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Justifiable Homicide Ch. 02


Disclamier: Mass Effect is not mine and it is not my creation or my property. This is done purely for entertainment purposes and not for profit.

This story contains extreme violence, excessive profanity and very graphic sexual content, all of it interspecies erotica. If that's not your cup of tea, turn back now. Also this contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3 so if you if don't like spoilers then don't read.

Read Me:

While I was working on The Ravaging of a Dh'oine I started playing Mass Effect again and got inspired. So I'm doing both fics now.

This fic is based roughly on the aftermath of Mass Effect 3. For those of you who don't play the Mass Effect series this fic won't make sense at all unless you played. So I decided to do a brief run down and condense a series of three video games into one lovely paragraph.

The game is mostly based on an intergalactic federation theme. Much like The Council in Star Wars. An ancient artificially intelligent machine race called Reapers are trying to destroy the galaxy. A war begins and different races have to ban together to defeat them. Shepard and her team reported directly to The Council and went on covert missions to stop the Reapers.

For fanfiction purposes, all races joined the fight and all members of the team are alive after the end battle with the Reapers.

* Once again this contains Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

Races mentioned:

The Asari: A race of blue aliens similar to Twi'leks in star wars. They are an all female race and only reproduce with other races, which help spread rumors of promiscuity. They live much longer than most species and well respected for their knowledge and beauty. They are considered "Janes of all trades". You'll find Asari that are pirates, strippers, prostitutes, soldiers and priestesses.

The Salarians: An intelligent highly advanced technologic race. Mostly comprised of scientists. They resemble a short of amphibian species and tend to speak quickly. So quickly they tend to speak in shortened sentences to get their point across.

The Krogan: A strong brutal warrior race resembling dinosaurs or Scarrans from Farscape. Their culture is a warrior system built upon a cast of clans and broods each ones proving they were better warriors. They have a high sense of pride and ruthlessness. The Korgan are the strongest allies in war but most feared during peace time. They usually are the best hired body guards and mercenaries during peace time. Everyone fears Krogans.

The Quarians: A humanoid race that always wears masks because it's difficult for them to find atmosphere that's breathable. They were exiled from their homeland by the Geth. They are good scientists but more gifted engineers and techs.

The Geth: A race of technologically advanced robots created by the Quarians. They uprose when the Quarians tried to destroy them for displaying intelligence and exiled the Quarians.

The Vorcha and the Batarians: Their physical appearance is hard to describe, the links above have pics of all the races. In any case, these two races are somewhat humanoid. They are usually comprised of mercenaries and slavers and usually hired by other more advanced races.

The Genophage: A biological weapon that the Salarians created causing infertility among the Korgan. Only 1 out of 1000 Korgan births survive. This was implemented after the Salarians used the Korgan for their battle prowess. Then the Korgan began to overpopulate and take over lesser worlds. At that point, the Genophage was created and for the last 1,000 years the Korgan are a slowly dying race.

Main Pairing: Shepard/Urdnot Wrex

I love Wrex because he's badass. He has great one-liners and if you're in a gunfight he's the motherfucker you want next you. The Krogans got screwed like they normally do, so pay back is a bitch. This is my ode to Urdnot Wrex and the Krogan Empire.


Nova Shepard sat at her dining room table in her remote home on Earth. It was a small table with only two chairs; she had no need for anymore. Her home had one bedroom and one bathroom. It was small but modest and clean.

Like most homes these days it was made of metal rather than wood. However she still managed to decorate it rather well. The walls were white and the floor in the dining room and the adjacent kitchen were made of hardwood while she installed carpeting in her bedroom. Her home was located on a mountain top with no one around for miles. Nova enjoyed the peace and quiet.

The Reapers had left Earth in devastating shape as they had done with other planets that were teeming with life. However, her small home was enough for her. She had given up serving on the Normandy and retired her position as Commander and Spectre three years prior.

The military had always been her life and she knew nothing else. But what happened during the Reaper wars changed many lives including hers. Wrex had been her friend, teammate and lover and she betrayed him.

She betrayed him and the wise Krogan female named Eve who was the last fertile female in the Krogan population. The Salarian council member assured her that she was doing the right thing because the Krogan would again overpopulate and try to dominate the galaxy again.

Although she tried to believe it, even then she wasn't so sure and now she knew she was wrong. She had left the military shortly after the Reaper wars ended to contemplate the decisions that still haunted her. Even three years later, she still didn't feel any better. She also made decisions after the war that involved leaving Wrex that plagued her. She couldn't sleep sometimes as a result.

And to make matters worse, Liara was murdered. Garrus had called her with the devastating news and she had cried for hours after. Liara's funeral was a week ago, but she was still dressing in black as a symbol of mourning.

Everyone was there; even Jack showed up to pay her respects to everyone's surprise. Everyone except Wrex was there and she was happy. She wasn't ready to see him yet. Before Wrex, Liara had been her lover when they were fighting Saren and the Reaper Sovereign. Liara had changed when she became Shadow Broker so their relationship never rekindled, leaving room for Wrex to come into her life.

Diana Allers had been on the news reporting the death. The media of course did not know Liara's real identity. To the world, Liara was a respected scientist. Only those at the top of the criminal market and the team Nova led to stop the Reapers knew Liara's true identity.

As such, Diana bought the story about Liara and her assistant being murdered for a priceless artifact and it was the same story she broadcasted for the last week.

At the funeral Garrus was just as heartbroken as she was. He held her and comforted her and then after the funeral, they made love. She didn't love Garrus like she had loved Liara and Wrex. She was just hurt and in need of affection.

Garrus understood when she said she didn't want a relationship and explained she was too much of a mess for anything real right now. As she lie intertwined with him in his quarters, he assured her he had every resource in C-Sec on Liara's death.

He also informed her that the Justicar, Jona Sederis and Aria were missing. He and the rest of C-Sec truly believed that some kind of Asari black market power struggle began between Liara, Jona, and Aria that end with Liara's death somehow.

He wasn't sure why Jona and Aria were missing but he assumed the Justicar got wind and tried to stop the whole thing and maybe that's why she was missing as well. It made perfect sense, but he had to follow more leads. He then kissed her forehead and promised to update her when he found something new.

Nova had decided to take a shower, it was late and she needed to unwind before she tried to sleep. Nova pulled off her black clothes and shoes and turned on the shower. Since she resigned from the military years ago, she had let her hair grow out.

Her straight platinum blonde hair was now past her shoulders and she looked in the full length mirror on her bathroom wall. Nova pulled her hair up gently and turned around in the mirror as if inspecting herself.

She was still working out and her body looked amazing even though she was no longer in the military. She sighed quietly out of emotional exhaustion and climbed in the shower. Nova lathered up her silvery hair with a thick shampoo and started scratching her scalp with her finger nails.

It felt amazing and it made her sigh with pleasure. When she was satisfied her hair was clean, she squirted body wash into her palm and rubbed it all over her lightly tanned skin. She rubbed her hands over the top of her big DD cup breasts and soaped the crevice underneath them. As she did this her small hands disappeared under her heavy breasts and she even lifted them up in her hands and squeezed them lightly.

Her soft tits flesh slid around between her soapy fingers as she kneaded them like bread dough. Her light brown nipples stuck out with arousal and she thought about how big her tits were. If only the boys in C-Sec knew how nice they were.

They always appeared small in her armor because she would bind them down with medical tape. It would be an unnecessary distraction to her crew and more importantly it was not practical to have breasts so large and fire a weapon with massive recoil.

Only her lovers knew he secret and Wrex was surprised by their size. She thought Garrus was even going to faint when he saw her naked. She released her breasts and they slapped against her chest. They were high and round, but hung slightly as any heavy breasts would.

Nova soaped up her slight abs on her tight stomach and dropped her hands to her bare pussy. A gasp escaped her lips as she rubbed her clit gently. Nova closed her eyes and began to think of Wrex.

Never had she had a cock so big in her life and to be honest, she did miss it. Nova thought of how she had ridden him and she could feel herself getting wet with more than just water. The juices on her fingers began to gather and soon she was rubbing her clit ferociously.

Her sex with Garrus reawakened her libido and reminded her of what a nympho she used to be. She came hard very quickly and rubbed her clit fiercely, wishing she could have Wrex slamming her pussy till she was sore like he used to years ago.

When her orgasm subsided, she washed herself again to clean her off her sticky pussy juices and then jumped out of the shower. Nova toweled herself off in the foggy humid bathroom. She then wrapped her hair in a towel while she wrapped her curvy body in another.

Nova started squeezing her hair through the towel, trying to soak up every ounce of water from her beautiful hair. She opened her bathroom door and walked out into her kitchen. Nova went to the fridge and got a glass of water from the purifying dispenser. As she turned around, she took a sip and nearly choked before spitting the water out of her mouth. The glass dropped from her hand and shattered on the kitchen floor.

There was Wrex sitting next her small dining room table with two Krogan standing behind him. He recognized one of them as Wreav. She had met him during the Reaper Wars when she had to do a mission on Tuchanka, the Krogan homeworld.

The other Krogan behind Wrex was unknown to her. Immediately she knew why he was here, he didn't track her halfway around the galaxy for a social call. Nova bolted for her pantry and threw it open. Her pulse rifle was gone!

She turned around quickly and began to back away until she ran into the countertop behind her. Nova's grey eyes were wide with fear and she was visibly shaking.

Wrex glared at her coldly, "Looking for these?"

He then placed her pulse rifle on the table along with numerous pulse pistols. Nova was still recovering from shock when she realized all the weapons were hers. They must have searched the house while she was showering.

She didn't know what to do. She was deadly with firearms but she didn't have any weapons. Even with her biotics it would be an impossible fight. She was no match for one Krogan in hand to hand combat let alone three. It would be suicide for her to attempt it. She decided the best course of action was to try to maintain a level head and see how things played out.

"Long time no see Shepard."

She then watched him ogle her perfect hourglass figure as if he could see through her towel. Wrex looked at her up and down, focusing on her well sculpted legs.

"Very, very nice. Time has been good to you I see. And you were enjoying yourself in that shower. I can smell your arousal from here."

Nova swallowed a large lump that began to form in her throat, she was terrified and Wrex was eerily calm for a Krogan. He was unpredictable which made him all the more dangerous.

Wrex reached over and slapped the seat of the chair across from him, "Sit."

Nova cautiously moved forward, watching for any suspicious movements. She slowly sat down in the chair across from Wrex and tried to get her bearings. She wanted to be honest with Wrex and speak honestly about her feelings. Nova took a deep breath and spoke with a voice of sincerity.

"Wrex, I just want to tell you.....I'm sorry."

All of a sudden she felt an earth shattering pain in her jaw. The ex commander thought she felt her teeth rattle as she flew off the chair and onto the hard floor with a painful thud. A look of surprise was in her eyes as she looked up at Wrex who had actually backhanded her into the floor.

It was a warning; had he used all his strength he would have killed her.

Wrex began to shout, "Don't you ever say that to me again! For fucks sake if you're going to pull the stunts you did at least have the balls to stand by it!"

He then reached down with one strong hand and grabbed her arm painfully before throwing her back into her chair. Nova looked at him with tears in her eyes; she hadn't expected Wrex to hit her. She the removed the towel from her hair and used it to dab the blood that had formed in the corner of her mouth.

Wrex then snapped his fingers and held his hand up. The unknown Krogan handed him a sack and Wrex reached in and placed something on the table next to them. Nova looked over and nearly threw up.

She burst into tears again and covered her mouth in grief. On her table was the head of Mordin Solus. She could tell he had been badly beaten and mutilated since one of his horns was missing.

She knew Krogan and knew Wrex even better. He wasn't kind enough to kill him before he cut him to pieces. Mordin was not a stupid man and he knew the Krogan would be looking for him. He had covered his tracks so well. How had Wrex found him?

Nova was angry, "Why Wrex? Why! He was our friend!"

Wrex slammed his fist on the table, breaking it in two.

"Why? Don't you dare play fucking innocent. You know exactly why! I know you helped with the fake cure."

Nova shook her head and sobbed into her hands. She wanted to apologize again but remembered the slap she had gotten.

Her speech was muffled, "I wish I could take it all back."

"I didn't come here for your bullshit apologies, I came for answers."

"It's a long story."

Wrex leaned forward, "I've got time."

Nova didn't know what to say. She had been waiting for this conversation for three years. She knew it was going to happen sometime, she just rued the fact it was today.

Three years ago during the Reaper Wars

Nova Shepard stood in the com room on the Normandy speaking to Councilor Audin.

"Commander Shepard, you should reconsider curing the Genophage."

"Why? Do you really hate the Krogan so much you want their race to die?"

Audin shook her head, "This is not about hate Commander. This is about the greater good of the galaxy. Humans are a young race; you don't know the Krogan before the Genophage. They tried to conqueror numerous planets. I'm telling you this is a mistake."

Commander Shepard crossed her arms defensively, "The Krogan have been through enough. They have been suffering for the last millennium. I think they've learned from their mistakes. And let's be frank, it was wrong for the Salarians to steal the last of the fertile females from the Krogan. To be honest, all you've done is continuously kick a dying race every chance you get. Hardly a convincing argument if you ask me."

"Don't be blind Commander! Think with your head, not your heart. We have done the numbers Commander and the Krogan will reproduce at an alarming rate. Remember we did not win a war with the Krogan through brute force. We had to stop them from reproducing, that's hardly a victory. Please Commander I beg you to reconsider."

"What about the Krogan female Eve? She's intelligent and insightful and ready for change. And even Urdnot Wrex believes the Krogan solitary war like mentality is outdated."

"Don't be fooled Commander, you have met the few among many. You visited Turchanka; how many Krogan can you honestly say are like Eve and Urdnot Wrex?"

Nova narrowed her eyes, the Councilor had a point.

"And you know the Krogan; the first thing on their mind will be revenge, not peace Commander."

Nova nodded once again the Councilor had a point.

"If you don't believe me ask Mordin Solus. He created the Genophage and he knows the risks."

Nova was skeptical, "Why ask Mordin? He wants to cure the Genophage. He wants to undo the wrong he's done. He's seen the suffering it brought first hand."

Audin agreed, "Yes Commander, that is true. But he will be honest with you about the facts."

Nova sighed, she hated making these kinds of decisions.

"I need some time to think about this. I don't know if I can just lie and betray an entire race of people like this. It just feels...wrong. But I will consult Mordin as you suggested."

"See that you do. But let me make one thing clear Commander Shepard, we have the best scientists in the galaxy. I know you could really use them to build this Prothean weapon of yours. Know that you will not have any Salarian support if you choose to cure the Genophage. If you sabotage the cure, you can have Salarian and Krogan support and the Krogan would be none the wiser. Just be warned Shepard, if you decide to cure the Genophage the decision is on your head."

The Councilor then canceled the transmission before she could respond.

Shepard went to see Mordin Solus and he told her that he wanted to cure the Genophage. He saw the devastation on Tuchanka and knew his assistant had died trying to cure the Genophage.

Shepard asked him about the breeding in Krogan numbers and he agreed that their population would flourish out of control inevitably. Shepard told Mordin about the conversation between her and Councilor Audin and persuaded him to sabotage the Genophage cure.

It was against her better judgment and Mordin's but Nova did so because she needed the military support and knew the war would have been lost without the Salarian aid. Mordin thought the Genophage he created was an abomination and it served its purpose, but was convinced by Nova that it was for the good of the galaxy to fake the cure.

Nova felt so conflicted about her decision. The Krogan suffered so much and she was openly lying to them to win a war. A war for the freedom of the galaxy, but a war nonetheless. There would be no way the Krogan would agree to be a part of the war if they didn't believe the Genophage was cured.

She was angry she had to make such a horrible decision and emotionally torn. After her talk with Mordin and the Councilor, she went to seek Wrex out.

Immediately her Krogan lover could tell something was wrong. She came to him with a sad expression on her face and she could barely look at him. She needed some kind act of contrition so she could go on.

Wrex was concerned and reached out to catch Shepard when she fell into his arms. Nova looked up at the Krogan and smiled at his concern you. "Wrex, I need you soooo bad. Please take me. Please!" Wrex had fucked her and it was amazing as it usually was.

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