tagGroup SexJustine Misbehaves

Justine Misbehaves


I had always known Justine was a wild thing! We have been married for 6 years and have been very happy ever since we met but there has always been a nagging doubt that Justine would stray outside our marriage if she had the opportunity. Make no mistake, we are very happy but I just get the feeling she wants a little bit more than me and what I can give her!

Justine is 31 and is a lovely strawberry blond standing at about 5'6" high with a gorgeous figure and the prettiest of faces. She has a striking appearance and always gets the looks from the men where ever she goes. At first I was very jealous but I have grown to accept the looks she gets and the passes the men make at her - as far as I know she has always turned every man down although there have been quite a few offers to rush her off somewhere. She just grins at the men and tells them she is quite happy where she is and with what she has.

I knew I was in trouble at a community Christmas party which was held in a local hall as an early celebration of Christmas. I suppose there were 250 people attending and the party was in full swing with people dancing and having a very good time. The drinks were provided as part of the party and there was quite a lot to drink. I lost Justine for about half an hour and just couldn't sight her - I presumed she was with some of her women friends and they were chatting somewhere. It was such a lovely evening with the weather absolutely perfect for celebrating either inside the very large hall or outside in the playing field surrounding the hall. I had looked everywhere inside the hall so I decided to venture outside and see if I could find her. She would be easy to spot because she was wearing a loose floral skirt -short in length but with plenty of material in it - and a white see-through blouse with a bra underneath. She also had white sandals on so with the light fading I hoped to be able to see her easily.

I wandered around for about 20 minutes without seeing her and had almost decided to return inside when I thought I caught a glimpse of her amongst a group of men drinking around a beer keg. I wandered over and sure enough there was Justine. She had consumed quite a deal of drink and was a little unsteady on her feet. She was holding on to a man I didn't know and he was helping her to stand upright but she was swaying. I walked over to her and suggested she had had enough to drink and should come inside with me but she just laughed at me and told me she was staying where she was. I really didn't know any of the men around her and they started to heckle me a bit about looking after my wife too well so I walked away. I moved to a position which was about 50' away and although the natural light had gone there were a number of electric lights suspended around the playing field and I was able to see her well enough.

After some 30 minutes watching Justine slowly drinking with the men and at the same time I was drinking a few bottles myself, I was surprised to see the men all stand up around Justine and I couldn't see what was happening. They all stood close for about 2 minutes before they resumed their seats or just stood around. Justine still looked as she had before but I wasn't sure and I was busting to know why they had stood around her so closely that I couldn't see anything. Nothing exceptional happened for the next 30 minutes or so when suddenly the men all grouped around Justine again and then, after a short while, they moved away again. Now I was completely intrigued.

I decided it was time to take some action so I walked back to the group and stood near Justine. This time I had a chance to look at her closely with the available light and was horrified to see she wasn't wearing her bra! In fact her blouse was mostly undone and I could clearly see her breasts and nipples when the blouse fronts moved. Justine acknowledged me and told me she was having a very good time and I should go back into the hall and talk to the other people - she was quite alright without me! This wasn't like Justine but I could tell she had consumed a lot of alcohol and was almost drunk but still sober enough to know what she was doing.

I refused to leave her and realized why the group had formed around her - either she or they had taken her bra off - and goodness knows what else they did to her while she had her blouse off! I was becoming very uneasy with this group of men - there were probably 12 or even more in the group and they were all strangers to me. The hour was getting late now and the party was starting to break up and people were leaving. I tried to get Justine to leave too but she told me she was having too much fun. It was then that one of the men sitting on a bench attached to an outdoor table pulled something out of his pocket and waved it at me. It was Justine's bra! Why did this man have her bra in his pocket? I tried to get her bra back but was jostled by some of the men and tried to retreat but my return path was blocked so I just had to stand there at watch. Another of the men also pulled something from his pocket and immediately I recognized Justine's thong panties in his hand - they have a distinctive pattern on the front! Now I knew why the men grouped around her the second time but I wasn't pleased at all. I was now standing about 10' from Justine who was slowly swaying in the center of the group when one of the men came over to her and pulled her blouse apart and we could all she her breasts clearly in the light. She didn't do anything to stop him and just stood there and looked at me. This wasn't like Justine at all and although I spoke to her and told her to cover up, she just smiled at me.

The man who had been holding her bra called her over to him. He was only about 6' from me and she walked unsteadily towards him with her blouse still undone and her breasts clearly visible. As she got near the man I could see he had undone his pants and had pulled them down until he was sitting on the bare wood, his pants around his knees. He beckoned Justine to sit on his lap and I just couldn't believe it, but she hoisted her dress up at the back and sat down in his lap. I knew his cock was entering her cunt because she slowed right down as she was sitting and the expression on her face changed to pure lust. She must have his cock right up inside her because he started to move on his lap gently moving up and down. At last she let out a scream and I knew she had cum. I was trying to reach her all the time but I was held back by the men around me. I was sure the man under her had cum in her too but I didn't know for sure. She moved off this man and her dress fell back into position and I couldn't see any evidence of what had happened to her.

Moments later she was sitting on another man's lap and I saw too he had his cock out before she sat down and he too was inside my wife. Over the next 50 minutes, Justine sat down on all of the cocks in the group and I knew she had been fucked by them all and I was equally sure they had all cum inside her. By this time she had discarded her blouse completely and was sitting on and bobbing up and down on each of the men's cocks making her lovely breasts bounce in time with her movement.

I had been passed from groups of men preventing me from stopping Justine being fucked. When they were all finished with her they let me go and just walked away from Justine who sat slumped on the same bench she had first been fucked at. They were all gone so I moved over to Justine and immediately lifted up her skirt to look at her cunt. She has a hairy bush and it was literally covered in cum and she also had lots of cum around her cunt and down her legs - she was a total slut. I knew we wouldn't be able to prove rape because she had willingly moved over to each man and sat on his cock - not one of them had done anything to force her to sit on them.

It took me a long time to get Justine to walk with me to our car after having replaced her blouse but I couldn't find her bra nor her panties. I had hoped most of the cum would have dripped out of her as we walked quite a long distance to our car but she was still a mess when I finally seated her in the back of the car where she immediately went to sleep! She was exhausted.

I made an instant decision! I drove directly to the hospital emergency entrance where I was able to explain to the doctor on duty that she had been sexually molested and I wanted to know why and if she had been injured in any way. The staff were wonderful and the doctor led me to a waiting room and then returned to Justine where he would examine her. It was about an hour later - and I was a nervous wreck by then - that he came back to me. He walked with me to his office and sat me down and began talking to me. He started the questions with the usual line of how did it happen.

My answers to his questions seemed stupid when I was telling him but he seemed to understand. He asked me if Justine would normally allow men to take advantage of her like this and of course I told him no. He then told me she was a victim of a form of date rape which had obviously gone wrong for the perpetrators! Their usual method of operation was to slip some powder (which he named but I couldn't remember) into their drink and they will lapse into unconsciousness within about 5 minutes. He thought the reason she hadn't passed out was that she had a considerable amount of alcohol in her stomach when the drug was administered. He said that would account for her strange behavior which he said was totally out of character. He also added she was a complete mess down yonder and the nursing staff were cleaning her up right now. She would have to spend the night in hospital and I could take her home next morning. He gave me a lecture about forgiving Justine because it wasn't' her fault she had been drugged and I should just put it all into the past and get on with out lives. All right for him to say that!

I returned home for a restless night not able to sleep still thinking about all of those cocks which had been in my lovely wife's cunt and what they had spewed into her! Next morning I drove to the hospital to collect Justine and she seemed to be quite bright despite her ordeal. We drove home in almost complete silence not knowing what to say to each other. Once we reached home we walked into our home and I took her straight into the bedroom where I thought she should get some more sleep. She had other ideas and didn't want to sleep but wanted to talk about last night! I was amazed that she would talk about it but the more she spoke the more confused I became. She had a totally clear memory of everything that had happened to her. She knew exactly how many men had fucked her - how many men had come back and fucked her for the second time. She remembered most of their first names which totally surprised me and worst of all she told me how much she had enjoyed being fucked by all those men! I was stunned. Just what was going on? I demanded answers and it seemed Justine was happy to tell me all.

She started by telling me she knew almost all of the men because they all worked at the same factory and she had had dealings with this company! She had invited them to the party telling them she would look after them. She had told them she had a drug which would make it look like she was drugged but it was in the wrong proportions and wouldn't have any effect on her. She had learned about this from the Internet and was simply trying it out. She had told the men they could take advantage of her but she wouldn't put on a public display and that was why she wore the skirt which would hide what she was doing. She had let all the men handle her breasts when she took off her bra and she had enjoyed that immensely. She had also let all the men play with her cunt when she had taken off her panties and it was her idea for each man to sit down with his cock sticking up and she would see that it went into her cunt! Hell, what had gotten into my wife?

She admitted she had a few worries when I came over and tried to take her away from the men - she told me they would have surely bashed me up badly if she hadn't gone ahead with the plan they had made. That was why I had been restrained - so she could continue with her plan! She further added she had been thinking of something like this for a long time ever since she had heard about it on the Internet. She had read lots of stories from people who had used this idea successfully and wanted to misbehave and get herself fucked by other men!

To say I was stunned by her revelations would be an understatement. My wife was admitting she had planned this whole sordid affair and had carried it out to perfection. What did I think of my wife now? I guess she would have to be rated as the most callous bitch around but would I kick her out of my life or just accept her back.

As she was telling me about her plan and it's final result she was steadily undressing herself - mind you she was only wearing 4 items of clothing - blouse, skirt and two shoes but she took a while doing it. When she was naked she laid back on the bed and opened her legs to show me her cunt! I have looked at that lovely cunt many, many times but I have never seen it looking like it did now! It was swollen and very red and raw looking and some of her pubic hair had been shaved off by the hospital staff in their efforts to clean her up. She told me she wanted me to fuck her right away to prove I had forgiven her and still loved her! Well, I still think I loved her but I certainly hadn't forgiven her and I didn't want to fuck her either. She then said, "Well my dear, I need to be fucked right now and if you won't do it then I guess I will have to ring one of the men from last night and I am sure he will come around here and fuck me! The choice is yours. If you agree to forgive me and will fuck me right now, I promise I will never pull this stunt again and also I will not go around fucking anyone else but you - is that fair?" I knew she had me over a barrel so to speak - if I didn't fuck her she would get someone else and I knew she would do that! But once I fucked her I would be forgiving her and that would be the end of this saga. I knew I was beaten.

I stripped off my clothes and stuck my very hard cock right into her sore cunt and pushed my way right into her! I was amazed that I had an erection but realized I had been excited by listening to her talking about being fucked by the other men. I didn't make love to her - I just fucked her and fucked her hard! She was very sore and I know I hurt her but that was too bad. She wanted to be fucked and I was fucking her and that was all about it.

She seemed to change after that and her behavior over the next 6 months was impeccable - she never once put a foot wrong (or at least I didn't see her do anything) - and we were husband and wife again. I was surprised when we would go out somewhere and a man would make a pass at her and she would rebuff them sharply and come back to me. I talked with my doctor about this, long after it had happened, and he told me she was probably just suffering from the 7 year itch a little early. Lots of women wanted a fling and she had done it her way. He told me to forget what he happened and to get on with our lives.

I was very shocked when it happened particularly as it happened right in front of me but every now and again I remember how she had moved from man to man and moved so that his cock had entered her cunt and he had cum in her. I can always get a hard erection every time I think about it and if Justine is anywhere nearby she gets a very passionate fuck from me. I like to remember as often as I can. Do you blame me?

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