tagIncest/TabooJustin Thyme Ch. 05

Justin Thyme Ch. 05


This is part 5 of a multi-part story. If you have not read the prior sections it is recommended you do so before reading this one. Otherwise you will miss out on parts of the storyline and enjoyment. If you are looking for a lot of gratuitous sex, please go elsewhere. As always, I appreciate your comments and any suggestions. Please enjoy.

I woke up totally disoriented early Monday morning. I wasn't alone, nor was I in my bed. The feeling of soft skin pressed up against my back was peaceful and relaxing. I had an erection, but that was normal for morning, and I felt long hairs over my shoulder and breathing on my neck, which was not. It took me a minute or two to determine I was in Rosemary's room, and it was she who snuggled so closely against my back. The pressure of her breasts against my shoulder blades, and her pelvis matched so closely around my ass, with her legs nestled within the bend of my legs gave me a sense of serenity I had never known before. So this is what it felt like to wake up with a woman! I recommend it highly, but after thinking on it for just a moment I realized it wasn't just waking up with a woman that was so comforting, but waking to a woman that you love with all your heart is what gives the sense of peace.

My mind raced as I recalled how I got there. Our snuggling session that ended up as a make-out session followed by my cock accidentally penetrating her pussy and then finishing what it thought it was there for, and the subsequent intentional love making we shared stirred my soul in an almost physical sense of satisfaction. Not the physical satisfaction brought about by our orgasms, but rather a mental, almost spiritual satisfaction of expressing our love so thoroughly and mutually. I couldn't help the smile and sigh I emitted, nor the reflexive reaching up with my right hand to grasp Rosemary's hand that dangled over my side and onto my belly.

Stephanie and Susie subsequently discovering our secret had brought a sense of concern. After all, a brother and sister aren't supposed to be running around, fucking like rabbits, just because they liked each other and it felt good. Societally, it was totally taboo, and if Mom or Dad caught on there would be hell to pay for sure. Neither of us had any regrets, hence my awakening in Rosemary's bed, with her nude form conforming to my nude form.

The look on Rosemary's face when the other girls left late last night and she looked at me, as if fearing rejection as she quietly, almost like a little child said, "I don't want to be alone tonight. Would you please sleep with me?" tore at my heart. All that had transpired in the previous few days, capped off by our grandmother's stoke left her feeling vulnerable, which what stimulated the activities leading up to this, had been in that plea.

Not that I hadn't already considered asking her if she would sleep with me. I had! My desire wasn't fueled by the trauma of Grandma's illness, or even just because we were alone, but my desire was driven by wanting to be with the one who had become the most important person in the world to me. I frankly didn't want to be separated from her if I didn't have to be.

One might think we jumped in bed and fucked ourselves to sleep, and I was horny enough to have willingly done so, but rather we, by mutual, unspoken consent, disrobed and climbed into her king-sized bed and cuddled and talked. Of course, we talked about the events of the day, and how wonderful they had been. Plus we discussed Steph and Susie guessing what had happened, and how we had to be careful not to arouse anyone else's suspicions. I for one was going to have to be very careful about showing affection for her around other people, because that was not my normal habit, but I found now that I wanted to be touching her, talking to her, watching her, being with her, frankly, I didn't want to be apart from her! That is not the normal activities of a brother toward a sister, even a twin, especially since we had so little in common.

Finally falling asleep with her in my arms, and her breasts snuggled against my chest, and my cock trapped between her legs, nestled against her pussy left me with a sense of satisfaction that I feel was even higher than having sex would have been. This wasn't about sex; it was an expression of love and trust.

I am always an early riser, hence my awaking as I had, whereas Rosemary almost had to be pried out of bed in the mornings. It was not unusual for her to hit the snooze several times before arising and showering to start the day. Because it takes longer for her to get ready than it does me I always got my shower when she was done. She would knock on my door and wake me if I wasn't awake already, but frequently, by the time she finally got up and got moving I barely had time to get myself out the door without being late to school.

This morning however was totally different. Rosemary actually awoke fifteen minutes before her alarm was set. It took her only a moment to recognize the situation, and her response was immediate. "Ummmh. I could get used to waking up like this," she breathed into my ear as her body straightened out in a languorous stretch that pressed those luscious breasts even more firmly into my shoulder blades, and her pelvis against my ass. The arm she had around me tightened against me, and she gently squeezed my hand.

"Did I ever mention that I love you?" she murmured into my ear. "Thank you for everything." A soft kiss on the back of my neck sent shivers through me, and was like an electric shock to my cock.

I gently rolled so that I was facing her, and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her to me. "I didn't know this could be so wonderful. My little bed is going to be so lonesome after tonight. Thank you for asking me to sleep with you."

"I was almost afraid to ask. I was afraid you might misunderstand, but you always seem to know just the right thing to do or say. I needed to be held, and to feel loved and secure, but I always feel that way when I'm with you anymore. I don't know how it happened, but it is wonderful."

I gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek, and squeezed her in my arms gently. She just seemed to fit there, like she was made for me. Rosemary gave me a quick peck back on my cheek, and then pulling her head back a little looked into my eyes. "Susie, Steph, and I used to talk about what it was going to be like to sleep with a man. Boy, did we ever have it wrong!" She squirmed her body closer to me, as if it was possible, but she tried. The feeling of her skin sliding against mine was delicious, and was not unappreciated by my cock. Her nipples had hardened slightly, just enough that when she leaned back and moved side to side I felt them distinctly on my chest. She nestled her head down onto my shoulder, with her nose right at the junction of my neck and collarbone and sighed, while pulling me tightly to her with her arms. I of course returned the hug, gladly.

One hand snaked around from behind my back and slipped between our bodies so she could gently grasp my cock, which was tight up against her belly, and leaking precum on her skin. "Is this for me?" she asked with an impish smile. Lifting her head she peeked over my shoulder at her alarm clock. "Oh, good. We have a few minutes before we have to get up and run. We can shower together and save time, too." That brought a wide grin to her face. "In the meantime," again she had that little girl look in her eyes from the night before when she asked me to stay with her. "Would you make love to me? Nothing wild, and I don't care if I get off or not. I just want to feel you in me. Please?" There were tears in her eyes as she looked at me. How could I possibly refuse? I would have had to be more than insane to turn down her request, something I had been trying to find a way to initiate.

Her hand that had hold of my cock slid it down to the junction of her legs, and I felt the head slide softly through her lovely exclamation mark of a landing strip, and then over her little nubbin of a clit, which made her gasp, and then I felt that wonderfully delicious feeling as the head of my cock slid through her very moist crease until it slipped into the opening of her vagina. She pressed forward, as did I and I felt my cock sliding home. How does one describe the awesome feeling of actually penetrating the one he loves in the act of making love? Yes, I know, it was there yesterday, also, but that was totally different, being unplanned, and accidentally accomplished. Yesterday, there was none of the slow gentle penetration that is basically an act of worship of the one he loves, with the gift of his organ. I looked into her eyes, which looked back at me with such an expression of love and trust as slowly I slid my cock in.

There was no lack of lubrication, and I only had to pull back and push forward twice before I found myself fully invested in her pussy. Rosemary moaned, and grasping my buttocks with both hands pulled me tightly to herself and held me there. "I feel so full, so loved. Oh, Justin, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Instinctively, I held myself still, and just watched as her eyes pooled, and gazed back at me. With a contented sigh I felt her relax her grip on my buttocks, and her pelvis rocking backward a bit. I matched her movements, slowly withdrawing my cock before slowly and gently pushing it forward again. I knew I would never be able to recreate this first time for either of us, and I wanted it to be a memory she would treasure all her life as I slowly and gently made love.

Even though I had just entered her I knew I was not going to last long at all. I could already feel my balls drawing up, and the tingling in my prostate that said an explosion was imminent. I tried to move as slowly and gently as I could to prolong the inevitable, but there wasn't much I could do to extend it. "I'm not going to be able to last long. I'm sorry." There was a sense of desperation in my voice as I whispered.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I just love the feeling of you being in me, the feeling of being full and loved. This is about loving my brother, my twin, who is so much more. This is about loving the one who loves me so much." She squeezed down on me with her pussy muscles as she rocked her pelvis along with my thrusts. She moaned lightly into my ear, and in a breathy whisper in my ear she said, "Did you feel that? Can you feel my breasts against your chest, and feel my nipples as they move back and forth with you? You just feel so wonderful, and I love your strong arms holding me, and your cock in me. It just feels so, so, ohhhhhhh." And with a gentle sigh I could feel a small orgasm overtake her, and felt her body pressing desperately against me trying to trap my cock deep inside, and although I was trying desperately to stave it off just a little longer, my release exploded from me, and I felt it pulsing and pulsing, as I tried so hard to crawl inside of her, cock first.

I know there were tears in my eyes as I hugged Rosemary tightly to me, with her cheek pressed tightly against my cheek. My senses were heightened, and I felt like I could feel every silky strand of her hair against me, the pressure of her breasts smashed against my ribs, the utter softness of her skin caressing mine, the exquisite gentleness of her hands stroking up and down, back and forth on my back. How does one describe the indescribable?

Rosemary pulled her head back to look at me with shining eyes. "Thank you! That was better than I ever dreamed it could be." She nestled her head back onto me as we lay there cuddling, secure in our love for each other. Society might not recognize it as such, but we knew what we had, and we treasured it very much.

Unfortunately, as with all good things, it had to come to an end. As I softened some of my semen started to leak out, and Rosemary had to grab a tee shirt to keep from puddling on the bed. She couldn't leave her bed unmade for Mom to find when she returned home! Regretfully, I pulled out, and with a final hug and kiss we both got out of the bed, and noting the time, hurried into the bathroom to shower. I'm not sure we really saved any time in the shower, but I will say it was the nicest shower I've ever taken, and the scenery was sublime!

Since I was actually able to finish getting ready first for a change, and we were so close on time I took care of toasting a couple of pop tarts apiece, and made coffee. I fixed Rosemary's with a lot of cream and sugar the way she likes it and put it in a travel mug for her to take with her on the drive to school. She came hurrying down the stairs, and I just handed them to her, for which I was rewarded with a sweet hug and short kiss. "Thanks, Justin. You're the best, and I love you."

"I love you, too, Rosemary. Thanks for everything." With that we both had to hurry out the door, or we wouldn't make it to school on time.

We ended up pulling into the parking lot with just five minutes to get into homeroom, and since we parked next to each other I waited a moment for Rosemary to get her stuff together and walked into the building with her. When she got out of her car she looked up at me and smiled which caused my stomach to flip-flop. You've heard of the "just fucked" look. Well, I saw it. The look of satisfaction and love on her face just cemented my own love for her more solidly, if possible. I wondered how we were going to get through the day without everyone noticing. The rest of the day was not to be any easier!

We didn't share any classes other than homeroom, which is of course the first period. When I sat down behind her I knew it was going to be a long, long day. Because we had gotten such a late start Rosemary did not have time to fix her hair like she normally did, so she just brushed it out and put it up in a ponytail, while still damp and ran out the door. Now she was sitting right in front of me with that beautiful red-gold hair swinging back and forth in front of me as she moved her head, and the alabaster skin of her neck accenting the luster of her hair. It was all I could do not to run my fingers through it. To top things off, some of the performers in the Senior Class play were using first hour homeroom as an opportunity to rehearse before a live audience. They are putting on Rogers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma this year, and the first number presented us was the duet "People Will Say We're In Love." How very apropos! I was struggling hard not to let on how I was feeling, with Rosemary's hair catching my eye continuously, and my memories of the morning already experienced I felt my cock beginning to stir. How was I going to get through this day?

Each time I saw Rosemary in the hallways between classes her face lit up and a bright smile creased it. I know I returned some fatuous glances back her way. Once, Stephie was with her, and she actually giggled at me as she passed, "accidentally" bumping into my arm with her boob. At lunch, which I normally eat alone, Susie saw me and came over and sat down across the table. She had a smirk on her face, and at first I thought I was going to catch a bunch of garbage from her, but for a change she was actually really nice. Not that she isn't a nice girl, or isn't somebody I like to be around, but she is normally quite a tease.

Today she just sat and talked with me about life in general, without trying to embarrass me, or flaunt her boobs or do any of the other things she normally does. I found I really enjoyed lunch, and told her so. When I said I wouldn't mind making it a regular occurrence she gave me a smile I had not seen from her before. In fact, the quiet "Thanks," and the little smile with upturned eyes was quite demure and uncharacteristic. I really think she enjoyed just being together, but without all of the normal pretense.

All in all, though, I was really happy to see the school day end, and to get to my car so I could go to work. I needed some time to think and get my head properly coordinated with life.

Jim looked up at me just as soon as I walked in the back door at the shop. "Well, looks like you had a good weekend! How's your grandmother?"

"Yeah, thanks, and thanks for the time off. Grandma's going to be OK. They caught it quickly, and were able to treat it with that new treatment. There should be no lasting damage, and the Dr. says he thinks it was just a blood clot that moved to her brain. She shouldn't have any future problems from them."

"Good. Well, I'm glad to have you back. There isn't a lot going on, and with it being quiet I thought I'd bug out early this evening if you can stay and close up?"

"Yeah, sure. That shouldn't be a problem. I got most of my homework done at school, so I should have time to finish off my reading for History in between customers. If not, I can get it at home."

"Good. Thank you, and I don't know what you had going on last weekend, but it looks good on you! See you tomorrow."

Was it that obvious? If Jim picked up on it as soon as I walked in the door, how in the world were we going to get it past Mom and Dad? Maybe I ought to call Rosemary and pick a big fight or something.

Before I could pick up the phone to talk with her the bell on the front door jangled, letting me know a customer had entered. It was characteristic of Jim that in the most progressive, and most complete, electronics store in the city, in fact the whole area, had not a buzzer, nor an electronic announcer for the front door, but an old fashioned brass bell mounted so that the door would strike the clapper as it opened. I liked his quirks and the way he did things that added contrast to normal expectations. The store's very layout was a juxtaposition of expectations, lending a very hands-on, service oriented, atmosphere. The store was laid out very much like an old grocery or hardware, with a counter around the circumference of the room, and all of the merchandise either on shelves or on hangers on the wall behind the counters. Most of the counters were at least glass fronted, also providing for more display area, and other than a couple of candy dispensers nothing in the store was self-serve.

Jim had four very knowledgeable sales-clerks, with at least two of them on duty at all times, plus me. I didn't do a lot of behind the counter work, being for the most part behind the scenes, providing service support. Either Jim or I would be called out for any project type work that needed installation or special work involved to make quotes and schedule the work to be done.

Jim's layout was not designed necessarily for theft deterrence, although it was effective in practice. He believed strongly in service, and in ascertaining the customer's real need in the product he (or she) was considering. Each counter was fully wired, and hard wired to a multitude of different speakers so the customer could play around with the different options, and could, with the clerk's expertise find the best possible choice for their particular desires. Every item we had for sale was available for the customer to try out and compare with competing models.

We believed in providing the service necessary to have a happy customer. In fact, Jim's motto for the store is: "We don't want a satisfied customer!" There was a beautifully carved sign saying this above the door, right where the customer would see it when leaving. When this sign generated the hoped for questions we were able to tell them we wanted "happy" customers. Our goal was that each customer would leave happy, rather than merely satisfied. A satisfied customer got what he was looking for, but a happy customer was generally one who felt he had gotten more than expected, and with the care and attention provided to give what was best for him, rather than just a "get by" product.

Oh, we had plenty of "get by" products for those who really didn't need high quality or precision for their purposes, but even those customers left feeling they had enough knowledge and help to get the best "get by" product for the price spent. The old fashioned feel of the store was to set the idea of old fashioned service and its expectation in the customer's mind. The very cash register finalized conveying the concept. It was an antique brass National Cash Register mechanically operated register built onto a quarter sawn English Oak cabinet that was carefully cleaned and polished at least once a week. If you have not seen one of the old quarter sawn English Oak cabinets you have really missed out! The oak is cut on a bias instead of the normal way of cutting lumber, which brings out the wood grain and makes for a beautiful piece of furniture. I don't think anyone does this anymore, and I've heard English Oak is no longer available, but I don't know this for sure. Either way, it is a craft that one does not see in modern furniture.

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