tagErotic CouplingsJustine Ch. 01

Justine Ch. 01


Justine Thorsendottir was in Munich for Oktoberfest '74. The genetically gifted buxom blonde superwoman from Southern California with sexual power on par with a W53 nuclear warhead drank beer, and sang along with equally sloshed partiers. She wore a pretty brau-haus outfit tailor made for her exquisite body. Her ensemble was a red and black dirndl, off white embroidered pullover blouse and black shoes. Her long golden blonde hair was done up in a bun, and a silver Edelweiss pendant with a small diamond in the center hung about her long neck.

She was with a man and woman who were sharing her body like so many other sexual partners she had conquered. The man had one of her golden N cup orbs out from hiding and sucked greedily upon her large pink areola and raspberry sized nipple while massaging her other through the fabric of her dress. He marveled how Justine's tit flesh tasted vanilla sweet. The raven haired woman had hiked a hand up between the blonde's toned long legs fingering the thick fat hot pink pussy meat that was soaked in Justine's juices. The brunette could no longer resist and went down to pleasure a pussy with no equal. She was met with a fragrant heat that set her own juices flowing like she had never experienced before. The brunette fingered herself before being passionately kissed by the incredible blonde.

Justine pushed the brunette upon a table, spread her legs apart and flicked out tongue that was so long it looked like a pink python. It was satanically beautiful. Without even bending over to bring herself closer to the raven haired woman's pussy the tongue wound it's way up her inner thighs massaging them before stopping to flitter like the wings of a hummingbird on her little nub. She cried out in absolute ecstasy thrashing her head back and forth. Minutes passed before the thick pink snake invaded the woman so deeply it touched the walls of her womb. Justine's tongue now acted like a cock undulating and growing in circumference as ripples sailed down the entire length of the python assailing the pussy. She was orally fucking the brunette's brains out. Orgasms one after another racked the poor thing as the man not wanting to miss the action whipped out his steel rod. He hiked Justine's dress up, she spread her tanned legs obligingly. "Fuck me,.....hard!!!", she commanded her blue eyes narrowing. "Yeah fuck!!!"

He rammed his meat within her hot pussy and almost blew his load from the sensation. Justine wanted him to last so she didn't set her vaginal muscles against his dong just yet. She growled as he commenced to savagely pound her from behind. The brunette disrobed the other golden orb and squeezed and massaged the giant milk pillows. They were so soft and heavy as she nearly became smothered by them as Justine's entire body rhythmically thrust forward by the man's fiery fucking, she moaned in appreciation. The pink python thrust out from between Justine's bee stung lips and filled the brunette's mouth. She wished to shove more of it down the woman's throat but she knew she couldn't take it, few could. Rivulets of saliva cascaded down the pulsating tongue. The man was beginning to slow and tire from exhaustion. Justine fired off her vaginal muscles against his cock with a broadside of sensation that made him delirious with pleasure, he rocked his head from side to side as she tightened her grip to such an extent that kept him from exploding right away.

Oh, how she wished he could last longer as she moaned, her muscles giving the man's dick the sensation of being massaged by hundreds of soft nubs. She cried out as his first rope of seed exploded within her. Justine sighed and arched her back, her glorious pillows wobbling back and forth her nipples hard as diamond. More ropes of seed fired of within her hot pussy from his cum cannon. He had never experienced so heavy an orgasm in his life, he squeezed her impossibly small waist biting his lip as her vaginal work coaxed more man jam from his balls. She was literally fucking him dry as she moaned feeling each hot glop of cream explode within her. He was spent as was the brunette played upon the table. A thunderous cheer erupted from the throngs of wide eyed onlookers amazed by the performance.

She grabbed another stein of beer, gently stuffing her twins back inside the constrains of her blouse and dirndl. She winked and beamed a smile of appreciation from her new legion of fans as she headed back out into the masses celebrating.

Justine was 23, single obviously and quite wealthy as a result of an inheritance from her mother and father who had died tragically in a plane crash ten years previous. She had dreams of becoming a gymnast, perhaps even striving for the Olympics but Mother Nature had other ideas. She had to give up her gymnast interest by age 16 after years of devotion. Her body developed in ways that boggled her mind and forced her to resign her fascination. But at least the 11 years of training shaped and helped tone an already genetically gifted physique. Every body part was accentuated by muscle tone that filled her frame out. Her rear end was a perfectly half moon in shape, each cheek taught with trained muscle. Her waist was incredibly small compared to her height at 5'11". It officially measured in at 22 inches, a true wasp waist that elegantly bowed out to her hips and toned legs and calves. Justine would've been considered perfect had that been all that nature had intended to gift her, but alas her chest the reason and cause for her departure from gymnastics developed.

Developed may not even be the word for her growth. Perhaps morphed or even explosion is a more fitting term. It began early around 13 years of age, and her chest expanded at a reasonably slow steady rate. Suddenly by age 16 her breasts grew literally over night in one instance from a DD to F cup then two months later to an H. By 18 she was topping a whopping KK and before her next birthday, she morphed into a blistering M cup. Two days before her 20th, her twins expanded once again at an incredible N cup size before finally pulsating up to an O cup two months later. She loved every explosion of growth, once confided with a best friend that her mounds became hyper sensitive and blazing hot signaling an imminent expansion. Justine loved every part of her body but considered her immense breasts, her crown jewels. They were two giant tear drop shaped gravity defying orbs capped with large pink areolae. Her nipples were the literal cherry or raspberry on top of the proverbial milk sundaes. Incredibly sensitive and hotwired to give her on orgasm if fondled. Justine loved the way her twins moved when she walked or even took a deep breath. They wobbled, shimmied, swayed, in their own pendulous way. She fondled them every moment before falling asleep in bed whether with one hand or both. Justine loved to look at them in a mirror whether clothed or naked, their presence and beauty always amazed her. But this was not the only thing on her self that astounded her.

That would be her tongue. She had few words to describe it herself except to say that it was a "yet another freakish thing on my freaky body." Justine remembered that even as a child her tongue both fascinated and horrified fellow classmates by it's length, and size. The way it moved, rippled, slithered out from her mouth. She'd often make her tongue wrap around her head, legs arms, or neck mimicking a snake around a tree limb or simply flick it out to get a lick of some friend's ice cream from several feet away before they even noticed. To her it was a playful thing kids did to entertain themselves and others for kicks and laughs. Only when she got older upon the first time she kissed, gave a blowjob or gave a girl oral sex did Justine realize her tongue's true sexual power and the untold many who were in awe of it. From her first lesbian encounter with Michelle Nance in 8th grade to orally screwing fellow nymphomaniac Lady Abbie Hartington in the backseat of her Rolls Royce Silver Shadow at Ascot a few years before, while Lady Hartington's husband watched the race.

A wealthy Kuwaiti sheik who on several occasions enjoyed her company described Justine to a close friend that she was, "a female of absolute pornographic lust and hedonistic creation,.......everything about her is a volcanic desire that no army of lovers could satiate,......to experience her touch and abilities is nothing short of an out of body experience."

Justine kept a black book, actually several, that listed and rated practically all of her conquests. Partners were rated from one to five stars and comments were jotted down detailing anything out of the ordinary or of interest for later review. All told there had to be hundreds of persons with whom she had sex with, and most received anywhere from three to four stars. Some got two, several received one for such offences like prematurely blowing their load or having a rotten demeanor. Only four persons, three man and one woman were ever awarded 5 stars apiece.

The man was a superstud age 31 from Switzerland of Herculean musculature and stature named PaulStaubli, who possessed a freakishly sized cock and balls. Paul's animalistic fucking always made her scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure. She couldn't get enough of him and vice versa. Paul was one brother from a set of triplets. His two fellow brothers Max and Peter were identical in musculature and similarly endowed with massive cum cannons. Justine had balled all three many times and had enjoyed all three at once on a beach in Acapulco. The chance encounter was shot by a tourist who happened to be a film maker. He turned his film into one of the best selling X-rated loops in history titled "Acapulco Sweet".

Her "five star" female partner is known only by her first name; Karin. There is little information regarding this Karin except that she is incredibly favored by Justine who in turn has made a number of visits to meet with her in various cities such as Vienna, Helsinki, Milan, Tangiers, West Berlin, Athens, Amsterdam, and Bremen.

Justine had enemies too. Several East European secret police outfits like the Czechoslovak StB, and East German Stasi had her name on an "enemies list". A shadowy organization known as LGP was out looking for her with the intent on kidnapping Justine and handing her over to the Bulgarian DS secret police. Apparently the main reasons for her being wanted was that she had turned quite a number of East European operatives to work with the West. She was a natural "honey pot", someone who could use sexual persuasion to make someone turn. Justine was said to be so successful that she unraveled an East German spy-ring that operated within the Danish Defense Ministry. To an enemy agent, she was trouble and to be avoided at all cost.

She had lent her "services" to several foreign intelligence services but mainly assisted the Norwegian Intelligence Service NIS, or the West German BND. She refused payment for services rendered as she was more than happy to help weed out those who presented themselves as a threat.

Justine turned on the television and plopped down on the bed in her hotel room. It was half past 1 in the morning and she was exhausted from a day of drinking, eating, and fucking. She undid her dirndl as she lay on her back and let out a big sigh as she desperately wanted to take a hot shower. Tomorrow she was going to meet with a reporter for the adult magazine Vulkan so she wanted to look her best and get plenty of rest.

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