tagInterracial LoveJustice Pt. 02

Justice Pt. 02


Annette's eyes fluttered momentarily before opening fully. Laying on her back, legs still parted and draped over the edge of the mattress, she stared absently at the fan blades twirling above her.

The events of the prior two hours replayed in her mind. She was well aware of the boundary she was crossing when she allowed herself to be taken by Terrell. Knowing this time of reflection would come, Annette was surprised she wasn't feeling more guilty than she did at the moment.

Thoughts of remorse and regret would be the logical emotions a normal wife might feel after betraying her husband. But she wasn't a normal wife. And this wasn't a normal marriage. What husband tries to control everything his wife does? Everything she thinks? What she can and can't wear out in public? What husband expects his wife to suck his dick or open her legs anytime he gets hard?

At least have a good enough cock to make it tolerable, she chuckled to herself.

Did he ever take the time to ask what I want? Annette couldn't remember the last time the Chief went down on her. It was always expected, of course, that she take him into her mouth, but that favor hadn't been returned in years.

Comparisons between the two men were inevitable. Although her husband tried hard to convince everyone how tough and confident he was, she knew deep down he was a jealous, insecure man. Yes, he talked a big game and threw his weight around to get what he wanted, but when it came right down to it, his performance was just not all that great. In and out of the bedroom.

Terrell, on the other hand, had a quiet confidence about him. He had taken her with actions, not words. A quiet seduction that led to the most sexually gratifying hour of her life.

Slowly the comparison between the two men turned from personality traits to physical characteristics. Again, it was no contest. While the Chief and his flabby belly could barely hold an erection, Terrell's seemed to go on forever. Though her sexual experiences were limited, she had never known a man who had the ability to ejaculate twice in one hour as he did.

And then there was the size issue. Annette giggled to herself as she came to her own conclusion on one of the most debated questions in history. Yes, size does matter.

Annette turned her head to the side to read the clock. 4:30. She had been asleep for almost two hours. She could feel his dried cum on her face and cheeks. She made a lazy effort to dust as much of the crusty residue as she could away with her hands before letting them fall back to the bed.

She made a mental list of the things that would have to be done to put the house back in order . The bed sheets would have to be washed. She could feel the damp spot beneath her. Her clothes would undoubtedly need to be washed too. And the carpet downstairs. She recalled how much cum had erupted from his cock. Surely some of it had soaked into the floor where she knelt before him.

Standing up, she struggled to steady herself. The odd position of her legs, spread and bent over the mattress for nearly two hours, had caused them to fall asleep. She could feel the soreness of her pussy as she took small, measured steps towards the bathroom.

She hobbled gingerly across the spacious bathroom and turned on the water to the Jacuzzi. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she peeled off her thigh highs and unfastened her bra, allowing her full breasts some much needed relief.

Cupping them in her hands, she wondered what Terrell thought about them. The Chief had certainly loved playing with them, and she had to admit, she enjoyed the feel of his hands on them.

But did Terrell like them? He had squeezed them hard after their initial embrace, harder than the Chief does, and that had turned Annette on. She wondered if his hands would ever find their way on them again.

The hot water felt wonderful on her legs as she stepped into the tub. When she fully submerged herself, she took a moment to savor the soothing sensation washing over her body. Leaning her head back, she began to recount the details of her encounter with Terrell. She recalled her first look at his beautiful cock, the way it sprang out of his gray sweat pants and stood proudly in front of her as she knelt before him. How incredibly hard and stiff it was when her lips touched it for the first time.

Annette was getting horny again. She quickly shifted her thoughts to something else in an effort to squash her growing desires.

Groceries. Oil change. Paying bills. CSI. Dentist appointment. Ebay. The weather.

All of these things went through her mind and, on a normal day, would have sufficiently held her attention. But try as she might, her thoughts kept turning back to her young black lover. And as a result, she found herself powerless to resist the lure of the toy that lay hidden under her bed. She lifted herself out of the water and happily retrieved the object of her desires.

Settling back into the tub, she lowered her right arm and cradled her boobs. She could envision Terrell wrapping his large hands around them, massaging them firmly as he had done this afternoon. She rubbed the tip of the black dildo against her hard nipples, then slid it between her cleavage, working it up and down between her large mounds.

Her left hand disappeared beneath the water and slowly began massaging her clitoris. Vivid memories were now filling her mind. Looking up at him as he stood over her, holding her legs apart. Seeing his thick black cock embedded in her pussy. Oh how powerful it had felt inside her!

She leaned her head back, closed her eyes and began sliding the dildo inside her pussy. Slowly at first, but working faster as the brief and erotic images from this afternoon flickered rapidly through her mind, each eliciting an uncontrollable physical and verbal response.

Powerful thrust....Ohhhhhh. Deep inside.......yessssss. Fucking me.....uhhh-huh. Filling me.......mmmmmm. Soooo hard......ohhhh yessssss! Soooo thick......ohhhhhhh fuck! Black cock......ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

She gripped the side of the tub with her right hand as the orgasm shook her body. Her vision blurred slightly as she struggled to return her breathing back to normal. The orgasm was incredible, they always were when she used the toy. But now that she had been fucked by a real black cock, it didn't seem quite the same. That experience had elevated her pleasure to a level she had never dreamed possible. She quickly surmised that anything short of that, including the black toy, and definitely including her small-cocked husband, would leave her wanting for more.

Once calmed down, Annette stepped out of the tub, dried herself off and squeezed her boobs into a pink bra. She then slipped on a pair of matching panties and assessed herself in the mirror. A quiet confidence flickered within her as she struck various poses. For the first time in recent memory, she acknowledged an appreciation for person looking back at her.

Years of living with the Chief had slowly diminished her self-confidence. And now, after her encounter with Terrell, it seemed as if a fire had been ignited.

In a symbolic act of rebellion, she decided to wear nothing over her bra and panties while she went about the business of cleaning the house.

She walked back into the bedroom and took stock of the carnage before her: pillows were on the floor, the mattress lay crooked on the box springs, the sheets were in disarray and there was a huge wet spot in the area where he had taken her. Annette stared in awe.

Did all that fluid come from my body? How much of it belonged to Terrell?

Slipping the sheets off the bed and placing them into the clothes hamper, she made her way downstairs and loaded up the washing machine. Next, she retrieved the carpet cleaner and headed to the stains on the floor where she had taken the first load of Terrell's cum.

The irony of kneeling down in this area was not lost on Annette. A depraved thought of licking the dried cum spots was dismissed, but for a brief moment the idea sent tingles down her body. She would swallow the Chief's cum occasionally and never really gained any satisfaction out of it. On the other hand, taking Terrell's cum, or as much as she could anyway, seemed so natural and expected. She would eagerly do it again if the opportunity presented itself.

It was after she finished with the carpet that Annette noticed the folded up piece of paper on the coffee table. Written on the outside of the paper was a single letter:


Annette excitedly opened it and read:

'Thanks for a memorable afternoon, Mrs. Olson. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You are a beautiful woman. I want to see you again. Call me.'

Annette refolded the paper and set it back on the table. She stared out the window for a moment. Then went through the motions of cleaning, organizing and putting away dishes- keeping her mind busy and pretending to give deep consideration to his request.

But who was she kidding? Of course she was going to call!

She tapped Terrell's number into her phone and waited breathlessly.

"This is Terrell," came the sound on the other end.

The voice made her knees weak. Embers began burning from within.

"Hi." she said in a nervous, almost girlish tone.

She bit her knuckle in frustration. She wanted to say more. But what? This is Annette and I really need to see you again? I want to suck your cock again? I want to fuck you again?

Thankfully, Terrell's soothing voice gave her the reprieve she needed.

"Hi Mrs. Olson..."

They chatted for several minutes before he ended the call. Annette's mind could barely register a coherent thought as she held the phone in her hand. The whole conversation had been a blur. All she knew is that she had agreed to meet him at his place in an hour.


Annette knocked timidly on his door and felt her stomach flutter as the footsteps from the other side grew closer. When the door opened, she let out a silent moan. There he stood, the man who had dominated her thoughts for the last 24 hours, wearing only a tight pair of white briefs. The contrast in color stood out immediately, as did the mound that was tucked inside.

Terrell grinned knowingly as he took notice of her wandering eyes. He welcomed her into his house and, once inside, wrapped his arms around her. Leaning his head close to her ear, he whispered, "Did you enjoy this afternoon?"

"Yes," she replied in the same whispered tone.

"And you're here because you want it again," he said as his hard cock pressed into her.

It wasn't a question, but Annette replied anyway.


Terrell broke the embrace and stepped back.

"Take your clothes off," he directed.

Annette was eager to please her young black lover. She peeled her shirt off and unfastened her bra. Her boobs swayed back and forth as she removed her shorts and panties. Standing naked in the middle of the living room, she submissively awaited his next command.

"Lay down," he motioned towards the couch.

Terrell draped one of her legs over the back of the couch and lowered his head to her exposed pussy. He started off slowly, licking her lips and making shallow penetrations with his tongue. Annette's hands gripped the cushions, her hips involuntarily bucking back and forth, desperate for more of him inside her.

He wedged his finger in and began tickling her clit. Annette moaned louder as his gifted tongue swirled inside her. His tongue sank deeper, the warm and wet sensations leading her to the brink of ecstasy. Flicking his tongue against her clit and massaging her inner walls released the gush of fluids onto his tongue and face.

Terrell stood and used Annette's shirt to wipe the juices from his face. She was still in the throes of her orgasm when he reached down and clamped his fingers firmly around both hard nipples. Lifting up, he guided Annette off her back and onto her wobbly feet. He began leading her. She would have followed him willingly, but the tight grip his fingers had on her nipples gave her no choice but to comply.

He positioned her near the arm of the couch, turned her around and bent her over. With his powerful hands cupping her ass, he slowly guided his thick cock inside her quivering pussy. Annette whimpered as it eased in. Slowly he pushed until it was fully wedged inside her.

Ohhhhh how she had longed for this moment again!

"That feels sooooo good," she whimpered.

Terrell enjoyed the mastery he had over the older woman.

"Tell me what you want," he commanded.

"I....want....you.....to......fuck me!" she managed to say between her panting breaths.

"How bad do you want it?" His question was followed with a firm spank on her ass.

Annette was caught off guard by the smack. Her head jerked upwards as she exhaled a guttural moan. The spank elicited a bizarre response. The stinging sensation on her ass was overshadowed by the erotic feeling of being disciplined by her young lover. She momentarily lost her thoughts.

Another spank brought her back to her senses.

"Tell me Annette. Tell me how bad you want it."

Annette succumbed. "Pleeeeease Terrell. Pleeeeease fuck me! I want you so, soooo bad. Ohhhhhhh pleeeease!"

Fueled by her submission, Terrell pulled out slightly, then slammed the entire length of his cock back inside her. He reached out and grabbed a handful of hair, then launched a flurry of thrusts into her pussy. Over and over again, he hammered his powerful black cock deep inside her with violent thrusts.

Their bodies rocked in unison as he gripped her hair and continued to punish her pussy. The pitch of her moans elevated each time he spanked her ass. Soon, a thundering orgasm erupted and he shot his load deep inside her pussy. Annette responded with her own orgasm as she felt his hot fluids streaming inside her.

Annette was exhausted as Terrell pulled his cock out. Her used body slid off the couch and landed limply on the floor. She lay on her side, gasping for breath as she tried to recover from the incredible fucking he had just administered.

Terrell stood over her and admired his conquest. His cock had pounded her into submission to the point where she could barely move. He used his foot to nudge her onto her back, her arms lazily falling to the floor above her head. He then straddled her, laying his cock along the length of her face. With the base at her chin and the tip reaching her forehead, Terrell thought briefly about taking a picture and sending it to the Chief.

"Clean me up, Annette."

Annette slowly but obediently tilted her head and began licking the juices off his cock. Her eyes were half-closed as she moved up and down the length of him, her tongue gliding across the contours of his skin. Terrell occasionally shifted his cock and fed her parts she wasn't able to reach in her position under him.

Once sufficiently cleaned, Terrell stood up and walked away. Annette's head rested back onto the floor. She closed her eyes and felt her world fade to black.


When Annette came to, she wearily took in her surroundings. The lights were dim. A game was playing on TV and footsteps were heard in another room. She crooked her neck in another direction and spotted the clock on the wall. 9:00 pm.

Shit! What the hell just happened?

Annette once again found herself mentally wiped out after being fucked senseless by her new lover. She didn't have her cell phone close by, but she was sure there were a few missed calls from her husband. She would have to call him soon and check in. A quick excuse of being at her friend's house would probably offer a reasonable explanation if she needed one.

In the meantime, her body ached from laying on the hard floor for so long. She stretched her arms and legs, then rolled over into a sitting position.

Terrell appeared from the hallway, walking naked in her direction, his cock swinging proudly from side to side. It had been one hell of a fuck, Annette recalled. The young man certainly had a gift and was masterful in knowing exactly what to do and what to say. She had never been spanked before, but, oddly enough, the degradation seemed to intensify the orgasm.

And speaking of which, her ass was really hurting at the moment. Annette eased up from her sitting position and crawled next to him on the couch. She laid her head on his shoulder and sat in silence as she admired his young toned body. Not an ounce of body fat, she thought. His stomach was lean, his abdominal muscles pressed against his skin. Although his cock had softened, it was still an impressive site as it rested on the couch.

They chatted about a lot of things over the next 30 minutes: favorite restaurants, hobbies, friends, movies and an assortment of other innocent topics. Soon, however, the conversation turned to more pressing matters.

"What about....," her voice trailed off.

"Your husband?" Terrell completed the sentence for her.

Annette nodded her head.

"He's a dick. Mother fucker's crooked. He'll get what's comin' to him soon."

"But he's dangerous. He knows people. He..."

"He's soft," Terrell interrupted.

Pieces of his plan were coming together nicely. There were still a few holes remaining, but those would be easily filled in time. It was becoming clear to him that retribution against the Chief was a certainty. Now it was simply a matter of degree: how much pain, how much loss and how much humiliation would be inflicted upon the worthless, arrogant wimp was yet to be determined.

Annette began tracing her fingers down his chest. Sliding it across his abs and back up. She could see his cock stiffening again, and her hand slowly descended to give it attention.

This wonderful, big, black cock, she thought as she held it in her hands.

The powerful cock that had been the focus of her desires over the last 24 hours. The cock that brought her to one orgasm after another so effortlessly. As if paying tribute to the object which had delivered her so much pleasure, she slid to her knees in front of him and kissed it. Then pulled away and admired it as it stiffened in front of her.

She began stroking it with her left hand, her wedding ring shining as she rubbed up and down. She was fascinated with the size, the thickness, the color. Images of her husband's cock came to mind and the comparisons began again. Terrell's was so much bigger. So much better.

Her right hand cupped his balls as she lowered her mouth onto his cock. At first she just took the head in before pulling out and kissing down the shaft. Her mouth returned and slowly took half the cock inside her before reflexes forced it out. Kissing down the shaft and back up again, she took him a third time. This time she was able to get most of it comfortably in her mouth.

Terrell looked down as she labored away. The urge to use his hands to push her down fully onto his hard cock dissipated as Annette seemed to take him in without his guidance. Instead, he leaned back, locked his fingers behind his head and watched the Chief's wife bob up and down on his cock.

He owned her. The plan, or whatever loose definition he assigned to it, was working much better than he imagined.

Terrell's abdominal muscles tightened as he neared the brink. Annette encouraged his orgasm by sliding her mouth up and down his cock as fast as she possibly could. She wanted his cum so badly. She wanted to taste it, feel it gushing into her mouth. But as much as she wanted to satisfy her own desires, it seemed to Annette that her primary motivation was to please the young man who was sitting in front of her. The man who was slowly taking control over her.

A stream of cum shot from Terrell's cock and into her throat. She immediately began gagging, causing some of the cum to dribble out the corner of her mouth. The remaining loads squirted onto her chin, throat and breasts. She leaned back and coughed, disappointed that she wasn't able to take the entire load.

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