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Justice League: Team Building


All characters are older than twenty-one. All characters are owned by DC Comics, a Time-Warner company. This is a parody; I make no profits from it.

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Zatanna Zatarra was in a room she had never laid eyes on before. Spartan did not begin to describe the room. The room was entirely white with simple patterned gold borders. There were two pieces of furniture in the room. There was a black wooden chair with gold cushions on the seat and backrest. The chair faced a backless gold cushioned sofa with curved armrests and black legs. Zatanna circled the two places of seating before deciding to sit in the chair.

Her snug fitting jacket had barely touched the cushion of the backrest when the door slid open. It was Diana, or Wonder Woman (as the world knew her). The door slid closed seamlessly behind her. Diana was wearing a white hooded robe that covered her completely. The bottom hem dragged along the floor so that only Diana's face, some of her hair, and her hands were revealed. Diana stood between Zatanna and the backless sofa.

"Greetings, Zatanna," Diana said elegantly. "We invite you to witness a team building exercise the Justice League regularly participates in. It is our hope that you will come to learn this exercise and join with us in the near future."

Diana took one step back, so that she was less than a foot away from the sofa. The door slid open again as J'onn J'onzz and Superman entered the room. The door slid closed. They wore robes similar to Diana's except J'onn's was blue and Superman's was red. They stood on either side of Diana, and Zatanna smirked at the semi-patriotic sight of an Amazon and two aliens forming a red, white and blue motif of ceremonial robes. J'onn and Superman each placed a hand on one of Diana's shoulders.

The door slid open again. Aquaman (in an orange robe), Flash (in his mask and a gold robe), Cyborg (in a silver robe), Green Lantern (in a green robe, obviously), and Batman (wearing his cowl and a black robe) entered silently. They each took rehearsed positions flanking the trio that were already there. Superman and J'onn grasped the material covering Diana's shoulders, pulled it and the robe dropped with a barely audible thud to the floor. Diana, with the exception of her tiara and her wrist and upper arm bracelets, was naked. Her body was spectacular and Zatanna could not help but stare and the perfection of it. Any flaws were microscopic, because Zatanna could not detect any.

In a perfectly coordinated move, the men all shrugged their robes to reveal their own nudity. J'onn and Superman sat on the sofa and each man stroked his own manhood to hardness. J'onn opened a hidden panel in the armrest on his side and removed a small, white, plastic container. He unscrewed the lid, dipped his hand into the container and smeared the viscous contents liberally on Diana's ass. Once the container was empty, J'onn returned it to it's hiding place and closed it. He and Superman leaned towards each other as Diana began to sit. They guided themselves in as Diana took both large alien cocks in her anus at the same time. An emerald glow surrounded Green Lantern, and he lifted off the floor and hovered near Diana's mouth. Batman turned, climbed up Diana and placed his cock between her magnificent tits. Aquaman and Flash took positions at Diana's sides. Cyborg turned, fingered Diana's pussy for a minute or so and then replaced his finger with a hydraulic looking phallus. Diana grabbed the cocks of Flash and Aquaman. Green Lantern flew closer and Diana took his dick in her mouth.

In another amazingly coordinated move, The cocks began thrusting at once, each at the same tempo. Zatanna was feeling incredibly horny watching Diana service seven men simultaneously and rubbed herself through her tuxedo shorts and fishnet pantyhose. The only sounds in the room were Diana's muffled moans, the grunts and other guttural noises from the men and Zatanna's soft gasps and labored breathing. This was so erotic to Zatanna and her free hand slid up slowly to massage her left tit through her tuxedo blouse.

Diana was no longer visible to Zatanna, but her continued presence was evident. Zatanna could see the hands stroking Flash and Aquaman. She could see Diana's legs wrapped around Cyborg's waist and see part of her face bobbing on Green Lantern's cock. Batman's hands virtually covered Diana's glorious knockers as he pushed them together to sheath his pistoning cock. The muffled moans were increasing in volume.

Zatanna grew impatient with her female tuxedo. She shrugged her jacket from her shoulders and loosened her bow tie. She ripped off her cummerbund and tore open her blouse; buttons flying everywhere. Zatanna pulled her tits out of her bra and slid her tuxedo shorts and fishnet pantyhose below her shapely ass. She ripped off her thong and plunged two white gloved fingers into her sopping pussy. Zatanna threw her head back and her top hat rattled to the floor. She watched the titillating scene before her as she rubbed her tits and fingered herself furiously.

The superheroic orgy was getting louder as was the sole audience member. Zatanna had her thumb on her clit as her fingers plunged repeatedly into her hot, wet, cunt. Zatanna knew she was close. She just couldn't get herself over the edge. She watched, enraptured, as the heroes seemed to be building up to an imminent climax.

What happened next was astounding. In keeping with the impeccably synchronized maneuvers they'd displayed during this entire exercise, all eight of the heroes being watched by Zatanna came at the exact same second. Diana's orgasm lasted longer than most of the others. J'onn seemed to be the one whose climax took the longest to end. The sight of eight people cumming at once was enough to set off Zatanna. She groaned, gasped and shrieked as her huge orgasm swept over her like a tidal wave. She slid out of her chair and collapsed on the floor, sated and leaking fuck juice on the white floor.

Zatanna lost track of things after that. She came to realize she was being washed by Diana in a large shower, but had no idea how they got there. Zatanna felt herself losing her balance and instinctively wrapped her arms around Diana. The tall amazon took this as an invitation. She leaned forward and kissed Zatanna's mouth. Zatanna was surprised but not repulsed by this. She returned the kiss and felt it deepen. Zatanna loved the vibrations as Diana moaned in her mouth. Zatanna broke the kiss to acquire air. When she leaned in to resume, Diana pressed her tongue forward and Zatanna did not resist.

Zatanna felt herself being pressed against the shower wall with soft but firm hands exploring her body much like the tongue exploring her mouth. She moaned in harmony with Diana and allowed her hands to explore also. Diana's body felt amazing. Sculpted muscles under soft, flawless, skin. Zatanna had never felt a body like this before. Her roaming hands soon found Diana's large and evidently natural tits. Zatanna tweaked the nipples and felt them harden. A person wanting to describe what Diana's body felt like would soon run out of synonyms for perfection.

Diana, somewhere along the way, broke the kiss and asked, "So, Zatanna, did you enjoy our team building exercise?"

"Oh. My. God," said Zatanna in an intentional staccato. "That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life."

"I am glad you feel that way," said Diana in what was apparently a naturally husky voice. "Would you be willing to learn our exercise?"

Zatanna gasped at the invitation and said, "Um, I... I don't think I'd be able to do exactly what you did."

"You couldn't do exactly what I did," said Diana serenely. "Our bodies are too different. Your legs are not as long as mine. Your breasts are shaped differently than mine."

"What are you saying," asked Zatanna angrily, "that I can't be as good at sex because my body isn't as perfect as yours?"

"That is not at all what I am saying," replied Diana calmly. "This exercise is entirely about sensations. When I wrap my legs around Cyborg, the monitors on his armor transmit signals to his human brain. He 'feels' the sensations and reacts to them. Batman feels sensations from my breasts and reacts to them. The sensations from your body would be different and the reactions to those sensations would be different. It would be hard for you to achieve a perfectly simultaneous climax if you tried to do things exactly as I do."

"That makes sense," Zatanna admitted. "So, what do I have to do?"

"You need to start slowly, as I did," said Wonder Woman as she turned off the shower and began drying Zatanna. "You must have sex with each member of the team individually and then in small groups. You must learn their bodies. You must learn your reactions to their bodies and their reactions to yours. This gasp you make when I twist your right nipple," Diana said, doing so as an illustration as Zatanna gasped. "Would you do it if someone else twisted it, or is it because of the way I twist it? You need to know everything about your body and about theirs. Do the men react to your body the same way when they are sharing you as they would when you are alone with them? Some men react differently in groups."

"Differently how?" Zatanna asked, genuinely intrigued.

"Superman stiffens up in a group," said the gorgeous amazon, "and not in a good way. He needs more stimulation to relax. Also, he and J'onn needed more stimulation because of their alien physiologies. That is why they share my anus. I would not recommend that for you, however. They would tear you like tissue paper. Unless you used magic, of course."

"Of course," said Zatanna, "but that would feel like I was cheating."

"'All is fair in love and war,'" quoted Diana.

"Which is this," asked Zatanna, "love or war?"

"Both," said Diana with a smile.

The next several days saw Diana coaching Zatanna as she had sex with individual members of the team. Diana would point out the similarities and differences in endurance, texture, taste, smell and a bounty of other things Zatanna rarely paid attention to when enjoying a lover. Every position needed to be tried multiple times so Zatanna could get a feel for how the men reacted to her body. Diana showed Zatanna little secrets such as where to lick Aquaman's shaft to get his cock to instantly gush like a fountain. Zatanna paid close attention to her lessons and followed Diana's instructions precisely. Diana knew they had chosen the right person.

After about a week, Zatanna was taking the men in groups of two. It was true, they did react differently around other men. They were more guarded and took longer to get off. Zatanna paid strict attention to how many extra ministrations were required to get a man off in the presence of another man. Flash, for example, seemed most relaxed when getting a handjob if there were any other men in the room. It seems, that was the level of sexual activity he was willing to show other males. Zatanna would later learn this was due to teasing on Green Lantern's part that being the fastest was not always a good thing. Flash needed a handjob so the woman could control his speed.

When asked, Diana admitted to Zatanna she had no control over Batman's titfucks. He knew his body well enough to monitor himself compared to how the other men were doing and would adjust himself accordingly. She reminded Zatanna this was a team effort and the assist from Batman was not, therefore, cheating.

Zatanna was learning as much about her own body as she learned about the male heroes. Her body did react differently when a man twisted her nipple. Diana knew exactly how to do it and could twist it the same way every time. It was hit or miss with the men. The exception to that was Batman. Once he found out how Zatanna liked it, he did it that way consistently.

Zatanna had to take each hero in every way imaginable so that she could find the best combination of partners to places to get them all off at exactly the same time. Having Supes and J'onn together in her ass was out. Even by himself, Superman made that hole extremely tender no matter how much lubricant was used. After doing some exercises Diana had taught her, Zatanna was able to take J'onn and Supes in her mouth at the same time. She, therefore, had some control over how quickly she got them off. Cyborg was able to adapt the size of the cybernetic phallus he used, depending on the circumstances, and soon became the best candidate for anal.

One month after she learned about the team building exercise, Zatanna was taking four male partners at a time. As always, Diana was there. Diana pushed Zatanna to push harder, suck deeper, wank faster. The black haired amazon made certain the sorceress knew how each man reacted to each and every part of her body. Diana, at one point, made the comment that she knew all of her lovers so well that she could tell them apart blindfolded. During their next session, Diana proved this by wearing a tight blindfold during three hours of sex. Zatanna's next goal was to work her way up to that level of awareness.

Fortunately for Zatanna, these heroes were an incredibly horny bunch. None of her requests to practice for the team building exercise were ever rejected. In Flash's case, he was often undressed before Zatanna was finished asking.

Zatanna often practiced without men involved. Diana was determined to make sure Zatanna knew how her body would react to any kind of stimulation. Diana had a very skilled tongue and could elicit moans from Zatanna after giving two minutes attention to any spot on her lithe body.

During one "girl's only" practice in Diana's quarters, Diana tied Zatanna to the headboard of her bed using the golden lasso. She would lick Zatanna in different places and would then ask Zatanna what reaction continued attention would provoke. Zatanna was surprised by some of her answers.

After ten weeks of intense practice, Zatanna told Diana she felt ready to perform the exercise with the seven men. Diana had a pained expression on her face. Zatanna could not understand why.

"I think you've misunderstood the exercise," said Diana softly. "This is a team building exercise. You are expected to perform it with the entire team; not just the men."

"I'm so sorry," said Zatanna, instantly understanding why Diana seemed hurt. "I was so intent on following what you did, it never occurred to me that you would be involved. Oh, God, Diana. Please forgive me."

"Gods and goddesses, Zatanna," said Diana. "How could I not forgive you?"

Zatanna decided she would need one more week of practice to appropriately include Diana in the festivities. Diana readily accepted another week of intense practice with the luscious magician. They practiced so often, neither woman wore clothing for more than an hour during that week.

When the day finally arrived, J'onn approached Zatanna and spoke to her telepathically.

"Is this loud enough?" he asked directly into her mind.

"For what?" Zatanna asked aloud.

"For our telepathic link during the exercise," said J'onn simply. "Did our movements not seem extremely coordinated when you witnessed the exercise? It is because I told everyone, telepathically, what Diana wanted us to do next."

"Oh, my God," said Zatanna. "I never would have realized if you didn't tell me. I just thought it was a well practiced ritual. Wait. If you were going to be in our heads the whole time, why did I need so much practice if you were going to broadcast what I wanted to the others?"

"Oh," said J'onn, "because Diana enjoys fucking you."

"She also enjoys fucking with me, apparently."

Diana approached Zatanna and kissed her on the lips before handing her an indigo robe. The meaning was clear. Zatanna stripped off her tuxedo and put on the long flowing robe. She made sure J'onn was listening to her thoughts and the exercise began.

Superman and Aquaman removed Zatanna's robe and Cyborg, removing his robe, sat down on the backless sofa, sitting at a slight angle. They other robes hit the floor, Cyborg opened the compartment in the armrest and got out the lube. Zatanna presented her ass to him and he smothered her tight hole in lubricant. She eased herself onto his cybernetic phallus and laid back so that her head was hanging off the other side. Cyborg pressed a button located on the other armrest and the legs of the sofa extended. He and Zatanna were lifted another foot or so. Superman and Aquaman approached her head. Her head was upside down to them and they placed their cocks in her mouth. Flash and Green Lantern took up stations by her hands as Batman straddled her chest. Diana came forward and opened Zatanna's legs. She pressed her clit against Zatanna's. Zatanna wrapped her legs around Diana and gripped J'onn's cock with her feet. Zatanna thought, "Go!" and J'onn apparently spread the word as the fucking began simultaneously.

Diana was tribbing Zatanna hard and Batman was fucking the hell out of her tits, using some lube that was left. She pistoned her hands in unison as she endured the twin assault on her throat. Superman and Aquaman were equally interested in seeing if Zatanna could deepthroat two cocks at once. J'onn, monitoring her thoughts carefully, checked to make sure Zatanna was alright. He was happy to discover she was loving every second of this. Everyone who was facing Zatanna's knees got the extra bonus of seeing Diana's spectacular tits bounce as she thrust her clit against Zatanna's. Zatanna's muffled moans were drown out by Diana's loud screams of pleasure.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Zatanna!" the amazon yelled. "Gods and goddesses, yes! Fuck, yes!"

The superheroic gang bang continued for nearly twenty-seven minutes when J'onn reported calmly to everyone through the telepathic link that Flash and Green Lantern were very close and that everyone else should do what they needed to do to catch up. There was a crescendo of moans, groans, growls and gasps. J'onn began a countdown and everyone raced to bring themselves over on time.

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Now."

Once they heard the word, a simultaneous release was established. The longest orgasms belonged to J'onn and Zatanna. Zatanna had never cum for so long and she was gasping for air when the exercise was completed. Diana hugged her young friend and led her to the large shower to clean each other and... other things.

The exercise actually did have practical benefits. The team was now accustomed to following J'onn's telepathic instructions and working in tandem. This set of skills proved invaluable in combat. Zatanna didn't give a rat's ass about that. She just loved when her teammates fucked the hell out of her.


Thank you for reading!

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