begin.

"Fine" You say while lightly stroking the side of one breast.

I'm reluctant, but I dive in anyway. "I met Sam when I was 13 years old and he was 15. Ricky Hutchins had pushed me down and tried to kiss me." I pause, "You know, I never realized it, but this seems to be a theme in my life."

"What?" You ask.

"Boys.....men, taking what they want without asking or caring how I feel about it."

"Huh. You're right, how 'bout that." You say with a soft laugh as you reach over and lightly pinch one nipple.

"Anyway." I continue unwilling and afraid to let you hear my annoyance, "He pulled Ricky off me and punched him in the face a couple of times and Ricky took off. I swore I never saw anyone so," I pause to search my mind for the right word, "so ethereal.

Even this word is inadequate though. It doesn't even come close to covering what I thought as I look up at my rescuer. The light was shining behind him and his curly blond hair stood out like a halo. He held out a hand to help me up and said, 'Don't worry, he won't bother you again and if he or anyone else does, just let me know.'

"'Who are you?' I asked him when I could form words again.

"'Sam Davies, I think your Mom is dating my Dad.' He said when he had me on my feet again.

"'Oh.' Is all I can say because my brain is still stuck on drinking in his beauty. I felt a light touch on my hand and I realized he was still tightly gripping it in his own. I think he just swiped his thumb over the back of my hand. My throat suddenly became the Sahara.

"'I have to get home but I can walk part way with you. If you want.'

"'Ok. Thanks.' I croaked as we both looked down at my hand for a moment before he released it.

"We walked in silence most of the way until something caught up in my brain. 'Did you say our parents are dating?'

"'Yep. For like two months now. Your mom never said anything?'

"'No. We don't talk about that kind of stuff. She'll tell me if she's ready for me to meet him. Then I'll know it's serious. But it's weird you know, her with anyone but my dad.' I said blurting it out it almost one breath.

"'Yeah. I can relate.' He said smiling down at me. He's extraordinarily tall for his age and I'm short for mine so the distance seemed vast.

"When we got to the corner where we go separate ways, he stopped. 'I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Are you sure you're ok?'

"'Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for what you did back there.' I murmured shyly.

"He pulled on a strand of my hair and grinned saying, 'Anytime Red.'

"'I don't usually let people call me Red,' I informed him looking up into his cool blue eyes, 'Uh, but for you, I'll make an exception.' He grinned at me and I pulled on his arm to get him to lean down so I could swiftly kiss his cheek before turning away and walking quickly down the street to my house. As I turned up my walk I glanced in the direction I came from only to find him standing there watching me and holding a hand up to his cheek.

"Things seemed to move swiftly after that and before the end of the school year, my mom and Sam's dad, John, were engaged and planned to marry in July." So this guy that I'm pretty sure I'm in love with, my savior, is going to become my brother. Awkward.

"Over the next few years, we acted more like brother and sister. But it was an act. I still had a crush on him and every now and then I would catch him looking at me in a very non-brotherly way.

"The older we got, the worse it got. We had to act like brother and sister for the public, but we both longed for more. He played football all through high school and spent long hours in the weight room. He grew into his long legs and his frame filled out nicely with long lean muscles.

It was a relief when he left for Penn State, I missed him but it made it easier. He would spend as many holidays away as possible. I mean, it seemed like he did. He missed most Thanksgivings and Easters and even got a job in State College, PA instead of coming home for the summer.

"But he came home the weekend I turned 18. I wasn't expecting him; I didn't even know he was home. Mom and John, aka 'the parents', were out at a party and not expected home until late. I came home about midnight from a date with Jack Banfield, current captain of the football team and before that night, I thought he was a pretty nice guy.

"It was raining that night; pouring actually. He parked in front of the house and we started making out. Jack, that usually nice guy I'd been dating for a month, turned into an octopus with only one goal; to get into my pants. Some light petting turning into what, up until then, was the most frightening time of my life, before you that is. Like I said, a theme." I turn slightly and place my hands over yours where they are cupping my breasts with your thumbs stroking my nipples.

I can feel you beginning to harden against the small of my back as you kiss my neck and whisper, "Get to the good stuff."

"I'm getting there," I sigh, as your stroking sends tiny currents of electricity through me straight to my core. I can feel the dampness between my legs as I try to focus once again on the story.

"I fought Jack, but he quickly had me on my back and my hands pinned over my head in just one of his. He was pulling my shirt up trying lift my bra away. I started to scream and fight hard, kicking my legs up and beating my feet against the window. Only for a moment though, then he had them pinned down against his legs. He drew back to hit me I think, you know, into submission, but at the same moment, the driver side door flew open and his weight was lifted off of me. Sam had him on the ground and was slamming his fist into his face over and over again. It was Ricky Hutchins all over again.

"I leapt out of the car and tried to pull him off. I was afraid Sam would kill him and by the amount I had to struggle to get him to stop, I think if he could have, he would have. But then, he looked up at me and the madness drained from his eyes, but the anger remained. He picked Jack up by the neck and threw him into the car and said in a calm, cold voice, 'Drive away and never talk to or bother my sister again or I will kill you.'

"We ran through the rain to the house, his arm around me, making me feel safe again. 'I didn't know you were here, but I'm glad you were. Seems like you're always rescuing me.'

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