tagErotic CouplingsJustice Gets Served Ch. 02

Justice Gets Served Ch. 02


Justice sprawled comfortably on her queen-sized bed. She was completely naked and highly aroused. Her entire body brimmed with pleasure as she slowly used her tiny clit massager to tantalize herself repeatedly to the brink of climax. She would then gently deny her body the release it craved. The need she felt made her crazy and yet she refused to cave to her baser needs until she felt she was truly ready. Her clit was buzzing with sensations. Justice knew that if she was to leave the clit massager on her clit even a second too long she would free fall over the edge into a mind-bending orgasm. It was tempting, so tempting, but it was not how she had planned to make herself cum.

Carelessly tossing the tiny vibe aside she hungrily grabbed for her new black vibrator. She rubbed the fake cock against her pussy sensuously, coating the vibrator with her tangy sweet cream. Bringing it to her mouth she cleaned it with her tongue. It tasted good, so she rubbed it through her wetness a second time and cleaned it with her tongue again. Justice wondered to herself what Tessa might taste like? Could she please Tessa with her mouth? When might she have the opportunity to find out?

With the vibrator turned to a medium speed Justice held it to her nipples one at a time. The vibrations caused her nipples to swell and form tight peaks. Justice pinched the erect nipples hard and that action sent daggers of arousal to her clit. Justice felt it was time. She needed to cum. She wanted to cum. Getting onto her hands and knees Justice reached between her legs with the black vibrator. Ever so slowly she inserted it into her wet hole. Clenching the vibrator tightly with her cunt muscles, she made a mound on her bed with two plump pillows. Using her hand to hold the vibrator in place inside her she straddled the pillows. They would serve to hold the vibrator snugly in place inside her so she could ride the pillows like a lover, causing the vibrator to penetrate her more deeply. Justice knew she would need a little more to actually get off. Reaching for the discarded clit massager she tucked it against her throbbing clit. Her cunt lips held it in place. The sensations were amazing. Throwing her head back with pure abandon she sent her long hair tumbling down her back tickling her while she rode the pillows wildly.

It didn't take long before she found herself back at the edge of orgasm. She rode the pillows and vibrator fast and hard. Her breathing was fast. She wouldn't dare cry out or moan too loudly or she might wake her girls in the next room. She moved up and down again and again, her full tits bouncing with her drive to please herself. She was racing for what she wanted, for what she needed. Perspiration beaded on her back, as well as in the space between her swaying tits. She bit her lower lip, hard, to hold back a loud moan as she surrendered to her final release.

She had felt her cunt coat the vibrator with fresh cream. Justice knew the top pillow would be wet from her cum. The mother in her somewhat wished she had had the foresight to cover the pillows with a towel. The woman in her was limp and happy from her climax so simply fell back onto the bed and breathed deeply to catch her breath. She reached between her legs and lovingly coaxed the sticky vibrator from her satiated cunt. Once again she brought it to her lips and cleaned it completely with her mouth. It tasted wonderful to her. Once done cleaning it she rolled over to her bedside table and placed the vibrator into the box she had received it in. Justice then picked up the tiny card that also sat inside the box. She read it again, probably for the third time.

Dear Sweet Justice,

This is a little smaller than the dildo I shared with you, but I have enjoyed this one immensely over the years. It would bring me great pleasure to imagine you using it, so please do. If you have the opportunity please use it tonight before you go to bed. Know I will be thinking of you. I will envision you making love to it, just as I had done many times before.

Kisses, licks and sucks...


Justice was no longer in denial. She had fucked another woman. Well, really she had allowed another woman to fuck her. At first she had been horrified at her licentious transgression. She had never behaved like that before in her entire life. It was not her normal style to take first and ask questions later, but that had been exactly what she had done. For several days she had mentally beaten herself up about what had happened. Justice had been raised in a strictly religious home and had been taught from an early age that the act of two people of the same gender being intimate was immoral and a sin against God himself. As she had gotten older she had moved away from her religion, but some of the points that had been pounded into her as a child still held fast. For days she had felt like a depraved woman, and she was pitifully ashamed of herself for how quickly she had let her better judgment and morals fly out the window in pursuit of her own sexual cravings.

Justice's ex-husband became a new father again for the third time, just five short days after Tessa had single handedly turned Justice's world upside down using just her tongue and a giant dildo. Barbie had given birth to a healthy baby boy on the same day as Justice's thirtieth birthday. It was a vivid slap of cold water in Justice's face, and things finally snapped into place for her. She was done with her pathetic excuses. She realized being with Tessa had made her come alive in a way she hadn't felt since she was a carefree child. After years and years of giving, she had finally taken something for herself and it had in fact been sinful but only in the best possible way. Justice felt liberated. When the vibrator had come in the mail from Tessa it had somehow solidified something within Justice. She needed to see Tessa again, and soon.

*** On the Friday following baby James' birth Justice's ex-husband had called and asked her to take the girls to baseball for him. Justice made sure to put on a good show of being annoyed, but agreed to take them. Justice dressed with extreme care. She actually spent twenty minutes standing naked in front of a full-length mirror holding outfit after outfit up to her body for inspection. Finally, in the end she chose a pretty little pink halter style summer dress and strappy white sandals. Underneath she wore no bra and a lacey G-sting. The dress was flirtatiously short, and although she had purchased it at the beginning of the summer she had never had the nerve to wear it before.

She wore her glossy dark hair perfectly straight and down. She swept her long bangs straight back from her face and held them that way with a clip. Justice wore little makeup in general, because she never felt she required much. Just a coat of mascara and a touch of lip-gloss would be needed to complete her look. Right before she left her room to get the girls ready, she had felt a twinge of self-doubt. What if the girls noticed her unusual way of dressing? What if she didn't feel any spark toward Tessa? What if Tessa didn't seem to feel the spark this time either? Squelching her habit of over thinking everything she headed out with her head held high.

Stella and Lilly didn't seem to notice their mother's atypical style of dress, but they did both make sure that she had dressed with her clothes on right side out. They actually made it to ball early, and getting to the ball field this time the girls were much happier with their mother. Things were going quite well, until Justice spied Tessa chatting it up with a very pretty redheaded woman. Justice couldn't hide from the odd sensation that lit within her stomach. An odd twinge that was clearly jealousy. She was stunned by this emotion, and froze just watching the two attractive women talk and smile at each other. Justice stood on the spot unnoticed, until someone came along and tapped her back end with an open palm.

"Hey! Earth to Justice?" Ben smiled handsomely at her. She blinked several times.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm here. How are you Ben?"

"I am well. Did you get the little gift from my wife?" He winked and she flushed red.

"I wouldn't exactly call it little, but yes I did receive it. Thank you." She managed. He was disarmingly good looking with boyish good looks.

"Don't thank me. That was all Tessa's doing. By the way, that woman is a co-worker of Tessa's. Her son plays on the team, but she is totally straight and boring as all hell. Why don't you go over there and save our sweet Tessa from her boredom?" Ben turned and walked off. His ass was still as sexy as ever.

Justice did as Ben had suggested all the while feeling foolish for her possessive feelings toward a married woman. Tessa seemed very happy to see Justice and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. Without any evidence of feeling self-conscious Tessa readily took Justice's hand and held it firmly in hers just as lovers often do. Justice felt a little uncomfortable about the outward show of affection. She mostly worried of behalf of her girls, but nonetheless she left her hand in Tessa's and enjoyed the small connection. Having the redhead sitting on the other side of Tessa, made little more than small talk possible, and Ben had been correct the redhead was a total snooze. Justice was itching to talk to Tessa and worse yet she was dieing to kiss her.

She became so engrossed with the game and the woman holding her hand, that she did not notice her ex-husband approach until he was standing almost directly in front of her. Justice looked up at the man she had known so intimately, the man that had betrayed her so badly. She normally would have felt contempt, but now for some reason she only felt indifferent toward him. She realized she might finally be moving on. It felt good.

"Hello Tessa. Could I borrow my wife for a private word?" He asked flatly, eyeing their clasped hands suspiciously. It was his typical behavior. Of course he would ask Tessa instead of her!

"Hello Jonathan. If Justice pleases, you are welcome to have a private word with her, however I am pretty sure your fiancée might not like you calling her your wife any longer. Congratulations on your new son." Tessa said with false sweetness as she released Justice's hand. Before Justice could even think clearly Jonathan tugged her to her feet by her arm and pulled her away from the group of parents. Justice felt her jaw stiffen with indignation. Just who the hell did he think he was shoving her around?

"Just what have you gotten yourself mixed up with here? Please tell me you are not mixed up with those two sexual deviants?" He seethed.

"What are you talking about?" Justice asked with mock innocence.

"You don't think I noticed the possessive way Tessa Fields was holding your damn hand? The snug way you sat together? What, did I turn you into a dike?" Jonathan's cold eyes flashed with anger. Justice felt cold hard anger of her own slide up her back.

"I don't much care what you think you saw, Jonathan! It's none of your damn business anymore." She pulled hard and managed to break his bruising grasp on her arm.

"Justice, you are a fucking naive idiot! You always have been and always will be. It was your lack of passion that caused me to grow bored with you." He looked away when Justice's eyes flooded with hurt. He could always be an insensitive asshole, but that had been a new low for him. "Do you know what they are into? They are not exactly what they appear to be."

"I know perfectly well what I am doing. I also know, again, that it is none of your business. So, where is your new family anyway?" She asked coolly. "Shouldn't you be home acting as the drill sergeant of breast feeding and pestering Barbie about when she is going to be ready to fuck again?" Her digs weren't nearly as poignant as his, but they met their mark and that was enough for her.

"Justice, I don't give two flying fucks what you do and with who, but I do care about our girls. Rumors of their mother whoring around with a couple of swingers could hurt them. Keep that in mind before you spread your legs for one or both of them!" He kept his voice low, but full of self-righteousness.

"That's rich! You are lecturing me about being a whore?" Justice literally laughed in her husband's face.

"Look, I'm just here to ask if the girls can come back to the house with me for the weekend. Barbie and I would like them to get to know James. Would that be a problem?" Jonathan had very quickly changed the subject and she knew she had nailed him.

Justice's first reaction was to tell him to go to hell, but having the girls safely out of the way for a weekend would leave her free to pursue her desires without fear and guilt. She let him stew for several minutes. She turned and pretended to watch the game while she worked hard at ignoring him standing next to her. She wondered how she could have ever loved him, and if she had ever really loved him. She was finally truly happy their marriage was over.

"Fine. If they want, they can spend the weekend with you." She walked away from him. They both knew the girls would be eager to spend time with the baby.

When the game ended, Stella and Lilly ran to their father's outstretched arms. They virtually seemed to forget Justice's presence. This caused a painful stab of hurt in Justice's gut. Tessa seemed to understand, even without words. She rubbed Justice's leg in a comforting manor. Jonathan sent the girls back over before they left.

"Daddy asked if we want to go play with baby James for the weekend. We want to stay there this weekend, is that ok Mom?" Lilly and Stella practically asked in unison.

"That's fine, sweethearts. Have a nice weekend. Be good. And be gentle with your little brother." Justice almost choked on her words. She hugged the girls and they took off after their father.

Justice sat quietly for several minutes. Tessa kept her comforting hand on Justice's leg, but didn't speak right away. They both watched Ben help the last few kids get their gear packed up. Parents gathered the children and headed for their cars. The baseball diamond became empty pretty quickly.

"It's hard isn't it?" Tessa asked gently.

"They just worship him so much. He can offer them more. He has a big house, fancy car, more money and now a new baby. It stings a bit. No, it stings a lot." Justice turned to look into Tessa's pretty blue eyes. She longed to kiss this woman. She knew she couldn't, not here, not now, and certainly not in front of Annie. That is when something dawned on her, and she looked around. Where was Annie?

Tessa answered her as if she had read Justice's mind, "Annie wasn't feeling well. She is at her grandparent's house for the night."

"Oh, I can't believe I didn't notice sooner. I suppose with so many kids running around wearing the same uniform it might be easy to miss one here and there."

"I've done it." Ben said, walking up and sitting closely on the other side of Justice. They were alone now. All the other parents and children had gone home. "Why don't you come home with us, Justice? Your girls are away for the weekend. It would be lonely to go home to an empty place." Ben must have been paying attention when Jonathan had picked the girls up.

Before Justice could answer Tessa leaned in and placed her lips ever so softly against Justices'. The kiss came naturally between them. She spread her lips ever so slightly and granted Tessa the access to deepen the kiss. Lust curled luxuriously in Justice's belly as she quickly found herself swept away by the kiss. They tasted each other, drank from each other, and poured their needs into one another. Lightning sizzled and flashed between them suddenly. Justice rapidly became more and more lost in the wind tunnel Tessa's kiss was creating around them. She even somehow managed to forget about Ben sitting and watching them.

When Tessa pulled back slightly, Justice felt lost, but only for a second before Ben captured her chin and pulled her face toward his. Lowering his mouth to hers with a crushing force, he all but flattened her soft lips. Their kiss was different from the kiss Justice had shared with Tessa, but served to heighten the needs within her just as well. Moving from her mouth he used his lips to nibble along her jaw line. Without thought Justice threw her head back to grant him access to her sensitive neck. He kissed and nibbled her there driving her into frenzy. Using his free hand he openly caressed her breasts through the summer dress. Her nipples grew hard with untamed arousal. Justice hadn't even realized she could be turned on so quickly, but she supposed she had actually been in a perpetual state of arousal since the last time she had had an encounter with the female half of this couple.

Ben finally released Justice's face. Tessa was quick to pull it back toward her. The two women kissed again. Open mouthed, tongues playing wildly together in a dance as old as time. Justice knew they were in broad daylight, but she did nothing to stop Ben's hand as he quickly pushed it up between her legs forcing them to spread and allow him access. Tessa worked her hand into the side of the halter dress and caressed Justice's tits, all the while holding her mouth hostage in an endless kiss.

The flimsy material of Justice's G-string was no match for Ben's nimble fingers. They quickly slipped passed it and shoved the small swatch of cloth to the side. Ben forced Justice's legs further apart with his arm, and Tessa pulled the short dress up so Justice's cunt was exposed. The fresh air felt magical on Justice's moist pussy. She could smell her own arousal already. She felt drunk as Tessa slowly kissed and licked her way to Justice's sensitive neck. Ben slowly worked Justice's clit with his fingers. The need to cum was slowly building within her.

Justice's breath caught suddenly as Ben slips his fingers into her cunt. It felt great. Justice moaned loudly and Tessa purred sexily into her ear. Ben grunted, plunging his fingers knuckle deep inside her where he moved them in a come hither motion toward the front of her pubic bone. He had found her G-spot, and he rubbed it ruthlessly. Tessa's magical mouth flowed intensely from Justice's mouth, to her neck, to her ear and back again.

It was almost more that Justice could handle. She could feel her climax rising within her. Her orgasm was surely going to be of volcanic proportions. With his fingers still working her G-spot, Ben dropped to the ground between Justices widely spread legs. With little warning Ben clamped his mouth to her clit. This act was Justice's complete undoing. With a deep growl, Justice griped the wood bleachers with all her might, and bore down on Ben's face with her needy snatch. A bubbling and boiling orgasm pushed its way up from her very core and rolled through her entire body. Her crotch convulsed against Ben's face and a stream of ejaculate flowed from her cunt and onto Ben's handsome face. Justice found herself in a state of embarrassed shock. She had never ever actually ejaculated before. Ben seemed surprised as well, but before Justice could feel self-conscious Tessa was down on her knees next to her husband...licking the cum from his smiling face.

Ben and Tessa had shattered what little reserve Justice had had left. She could feel herself becoming a passion slave to them. She could sense that she would crave them when away from them, much like new lovers crave quiet moments alone together. Her feelings were akin to falling in love. This blew Justice's mind as she had just met these people, and yet she had opened up to them both in the most intimate ways on both occasions. Even when everything within her told her it was sinful.

Once Tessa had cleaned Ben's face of all of Justice's sweet tangy juice they had both righted Justice's dress. Then Ben had gallantly picked the still shattered Justice up from the bleachers and carried her the short way to their cars. Justice felt loved and relaxed in his strong arms. Placing arms around his neck she laid her head on his shoulder. Tessa followed behind carried Ben's baseball bag. Tessa and Ben both insisted that Justice should ride with Ben in their minivan, while Tessa would drive Justice's Honda back to their home. Justice still felt somewhat lightheaded from her powerful climax, so she readily agreed to their suggestion.

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