Helena Martin stepped off the plane with a huge smile on her face. And, why not, life has been very good to her lately.

Flying first class, she had just landed in Ibiza for a fun weekend with friends at her lover's palatial villa, were she expects him to announce their forthcoming engagement, after exclusively dating for the past year.

Her hoped to be fiancé, was the young, ruggedly handsome and extremely wealthy Juan Antonio Rodriguez de Cuellar, a renowned financial genius, who also happens to be the scion of one of the Spain's wealthiest families. Given his sophisticated bearing and impeccable social standing, Juan Antonio Rodriguez de Cuellar had earned the name "El Conde" or "the Count", from his numerous friends and admirers alike, and would indeed be the catch of the century for any prospective bride.

A few weeks back, Helena was alone in the bedroom of the Conde's penthouse suite when she accidentally knocked over his brief case, spilling its contents onto the floor. As she frantically tried to put things in order before the Conde came back from the shower, she noticed a Bulgari ring box among the items that fell out of the brief case.

Curious at what the box contained, Helena opened it and was amazed to find the biggest and most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen. Mesmerized by its beauty, Helena took the ring out of its box. As she held it up to examine it against the light, she was almost blinded by the sparkle of the gems and the glitter of its platinum setting.

Not able to resist, Helena put the ring on and found, to her delight, that it fit her finger perfectly. After admiring the ring on her hand for a couple of minutes, Helena reluctantly took it off, to study it even more closely.

When Helena read what was inscribed on the inside of the ring, her heart suddenly stopped for a second, and began palpitating wildly. For etched on the inside of the ring were the words: " H.M. . . Mi Amor. . . J.A..". Which, to Helena could only mean, that the Conde really did love her, and would be proposing to her really soon.

Extremely happy at this development, Helena replaced the ring in its box and returned it to the brief case, lest the Conde discover that she had found him out.

It was with extreme difficulty that Helena was able to overcome her excitement and urge to smother the Conde with love, when he re-entered the room. She just managed to keep cool and collected around the count, and act as if she was no more the wiser. Their love making though that night was the most passionate ever, to the pleasant surprise and utmost enjoyment of the Count.

After a few weeks had passed, Helena was getting impatient that the Conde had not yet brought up the matter of the ring. As she was about to confront him about it, the Conde called her to his lap and while lovingly running his fingers through her hair, told her he would be throwing a little party in Ibiza this week end , where he hoped to make an announcement. Their lovemaking that followed was just as hot and torrid as when Helena had found the ring.

As arranged, Helena would make the trip to Ibiza alone and would meet up with El Conde at his villa, where the party would be held. The Conde had an important meeting in Madrid to attend to first and would get to Ibiza on his private jet with a few friends later than Helena.

As Helena stood by the airport's carousel for her luggage, the smile which had earlier adorned her pretty face slowly faded, as unbidden memories of her past came to fore.

You see, life had not always been so kind to Helena.

Her parents both died in a car accident while she was young, and having no known living relatives, she was raised by nuns in the convent.

As Helena grew older, so did her beauty blossom. From a gawky pre-teener, Helena evolved into a beautiful raven haired young lady with the angelic face of a Madonna but with a body even Helen of Troy would have died for. She stood around five feet six inches tall and simply oozed with sex appeal.

She was vivacious, vibrant and to be crude, sexy as hell. Even in her youth, she seemed to attract the attention of both men and women, some of whose interest in her were not innocent at all. This caused the Mother Superior to once remark that Helena was simply not cut out for a cloistered life, and must be therefore prepared for life outside the convent. The good sisters were able to arrange for Helena to take a secretarial course, to enable her to seek gainful employment outside.

After completing the course, Helena was able to find employment in one of the leading banks of Madrid, no doubt aided by the glowing recommendation written by the Mother Superior, in her behalf. Not content with remaining a lowly personal assistant to a low level bank officer, Helena hit the books at night and managed to pass the exam for one of two vacant positions as Accounts Officers of the bank.

On her first day as an accounts officer, Helena met the other one who passed. Her name was Luisa Sevilla, an equally beautiful girl, who was taller than Helena (she stood around five feet eight inches tall) but just as 'simpatica". In fact were it not for the height difference, they could have been mistaken for twins.

The two immediately hit it off and became close friends. From the first day they met, the two weresimply inseparable and helped each other with their accounts. After work, they would often go out and spend the night sharing intimate tales about their lives. During their outings Luisa would sometimes talk about her fiancé Tony who was now in the United States for a Masteral Degree. Helena mostly talked about her money problems and how she wishes to marry a millionaire to solve all of it.

Both Helena and Luisa were equally good at their work. When a higher position suddenly became available, the Bank was really at a quandary which of the two girls to promote.

As it so happens, both girls wanted the promotion. Helena, more so than Luisa. Being on her own and not having any money to begin with, Helena really needed the extra income the higher position would provide. Luisa on the other hand, being from a rather well off family, really didn't need the money, but wanted the job though to add to her resume.

When the girls got wind that they were the ones being considered for the promotion, On the surface, they both made it appear that the new job wasn't all that important to them, and tongue in cheek even wished each other luck.

Despite her friendship to Luisa, Helena tried everything, and I mean everything, to get the job. However, when one of the managers intimated to her while they were both in bed, that Luisa had the inside track for the promotion, she got desperate and did a very nasty and mean act.

At about that time, Luisa was being sexually harassed by one of the bank's senior officers who, just so happens to be married to the daughter of the bank's Chairman. After being incessantly badgered by the lecherous lothario, Luisa finally gave in and agreed to go out on a dinner date with him at the hotel suite he always books for occasions such as this. She told Helena all the details of her date in order to let her know where she was, thinking that as a very dear friend, she would not tell a single soul about it. How wrong she was.

After being told by Luisa of the details of her date with the senior officer, Helena made an anonymous phone call to his wife, informing her of husband's assignation with a beautiful young lady this evening and divulged to her exactly, the where and when the rendezvous would take place.

As Helena expected, the Chairman's daughter immediately stormed the hotel where the supposed lovebirds would be having their fun, What she didn't expect, however, was that she made the assault with a battalion of paparazzi hoping to catch her husband and the slut he was with, in flagrante delicto.

After having the door to the room broke open, the Chairman's daughter barged in just in time to witness Luisa stepping out of the bathroom wearing just the hotel's guest robe, while her husband was laying in the bed, presumably naked under the sheets. That was the scene likewise captured by the dozen or so paparazzi vultures who accompanied her, which made its way to all national and local dailies and tabloids, and even internationally, through CNN and the BBC.

(n.b. Although the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" may be true, things were really not what it would seem in this case. Luisa had no intention of sleeping with, or of even performing any sexual act with the senior bank officer. For the whole evening she had been able to successfully fight off any and all advances he made till he finally conceded defeat. However, when he proposed a toast to the only girl who had supposedly successfully kept her virtue intact from him; he somehow "accidentally" spilled his drink all over her one piece dress. Because of this, Luisa had to remove her ruined dress and slip into the hotel robe while she washes the stain out, not knowing that the devious lech had stripped completely naked and got under the sheets, in an underhanded bid to get her to bed.)

What got worse for Luisa, was that the chairman's daughter peremptorily attacked her without warning and managed to whisk the robe away from the surprised young lady. This Pearl Harbor attack caused her utter lack of underwear to be exposed to the whole world (She had to take both her bra and panties off as well, since the wine had seeped through her chiffon dress), thanks once more to the pack of paparazzi hyenas present.

(Fortunately for Luisa what appeared in the syndicated news networks as well as the major broadsheets were images of her with her private parts pixilated. However, when it came to the tabloids, no such concession was allowed her, as she appeared on the front pages, in all her naked glory. Thank goodness most had gotten her name wrong and simply referred to her as "La Mysteriosa Mujer". Although one particularly trashy tabloid did have her completely nude body prominently on display in its front page with her face clearly visible, and with the caption "Srta. Luisa Sevilla, La Puta Otro No?" [whore or not])

In all fairness to Helena, she did not expect nor intended for things to get so out of hand. All she only wanted was to knock Luisa from the running so as to get that promotion. Like how would she know that the outraged wife would be such a harridan as to publicly humiliate her husband's supposed paramour in front of the world wide media.

As a result of the media frenzy brought about by this sordid affair, and the fact that countless nude photos and video clips of a very naked Luisa, were circulating in the internet as well as the cellular phones of most of the bank's employees, the bank had to let Luisa go. The bank had to come up with such drastic action, not only to protect its image, but did so upon the insistence of the Chairman's daughter, who by the way had forgiven her errant husband and they were now on their umpteenth honeymoon, but would never forgive the shameless hussy who had tried to take her loving husband away from her.

Needless to say, Helena got the promotion.

Helena tried to get in touch with Luisa to console her for what had happened to her, but her friend seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. After slinking away from the office with all her stuff, Luisa moved out of her apartment without any forwarding address. She simply vanished from the face of the earth. After a few days, Helena stopped trying to look for Luisa, as she settled in to the rigors of her new job,and simply all but forgotten about her.

With the departure of Luisa, Helena inherited most of her accounts. She diligently poured herself into her work and pretty soon, she slowly but surely made her way up the corporate ladder.

Much to Helena's delight, among clients she inherited from Luisa was the Conde. At first, everything was just business between them, but her constant flirting managed to catch his eye and they began dating. After being together for about a year, Helena fervently hoped their relationship would move on to the next stage, as the Conde was the answer to all her dreams.

The smile returned to Helena's face when she saw the chauffer driven Rolls Royce awaiting her. She could not help but fall in love with the beauty of this idyllic Balieric isle as they made their way to the Conde's Villa.

When they got to the Conde's Villa, Helena could not help but marvel and be in awe of the grandeur of the Conde's palatial home away from home. She could not suppress the thought that someday, this palace would soon be hers and she would imperiously rule over it, like a queen.

Helena was met at the door by a tall, ravishingly beautiful and voluptuous blond woman. After a brief introduction, Helena learned that her name was Annika, that she was Swedish and that she looks after the villa while the Conde is away. She was casually attired in a tight floral print sundress, which was not your typical housekeeper's uniform. ( Helena made a mental note to get rid of her as soon as the Conde and her get married, as it really would not do to have such delicious eye candy readily available for her dear husband"s Viewing and other pleasures)

Before she had a uniformed servant take Helena's bags to her rooms, Annika handed over a folded piece of paper to Helena. When Helena opened the paper, she saw that it was a letter from the Conde, telling her that he had something for her in the room , and would she please wear it to the party.

Thinking that at it must surely be the ring, Helena hurried after Annika and the servant. When she got to her suite, Helena looked all over for the Bulgari box, but it was not there. What instead caught her eye was the smallest and most indecent string bikini she had ever seen, lying on top of the bed.

Helena could only shake her head in disappointment and disbelief.

For all the veneer of sophistication the Conde exuded, he had this childish quirk of wanting to see Helena put in rather compromising situations that would definitely prove embarrassing to her. Once, he suddenly called a staff meeting at his penthouse suite one night without telling Helena and she was caught by all his associates wearing only a sheer, almost see-through nightie. Another time, he invited her to the country club for a swimming party, but when she got there and had already changed into her bikini, none of the other guests were even remotely in suits, and she had to spend the whole of the party entertaining the guests clad only in her bikini, and she was the only one at that. There were more, much more.

Helena found herself deeply embarrassed whenever the count played his little pranks on her. However, despite all the humiliation she was forced to undergo, Helena tolerated the count's perverse delight in her degradation, since she did not want to lose him and gave in to all his "requests". Looking forlornly at the bikini, Helena wondered whether this was another prank El Conde was playing on her.

Helena's musings were cut short when Annika, informed her that the Conde was now on line and would like to speak to her. She was made to face the room's gigantic plasma screen on the wall, when all of a sudden the Conde's smiling face appeared. He was seated at his desk smiling at the image of Helena appearing in his monitor.

"Hola Helena, how was your trip, mi amor?" He cheerfully said.

"Muy bien, mi Conde, the trip was fine. About the. . ."

Before Helena could say another word, the Count interrupted her.

"Si, it is beautiful no? You will look ravishing in it. I will be the envy of every man and every woman there will be jealous of you."

"But don't you think that it's a little too revealing to wear at the Party?" Helena tried to reason.

"So, what if it is, I'm sure you will be smashing in it."

As Helena was about to plead her case further, the Conde put an end to all further discussion " Basta mi amor, I would love to see you in that suit for the party."

The Conde having spoken, Helena could just nod her head in resignation. Nobody could say no to the Conde. Whatever he wanted he got it.

After dispatching the matter of Helena's wardrobe for the party, the Conde turned his attention to Annika and inquired about the party's arrangement. After Annika told him that everything was arranged as he instructed, the count turned his attention back to Helena and apologized to her for his absence. He told her to just enjoy the villa on her own for a while, and why not break in the suit and grab some sun, to ensure an all over tan. Although said jokingly, Helena knew this was more of an order than a request. With that, the tele-conferrencing ended.

Annika made her exit to allow Helena some privacy as she tries on her suit. She told Helena to come down for lunch whenever she was ready., before she gets her tan.

Left alone in the room, Helena spent long minutes just staring blankly at the bikini.

Upon close examination, the bikini appeared to be indecently small even by Ibiza standards. Although not exactly a micro-kini, which only offered coverings for the areoles and vaginal slit, this bikini was just as bad and scandalous.

It had no lining whatsoever and would surely turn transparent at the first sign of water. Its two triangles for the top were so small that they would only be able to cover the front of Helena's breasts but not the sides. Likewise for the bottom, its front triangle would only just about cover Helena's slit, leaving the rest of her crotch exposed. (It's a good thing Helena had the foresight to get a full bikini wax before she left.) As for the back, it came just short of a g-string, and consisted of a very thin strip of cloth running between the cheeks of her ass, leaving both globules fully exposed.

Seeing as there was no way out, that is if she still wanted the chance to be the future "la condesa", Helena stripped herself of all her clothes and proceeded to put on the suit.

If the bikini looked intimidating just lying spread out on the bed, on Helena it was simply devastating.

Skimpy beyond belief and about two sizes smaller, the suit was taught against Helena's skin and seemed to highlight more the naked flesh around it, rather than serve as a covering for what lay beneath. As suspected, the two triangles that formed the top merely covered about a fourth of Helena's breasts, leaving the rest exposed. As for the bottom, the front managed to just about cover her slit, but the back offered no covering whatsoever, as the strip of cloth there found itself firmly lodged in between the cheeks of her ass. It's a good thing for Helena that the Conde has her sunbathe in the nude, otherwise she would have very revealing tan lines on show. (Oh yes, there was a time Helena was sunbathing in the patio of the Conde's penthouse when he suddenly stepped out with a bunch of workmen, knowing very well Helena would be there. It took all of Helena's will power to keep her eyes shut and pretend she was sleeping as the workmen tried to go about their work while trying to avoid ogling her with lustful eyes, at the same time. )

Modeling the bikini in front of the mirror Helena could not help but feel both pride and shame at how she looked. Deciding to provide herself with a little more dignity, Helena put on a pair of open toed high heeled sandals and her long white silk robe, which she often used as a cover up when sunbathing . She belted the robe firmly around her, effectively covering up from neck to toe. Later at the party, she could simply un-belt it and allow the robe to drape on her shoulders, to still be in compliance with the Conde's wish that she expose herself in the bikini later at the party. Helena could not help but smile at her cleverness.

After doing a last minute check of her appearance, Helena left the room looking for Annika. She dispensed with wearing any jewelry or other accessories on her, as she wanted the attention of everyone to be directed at the ring on her finger, when the Conde gives it to her this evening. Helena found Annika at the huge banquet hall were a buffet lunch was set. Helena felt Annika appraising her from head to toe with a disapproving look as she approached, but this was quickly dispelled when the tall Swede gave her a warm smile and complimented her on how beautiful she looked.

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