"Are you going to tell me your name?" she whispered, barely expecting an answer.

"I am Kai," he answered plainly, "and you belong to me now."

"I don't belong to anyone," she responded with a sharpness in her tone that amused him.

His breath was cold on her throat, his tongue colder still. His hands gripped her shoulders as he sniffed her. "No? You will never leave this place. Your life as well as your last breath are mine as of now." A smile touched the corner of his mouth. "Call it what you will. I call it possession."

He took in her scent once more. "You smell like a succulent fruit." he murmured into her ear. "No, a flower. Tell me human, why do you hold the scents of things which you are not?"

The question baffled her. Still, she decided to grant him with an answer. "It's perfume."

He cocked his head to the side and peered at her as if he were seeing her for the first time. "No, it is deception. What is the purpose for this trickery? What is it that you are attempting to attract?"

"I'm not trying to attract anything," she argued, "it just smells good, that's all."

He buried his face in her hair. Her shudder was.....delightful to say the least. Why? Why had not he been told that humans were so interesting to play with? Perhaps had he knew, he would have come to this place much sooner.

"Tell me, human," he implored. "What is it that causes you to shudder?"

Of course, she couldn't answer that. What was she to tell him? That he terrified her? That the way he smelled her caused her to want something which she may or may not get? No. She couldn't tell him any of those things. Besides, he wasn't human. Who knew what would befall her if she aroused him?

"You are silent," he observed. "Is that a sign of your subservience, or are you afraid to speak?"

"I'm not afraid of you. I don't know what you are, but if you were going to hurt me, I think you would have done it already."

He laughed, a deep chuckle under his breath. "You think? Well, I think you assume that I am not interested in toying with you. And you want me to. Your breath is shallow in your throat. I can tell these things, mortal. So, indulge me....what is it that you would have me do to you?"

Did he even know? Did he know about human sexuality? Surely, she wasn't about to explain it to him. She decided that whatever it was he would do to her, she would accept it. How could she not? The being held the air of a God and the voice of a Devil.

"I would have you love me," she whispered. Yes, it was a foolish thing to say to a person she had only just encountered. But it held truth. She could only imagine what it would feel like to be loved by a creature such as he.

"You humans know nothing of love," he dismissed her request. "Do you not see the carnage and insanity which occurs in this world? How could a race which does these things know anything of love? It is desire you speak of. That, I can give to you."

His cold hand slid up the side of her throat and he wrapped his fingers around her hair. He knew. He knew she was anticipating the pressing of his lips onto hers. And so he satisfied her. His first taste of her was gentile but it quickly became more needy, almost rough. She clung to him as though she feared he would let her go. Of course, he wouldn't. At least not until he was finished with her.

He was more than pleased to discover that she tasted as alluring as she smelled. But something...

He pulled back from her mouth quickly. For a moment, his eyes closed and when they reopened, he spoke.

"Human," he whispered through his breath, "why is your taste so familiar?"

She couldn't respond, for she had no idea what he meant.

"It is almost as if I have tasted you before. Why is this?" he questioned her, fully expecting her to know.

"What do you mean? I haven't met you until now."

"No," he said, half to himself, "That cannot be truth. I recognize the taste of your breath, though I do not know why. You are the first human I have encountered in this fashion, yet it does not seem to be so."

Ignoring his questions, she leaned in towards him, urging him to kiss her again. When he seemed hesitant, she pushed her face against his and felt his tongue go into her mouth. She was breathless, unable to pull away.

His grip on her became more fierce and he began to tear at her shirt. He was mumbling into her hair. Words of a language she had never heard. All, the same, the seduced her further until all she wanted was for him to claim her.

Ah, but he wouldn't give her that satisfaction so quickly. He loved the feel of her against him while she was trembling. It was almost enough to make him forget his initial concern.


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